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Malice aforethought

rubiesYou could call this over-analysing and most readers at this place are not remotely interested. True but as it has implications, as uninteresting as they are through reiteration, then it’s best placed in the middle of a dead [for blogging] Sunday afternoon.

The news is that Angelina Jolie rented the Malibu ‘cottage’ she’s currently holed up in … three weeks ago. And it was organized before that. Which puts the temper tantrum of Brad on the aeroplane in perspective, does it not.

Now, if that is so, then we could just say ‘calculating, manipulative bitch’ and move on. But it does raise the question of percentages. Is this a case of:

  1. A one-off, dysfunctional actress;
  2. A wider malaise among modern females;
  3. Endemic among women in general?

In childhood, I had a mate who had a younger sister and she was rather nice looking, smiled a lot etc. Someone joked about him fancying her, to which he replied we had to be kidding, she was a right little bitch, he had to deal with her every day.…

Unsustainable living


There are things which are just plain wrong, e.g. the coming plebiscite in Australia on gay ‘marriage’, something which, like transgender, cannot, by definition, exist, so why go to all this trouble to convince sane people it does, particularly as the social damage is immense, e.g. unisex ‘perv’ bathrooms in the States and how it threatens mothers with children.…

How to run a business … not

Some days ago, we looked at how Uber went about it. Gazing more widely now:

The ‘biggest hotel company in the world’ is clearly not very good at marketing –

A few weeks ago, it became apparent that AirBnB was fully SJW-converged, as they announced plans to try to keep homeowners from being able to discriminate with regards to who was permitted to stay in their homes. But they’re even worse than one might imagine:

Lidl does it better:…

White man, black man

# Haven’t thought about it all that much:

Baseball has so far been immune to the efforts of the loons to turn it into an instrument of the New Religion. The reason for that, according to one of the players, is that baseball is the white man’s game. That’s true in many respects. The players are mostly white and Latin. Just 8% of MLB players are Afro’d Americans. The NFL is 70% black and the NBA banned the pale face years ago. Further, baseball is a turn based, rules game that does not favor running and jumping. There are few opportunities for attention getting antics during the games, so it tends to appeal to honkies.

The Seamstress


Narrative, yes, particularly the way the modern feminist seeks out any story she can to highlight what unfeeling brutes we always have been but I’m half and half on this particular one:

“Sir,—I am a dressmaker, living in a large West-end house of business. I work in a crowded room with twenty-eight others. This morning one of my companions was found dead in her bed, and we all of us think that long hours and close confinement have had a great deal to do with her end.” 


This will go on for some time. Let’s start here:


Beginning today, a select group of Pittsburgh Uber users will get a surprise the next time they request a pickup: the option to ride in a self driving car.

The announcement comes a year-and-a-half after Uber hired dozens of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University’s robotics center to develop the technology.

Driverless?  Note the drivers.

However, all is not necessarily well with Uber:…