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Stanley Cup finals

They start this evening between the Sharks and Penguins, not greatly interested if no Canadian team. I watched the Vancouver/Calgary playoff game in 1989 from a Vancouver basement, no prizes for guessing which team we were rooting for.

How to sink a narrowboat

These people are reckless and stupid in my book. Microdave sends:

More narrow boating drama – particularly at 18 seconds in:

Story here:More here ...

Lord T on Monday


The EU project explained simply:

the euro union sought its protection, socially, diplomatically and geo-politically in the economic stability it could broadcast through its economy, and the promise that it could share that economy with its friends and neighbors. it sought, for example, to secure the friendship of the “lower mediterranean basin,” e.g., the terrorist middle east, via sharing its wealth by the friendship agreements of the euro med, and by allowing muslim immigration into the model of “multicultural” societies it intended to foist on its own people.

You’re now invited to waste 6 minutes and 46 seconds of your life you’ll never get back to watch a feminist attempt to open a tin:… More here ...