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Tommy Robinson is moved to Muslim prison

I’m astounded by some of the reactions to this arrest and incarceration – it’s by no means established that he did something wrong but hey ho, let’s say he did – rapists getting 6 month suspended sentences?

More the point is that that injunction on the press should never ever have been there, as the Independent pointed out.

But there’s something which trumps all of that. Do you remember last evening? What was the big news? Westminster rubbish, wasn’t it, about Remoan and Brexit. This morning’s press was full of it. And this evening is World Cup.

And what quietly happened in the background last evening with nobody noticing? Tommy Robinson who had been in a relatively secure prison in Hull has now been moved to a prison in the Midlands.

Raheem:… More here ...

The philosophy of country roads

My desktop wallpaper is essentially country roads:

Whenever choosing either a wallpaper or a blog header, it comes down to open or closed, far-seeing or navel-gazing. Case in point is choosing between two current headers. The one you see before you has these elements:… More here ...

The interconnections

First of all, what this post is not.  It is not a list of names within the UK involved in these things.  It is primarily to establish general principles which are still being denied.

The central premise or theme is “interconnectedness” and through this, control.  Freemasons, for example, are seen by many as the establishment in the west, upright citizens who roll up trouser legs in the blue orders but who are largely harmless.

They are the most connected people on the planet, determined to eliminate Christianity and nationalism – the material on the net abounds, as it does on this blog. An example:

E.E. Fribourg, in his book Association Internationale Des Travailleurs, published in 1871, stated that “the Internationale everywhere found support in Freemasonry” (p.31, as quoted by Webster in World Revolution, p.181). The support was particularly forthcoming from the lodges of the Grand Orient.

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The profile of these two is important, if only to bring British news to Americans:

Before starting – are you aware that every post today has started with “W”? No matter. 🙂

The Fox report is not news to us over here, we’ve been through it and have discussed TR, we’ve looked at the whole scene – Italy, Hungary, Poland and they say some good things in that broadcast.… More here ...

The insanity just goes on and on

Jim Morrison, himself no stranger to insanity, sang “and al your children are insane”.  Truly that is today.  First, an item from Julia:

I really have a huge problem with religious fanaticism and most of these rituals did not come from God at all but from some ancient human interpretation of what they think something uttered meant.

For example, the notion of denying yourself something you value during Lent is fine – it’s a principle with merit, not taken to extremes but even there it’s fraught – denying yourself nooky with your one and only doesn’t just hurt you, it hurts her.  This is the part of the whole thing I have trouble with.  Deny yourself chocolate – fine, only you are hurt and possibly even cleansed along the way.

Anyway, onto the next one, from Rossa’s mother:

It’s turgid and goes on a bit but he makes some good points. … More here ...

The Beach

We went to see the Virginie Ledoyen [adore those wishful thinking monikers] film The Beach [I think of a film in terms of the females in it], I went with the gf and hated it. For a start, it was in rapid Russian and I didn’t like that toerag making love to my woman Virginie.

GF loved it of course, got all weepy. I loved her for that but not for what she was weeping over.

Now the beach itself has all gone wrong:… More here ...

Blasé about truly appalling crimes against nature

Go back – oh, even two decades – and I’d say that if the news came up, e.g. about a Holly and Jessica horror, it would be all over every major daily and the electronic media.

Now it doesn’t even rate a mention.  A Christian has no mortgage on conscience and a sense of right or wrong and there are many who once felt these things were so horrific, that the government must move hell and high water to bring such animals who do such things to justice.

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