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The earring

Interesting how we see things from different angles.  This is Chuckles’s angle:

Clearly they have never been introduced to the concept of ‘because something can be done, does not mean that it should be’. 

I do hope there is a nice changeable breeze every time they try, although I’m sure the whole thing will be a con – ‘Irish Sea’ will translate to a corner of a bay, just like ‘Northwest passage’ translates to crossing a couple of Canadian bays, or rowing to an island, or ‘North Pole’ is anywhere north of the Arctic Circle.

… and a good angle it is too.  However, my angle is this:

the earring

There it is, in the pic, saw it immediately, before anything else. Don’t know her from Eve but the kookily placed earring says “lightweight” to me, not serious, know-nothing, which will seem a quite tenuous and bizarre objection to many people.…

Evil left wing bastards

This is not me speaking in the post title, it’s by a Corbynista named Martin Freeman:

Freeman adds that left-wingers are actually ‘quite at home with evil bastards’:

The left is quite at home with evil bastards, actually. Religion doesn’t have a downpayment on genocide: there are atheists, materialists and socialists who have gone on quite happily with rape and murder.’

Despite this, Freeman — who once voted for Arthur Scargill’s socialist party — is right behind Corbyn and his leadership:

‘I’ve been really encouraged by Corbyn, because he uses the word ‘kindness’ a lot.’

Vive la Revolution!

How does a rational person deal with a mind like that?  Freeman acknowledges that the hard left are indeed at home with precisely the opposite of “kindness”, let alone their support for Muslims in their rapes and violence and yet he still supports these people.

Why?  Because the beloved leader “uses the word ‘kindness’ a lot.”

Echoes of William Jenner return to haunt us

Trolls and disarray are the name of the game:

The Tory Eurosceptics have a nerve, having done nothing substantial, except piecemeal, e.g. Carswell leaving, for the Brexit cause. And they then have the barefaced cheek to say they’re “leading” the campaign.

What’s this “leading” business?  Why must anyone “lead”?  The answer, as you know, is that the PTB demanded that there be a leader – no leader, no Brexit. No such problem with Stay In – there’s their quisling right there – Cameron.…

The rise of the secret sociopath

Part One: The overview today

There’s an awful lot of tension about just now on many levels and it seems to me to come down to a few things:

1.  A clear agenda by forces which can be loosely grouped as Them – some call them the PTB, some specify the UN, the EU, whatever – they can be seen in Call Me Dave’s utterly pointless stance at the moment, holding the country to ransom and at odds with 69% of the population on this issue at least.

2.  A clear increase in madness of a sort at ground level, at grassroots level, manifesting itself in strange behaviours, in noble and decent mindsets subordinated and such things taking their place as firstly – no one caring about anyone else – it was ever so that people looked after N1 first but this is so nakedly done now, it’s a product of our time.…

Clueless kids

This, via haiku, is a known known with young people:

Millennial politics is simple, really. Young people support big government, unless it costs any more money. They’re for smaller government, unless budget cuts scratch a program they’ve heard of. They’d like Washington to fix everything, just so long as it doesn’t run anything.

That’s all from a new Reason Foundation poll surveying 2,000 young adultsbetween the ages of 18 and 29. Millennials’ political views are, at best, in a stage of constant metamorphosis and, at worst, “totally incoherent,” as Dylan Matthews puts it.

Why grammar schools failed

Head of Ofsted has his Mandy Rice-Davies moment. Many readers, of course, are unimpressed:

1.  The flaw in the Wilshaw argument is clearly seen in his own words quote, – It can work, if schools have great leadership it can work.’ So it could, perhaps work but it is dependent on leadership, I think in addition much has to do with the product you have to work with, and their parents. Our son qualified to go to the Gymnasium the equivalent here of the old Grammar School.

His observations after his first year speak volumes, he said it is nice to be in a classroom where the pupils want to learn. Wise words from a 12 year old, and no he isn¿t a swat. It is not just necessary for the School to have leadership, the parents have to have input and far too many frankly do not make a sufficient effort.

Danish wind power

danish wind power

As we know, all lefties and particularly greens, appear to lie about everything all the time. No claim they make about anything ever stands up to inspection(othert than claims that they are going to relieve you of vast sums of your money, but they usually gloss over those).

For years we’ve had the tedious and tiresome claims about the wonders of the Danish wind ‘investment’ (read ‘spending’) and how rainbows and unicorns will flow bountifully from the singing blades. Unfortunately, it is, and has always been a complete lie, or lies, both of omission and commission, for a number of very obvious reasons.…

Is it worth knowing anything anyway?

One of the core themes since the start of my blogging has been Them and until people understand the nature of these bstds, they cannot play with a full deck of cards, cannot really argue about what is happening in the world, as they’re leaving out the most critical influence. There’s no arrogance in saying that, it’s just that Them are the critical factor, it’s where most of the trouble comes from, some might say all the trouble.

Colleagues have written that it’s the UN at the heart of the trouble, others that it’s European royalty, still others that it’s the Black Nobility, others write that it’s the Masons, some that it is the Templars, one or two that it’s the Venetians, which is not as silly as it sounds, as all those other groups are tied in there and where the old families spring from.

Yes, it’s all of those and more.…

The genuine victim gets charged

This morning, just the one topic.

Girl fights back against man who ‘sexually assaulted her in street’ – now SHE faces jail

I’m glad it’s a girl for one reason only – there’s no possible way this post can be called misogynist the hard of thinking.  If we step back and look at this threat she faces, and if we can be sure it is so and not just journalistic beat-up, we’re right back in the incompetent/stupid versus deliberate/malevolent debate.

I’d like to refer the reader back to Myleene Klass who brandished a knife at chav intruders [male] and SHE was the one in trouble!  I’m so angry at that one, so effing angry – WTF are the authorities thinking?  Exactly what principles are police instructed to follow?

At blogs of this nature, we use terms like outrageous, insane, sick and so on and after some years, these terms lose all weight, we’re inured.…

What’s this “fear” they speak of?

French army should be deployed in Calais, UK haulage boss says

Well of course it should. Why isn’t it? Is it really fear of Muslims?

There’s something vaguely incestuous about my running Rossa’s comment from yesterday over at OoL, then transferring my expanded response from there back here – but there are reasons – often a post gets a different reaction over there, due to proportionally different readerships, a different slant on things. Not always but often enough.