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Climate and energy

Oh noes, we’re all going to die: Most of us thought he was a prat: Definitely 11 on the weird scale:

The Clowns at the Capitol

Didn’t really have anything for 18:00, didn’t have any music, had run a film already … hmmm. Let’s do a reaction to the risible House rubbish today, ignoring May’s last whimper: Wow, just watched the first – the highpitched female…

The rise of the trad-radical

There’s all sorts of danger for people dabbling in this area of investigation. The first wave were the brave ones, called kooks because, way before their time and without corroboration, they saw things which were wrong, dug in the heels and…


It’s patently obvious what they’re trying to do: It was only a matter of time before James Bond became a gay black woman. Since Daniel Craig announced he was standing down as James Bond, debate has raged whether the…