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Miss Marple, Geraldine McEwen and YouTube

Not speaking ill of her, not in the least BUT one has to take issue with Geraldine McEwen’s attitude towards Miss Marple.  Saw an interview with her and she just couldn’t be bothered playing Miss Marple any more.

Miss Marple actress Geraldine McEwan dies, aged 82

And of course, one cannot access the real Miss Marple any more on YouTube.

Not GMcE’s fault – it’s YouTube’s fault and that of the programme makers.  Joan Hickson did very few and even less found their way to YouTube, whereas the modern versions with GMcE are ubiquitous.  Plus that other one.

Looked for a Miss Marple [Hickson] just now on YouTube – not a single one in the original but there were versions with foreign sub-titles.

One episode had twelve parts.  Guess what – YouTube had blocked Part 1 but not the other 11.

These people are pains.  Interfering busybodies.…

Government needs to stay out of the bedroom

Was going to tack this on the end of the Saturday post but it’s too important for that.  I see it’s already been discussed around the sphere so perhaps this is a little too late but let’s start with this link sent by Rossa:

This ties in with Kaths’ post [she has two more since then so I’m way behind]:

Coming up to speed on this thing:…

How to make friends …

When a pundit attacks the global left:

Forget Climategate: this ‘global warming’ scandal is much bigger

… plus the ordinary left, for whom the mantra is “if it’s fun and is traditional, ban it”:

Police warn people could be arrested for throwing SNOWBALLS after receiving hundreds of complaints 

… and the trivialization by the right:

Home-grown fanatics who join ISIS are ‘literally w*****s’ who watch porn because they can’t find girlfriends, blasts Boris Johnson

… as well as the narcissism and fecklessness of the coiffed male:…

The falseness of Person of the Year awards

The moment I saw this one about Australian of the Year some days back, the way it was top spread at The Age and the feminist journo trumpeting it as a vindication for women, it was quite clear that a lot stank about the whole thing.

I wrote to the journo’s Twitter account and asked why she was dishonest enough not to run comments?

The issue was not that this unfortunate woman had a severe trauma – she did and the result was bad. It was the way it was jumped on by these others. Trouble is, not many are clear-headed about it from what I’ve seen so far.

Leaving the lady aside for now and looking just at the Australian of the Year award, what are the criteria? Surely it is someone who has firstly achieved something in the past year – not something nebulous such as overcoming trauma, for there are many women and men in this category.…


First the majority [though this has now been overtaken]:

When you read John Humphry’s piece it becomes clear. The corruption he talks about, with the example of the tax collectors fleecing the car dealership of thousands, is enough to undermine anyone’s ambition. Why work when parasites like that help themselves and you have to pay up under duress.
For me the Troika are now between a rock and a hard place. If the new Govt manages to get the terms of the repayment of their ‘bail out’ changed, just watch the PIIGS a line up to do the same. If the Troika says no, watch the Greeks default. The Grexit will also set a precedent.

Putin has already offered the Greeks a lifeline. Money in exchange for developing the Greek resources under the Aegean. And possibly even extend this new oil pipeline they’re building between Russia and Turkey, through Greece (as a hub) to Europe, bypassing Ukraine.…

The lies of the U.S., NATO and Kiev

When the first story of the shelling of Mariupol came out, I immediately went to a couple of non-RT sites to find out and one had an interview with the rebel commander, a longish interview.

I was silly enough not to cut and paste to Word as I had no idea – I should have had – that the western media would so blatantly come out with this garbage about the rebels shelling the town.

Even before reading the commander, it was bleedin obvious – who has the form of shelling towns, of the two?  Why would the rebels do that?  For them, it’s a hearts and souls thing – look at Mariupol on the map and it’s a clear strategic thing Russia would like the rebels to have.  They are not overwhelmingly loved in that town so a PR job was obviously going to be an imperative.

Then I read the interview.…

In which Celia Green and I comment on the left’s fruitcakery

natalie bennettNatalie Bennett, Arch-Green

The main reason I won’t engage with these people has much to do with my profession, part of which was to run through things such as the logical syllogism with students:

All men are mortal
Socrates is a man
Therefore, Socrates is mortal

Though students are young, most in my groups had the mental capacity to follow all this and to argue their own cases – that was our bread and butter work in a way.

And everyone developed that sort of mindset – that anything argued must begin with either the statement followed by the steps, backed by the evidence which led to it or else it was done in reverse, with a conclusion drawn at the end.…

The Backlash, the Luegenpresse and the New Reformation

The combined liberal/progressive/left hegemony, a mix of left-thinking powers behind government – Masons, Demos, Tavistock, shills in government, manifesting itself in things like Dolphin Square, plus the manipulated do-gooders seeing themselves as “loving left” and compassionate – the whole vast hegemony in every field from education to the courts to the media – BBC, Guardian, Independent, Mirror and now even the Daily Mail and Telegraph, formerly supposedly “rightwing” – as this vast conglomerate starts to see the backlash from ordinary people through rallies typified by Manif and PEGIDA – as they see this, it both gets their adrenaline going as they thrive on conflict and demoralization but at the same time it worries them.

There is, quite simply, an ideological war going on and it is in the interests of the vast left and the Luegenpresse to pretend there isn’t at all. But we have eyes:…

Abusing ten year olds – some things are never acceptable

Decades ago, there was a scandal which rocked the nation over a filthy teacher who had sexually exposed herself to her youngest class and quite rightly, she was fired henceforth after a storm of complaint from parents:

In 1972, she was sacked by the Victorian Department of Education for “giving an unscheduled sex-education lesson to her 13-year-old students at Fitzroy High School”.[2] The case was widely publicised in Melbourne, bringing Garner a degree of notoriety.

She was saved from incarceration by the left establishment in education and naturally has gone onto fame and awards by the type of people who make Emin head of art over here and give the Booker and Turner prizes to the untalented who tick all the leftist boxes.

Fast forward and we have the amazing spectacle, the utterly jaw-dropping spectacle of:


Astounding. Ten years old, abused like this.…

Are you one of the 66%?

Dimon’s chutzpah, that Jeff Greene, the smugness, the sheer gall is breathtaking in its arrogance. And one of the most frightening aspects is that the ordinary person is played like a violin. The ordinary person, if we can believe “polls”, whoever rigs them, still has the Big Two parties on 66% or thereabouts.

That takes a particularly idiocy to perpetuate. Labour last represented the workers, if at all, at the beginning of the last century and the Tories are the second half of the tag team act, the austerity mongers. Labour gets the state into debt, the Tories come in and punish us, Labour come in again with their profligacy disguised as humanitarian policies, the Kool Aid is drunk by the 66% and it all goes down the chute.

At ZeroHedge, one frustrated commenter wrote:

Those at the top are not stupid. As they have done in the past, they will continue to observe and anticipate us.

To write this or not – that is the question …

No-go areas

When I ran the post on there being no no-go areas in Paris [or there were], a correspondent wrote that he’d been in Paris a long time ago and had grown up there – presumably he’d been to all today’s no-go areas in the city.  I replied that that was too long ago.

Today, another message arrived* – here it is in whole, unabridged:

What I meant was, I would venture in to “no go areas”. I am not saying that it is risk free, but any rough area of any city can be treacherous.

I would also go into the dodgy areas of Sydney or London. I have done, but obviously you don’t go in there wearing a three piece suit and Italian leather shoes. Dress down, and look like you belong, and there is no problem. It is different for the police but I know that city, and they will not allow the fools to take over, even if the approach may be softly, softly.

To write of the Ukraine or not – that is the question …

The words “unspeakable evil”, “barbarity” and “atrocity” are so freely applied to the blanket of appalling things being seen across the western world that they’re losing all meaning, people are essentially shellshocked and are becoming inured.

If an atrocity is reported from Donetsk, people glance over in a daze, then glance back again.  It’s happening everywhere – that couple drinking an 11 year old’s blood, those teachers of both sexes having the students, in no small part because of the early sexualization of kids thanks to the left and if the left don’t get you, the right in Dolphin Square will.

And in the middle of this comes the latest from the Donbass.…