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Why ‘music’ is so bad today

Apart from the autotuning and that sort of howling ‘ego-singing’, especially from the young black female, there is also this: … and this: I was in the supermarket this morning and it was bad – harsh, discordant, like hyenas…

Sylvia Plath’s psycho – analyst

Fascinating: Had she been able to escape rabid and rampant feminazism which is currently engrossed with murdering newborn babies and selling body parts, could Sylvia have been saved?


You might need to get to Twitter to view this clip: RT: The WTC Towers were not hit with planes, as can be seen clearly from this NYC news chopper footage, told to back off and fade to black.…

Got it in one

Every one of them tries to twist it this way and that, escape the bleedin’ obvious conclusion, doesn’t want to be called ‘racist’ but the truth is still there for all to ignore: TONY Blair “propelled Britain out of…