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Future of UKIP

You could lay a fair wager that nobody even cares any more.

At midnight, I predicted Labour would hold both, from the very little coming through. About 1 a.m., it looked Copeland blue but Carswell had already written off Nuttall. Many put it down to sour grapes.

Now it looks increasingly like Thanet South again and the ability of the Tories to know well before is uncanny. Just like the ability of Clinton to know the questions the moderator would ask her.

Labour’s dead people voting and other tricks could not overcome the rural vote in Copeland. As the Beeb said and Express – boring.

It doesn’t seem to have been about Brexit much either, that having being achieved in most people’s minds but it was certainly about stability and clear direction. But more it was about the irrelevance of UKIP under Nuttall.

One commenter wrote:

What I can’t understand about Nuttall is why, as a self-proclaimed “working class lad from Liverpool” does he spend his entire life trying to make himself look like some lord of the manor, dressing in clothes in which he ought to speak like Jacob Rees-Mogg, and be stepping out of a Range Rover with a 12 bore under his arm and a couple of spaniels at his heels.

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Pizzagate [1]

Tess threw herself on the mercy of Angel by confessing her baby, but he rejected her, you’ll recall. ‘Am I not the same person as before?’

‘You were one person, now you are another,’ was his spurning rejoinder.

How far is the person you know one thing in your eyes but when his or her past comes out, is an entirely different person?

This applies particularly to our esteemed ‘leaders’, the ‘upper crust’ in so many fields. Or to put it another way – ‘the fish rots from the head’. My rule of thumb, which admittedly only covers one set of contingencies is – the finer the shoes and suit, the more circumspect one should be about the goings-on in that person’s past.

Reason for such an outrageous rash generalization follows.

I’ve a folder of files on the MacMillan Pre-School case, the Franklin case, the risible False Memory Syndrome establishment fightback against that, about Garry Webb who fought this underworld and lost – he ‘did a David Kelly‘ – and so much more the accused perps did.… More here ...

Films to avoid

[For further films to avoid, Copy and Paste the title into Search and hit Return]

1. Spotlight

spotlight film

Please tell me this is not a Millennial snowflake in charge of all those pussified men.

Some time ago, this was published at Unz:… More here ...

Sweden’s doing just fine

On this blog, there have been posts on Washington and London protests, along with a post tomorrow on Pizzagate, going into what has been uncovered and what has not. At this moment, readers are looking at the veracity of the Anne Frank diaries.

It’s got to the stage now where it’s not easy to determine what is happening and what is Narrative.

Except on certain topics and on those, people have eyes, they can see. Topics like the Muslim invasion, the rapes, the murders, the no-go areas in the host nation.

And if you type Sweden into Google or Youtube, the following vid does come up. It does come up, by a process of logic, because here it is. We all know about it, we know some of details, but this young man – possibly a US black – does put it sequentially and follows a chain of logic:

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Carbon fibre from scratch, old penmanship, appointing the corrupt to clean up

1. Hey, half proud of this, as my football club is in that town and they use Deakin training grounds:

The “missing link” in Australia’s carbon fibre capability, a wet spinning line (below), has been launched today in a ceremony at Waurn Ponds just outside Geelong.

Carbon fibre combines high rigidity, tensile strength and chemical resistance with low weight and is used in aerospace, civil engineering, the military, cars, and also in competitive sports.

Only a handful of companies around the world can create carbon fibre, each using their own secret recipe.

To join this elite club CSIRO and Deakin researchers had to crack the code.

In doing so, using patented CSIRO technology, they’ve created what could be the next generation of carbon fibre that is stronger and of a higher quality.

2. Penmanship as it used to be:… More here ...