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There are things these women can do and things …

One last moan before midday.

Straight off, I’m truly sorry for the lady who headed Tesco attempting suicide because she couldn’t cope and things were going backwards. I’ve resisted the urge to blog on it until now.

What’s tipped it over the line is this one from Downunder:

The dramatic departure from the AFL of Dorothy Hisgrove, the game’s only female executive, who vowed to change the culture of the organisation, marks a 12-month period of internal unrest at head office and comes as a major blow for chief executive Gillon McLachlan.

Near zero interest

Z man:

“The Fed funds rate has not been raised in nine years, and interest rates this low create an illusion that the escalating national debt is (and will remain) easy to bear,” states Kane. “With interest rates kept too low for too long, the Federal Reserve can turn a boom into a bubble.”

That’s not the half of it. Corporate and sovereign debt is now fully structured around near zero rates. Most of this debt is rolled over when it matures so a rising interest rate environment means suddenly rising interest payments. That’s what happened to Greece. Rates jumped and the operating deficit increased. That was met with more borrowing, which drove rates higher. Eventually, they could no longer borrow at rates they could pay.

Always blame George

On most issues, what any one narrativist thinks and does doesn’t matter for us, it hardly affects us directly and yet the sum total of accumulated woolly thinking across society, in every nook and cranny, in key decision making positions, really does affect us and can border on crime, if not actually be criminal.

For example, teachers showing kids porn in school in order to discuss it and work out how to counter porn [weekend news]. That’s a combination of both woolly thinking and moral bankruptcy, also absence of ethics.

In this one, a klutz makes error upon error upon error in Paris and never learns. He writes a journo piece to “sort of” justify himself. No one goes easiest on an error maker, cuts him so much slack, than the error maker himself.

The story – man leaves phone on back seat in Paris.…

The saw

stanley 7tpi

[My previous saw]

The building was at the point where the handsaws needed to be used for the cleaner cut. A freely held circular does a goodish job for ply, with lines ruled onto it but for structural beams, I prefer a handsaw.

Not an issue today – go to Google, find what Google throws up and there it was – Amazon, Screwfix, various others … and MyToolShed.

Two saws, both 22″, not the 20 inch of the last two which were stolen.

One learns from one’s mistakes, trusting inside residents.  We know who it is, we can’t prove it. It’s cost me.  No matter.  So I had to buy two saws as I was ready for the heavy cutting.…


Rossa sends some pieces on Vostok but no analysis is going to get past first base if it doesn’t include the funding of both sides by Them – Sutherland’s boys et al.

Given that, the man makes some good points and some which would need verification from those inside.

On Russia and Putin:

“Определяющим фактором в отношениях с НАТО остаются неприемлемость для Российской Федерации планов продвижения военной инфраструктуры альянса к ее границам и попытки придания ему глобальных функций”.

… which he translates as:…

When there is no escape

It is a very serious allegation that maybe only whose have lived or went thru that know what really is. [Commenter Marie]

Perhaps a person can be forgiven for thinking there’s something going on here because, at the same time that I was writing the post coming up at 16:00, now moved to Sunday, I found, when going to my email, there was a link from James Wilson:

This whole drama is ridiculous

So points out Shane Warne and there are four other examples of narrative this morning below that.

Narrative 1

Shane Warne joined other men of note [so far no females in the public sphere, who are on the whole narrative-driven, that is feminists].

For those not up to speed, football fans at every AFL club [downunder] have been, for the whole season, booing a provocative aboriginal activist who plays the race card and drops into the “eternal victim” pose at the sound of a boo.…

The three card trick

And haven’t we a perfect example of the Sarah Connor post in Calais.

Cameron does nothing, Hollande does nothing. They can act at any moment if they wished, they are not incapable people, they comprehend, they read what people are saying.  Some say Cameron does not want to offend for fear his “reforms” won’t go through.

So one of two situations exists – either he genuinely believes there is such a thing as EU reform, the idiot, when everyone from Jesse Norman to Roger Helmer told him clearly there was not a chance in hell.…

Poor Sarah Connor


This is a distillation of the main theme at this blog since its inception. Nine years in one post is difficult.  It follows on from last evening’s post on Deep South.  If that was an inward look at myself, then this is an outward look at what is happening out there and what issues look like ensuring it will continue to happen until there’s some sort of epiphany or circumstantial change.

The post

Sarah Connor could tell you – there is a war for civilization going on, the fact that a very small percentage even realize the extent being neither here nor there.

Do you remember that moment in Terminator II, how she was by the wire fence in her dream, looking through at her child, she saw what was coming, she could not break through that fence to save the child.…

Police pensions

The whole police funding procedure is far too complicated and dates back to the time when police authorities were around and had a say in how the funding would be gathered from the local community.

That has gone but not the rest of the arcane procedure. Despite cuts to funding the precept in local council tax has risen here for instance every year despite a council tax freeze on everything else ?…

Midweek Rossa

#  Agenda 21 in full force in Greece. Reducing pensions to 87 euros a month.

Mr. George Romanias, Greek Secretary General on Social Services, has said today, speaking to the Greek MEGA TV station:

“Ι cannot stay in the Ministry. I went to apply some principles. I cannot do the opposite” Mr Romanias said adding that he will submit his resignation by tomorrow morning. “I cannot apply the law they oblige me to introduce. It is not possible to give a monthly pension of 87 Euros to a handicapped person. This is what was put in law”

#  And this is why they want to kill off the Greeks.

A tale of racism by the “victim”

goodes victim

This follows on from a previous post on Adam Goodes.

The reason it’s of interest to those in other lands and at other sites is that it shows, in fine detail, how the hegemony of Them, the govt, major bodies, the media, the schools, the left, PCists, victimhood specialists, the self-entitled, entertainment “stars” – in other words, the vocal ones with the power to influence – all combine to push a line they’ve agreed on.…

Genesis of the Daleks

Nice to see the rest of the sphere catching up.  This is about:

… the late Georgetown history professor Carroll Quigley, who in 1949 completed a book rather grandly entitled The Anglo-American Establishment.

Decades later Bill Clinton was an undergrad student of Quigley (he got a B from him). In Clinton’s 1992 acceptance speech at the Democratic convention, he cited Quigley as an inspiration.

In reality, Quigley’s book, which wasn’t published until much later, was only very tangentially related to American institutions such as the Council of Foreign Relations. It actually focused on one group of British establishmentarians, the progressive imperialists who set up the British equivalent of the CFR, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (a.k.a., Chatham House), edited The Times of London for most of the first four decades of the 20th Century, and largely controlled the peculiarly influential All Souls College at Oxford.

The culling of the Lords

Being a deeply suspicious cove, when the Tory/Indie/Labour Coke Peer was unleashed on the MSM, it was a question of time, seemed to me, until this question was also posed:

Time to derail this gravy train: Fury over cost of freeloading peers as size of Lords edges towards a thousand

And the reason it’s doing so is largely because of Blair and his combined emasculation and stacking of the Lords. Lord Coke was always a delight for Them, kept in the wings until the appropriate moment, not unlike DSK in France.…