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The pushback starts

To say it’s now hitting the fan is the understatement. Two quite important developments:

1. Previous no-Trumpers are now onboard and are scathing about the left’s tactics this time round;

2. Women in particular are coming out all over the country condemning what the left has been doing to K’s wife and children – they have zero ethics, zero decency, they’ve lost so much support, the Dems over the latest events.

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Hawaii’s Freemason Kings


In 1857, Kamehameha IV became the first reigning Hawaiian monarch to join the Masons. His brother, Prince Lot Kamehameha, who would later become Kamehameha V, had joined four years earlier. Both men had received their educations at schools run by Calvinist missionaries and had traveled through Europe and America with Gerrit Judd, a missionary doctor from New England who served in the cabinet of their uncle, Kamehameha III.

As young men, both rejected Judd’s puritanical rules. They hosted luaus, sponsored hula demonstrations, and embraced Western pastimes like card games and billiards. Judd later said of Kamehameha IV that, “having been compelled to be good when a boy, he is determined not to be good as a man.”

We’ve looked at enough on Freemasonry to be pretty clear on who that organisation’s god is. It’s money is probably the Templars’ old wealth, it would have appealed more to the licentious Hawaiians than a Calvinist’s puritanism.… More here ...

Freedom – that vital precondition

This follows on from this post. Consider this statement:

I don’t see how freedom of speech can be reconciled with religion.

Agreed, it can’t … not with the generic notion of “religion”. But with Christianity on the other hand, it is a vital precondition and interwoven with it. More on that further down.

Now consider this one:

Democracy as the alternative to 1984? Democracy has delivered 1984.

This is the cleverness of legerdemain. Whose legerdemain? Those originally posing that idea without context, whereas those putting it about may just be innocently parroting the indefensible, with great fervour.

Words are a giveaway and words can destroy, they can also prevent debate when two sides have opposing definitions of what those words mean, they’re not even on the same page to begin with.… More here ...


Is it rotten to the core or is it any use at all?

Unfortunately, it is swept up in the same leftist blanket strangulation that all social media is – FB, Twitter etc. – it is at the mercy of the left ideologues.

An article on Wiki:

For some time, I’d heard rumors that Wikipedia was not the open-source knowledge utopia it claimed to be. Despite a comprehensive set of rules, replete with checks and balances and a seemingly open democratic editing process, stories of pay-for-play editing, character assassinations, ideologically-driven trolling, and other offenses against public knowledge suggested all was not right in Jimmy Wales’ empire.

Authors and public figures in fields as diverse as Complementary and Alternative Medicine and progressive politics (including Deepak Chopra, Rupert Sheldrake, Gary Null, John Pilger, and George Galloway) have complained of persistent negative coverage on Wikipedia despite the site’s vaunted neutrality and the promise that “Biographies of Living Persons” are held to the highest standard.

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The Rosenhan Experiment and other issues

From a comment at Maggies:

In 1973, a study named “On Being Sane in Insane Places” shocked psychologists and psychiatrists all around the world.

Quite a few things in the psychotic world shocked at that time, including MK Ultra and the psycho old boy network [posts passim]. Seemed to be the year for it.

Afterwards, the group visited 12 different clinics under different phony names with the same complaints – auditory hallucinations. They applied to many sorts of clinics and hospitals to see whether the quality of the facility matters; from rural hospitals to universities or private clinics.

All the pseudopatients pretending to hear supernatural voices claimed that they had been hearing words like “empty,” “hollow,” and “thud,” which were chosen intentionally by Rosenhan since these words might sound like the signs of an existential crisis. After the doctors diagnosed 7 of them with schizophrenia and 1 with manic-depressive psychosis, they were all hospitalized.

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Will it never end?

The tweets, the memes, the jokes, the discussion – let’s get them done with and out of the way now, which is more than can be said for the actual circus. Let’s go:

Evidence coming through – the reason she may have forgotten the details:… More here ...

Yes but is it free speech which comes out of it?

The immediate issue is clear enough:

The White House has drafted an executive order for President Donald Trump’s signature that would instruct federal antitrust and law enforcement agencies to open investigations into the business practices of Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Facebook Inc. and other social media companies.

Two main issues – one is, for example, FB failing to protect data and the other is Twitter’s, for example, shadowbanning of conservative voices.

With the first, govt has you banged to rights anyway in their datastore – they have everything they would need. With the second, the whole system is banning conservative voices, not just the giants.

The danger in acting on Google etc. is that, though there does seem evidence of what they are doing, once the banning of ANY voices by govt starts, where does it end? Once you have to run anything past govt to say, even things anti-us, then it’s not much in the way of a free speech victory, no?… More here ...