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If Miss Sweden says so …

Right, that’s it for me – if Miss Sweden endorses the Donald, who am I to disagree:

miss sweden

Camilla Hansen, who won the Miss Sweden title in 2014 and represented her country at that year’s Miss Universe pageant, told the New York Post that in spite of the gibes, she was impressed by Trump when she met him.

“He’s obviously a very successful guy,” she said. “I think he is a likable person when you’re around him because he’s someone who takes over a room.”

Those latest allegations about Trump

Right, so the PTB have fed the Mirror with this salacious gossip. They’re clearly digging for everything possible.

My question is – why now, why so long into the political process, to when it’s almost over, relative to the alleged offence?  And she wants $100m from Trump.  Nothing to do with her grievous hurt, is it? How do you measure that in dollar terms?

Point is though – she’s suing and due process must follow. If there’s nothing to it, it insures him even more, as did the Michelle Fields debacle.

If there is something, as was also alleged with Air Miles Andy, then that’s another matter.  Would it derail the bid?  I’ve no doubt that either Hillary’s camp or those behind her – the real PTB in America – are behind this. It has a sleaziness to it, an attention to graphic detail, which none of the Cruz or Rubio attempts have quite had.…

Films to avoid

The Ghostbusters trailer currently has 507,610 dislikes on YouTube. To put that in perspective, the Fantastic Four trailer from last year has only 20,175 dislikes. The Ridiculous Six trailer, which has an impressive 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, has only 5,803 dislikes. Could Ghostbusters be that much worse than either of those two movies?

‘Ghostbusters’ Remake the Most Disliked Trailer of All Time

Even among those, like us, who are excited for the Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig film, it was a poorly put together trailer that did little to inspire confidence in the finished product. And then there are those who have been angrily and, at times, violently against the Ghostbusters movie since the original announcement that it would star four women and they really did not like the new trailer.

The review then goes into a feminist rant we needn’t bother with. Seems a real barrel of laughs – – note the misandrist glasses:


Comments brought a few things to light:

Em Cee

As a woman, I hated the trailer.

To be noble or to be destructive, that is the question

Yesterday I blogged on being a bit maudlin, then up came this youtube on SV Lulworth 1920 and the mood changed to that of wonder:

Often, these youtubes of boats are adverts – come to our ye olde boat restaurant etc. or someone else carrying on but this one, s Ian Parker-Joseph noted, was a bit different. He puts it better than I could:…

Not total honesty on safety railings

Just woken by the neighbours’ noise again, TV blaring at 3 a.m., do not need it. Anyway, that’s sleep for sometime. Writing this at 3.30 a.m., shall post it at 13.30.

Looking again at that pic from the top of the What’s Wrong post [think we could gaze on that for some time, those of us actually past it, LOL]:

anything wrong here

… it seems it’s an old boat which has been refitted, so why the missing safety wire is a mystery – but it’s more even than that.…

What’s the real story?

Regular readers might get through the quoted part and be moved enough to read the rest or else by-pass this post and go straight there. Most though would suspect a rant was coming up along the lines of WTC7.

In the closing days of the 2008 presidential campaign, I clicked an ambiguous link on an obscure website and stumbled into a parallel universe.

During the previous two years of that long election cycle, the media narrative surrounding Sen. John McCain had been one of unblemished heroism and selfless devotion to his fellow servicemen. Thousands of stories on television and in print had told of his brutal torture at the hands of his North Vietnamese captors, his steely refusal to crack, and his later political career aimed at serving the needs of fellow Vietnam veterans. This storyline had first reached the national stage during his 2000 campaign, then returned with even greater force as he successfully sought the 2008 Republican nomination.

Hotel California

It perhaps matters not greatly how you arrive there, as long as you do eventually arrive:

Michael Walsh asks in his book The Devil’s Pleasure Palace: how might people react if the land promised by modern cultural Pied Pipers turned out to be a hell?  How if after accepting abortion, the loss of individuality, the destruction of tradition and a near utter reliance on the state the end point was not utopia but dystopia?  Worse what if those two places are actually the same thing?

After more than seven years of “hope and change” not just the US but the world seems to have arrived at a strange and unexpected destination.  Peggy Noonan, who endorsed Barack Obama in 2008, asks her readers if they’ve looked around lately and noticed how strange the scenery is.

The big thing is not to fall into this “I told you so” trap. Good at least that they’ve seen the light in their own time.…

Yes, Veronica, there really is a bureaucratic PC Monster

This, via Chuckles, is the same sort of thing as in yesterday’s post on PCism, it puts it clearly.

Last fall, my daughter Veronica got an idea for the seventh grade science fair at her school. She’d compare different ways to clean a toothbrush. First she’d take a new toothbrush out of a package and brush her teeth, covering it with her mouth bacteria. Then, she’d clean it with one of three liquids: water, lemon juice, or vinegar. Finally, she’d wipe the brushes on Petri dishes and see how many bacteria grew on them.

It seemed to me like a straightforward enough idea. It might fail, but so what? It would still be worth her time.

Yep, sounds fine – discovery, innit? Making mistakes, rolling with them, learning from them?

Veronica submitted her plan, and then reported back to me that we had to fill out some forms. These forms turned out to be an avalanche of confusing paperwork.

Throwing off the PC yoke

This is about a brawl and PCism, right in the middle of a very public corporate dollar producing Saturday afternoon showcase, not about football per se – I wouldn’t lay the latter on the wary or unwary reader.

All week it had been coming. Port Adelaide, as the word Port suggests, are mongrels from the docks, from street brawling and Geelong, possibly for the lily-white colour of their uniforms, are known more for their slick play although they’re farmer’s boys so one shouldn’t underestimate them in a stoush.

The Port plan was clear – physically take out star players, not unlike the old Wimbledon FC, and see if the pussies would meet the challenge and roar or as Port expected – miaow.


The rights which are never trumpeted by the SJWs

There’s a fundamental point of disagreement here. Just what the percentages are who adhere to each side I don’t know but it’s basically along these lines:

1.  One lot say that there are behaviours you choose to adopt and if that puts you in a minority, then that’s your lookout. On the other hand, there are genuine handicaps, e.g. Downes Syndrome, quadriplegics etc. and there’s no one to blame, not much which can be done, although nurses do seem to have that compassionate side which leads them to do what they can.

As for the demographic make-up, if in a minority, then you are in a minority. Now, what will you do about it? Assimilate or go the victimhood, benefit receiving route?

There’s a thing called classical liberalism but more than that, a range of acceptable actions in society. It was always clear to the majority what those were in any society.…

Where’s the happy medium?

What demographic could possibly be spouting this guff below? David Thompson quotes some of it:

My whole life, I had struggled with patterns of behaviour and emotion that I knew were “bad,” but couldn’t seem to control. I lied compulsively about things that didn’t make sense. I was terrified of being abandoned, to the point that I became furiously, sometimes abusively, upset if I thought that my friends were hanging out without me. I was full of self-loathing and anger that I bottled up, and then released by self-injuring.   

Yes, we’re visiting the pages of Everyday Feminism. How could you tell?

And, of course, I had grown up as a closeted trans girl of colour in a cis, white supremacist society.  


palmyra arch

There’s this thing you could call white noise, it gets in the way of understanding and comes down to unfounded prejudice.  Prejudice can be well founded, it can also be irrational.

The rejection of god is not irrational, though I believe it’s wrong. It comes down, not to facts and figures but to evidence and faith. That’s not what I’m referring to in this post.…

Moses Mordecai Levy

russian revolution

When you have people high in the public eye having actively covered their tracks, e.g. Barry Soetoro on everything from his birth certificate to his student record [and I’m not referring here to its authenticity but to the way he approached the request] … or Ted Cruz and his faux-Christianity when his wife is a practising globalist and one of the main CFR supporters in creating open borders … then all one can get are snippets and that creates an issue.…

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