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Three great dramas of the C20th

Within this linked post, via the boys, is this text: Hitchens argued that Orwell was an intellectual of such tremendous consequence because he got the “three great dramas” of the 20th century right. I’ll not make comment at this stage, but rather…

Debate? What debate?

Julie Etchingham, children’s presenter, talking over and cutting off, making it all about her.  Natch. Two clowns, one trying this DemRat factcheck scam, the other so awful, let’s not dwell.  So, back to the two party head to head, forget…


The massacre or mass suicide, whichever you prefer, was 41 years ago yesterday. Difficult to know what it was really about. Leftwing apologetic The Allison Mack of Jonestown

Monday too

1. Saw this at Julia’s: Being used to saying that it’s all bollox, in this case, it all seems to be true on both sides: a. Yes, he was a right prat and that demographic are a pain most…