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The Muslim – eternal victim


Earlier today, your humble blogger was banging on about things which simply were and people were in deep denial. That extends to ideologically driven governments, as we all know on this side of politics.

Take this one, for example:

Nothing has changed. The police covered up the Muslim sexual abuse of 1,400 British girls, in some cases arresting the girls and their fathers, but not the Muslim perpetrators.

Now it’s more of the same. (via Instapundit).

I highly doubt that a police van with six officers is dispatched everyone time someone in South Yorkshire is suspected of being drunk. The key there is “Racially”. A Muslim complained and the hounds were released.

The same police who wouldn’t step in when young girls were being raped, are on the go whenever a Muslim’s feelings are hurt.

It just goes on and on and on and apart from the left, which thinks the poor Muslims should be seen as the victims, most people in America and the UK are deeply angry about it.…

The very reason this sort of thing happens …

Last CCTV moments emerge of missing British student Hannah Graham staggering outside US bar at 1am and running past petrol station as parents fear ‘foul play’

The cases keep coming thick and fast. There used to be a parental culture whereby fathers would not allow their daughters out unattended and there were curfews, for very good reasons. What we have now is sheer lunacy in so many families who do have daughters and fathers.

Then we have that other growth industry – fatherless single mother homes where she pretends the child is getting what is necessary but is actually being severely shortchanged. When history looks back, it’s going to roundly castigate the modern woman for producing the wimpy man or the feckless ASBO.

The young men who go about raping and putting it about do so because of lack of good fathering, the colluding Themist world culture of porn and the over-sexualization of children and because too many women see themselves as the new men and can be as skanky as a man is feckless.…

The right to trade

People speak of the right to this, the right to that. How about the right to trade without interference, manipulation or strongarm theft?

There’ve been too many times Max Kaiser has shown his left bias on various issues to completely trust him but he does come out with some good ones from time to time.

His use of the term kleptocracy is appropriate and it seems the best term to describe the deep collusion going on. The word Capitalism is too emotive and is not only used for banksters and corporate capitalists, which is an appropriately derogatory term, when used with a capital C but unfortunately, the left also want to lump in free enterprise in general under that heading, small traders and so on. Obama took it to extremes, true to his communist roots when he told those who’d built up businesses that they’d had nothing to do with it.…

Yes rigging, No rigging or Electoral Commission collusion?

Recommended: AKH on this Scottish Question

Lord T sends the Youtube about ballot-rigging:

… and the line is that the woman in the clip is rigging the ballot by taking Yes votes and putting them on the No pile. Now it may well have been so but this clip certainly does not show that. It shows someone picking up ballot papers and allocating them, then changing a few.

Switch off the sound and just look at the footage. Your call.

Far more significant to me was an apoplectic Yes voter last night who did a Youtube showing one of these officers writing on a ballot and putting it on the pile. He was saying it was proof of the No camp doing this:

How? It just shows an officer writing on a form [a ballot paper?] and so yes, you’d not be out of line interpreting that there was evidence of rigging but to which side?…

Welby, in a few words, shows his colours

laodician church

The church in Laodicea

Wanted to leave this until Sunday – you know, religion and all that – but couldn’t be bothered waiting.

To a Christian, a real one, this is an extraordinary statement:

Welby admits ‘does God exist’ doubts

There is a very simple reason why any true Christian knows Welby’s no Christian, a CINO but first one needs to define “Christian”. For a start, I’d guess 99% of readers of this blog are more rationalist than metaphysical.

Therefore, on the surface, his statement shows of course that he is unfit for purpose and should vacate his job. The true Christian agrees, knowing he is unfit for purpose but for a different reason.

There is a mechanism whereby anyone accepting John 3:16, understanding the implications of that and still accepting it, has this experience which one could call a Damascene moment, perhaps an epiphany. There are never any exceptions. It’s an inrush which is impossible to explain to anyone who hasn’t had it.…

Get your degree in Zimbabwe

Bit of light relief after the past two days. Haiku sends the state of education in Africa in this link:

HARARE, Zimbabwe – President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace has just been awarded a PhD. and her husband, who’s chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe has capped her.

News of the First Lady’s graduation has come as a surprise to Zimbaweans, since she was only reported to have registered for the degree in July.

LOL. Presumably, this is meant to support and reinforce the claim of the university to be one of the leading tertiary institutions in the league table of the world.…

Sometimes a lid must be put on it for the nonce

I’ve just gone into the mess of files on the new computer where they were transferred to see if I could find the ones I saved in passing. Clearly I’ll have to set this thing up better.

In passing though, I found one based, not on this issue but on the Andy Murray thing. It was furious at me and at Amfortas but didn’t seem to relate to Andy Murray as far as I could see. This is a very weird time at the moment, what with fights with officialdom, computer breakdown and seemingly offending people on things I have zero clue about what could be offensive. On provocative things I’ve written – yes – but at the drop of a hat on something supposedly innocuous?

Anyway, to the issue of WTC7, certainly not innocuous. That post yesterday was badly timed, in the light of everything else going on and it came to a head in links to two articles.…