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The banality of evil

One needs to be a little bit careful, methinks, to take a story such as this:

‘Heartless’ council threaten to take Violet, 100, to court on Christmas Eve over £9,000 nursing home fees 

… at face value. As one reader said, this sounds fishy as there are mechanisms for the aged, even in our increasingly heartless society.  With all that offspring, grandchildren etc., where are they?  Why aren’t they chipping in to save her?  It also sounds as if someone signed something and now comes the comeback.

Having said all that, we’ve seen it is not beyond councils and utilities companies to demand the last pound of flesh at heartless moments, e.g. just before Christmas.

I’ve two comments.  Firstly, there is a new element in councils these days, seen first with the “wheelie-bin crime” and prosecuting an old lady for planting flowers in a garden bed at a road junction and this new element is called Common Purpose.…

The new monster

mothers of darknessAnd following on from all the talk on this blog about:

1. Renaming as a political weapon;
2. Women promoted way above their station …

… there’s even more evidence of this, via Chuckles and in the NewYorker.  We’re not talking out of our backsides about such women – and it IS women, not men.

And I’m going to explain.

Whether it’s a woman’s brain or the social conditions she grows up in or whatever, there is a syndrome, quite female, in which certain females are far deadlier than the male.

For the past eight months, there has been a furious battle raging behind closed doors at the White House, the C.I.A., and in Congress. The question has been whether the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence would be allowed to use pseudonyms as a means of identifying characters in the devastating report it released last week on the C.I.A.’s abusive interrogation and detention program.

Renaming is to excuse the inexcusable

barbara-flynn-wallpaper-desktop-image-background-photo-wallpaper-1083718743No one likes to be preached at but some professions make a person a bit preachy, at least so methought, re-reading and then renaming the post Let’s not be Manipulated last night, the title changed from Don’t be Manipulated.

And of course, it had no comments.

That very act of changing the title to make it more palatable to you who are reading it comes back to the post on The Agenda is Dystopia, which is shaping up as the core post from which I build my case for the readers of NO.

And the aspect which stands out in that post is the idea of Renaming things to make them mean something different. I was looking at a group of pics of  Barbara Flynn who played many familiar roles -the one I saw her in was Maigret’s wife in the second series - I saw this pic.

Pavlov’s Cat says and I’d agree, it does not look like Flynn but it’s a good illustrative pic for this post - carrying a child, with no sign of a father.…

Let’s not be manipulated

What started this train of thought was the MSM talking of Panic Saturday.  This is precisely the ‘naming’ of things which the Schiller Institute article on Benjamin and Adorno was about.

We’re certainly being manipulated or rather always were manipulated but now the blogosphere makes us realize how desperate and unresolvable it is, whereas in earlier days, we were blissfully ignorant of the manipulation.

And people are becoming frustrated, not understanding that one needn’t be panicked into things.  Driver this morning was talking about a girl who was berating him for not being quick enough to her and then not speeding to get her to her destination.  I knew this morning would involve long delays and so what?

As he said, if she had to be at work on time, then why not get up earlier and last night book the cab?  Company’s known for reliability and yet they were warning us all day there’d be delays.…

Innocent questions for selected prats and crims

These are 10 questions I’d love to ask these people face-to-face:

Cameron [1]: Did you pork Rebekah, her horse or was it a 3some?
Cameron [2]: Where are the Kengate tapes, David?
Blair [1]: Was there a child from your porking of Wendi Deng?
Blair [2]: Is David Kelly’s ghost anything like Banquo’s?
Roy Keane: Why were you ejected from Villa? Did you beat someone up?
Hazel Blears: Have you paid the money back yet, Hazel?
Peter Hayman: Did you murder or just pork the children at Dolphin Square?
Rebekah Brooks: How many VIPs have you not been porked by, Rebekah?
D of E and Charles: Do you ever see Diana’s ghost at night?
Harbag: Do you just support PIE or have you molested a child yourself?

There are, of course, many more. No doubt you have lists of your own. Which questions would you like to ask of which personage?…

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

I’m old and posts and comments fly past too quickly and by the time I have formulated a response I can’t find them again: but I do remember them so just three quick comments on the degrees of madness out there-

1: Was it Wiggia or Rossa who found JC Collins? (philosophyofmetrics) Can’t remember but I had a look at his blog posts but when I came to his phrase “the second crucifixion of the etheric body” I just started laughing and stopped reading. That’s all we need, another pseudo-intellectual who has been educated beyond his intelligence, the American version of Russell Brand. And anyone who thinks a McDonald’s is the USA’s cultural gift to the world is seriously deluded :)

2: Somebody linked to Eric Peters having a rant about remote monitoring of cars. Why does he not rant about the tachograph which has been compulsory in every HGV since 1986?…

The agenda is dystopia

This relatively innocuous moan about TV shows:

Why do all the best TV shows have the worst endings? From The Missing to The Fall and Homeland, viewers are so often left in despair 

… belies what is really going on beneath the surface of society. Many pundits more august than me have warned about it, I’ve warned about it, society ignores it because it thinks it knows better.

What it comes down to is a clear set of policies coming out of various places such as the UN, EU and multiple ‘thinktanks’ but it’s much older than those, much older.  It is no accident, it is not the natural order of events – it is the result of agents-provocateurs who are legion and who are in key positions in society.…


Deutschland Deutschland, gegen Islam, gegen Islam in der Welt

Surprised Chuckles was at Vox’s but there you go:

The German and international media is going to have no more success disqualifying PEGIDA than the UK media has had in disqualifying UKIP or the French media has had in disqualifying National Front.

Which goes to show that Vox, who obviously means well and is vaguely pro-UKIP as he understands it, does not understand UKIP all that well.  UKIP is a party of the centre which has ideas on immigration as a policy.  It is not into slitting Muslim throats or oppressing Muslims in general.

It is against the social system and excesses of Islam, not the people who’ve slit no throats.…


Before opening today’s account, you know that Yodel/Royal Mail/Parcelforce mess which many have been speaking of, e.g. Cherie and other pundits and you might recall my dustpan and brush [upright], through Amazon, which was a quick afterthought on December 1st?

That went to complaint to both the firm and Amazon, after which, a few days back, the item was finally delivered.  I’d not have minded if they’d said that was the window but they hadn’t and I’d bought solely on the basis it would be with me within a week.

Anyway, they delivered a couple of days ago and it’s a good item, solid.

A few minutes ago, they delivered again, in a carbon copy of the first time. You remember Groundhog Day?

Anyway, they delivered a couple of days ago and it’s a good item, solid.…

The parallels are striking

There’s no easy way to write this post without offending half the readers.

Last evening, Wiggia had a YouTube clip up of men’s brains, women’s brains, part of  a comedy evening.  If you look at the camera shots of the audience – men and women - that little smile, that half-bitten lip telling a tale of recognition, you could see he stayed just this side of offensive and what’s more, both sides recognized themselves and were half-prepared to admit it..

Everyone was laughing, then he went over to a statuette of a woman and a palpable tension came into the atmosphere, which is why, humorously, he crossed himself in prayer before he began.  Every person in that audience knew exactly what that was all about.

Many know the standing Rumpole joke about She Who Must Be Obeyed, there are so many gags about women always having to be Right.  Many know the comedienne Pam Ayres who made a series of gags around the pub philosopher husband who knows all there is to know about every topic, from boxing to politics.…


Let’s start with the aftermath of the Kerry Smith biz.

Thrice in the last week, this blogger has considered whether it’s wise to vote UKIP – first after the Bird/Bolter thing and Bird still in his place, then on Hamilton and why is he was still in place and then on Kerry Smith and why he was still in place?

Oh me of little faith – in all cases, UKIP have acted within 24 hours and learnt in the process. In all honesty, do you know of any of the major parties who have adopted this stance, even if it leads to initial ridicule?

There are, in my book, two things which have happened here:

1. The attempt at parachutism, if it did happen, failed – the local branch spam-check caught every one of them out. That’s because it’s filled with real people.

2. UKIP is not afraid to say it got it wrong and then adjusts to get it better.…