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Students show their magnificent sense of fair play

Ah yes, the openmindedness of the new generation of students:

[Katie] Hopkins joined a panel at Brunel university for the debate, ’Does the Welfare State have a place in 2015?’ as part of the University’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

Students in the audience stood up and turned their back to her as she began to speak and then walked out of the auditorium.

Joe Nicell, Brunel SU’s communications manager, told The Independent about 50 people walked out. He said objections to her speaking were first raised by students in October and the protest had been planned for some time. “It was mainly that we didn’t feel that she fitted the debate and she wasn’t the right person to be speaking,” he said.

Ali Milani, the President of Brunel’s student union, condemned Hopkins as the “physical manifestation of online trolls” and accused her of having no “valuable intellectual insight” to add to the debate.

Laquan McDonald

Had a look at this Laquan McDonald story in Chicago:

How much better things would have turned out had Laquan McDonald (17 years old) simply not walked in the middle of the roadway while wielding a knife. But, unfortunately, simple things like obeying the law and complying with police orders to drop the knife is too much for negroes to handle.

Apparently he then ran and was plugged 16 times by the officer.  This was in 2014, remember, not in the last few days.

What has changed?  Well the leftwing Chicago fathers decided this was too good to let go – here was another black victim of a white cop to elevate to thug-hero status – and so pressure was brought to bear and lo and behold – first degree murder was made out of “excessive force”.…

The Russian has but one economic idea

Via Rossa, this take on what is being proposed in Russia was interesting. Here is the opening:

A significant debate is underway in Russia since imposition of western financial sanctions on Russian banks and corporations in 2014. It’s about a proposal presented by the Moscow Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church.

The proposal, which resembles Islamic interest-free banking models in many respects, was first unveiled in December 2014 at the depth of the Ruble crisis and oil price free-fall. This August the idea received a huge boost from the endorsement of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It could change history for the better depending on what is done and where it further leads.

Israel might have to act soon

israel dilemma

With the news that yet another Israeli soldier has been stabbed – this time in the neck but he managed to shoot dead the assailant, did you see this front page news in our MSM, by the way [?] – it’s probably time for the major move.

Where our gutless Dave and the rest of the European “leaders” will not lift a finger to deal with their internal enemy, Nethanyahu seems the type who will deal with them before long.…

No Thanksgiving on our side of the pond

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers.

Meanwhile, over here, the figures look quite iffy and the underhand way Cameron went about it is worse.

£16bn overseas aid.  Billion, not million.

Meanwhile, as one commenter explained: The ‘Defence Review’ is a confidence trick – the ‘announcement’ of an extra £12 billion defence expenditure is nothing of the sort.

Yes, the P.8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft are new but paid for at the expense of 5 Frigates for the navy who now will be getting only 8 new ships to replace the existing 13, a reduction in the frontline strength of the fleet of some 30%.

The cause of women is going backwards …

… and idiots such as Clare Foges are to blame.

There are two things going on here in this link sent by the lads, in this case, haiku. First is the whole question of the encryption debate and here is the link to pursue that.

But in this opening:

Over the weekend, the Telegraph (which, really, is probably only the second or third worst UK tabloid), published perhaps the dumbest article ever on encryption, written by Clare Foges, who until recently, was a top speech writer for UK Prime Minister David Cameron (something left unmentioned in the article).

How about just doing some studying?

Via Rossa’s mother:

The campus hooplah has died down, as it’s time for Thanksgiving break. Even the community organizers have to take time off for turkey. It becomes clearer and clearer that that’s what’s up. Organizing for Action and Americorps community organizers are hard at work stirring up discontent.

An outgrowth of the 2012 death of Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, and Baltimore, they are mobilizing mobs against “biased cops,” “climate change deniers,” “Wall Street predators,” and other assorted crimes against social justice.

They’ve had their power demonstrated as they get administrators to resign and faculty members admonished or fired or disgraced.

But they don’t really have anything real to protest about. The hate crimes against blacks turn out to be fake, the fists held up in solidarity are unsure about just what they are in solidarity about. When those supposedly in charge want to know what the fuss is all about — somebody used the n-word, except there is no evidence.

A sound person at the helm

Clearly it’s not just the manager but he’s a huge factor. Would that this country had a sound person in N10.

It takes a certain arrogant flair, a sort of spare-limbed confidence, deep loyalty, love of the people under him and a bit of common sense and spine – someone like a Klopp.

The victory at Manchester City , as well as the win at Chelsea at the end of October, had Klopp’s stamp all over it.

And on Saturday, Liverpool pressed City from the first whistle, spreading anxiety around Etihad Stadium on and off the pitch and unrest in their opponents’ ranks.

It makes them a very dangerous proposition away from home, harassing opponents intent on attack high up the pitch and hitting them rapidly on the counter.

Klopp has brought a positivity back to Liverpool, a bundle of energy on the touchline, urging his players forward, applauding the good and reacting furiously to the bad.

False flag?

We need to drive into our skulls that ISIS is an American CIA set-up through the people who brought you 911 and all manner of untoward things – the power behind the running of the country which three presidents went on record mentioning, let alone people such as Quigley.

Until we get that through our skulls, then nothing really makes any sense. And the Saudis fund it, the Americans train them.

Hence, while Putin swooped and bombed, the Americans stood back and watched.  And no western leader will move.

Which does not in the least excuse the Muslims – it was still those who played the Oswald roles – they’re quite genuine in their throat slitting – observe Israel’s streets at this moment.  And do not forget Svali saying the thing is coming to a head for 2020.…

One small, sad, sick incident, nothing special

Sometimes it doesn’t need 129 dead to drive a point home.  Sometimes it need not be killings which make you shake your head with disbelief.  Sometimes it can just be one small, sad, sick incident, nothing special:

Anger as University of York cancels International Men’s Day event after hundreds of students and staff complained it would promote gender inequality

The fine detail:

The decision came after 200 academics, alumni and students at York – most of them women – penned an open letter attacking the event.

All right, as a man, I don’t see any particular necessity to have a Men’s Day, we got along fine without one before.  In a vote, I’d perhaps vote no. It would be enough to be asked.…


Rossa brings this interesting addition to the investigation of just WT hell is going on out there with ISIS et al:

Specifically, I compared the ISIS phenomenon to another establishment-backed terrorist program that began at the onset of the Cold War in Europe and was publicly exposed in the 1990s. That program was called Operation Gladio.

Gladio involved the manipulation of existing extremist groups as well as the complete fabrication of terrorist cells within Europe claiming to be “left-wing.”