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Quite a programme today Before we kick off with JD, the French have a certain way with words:

Massacre à la botoxeuse

And so to JD:

George Monbiot not always a Moonbat]-

Human beings – by which I mean those anthropoid creatures who do not necessarily receive social security – often live in families.

But benefit claimants live in “benefit units”, defined by the government as “an adult plus their spouse (if applicable) plus any dependent children living in the household”.

On the bright side, if you die while on a government work programme, you’ll be officially declared a “completer”. Which must be a relief.A dehumanising system requires a dehumanising language.

So familiar and pervasive has this language become that it has soaked almost unnoticed into our lives. Those who do have jobs are also described by the function they deliver to capital. These days they are widely known as “human resources”.

Here’s the incident we needed …

You know how this blog has been rabbiting on about political will and how the unilateral action, as a result of an incident and with an assumed public backing, is the ONLY thing which will get the ball rolling?

Well here it is, on a plate. Dave stands up to the extortionate demand for 1.7 billion euros:


… or else he doesn’t and loses the chance this nation had. He certainly has every reason, he has all the grounds he needs to refuse:

eu demand

Forget Brexit, Flexcit, Tugmytadgeit – it ain’t gonna be done that way, folks.  It ain’t EVER gonna be done that way.

It’s going to be done solely by political will on the wild, stormy ocean of politics and no one can stop a PM of this country doing it unless he is in thrall to some power.

No independent PM would hesitate.  Is Dave independent enough and does he have the inclination and will?…

Rose Cheramie

melba-marcades-about-1957There’s a level, in the course of an investigation, which you might call the judicial or ‘playing the judge’. Interesting how most people immediately adopt that role on any new issue.

That is, they both adopt the stance ‘present to me the facts, lay them at my feet’, rather than going out to find them themselves and then adopt the judicial role of deciding yea or nay.

It’s a passive role and a lazy one.

Better than that is the person who still doesn’t go [or perhaps simply hasn't the time to go] and find out but rather visits someone he or she regards as an authority.

We do it all the time. With electrical circuits, I know very little and don’t have a natural ‘feel’ for what does and doesn’t work, beyond simple notions of current travelling in a circuit. So I’d prefer to defer to an expert on this.…

Effective action required, with immediate effect, on Muslim radicals

Mark Steyn in Canada is international in the way Andrew Bolt is in Australia – the things they say have relevance globally. Sure they’re alpha males and even in this interview, the interviewer is disagreed with in a couple of places.

Leaving all those negatives aside, the point is that much of what is going on is now global – so Australian and American kids will join ISIS, plus some from Sweden. The world culture now has the world so much in its grip that the whole global theatre comes out with a faux reality and the mindless and feckless lap it up.

I don’t mean mindless in a derogatory way here, more in a ‘victim’ way – made mindless or else just children who can’t be responsible for whom they are.

[H/T Wiggia] Insanity rules:

There is a very powerful theme running through world culture and that is that any common sense must be labelled with an -ism.…

Winter of discontent

On November 1st, Qualified Majority Voting supercedes UK Law and means that the EU can veto decisions in 43 areas of policy, should the parliament make those decisions. Previously, it required a unanimous vote of all countries in the union.

Let’s move on to the Ipsos Mori poll which says 56% of people now want to stay in Europe. They canvassed 1002 people whom they said were a fair representation of the UK.

An American commenter wrote:

IpsisMori’s primary client is the UK govt. This survey consisted of phoning 1002 adults (‘weighted to match the profile of the population.’) I worked for Touche Ross in management consulting – I could do exactly the same and have it come out any way the client wanted – it’s poor methodology and easy to sway. It’s only purpose is to sway folks who blindly believe in polls.

Though agreeing with that, I’d also make the point that we need to look at the overall percentages in the UK.…

The adventures of Edward Gough Whitlam

There’s a line in this song which sums up Australians: ‘From the land that thinks the whole world’s out to get them.’ LOL.

He died today, the briefly seen colossus who bestrode Australia – beauty, bonza cobber – and those were the days I was down there, in the middle of it. Politically exciting if you were a young chap with a Labour inclination, which I was at the time.

If you want the actual bio, The Age will do for starters. The lengthier version, for students of political history and the history of nations, is in the five vids below – worth a look. I’ll summarize below that:

These were heady times – we went to all the demonstrations in Melbourne, including the restaurant Kerr attended by the Yarra River. The whole nation was up in arms and the mood was ugly. I think the reason I was pushed towards Labour was having had socialist teachers – how on earth do those people get their sincecures?…

Roadmap to Brexit, U.S. Navy, Niagara interactive and other things

Have to agree with this and with Wiggia’s comment: ‘Annoying all the right people.’  Click pic to go to youtube:

n10 calypso

You really have to smile….Tories, Labour and Lib Dems get millions from wealthy donors, have hundreds of salaried staff, use PR firms, advertising agencies, focus groups and pollsters to finetune carefully crafted propaganda campaigns all backed up by their palace guards in the media and the impact is….zilch…

UKIP (no big donors, minimal staff) get a former BBC dj, well past his sell by date to write, sing and record a calypso, a musical genre briefly popular circa 1955 and the whole thing goes VIRAL!!!!!!!

What’s more the lyrics spell out the main threads of UKIP policy while the chorus plops Nigel Farage directly outside No. 10 Downing Street….

The lefty smellysocks on Twitter go mental and the Telegraph and Guardian sneer at full throttle and the usual suspects cry RACIST…

There is something essentially wicked in the British sense of humour and I believe they had one of the best PR firms do this, pitching it slightly amateurishly, most gallingly, most irreverently – it tunes in with our mindsets like a hand in a glove.…


Fancy some 1842 beer?


El Reg has some good ones from the animal world:

. Would you pay $AU149k for a cat?

. Sheep high on the weed.

And from Wiggia:



Meanwhile, in galaxy not all that far away:

A young mother faces jail for conning friends and strangers out of thousands of pounds by falsely claiming she had terminal cancer, after dramatically changing her plea to guilty on the first day of her trial.

Police said Danielle Watson “acted in a cold and calculated manner” by appealing for donations, goods and services for her wedding, after announcing in January 2012 that she had late-stage cervical cancer with only a 15 to 20 per cent chance of survival.

Yet another example of the new Gen Y. The key words, the ones to keep in the back of your mind, should you fall into their clutches, are: “acted in a cold and calculated manner”.…

Tommy Robinson attacked in prison


There are certain things which are going to happen if you’re a bit of a silly boy and don’t see the writing on the wall.  But that in no way excuses those things happening.

Last year, OoL ran a video of a march where Tommy Robinson and another EDL member went on a prearranged walk.  They were first accosted by police and when asked about the route, he told them.  Police have a duty to keep the peace so they should have kept a short distance and the two separated from the UAF thugs.

Instead what happened was that the police stopped them again to interrogate them and behind the police stood the UAF who then physically attacked but when Robinson’s partner counter-attacked, Robinson and he were arrested and bundled into a van.  Nothing was done to the attackers.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more blatantly biased piece of policing.  They’d been sent to provoke and arrest.…

Cutty Sark and the awfully clever ‘modern’ administrator

There’ve been two themes so far today – incompetence and the sea.  And on Christopher Wren Day, let’s add design and architecture to that.

And so to the burning of the Cutty Sark. This magnificent vessel, which I’m proud to say, along probably with you, I’ve been on board quite a few times – remember I lived near there – this vessel was the pride of Britain.

All right, perhaps she did not actually beat Thermopylae home in tht race, breaking her rudder 400 miles ahead of her rival but she was still magnificent:


The photographer stood in two ship’s boats lashed together to take that picture.

And what fate awaits a lady who, a century later, needs to be allowed to rest in peace? Well, you put her in dry dock in Greenwich and allow the public from around the world to come and admire, soak up the atmosphere.…