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Conspiracy theorists

un vehicles

JD sent the vid below, I looked at it and thought oh no.

Not for the one photo from which a whole vid was made but for all the dot-joining the guy does.  Bona fides are always crucial and that sort of thing doesn’t help.

Essentially, what he had a was a pic of UN vehicles.  We’re told it’s in Georgia.  And that’s it.  Add that to the barbed wire compounds and the tunnels under the Appalachians and so on.  There’s enough in those to point to something not right in the States.

The point of this post is that even though conspiracy theorists who are happy with the epithet just go off on their hobbyhorse and join dots for us, without them we wouldn’t have the pics in the first place, wouldn’t have the reports.  Ordinarily, you, I, most bloggers, would not have the minds to actually ferret around for these things.

So we can guffaw at these people but they’re the ones from whom the revelations are going to come from time to time.…

Needs to be nipped in the bud now

The condemnation of Hamas from Egypt:


Mosul Iraq, Christian properties marked by Muslims.

Germany, Jewish houses marked by Nazis. Property confiscated and stolen in the name of the state.

Response from the West, same as 1936, nothing.

Closer to home:

The Birmingham Trojan Horse has taken an awful long time to surface, but is being treated as an isolated case, how quickly those who govern forget.

This headline from the Birmingham Post is a refreshing change.

And is the content of this speech from the new minister really going to have an effect beyond as she puts it “a small number of schools” if they believe that we are stuffed, as with Rotherham and the rape gangs people at all levels knew what was going on, but how many were sacked, very few, most continued in their jobs there and I suspect that the “big cheeses” will remain or will moved to similar lucrative positions under the “lessons will be learned” banner in this case as well.…