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The Senate has just passed the relief deal but had to give the House pay rises before the Democrats would pass it.

Sickos [2]

Rossa’s mother sends: That’s it.

The triangle revisited

If this blog has been addressing, since its inception, left field, bizarre moves by the global network’s key placeholders, whilst continuing to pack those offices with the wrong sort of person, let’s call it the Common Purpose person, the reaction…

Follow me? Really?

For every ‘covid’ rejecter down at the beach on spring break, – and I won’t use that word compliantly because we’re meant to comply and I shan’t comply, get knotted – there is also a complier, as we were at…


This will be the last post until late-afternoon as I’m on a mission. In the 08:30 post, it mentioned people you simply can’t trust and yet they were our heroes long ago, sometimes even until now. There are outward baddies…

Sickos everywhere

This is the first of two posts and as the title suggests, it’s about the sickos around, including those we might not have been aware of, also about some behaviours and images I simply can’t abide. The second post, at…