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A word from Gates of Vienna

From Rossa’s mother: This is a comment from GoV’s 17th July Newsfeed which sums things up very well…………….. There comes a point when the abrasiveness of a rough-edged individual no longer detracts from—and instead contributes to—their role as an intellectual…

This is historical bias

There’s much in common with what is going on downunder and what is happening on the BBC and ITV. First, the licence fee – the cowardly govt are really going after the over 75s, which has surprised many but not…

Try these

1. What’s the full name of the Kalergi Plan? 2. Which utilities bill is set to fall in this country? 3. DJT – which town in NC was the rally? 4. Whose bat did the ball ricochet off? 5. Which…

Climate and energy

Oh noes, we’re all going to die: Most of us thought he was a prat: Definitely 11 on the weird scale: