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A glimmer of hope and much hard work to do

The talk at Breitbart, about the only conservative journal still going of any circulation, is about the Veep.

Most think Sessions is the man – a sort of Scalia in the Senate [currently]. Veep can be head of the Senate so it might work. There are still globalist concerns about Gingrich but Chief of Staff would suit. Ben Carson Surgeon-General [defund Planned Parenthood off the ground].

Trick is to give Sarah Palin something but not too much power.

The task is awesomely difficult, even with community support, which is what has got the Donald this far. Essentially, they have to hold the RINOs and Democrats at bay, plus that half of the country who are meatheads. Mammoth task as the global left have had decades now to get people in place, dumbed down education, ruining a generation … and so on.

Seems to me it needs this but also needs us to get out of the EU, starting the domino effect.…

Muirfield revisited

In the light of the Taki article.

I left a comment:

Muirfield members – do not, repeat do not, give way. Ever.

Or to paraphrase the biblical:

Build on the rock, not on the shifting sands of fashion.

Or in the words of other commenters:

Liberalism is like a corrosive acid–it does not have a built-in capacity to stop.

It is such a shame that the cause of women was hijacked by the misandrists, including left-liberals, socialists and communists.

Because there really were things needed fixing, adjusting and these have been fixed/adjusted.

But [mixing metaphors], let the genie out of the bottle and  ……


1238 – the case for the nutter

Do not disparage the place for the nutter up top.


A look at his background shows a man his kids love, a susceptibility to women [whatever his views on their competence might be], a competitive streak which has his opponents/partners second guessing and yet a hidden competence behind the bluster, an ability to plan and come out ahead.

And certain traits people call “liberal”, such as compassion for the less strong. Plus a knowledge that it’s all BS anyway and he can get other people to provide the details in conference.

It’s this latter point I believe Priebus saw the possibilities in. Make America great again? Hmmmm, well why not, let’s do this Reagan thing again, it’s time. We’ll still control him, it’s just a different ballgame now.

Where the Donald didn’t know, he brought in people who did and learnt along the way. That’s why he’s where he is.…

They must not be allowed to head major organizations

When major journals start to run these things:

Yahoo’s False Prophet: How Marissa Mayer Failed to Turn the Company Around

… then there really is trouble.

Marissa Mayer has sat behind the wheel at Yahoo for nearly four years. She has had the luxury of running one of the world’s most recognized internet brands, with a surging digital ad market, a cooperative board, a truckload of cash and 1 billion monthly visitors. And still she has failed to turn things around at the beleaguered company.

The woman is incompetent.  Trouble is, every woman in that position is incompetent, including Meg Whitman but the latter at least has one thing going – maturity. She’s 60 years old.…



Chuckles: “In which we celebrate how tractor production is up 5%. Praise for the good box tickers and trained seals that they are, our GPs obey orders and stop prescribing antibiotics.

Pravda assures us that this is necessary so that mysterious and un-named ‘harmful infections’ do not develop resistance to antibiotics.

The trouble is, the ONLY purpose that antibiotics have, and the reason they are taken, is to kill those ‘harmful infections’ so, by not prescribing them, they firstly remove any purpose in having antibiotics in their treatment choices, and secondly, they endanger peoples lives.

But hey, you can’t make omelettes without breaking eggs.

The rest of the article gets completely kafkaesque, as we discover that it is actually just yet another stealth bonus for doctors, as the good bureaucrats in the NHS, are PAYING the doctors not to prescribe…..”…

The Trayvon Martin issue

Karl has it right:

“Little Tray” was apparently assaulting a man and was in the process of pounding his head on the sidewalk, a fact that was instantly evident in footage the media tried to bury by putting their damned logo over Zimmerman’s head so people couldn’t see the blood on the back of same.

Remember that? I do, quite well. A fist fight on grass does not produce a gash on the rear of your head; if you get hit you might get a bloody nose or similar, but how does someone you’re having fisticuffs with tear open the rear of your skull? They don’t — unless they knock you down, mount you and then start bashing your head against something solid.

That, incidentally, is the point at which shooting becomes legally defensible since the standard for shooting is imminent serious bodily harm or death.

Reason to stop Common Core N3478


In extended form, these might be the words: 3 take 7 doesn’t go, borrow 10, payback 1 to the tens, 13 minus 7 is 6. Next column: 2 plus the paid back 1 is 3, from 4 leaves 1.

1, 6, 16.

In practice, you’d see the impossibility in the units immediately and just put a 1 up near the 3, making 13. You’d put a 1 down near the 2 in the tens column. You’d take away in the units = 6, then take 3 from 4 in the tens = 1. Simple. Even in this paragraph, the words seem unnecessarily complicated, while in practice, it would be far quicker.

For example:…

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