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Feminists finally admit many wimmin ask for it

There are a few basic rules to the sport of winding-up the wrongdoers and muddleheaded and that must always begin with the first and foremost principle:

1.  They must actually be wrong by any sane measure.

Following on closely from that – and it usually does, is the principle of:

2.  The devotees and advocates, the SJWs, must themselves be:

a. Simplistic and childlike in their views;
b.  Fanatical;
c.  Totally uncaring and even hostile to other demographics;
d.  Utterly humourless;
e. Incapable of rational thought;
f.  In denial;
g.  Determined to impose their wrongheadedness on others;
h.  Never willing themselves to pay for their schemes.

3. There must also be a sizeable number against their guff, not just one person. An example is 3.8 million UKIP voters in GE15 on a variety of topics.

If all those conditions are met, then it’s open season on these SJWs and might even be seen as good sport, except that the matter is too serious – people are suffering and are being blighted by their SJW actions.…


Rossa says: “Make sure you don’t get any pleasure from inhaling fumes while building your boat. And whatever you do, don’t drink tea!”

This is a very short post because it’s a very simple idea, often blogged on at OoL but not so much here as a discrete topic.

There really are two types – one who leave others alone and cut an invisible trail through the woods as far as poss – dousing and covering over fires and tracks, minding their own business – and then there are the interferers, the busybodies, those who have to have blanket rules for everyone.

At your expense, never theirs.…

The Secret World of the Internet

She calls herself The Messiah of The Illuminati or
littlehoneyissosweet. She styles herself as a “good person” and the Higham as “evil”. She wrote to me in the deep of the night.

That’s not unlike the gnostic who styles himself gentle and accepting of all, on the path to illumination and the Christian as the follower of the demi-urge, destroyer of worlds. It went public in The Da Vinci code.…

Honorary degrees


Each Spring, thousands of American graduate students don fancy robes and walk across stages to accept their doctorate degrees. For most, the ceremony is the culmination of years of dedicated scholarship, hard work, emotional breakdowns, and tuition dues.

But for others present on commencement day, the struggle is not so real. Joining the students on stage, celebrities and business moguls — Mike Tyson, Kylie Minogue, Oprah, Ben Affleck, and Bill Gates among them — flock to college campuses to receive “honorary” doctorate degrees. Unlike the students, these luminaries are given a free pass: universities allow them to bypass all of the usual requirements. Though these degrees are more ornamental than functional, the practice of handing them out stems from a somewhat ignoble past.

For more than 500 years, the honorary degree has provided an opportunity for colleges to build relationships with the rich, famous, and well-connected, in hopes of securing financial donations and cheap publicity.

Wimmin only carriages

Young woman looking out of train window

Young woman looking out of train window

Wiggia looks at Corbyn’s idea:

We had women only carriages in the past, what was the reason for getting rid of them ?

He also is considering a hotline for women who have been intimidated assaulted etc, didn’t we have one of those before as well as for cones !

And of course more council appointments for stupidly titled jobs at a time when real jobs are being dumped on the same councils.

The real meaninglessness of post 50s pop

Ahh you’ve gone to the finest schools, alright Miss Lonely
But you know you only used to get juiced in it
Nobody’s ever taught you how to live out on the street
And now you’re gonna have to get used to it
You say you never compromise
With the mystery tramp, but now you realize
He’s not selling any alibis

In the early days, I, like everyone about me, was into Dylan, the Stones, the Beatles, the Who and so on. Van Morrison. Cream.

As we know, they were more innocent days, untainted by Laurel Canyon sleaze, occult and other truly nasty things. In our eyes at least.…

The judge and the parasite

golddiggerThe media does such a disservice to the cause of, say, men and women amongst other things. You really have to stop and think hey, this is not typical of all, most people are not like this.  You really need to force yourself not to be taken in.

And then you see so many examples all around you and realize that the media, though they’ve certainly blown it out of proportion and taken the worst examples only – I don’t know, maybe to create panic, to create dissatisfaction and brooding, to promote victimhood – that there is still a grain of truth in what they’re insinuating.…

Invasion – a tale of the bleedin’ obvious

Yes, I plead guilty to laying into the left of late and part of that is establishing that the left actually does exist as an entity. It’s a bit like establishing that satan does indeed exist but flourishes because he’s convinced enough people he doesn’t.

Sackers, of course, begs to differ.  I agree about puppet politics and how the whole thing’s theatre, yes, but there is very much this thing called leftism which blights us too. Perfect example was the pic earlier today of those people bowing down and apologizing.

Apologizing for what?  Something our ancestors did?  And to whom are they apologizing?  To the current day lot who have about as much compassion as a rattlesnake?  Who do Yulan and skin cats alive?  Who chop of hands and slit throats or happily spray gunfire around a French train while the surrender monkey staff cower in a locked loo?

This post is going to be blunt, so skip it if you’re queasy.…