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1. If you’re interested in cancer, this might interest you:

2. Fine to have a view – you don’t kill for it though:

3. Knives are out for Uber:

4. Too many people on benefits, people with nothing better to do.

5. A selection to finish with, out of Georgia 6 – when the enemy is making a mistake …

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The case for Jacob Rees-Mogg

Confession time – when I see a genuine conservative who’s also a Eurosceptic, then he starts to look good.

And when one reads:

At the 1997 general election, Rees-Mogg was the Conservative candidate for the traditional Labour seat of Central Fife and attracted ridicule, after canvassing a largely working-class neighbourhood with his former nanny;[8] on election night he came third, gaining 9% of the votes cast,[11] slightly fewer than half of the votes won by the previous Conservative candidate in 1992. However, rumours that he had toured the constituency in a Bentley were described as “scurrilous” − he insisted it had been a Mercedes.[12]

… that’s even better.

In 1999, when it was being rumoured that his “anachronistically posh” Received Pronunciation accent was working against his chances of being selected for a safe Conservative seat, Rees-Mogg was defended by letter writers to The Daily Telegraph, one of whom claimed that “an overt form of intimidation exists, directed against anyone who dares to eschew the current, Americanised, mode of behaviour, speech and dress”.

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Inferior men

The ladies will be feeling neglected, so best to do a post on them.

Every human has foibles, from mild to destructive if left unchecked. As you know, they fall along age lines, political and religious lines, gender lines.

This one is well illustrated using the analogy of Kissinger. When he went into Rwanda, the two sides were in an uneasy truce. He left and went home, a month later there was bloody slaughter.

It’s the oldest one in the book – go in, determine fault lines of anger, vanity, pride, prejudice and play on them to weaken any agreements standing at the time.

When Friedan, a communist, acted as vanguard for those forces we fight today, she highlighted things women had always bellyached on about. A woman does do a lot of bellyaching, let’s be fair and a man often doesn’t care enough about things he should, let’s also be fair about that.… More here ...

The rational versus the emotional

Nobody is saying that one should not feel – we all have emotions, feelings, compassion and one of those things is the fate of one’s society, for children and grandchildren to grow up in.  This was behind the sacrifices in the World Wars though of course, they had no choice, the soldiers.

When a doctor looks at your ailment, he might give you something for the immediate symptoms but he also addresses the root cause.  The root causes of society’s ills are:

1. Abandoning the ethic best encapsulated in the gospels, whether you’re religious or not and that particular way in America, Britain and colonies that that ethic blended with the secular – avoiding extremes, having a good life of work, family, home, car.

2. For when it was abandoned, one of the key points of the enemy’s agenda, the very fabric of society was now ripe for destruction and there were just the ‘people’ to do it – the global elite and all their constructs and narratives, specifically designed to take in the naive and history-ignorant.… More here ...

No2ID all over again


The point’s been made by many pundits and readers that the government already has us tabbed through Revenue plus National Insurance.

In fact I’ve gone overboard helping our beloved government by having a dedicated phone number just for them – if anyone calls on that line, it will be the government. So why be up in arms over this nasty new attempt at digital ID?

My reply is that these are not government departments directly concerned with my living, they are nasty global Marxists with no business knowing who or where I am.

Snoops like Google are still trying to track me down and the only way to stop them is to spread false locations, something I’ve been doing for some years. Recently one of my closest blog colleagues made some curious remarks in general about a former location and I wondered where he got that idea from. I’m a member of certain services which get you details for a certain price and checked – yep, that former location was listed.… More here ...

Deplorable policies won ‘bigly’ in Georgia 6 overnight

Karen Handel’s 5% victory over out-of-town Ossoff is not one  Brits will know much about and yet it’s hugely significant for Brits in the long term.

Handel ran on a Trump platform but also a ‘first woman elected’.  Simple truth is, it’s a good political move to play the woman card … provided the woman is good.  This has been a major theme at this blog – that the women on offer have been so appalling.

But conservative women have been doing well by-and-large and so it was in Georgia overnight, our time.  It was a litmus test for Trump at a difficult time.… More here ...

Warfare [1]

Going to combine two stories here.

Firstly, the new tech in warfare:

U.S. Army personnel have successfully used advanced electronic warfare technology to completely disable enemy armor during a simulated tank assault at the Army National Training Center, Defense Systems reports.

Developed by the Army Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO), the combination of wireless communications-jamming and hacker exploits of vehicle systems forces enemy tanks to “stop, dismount, get out of their protection, [and] reduce their mobility,” as one Army observer described the ANTC training exercise at Fort Irwin, California.

The second is Russia deploying anti-aircraft pods in Syria and saying that any flight over Syria determined to be hostile will be shot down.

This one’s being debated on Twitter in an unusual way.  usually, issues are fairly clearly demarcated.… More here ...