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A conservative voice?

Though Fox has Tucker Carlson and he’s doing well, saying the right things, conservatives are not happy – we’re not happy here with the non-conservative Tory Party and what’s happened to UKIP, and in America, despite controlling the presidency and both houses, still legislation cannot get through and appointments cannot be approved.

Meanwhile, May betrays the party and the country.

Then there is the media and the constant insidious attack on the conservative voice. Fox always was suspect although it did get rid of Megyn Kelly and Michelle Fields and kept on enough true conservatives, e.g. Michelle Malkin, to continue the illusion.

Now this.

According to Mediaite’s report, the pace of the “serious discussions” has been picking up in the wake of rumors suggesting additional changes are in store at Fox News. A source reportedly told Mediaite that “two prominent high-powered television executives, some underperforming conservative networks and people who have an interest and the ability to fund a new network” are meeting Friday to discuss creating a rival to Fox News.

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Magic, science and politics

Teller, of Penn & Teller:

I’m all for helping science. But after I share what I know, my neuroscientist friends thank me by showing me eye-tracking and MRI equipment, and promising that someday such machinery will help make me a better magician.

I have my doubts. Neuroscientists are novices at deception. Magicians have done controlled testing in human perception for thousands of years.

I think you’ll see what I mean if I teach you a few principles magicians employ when they want to alter your perceptions.

1. Exploit pattern recognition.
2. Make the secret a lot more trouble than the trick seems worth.
3. It’s hard to think critically if you’re laughing.
4. Keep the trickery outside the frame.
5. To fool the mind, combine at least two tricks.
6. Nothing fools you better than the lie you tell yourself.
7. If you are given a choice, you believe you have acted freely.

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Simon [Freedom Association, Better Off Out] writes:

I mentioned to him that my solution is a personal one – I pay for my dentistry and don’t otherwise get sick.  The latter is not too hard – physically avoid other people and crowded places in town, boil all water, eat a balanced lot of meals, including wine and choc, exercise [the stairs help here].  Just about to hit the pork strips [it being Friday ‘n all].

Frankly, I don’t know what to say or write about the NHS, which is why it hasn’t been a topic here.  Willing to learn about it though.… More here ...

Warble gloaming

There are some topics which you can get into however many years down the track you look at them, there are some that, unless you started from the ground up, you’re gone trying to make head or tail of it, let alone know the heroes and villains.

I only know this Gavin is a villain because Chuckles had that in his heading, and that presumably makes this Judith Curry a goodie but I might have it wrong.

Gavin has a post up in which he rebuts Judith Curry’s response to comments about her testimony at the Committee hearing.

I did read down it but without, as mentioned before, all the background, I couldn’t possibly comment but please, be my guest and let’s debate climate.

What I do know is that the Donald came into this presidency with one plank being he would sign out of any climate scam agreement but that daughter dear is now trying to get him to backpeddle on that.… More here ...

Social media [1]

Interesting piece on Bloomberg, via Chuckles, on the death of social media.

First thing to remember is always who is saying it – Bloomberg is pure elite MSM, Ashkenazi, wishing to do down social media. So, with that caveat in mind, to the text:

Durov is right when he says everyone is on messengers these days. Back in 2015, messengers overtook social networks in terms of total active users. And back in 2014, when Facebook separated Messenger from its main offering, Zuckerberg himself acknowledged the trend, saying that “messaging is one of the few things people do more than social networking.”

And the messengers’ growth is faster than that of social networks: Facebook Messenger’s mobile audience increased 36 percent in the between July 2015 and June 2016, while Facebook’s grew 19 percent, according to Comscore’s mobile app report.

By measures that register actual human engagement – rather than fake accounts and bot activity — Facebook does not seem to be growing at all.

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It’s perspective, not hatred

With Madeleine Westerhout [not her below], her role is quite clear, as she said herself: “I’m the greeter girl.”

It would be wrong to see Hope Hicks [that’s her above] in that role.  She is “the gatekeeper” for Trump and what’s more, has been from Day 1, well before his political campaign – others come and go but she decides who sees him … and who doesn’t.… More here ...