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The real meaning of chutzpah


We’re so hidebound by our own view of reality, all of us, no exceptions, and our experiences in life have coloured our perceptions.

I’d venture to say that those capable of belief in an external, eternal verity are going to find it not too hard to believe there’s a diabolical mind or minds somewhere behind it all and it sure looks like it to us.  Those who are largely faithless in an external, eternal verity and who therefore substitute Science for that are more likely to see incompetence as the reason why it’s all fallen away so badly.

And fallen away it has.  When you met a man on the road fifty years ago, you’d be pretty sure he’d play fair in the main, though nasty people of course existed.  You’d pass a bunch of kids and you’d be pretty sure they were into things kids were into, not concerned about you and having to be home by tea time.…

Sunday glance at UKIP

There’s a hell of a lot of untapped class out there – people who, if only we could get them into parliament, we’d trust them to run things, strong enough to resist the corrosively nasty thing they meet once at Westminster, already well set up in life and not needing the gravy train.


In this pic below, Nigel looks a bit of a rogue, actually, which is fine by me, I like good-natured rogues – but the other two, although not actually having achieved as Nige has, do present better.  Strangely, the one getting the most stick, Reckless, looks the most respectable of the three and both he and Carswell are precisely what UKIP needs – this sort of influence, in order to be taken more seriously.

Rochester and Strood by-election


“I think a lot of people are thinking ‘is this a re-run of the SDP or is this perhaps something fundamental and profound. I have to keep reminding myself that, actually, it’s neither.

Negligence is just as much a criminal act

L’abbaye de Evron

If you do nothing else, this is well worth a look at Mark’s. Fascinating.

Dinner bellSmall

Clever poem by Macheath

A bit late perhaps for me to run but hey …

One night in Clacton


If you look at what the CIA does around the world, especially in the Ukraine, if you look at Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious, at NAFTA, at Colin Ross’s expose of the psychiatric old boys network, at the CFR, at the Rotherham coverup, we’re nowhere near the farfetched yet, not even with MK Ultra and already you can see government agencies not acting on behalf of people.

And then we get onto Ebola. If ever a govt wanted something inside the country but not to inconvenience inbound and outbound trade, this is it. There were calls up and down the U.S.A. to close borders temporarily and certainly NOT to allow anyone from a quarantined area into the country at this time.…

Saturday later

With a little musical accompaniment to sweeten the post.

Second real try [though 4th attempt]:

2nd real try

Oh dear – dome collapsed again.  I was thinking not enough yeast after last time but then read this now:

Too Much Yeast

Yeast creates air bubbles as it consumes sugar in the bread dough. These gases cause the bread to rise and create a light, soft texture. When you add too much yeast to the dough in your bread machine, the top of the bread loaf collapses during the baking cycle because too much gas is produced. Bread made in bread machines is more susceptible to improper yeast levels because of the heated rising cycle that stimulates the yeast.


The rising cycle that each bread machine uses after kneading the dough gives the yeast time to consume sugars and produce gas. When the bread rises too much, the top often collapses. Even if yeast levels are correct, a long rising period creates excess gas that prevents the bread from staying firm enough to support the top of the loaf.

What if it is actually so? What then?

How should an amateur sleuth who relies on the net and some library work approach that double-edged sword, the internet?

This post is not for the auto-denier, it assumes we’re past that and are looking dispassionately at things, without prejudice as far as poss.  Auto-deniers might be advised to bypass this and have a lovely Saturday afternoon doing something else out there. Enjoy.

So, assuming we have left in the audience people like Harry and others who are quite sceptical and yet open to something authentic, who do accept there is symbolism in official places and there is an elite or Them who are not our friends, we’re then left with what to make of the high profile figures in this NWO, Monsanto and other biz.

Figures like Icke, Beck, Jones.  And Fritz Springmeier.  Plus the alleged victims.  What to make of Bryce Taylor, Cathy O’Brien, Cisco Wheeler and the males hovering around the area.…

No such thing as gay ‘marriage’

Takes a lot to get the ‘modern PCist’ to see eternal verities and realities [click pic and again]:

gay stupidity

I’ve just struck back with the predictable.  Good to see a sane lady there, Pheobe Smith. This is an ongoing war, of course and millions are involved in it.


This, from The Blaze, sums it up:

Some people have accused me of being against marriage equality. This is completely unfair. I’m not against it. I’m not anti-it. I don’t oppose it. I don’t think it should be prevented. I don’t think we should ban marriage equality or make it illegal.

I have no problem with marriage equality — except that it doesn’t exist. It can’t exist. It never has existed. It never will exist. ‘Marriage equality’ — that is, the idea that the union between a man and a man can achieve equality with the union between a man and a woman — is nonsense.

Cameron is solely to blame, no one else

Not sure of the copyright situation on the article below, appearing at the Spectator:

I’d think Lord Pearson would be happy enough.

As Ukip leader, I offered David Cameron a pact. He wouldn’t even talk to us

Lord Pearson, Ukip’s former leader, on the deal that might have saved the Tories from coalition

How odd that David Cameron is still threatening us with ‘Vote Ukip, get Labour’, even after the Heywood and Middleton by-election, which Ukip nearly won with thousands of Labour defections. But if the Conservatives do lose the next election by a Ukip-sized margin then Cameron has only himself to blame — for the second time in a row. I know because I tried to stop it happening in 2010 when I was leading Ukip.

Soon after Ukip came second in the 2009 EU elections, David Willoughby de Broke and I went to see Tom Strathclyde, then Tory leader in the Lords.…

Asia Bibi, Cameron and the feminists – the deafening silence

asia bibiWe can’t be expected to take up every Muslim outrage in the world and if it’s a Christian woman, well, everyone seems to go strangely quiet.

Why should an obscure woman in a remote Pakistani village concern us?

Perhaps the question should be – why should it concern western feminists and Cameron?

First, the feminists. It’s all well and fine for certain ladies to decry this blog’s calling out of these self-interested people who pretend to strike blows for all women when in fact it is only their little old selves they’re interested in.

However – look at it. Where is their outrage? Where is their campaign on behalf of a sister who will shortly be murdered by the state? When I see western feminists calling the authorities out over an obscure woman who can’t help them with their own power grab, then I’ll adopt a more supportive attitude towards these hypocrites.…

State of the Ukraine

Hi James, you wrote and asked my opinion – here it is -

The state workers and deputats of the parlament of the Ukraine are elected by the population.

Since there is no authorities in this country, Police has no will to resist such incidents after Maidan “perevorot”, after what Government did against Berkut.

So, bandits from the “Pravyj sector” and “Trezub” (Trident) simply take a politishens who do not support the general Nazi trend in politics and put them to the rubbish bin. Police cannot stop this since, poplicmen dont have power and courage to resist bandits. Bandits after any resistance will come to relatives of the policmen and kill them.

I would like to point, that “Pravyj sector” and their Head – Dmitrij Jarosh got near 1% of votes during the election of the President. But in fact this Nazi bandits are the real power in Ukraine now together with footbal fans.