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end times

This is a rewriting of last evening’s post, hopefully to make it more succinct.

While we’re distracted by the Baltimore riots, Nepal and the Indonesian executions, not to mention the elections coming up, whilst we’re ignoring the rampant sexualization and drugging of children on a worldwide scale, not to mention open access to pornography and all that is bad, let alone the Rotherham grooming plus Dolphin Square – whilst everything distracts us, James Delingpole mentions, thank goodness:…

Nepal and Tibet – centre of the ascended master

This is not actually about gays but it opens with it. wonder if any of you can spot the error here:

Babies born to surrogate mothers in Nepal for gay Israeli couples are flown out of the country in military planes following quake

Yep, you got it – two men lack a a womb between them, so there’s no such thing as a gay couple “having a child”. What in fact they’re doing is sex tourism and child trafficking. Should be in prison, all of them involved in the abomination. They’ll certainly go to hell.

However, that’s not what the post is about, though it is to do with hell.

It’s about Nepal and the region around and not from a geological point of view.  What has not been mentioned in the news and never will be is that the area is the centre for the one who hijacked the name djwhal khul  – by the way, when I typed that now, my tea which had just boiled promptly spilled over the side of the cup onto my leg.…

Leaving out half the truth is rank dishonesty

The truth of what is really happening and who is controlling things is not helped by films such as this below:

In fact, this film is a perfect example of the problem of political bias and slant, which precludes, skips over or ignores other equally egregious goings on.

It also explains why socialists and left-liberals are so fiercely of the view they are. Had I watched the details in the film uncritically, then I’d be left with the conclusion that the world is run by the royals/big business/the mafia/the right.…

The sheer ideological insanity of Miliband and Labour

Header from this site.


Treason to the indigenous of this nation. Gobsmacked.

#  He’s nuts. He’s lost the plot. They should put him in a rubber room.

#  For crying out effing loud. God help us if this psycho ends up as PM.

#  Now that it is extremely worrying. Extremely! A phobia – an irrational fear – of Islam to be a crime? No, I have a very real rational, logical and totally arguable fear of Islam !!

As a Christian, I consider Islam a very, very dangerous religion. It is not one of faith, peace or love. Founded by a man known to have married a nine year old child, and with an agenda – common to all Muslims – to wipe Israel from the map of the world, a UK leading politician will make it a crime to condemn a belief system that is warped and twisted and has no place in a modern society?

Provocation might sometimes be ordained from on High

As usual, it is the comments section which provides the real data or at least the real direction to pursue next.   Whilst some pieces by a blogger are of value in themselves as reading pieces, for me the comments is where it is rounded out.

This has happened both at NO and OoL in the last 24 hours. AT OoL, Hereward in particular has provided material which made me think California drought and it seems Chuckles too – a post will be forthcoming over there but meanwhile, this is being written.

A longterm commenter and friend, Cherie, provided a song about the direction a Christian might take and on the Katie Hopkins post – this:

Two provocateurs are bound to love each other. :)

And then:…

Why should the Catholic Church change?

Firstly, anything the Guardian has to say is, at best, suspect and on religion, particularly the Christian religion, that lot of godless oafs are best ignored.  When they start speaking of logic, there will be much guffawing across the land.

This is a fascinating nudge in the direction of an established strain of conservative fringe belief: that liberalising popes are not in fact real popes, but imposters, sent by the devil. The explanation has an attractively deranged logic: if the pope is always right, as traditionalists would like to believe, and if this particular pope is clearly wrong, as traditionalists also believe, then obviously this pope is not the real pope.

Secondly, as a Protestant, we are coming into a time when it’s probably best not to be underlining differences of belief from the Catholics but instead emphasizing more the common beliefs.

On the Popes though, I’m not sure what the mass of Catholics are trying to say.…

Tuesday’s on the phone to me


This is all about seemingly innocuous references and far-fetched explanations. There is a parallel in the Knox trial – a plethora of evidence but no one piece conclusive. And even the notion of that one piece is baffling in itself but when the totality is looked at, it still doesn’t clinch it but it’s quite clear to those who’ve examined every little piece and were still doing so.…

The large nations act like gangsters …

… and the small nations act like whores. Can’t remember who coined that one but it’s a good ‘un.

gang warfare

And so, forgetting our own woes for the moment, gazing across at Greece and Syriza:

Mr Tsipras is now playing the Russian card with an icy ruthlessness, more or less threatening to veto fresh EU measures against the Kremlin as the old set expires. “We disagree with sanctions. The new European security architecture must include Russia,” he told the TASS news agency.


The Gospel according to Politicus Correctus

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to comtemplate Positive Vibrations and Elizabeth Warren nativeness, as told to one Chucklus Maximus by a scribe of great honour, one David Thompson.

And so we turn our attention to Santa Barbara City College, where creatively-inclined students have been “exploring issues and practices of… interactive and chance-derived work.”


divine teepee

Is it a “Good” Friday?

147 at last count.

Sure there was a “leaders” debate and we’re now fully into election mode. Sure. But there were also upwards of 147 Christians murdered in Kenya:

One student, Collins Wetangula, said when gunmen entered is hostel he could hear them opening doors and asking if people inside were Muslim or Christian.

“If you were a Christian you were shot on the spot. With each blast of the gun I thought I was going to die,” he said.

The student said security forces entered through a window and took him and some other students to safety.

Another said gunmen reportedly ordered students to lie down on the floor, but some of them escaped and are at a military facility.

“It was horrible, there was shooting everywhere,” said student Augustine Alanga.

He said it was “pathetic” that the university was only guarded by two police officers in such a volatile area.