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Friday too

# The damage this Kenyan has done:

# For you budding coders, the url explains all:

#  Another which explains itself:

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#  Haiku  first up with Vox:

The insane German government desperately needs scouring:

The German government has reacted to the shocking news about a Muslim migrant who raped and killed a 19-year-old woman by warning that it would be watching Facebook posts carefully for instances of Islamophobia.

Actually, we might have run that one lready. Never mind.

# Microdave comes in with:

You might want to look at the following links, C/O comments at A Tangled Web:

Think it’s pretty clear what that’s about.

#  Chuckles has this on the Swine flu scam:

CBS is now publishing the names of sites they claim are fake news. Well, what about CBS itself?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’re aware that a film, Vaxxed, has been showing in theaters across America and overseas—and audiences are stunned by its revelations.

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The snubbing of Big Internet

Most interesting, via haiku:

Team Trump has announced the composition of the President’s Strategic and Policy Forum – and there’s no place for internet oligarchs like Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos or the world’s fifth-richest man, Mark Zuckerberg.

Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch has a seat, as does Ginni Rometty, head of everything at IBM. The forum is headed by Stephen A Schwarzman, co-founder of private equity giant Blackstone.

“The panel will be a strong voice on Team Trump for corporate America and the interests of the 1 per cent,” writes Larry Kumer of the Fabius Maximus blog, noting that for a populist President-elect, there’s no representation for organised labour.… More here ...

Clandestine Palestinian building projects

This is clearly biased but it’s still going to be run here, for reasons which become apparent, concerning bias:

  • While construction in Jewish settlements of the West Bank and neighborhoods of Jerusalem has long been carried out within the frame of the law and in accordance with proper licenses issued by the relevant authorities, the Palestinian construction is illegal in every respect.
  • The Palestinian goal is to create irreversible facts on the ground. The sheer enormity of the project raises the question: Who has been funding these massive cities-within-cities? And why? There is good reason to believe that the PLO and some Arabs and Muslims, and especially the European Union, are behind the Palestinian initiative.
  • The Jewish outpost of Amona, home to 42 families, is currently the subject of fiery controversy both in Israel and in the international arena. Apparently, settlements are only a “major obstacle to peace” when they are constructed by Jews.
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The blocking of ancient light

… more modern tale. A mate had an issue with Ancient Lights and this is the tale.

His neighbour began to have an extension built which would block the view and a certain amount of light. It began with a letter by him to a firm who specialize in such things.

The reply:

Thank you for your enquiry.

I will be happy to assist you evaluate the loss of light to your property as a result of the proposed development.

In the first instance it would be useful to view the plans in relation to your property. If you could forward me a copy of the plans I will be happy to revert back to you with my initial opinion and details of our services.

As a guide, our Case Appraisal assessment is £995 and includes a site visit, assessment, written report and a letter of objection to the developer asserting your legal rights of light should our appraisal conclude that any breaches or an injury is likely to occur.

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