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If Labour rebels hadn’t stepped in tonight, our own 12 Remain rebels would have lost us that vote, 3rd reading would have been pulled, a confidence vote called tomorrow if that lost, a general election vote. That’s how dangerous a game the Con remainers are playing. [Nadine Dorries]

Kate Hoey is right. It’s all one sided. When the EC came to the Euro Parl I asked about the £10m Govnt booklet they replied the ‘money was spent outside the accounting period’. Printing maybe, but surely it was delivered during the accounting period? [Gerard Batten]

Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs. [Alexandria Occasio-Cortez, elected Millennial snowflake Democrat]

Political correctness was designed to make idiots without original thoughts feel valued and important. [Ann Coulter]

I can’t stand to hear his voice anymore, he’s a liar and worse. [Caroline Kennedy, daughter of JFK, on Obama]

GOPs probably ARE more corrupt. At least Dems genuinely want to wreck the country.More here ...

Western culture’s desire for happiness is causing widespread depression

Western culture’s desire for happiness is causing widespread depression, according to research

Western culture’s desire for happiness is causing widespread depression, according to research

 <> Justin BrownAugust 20, 2017

In Western culture being happy is one of the most important goals. It’s in all the smiling faces on ads – even for detergents.

The call to be happy starts when you’re little and accompanies your through life, making faces at you through every social media post. The expectation is so woven in the fabric of society that we frown upon ourselves and each other when we don’t feel on top of the world.

That is crazy. After all, life is a mixed bag and one’s reaction to it will also be a mixed bag.
The net result of this insistence on happiness “leaves us with the distinct impression that what counts as an indicator of success is whether or not we are feeling happy,” says

<https://www.psychologytoday.More here ...

Like a thief in the night

There are posts where methinks we’re on firm ground, e.g. that of the Electoral Commission, some which are satirical and biting about certain sub-sections of society, e.g. the advice post and then some where it’s not my field, therefore I don’t post much on such things … and yet they are worth a post.

I don’t know if a crash is coming or not, when it will be, but this man seems to:

They are so arrogant that they can’t even call their actions by an honest name. What they are doing is sheer Money Printing or MP. But instead they call it QE or Quantitative Easing. What an absolutely ridiculous name that is designed to hide their own inadequacies as well as cheating the people. Nobody understands what QE means and that is, of course, deliberate. They simply confuse the people and mislead them into believing that their hocus pocus is actually some alchemistic formula that creates eternal prosperity.

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Just how criminal is the Electoral Commission?

While I wait to resolve the medical situation which is currently tied up in bureaucratic red tape and is involving copious phone calls I should never have had to make [further comment possibly after 12:50 in the Housekeeping post], there is the outrageous way the BBC has lied to its readers:

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Dental state of play

Have just spoken directly with the dentist and things are moving along in bureaucratic Britain – three or four days for the emergency extraction rather than the mooted August 8th.

It is insane.  She needs to write a letter to my heart specialist, get a written reply, then send another regarding the new law about antibiotics having to be taken no matter what now – the process is around two weeks – again I stress, for an emergency same day job.

This is not my own dentist by the way – the one who actually knows my history – my own can’t see me.  So I’ve just been re-explaining my dental history to a dentist.  Ah, you might cleverly point out – don’t they have records, X-Rays etc.?

They do but that’s not legal in the EU now.  So there are four people involved, aside from me – my dentist, this dentist, my GP, my heart specialist and all must have mailed each other and be happy first. … More here ...


Clint Eastwood did Unforgiven, we do Unrelenting, never stopping the pressure on this b**ch until she either reverses that policy or goes.

I don’t care how boring it gets – she has crossed a red line, that of betraying one’s citizens for graft and globalism and in the worst possible way – the thugs of the party have acted in a despicable manner, in English eyes, in any eyes really out there in the community – they’re not going to cover this one up, the Swamp.

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