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Flying kites

A thorough understanding of human history has been the hallmark of an educated man in the West since the Middle Ages. Herodotus is considered the first historian, but there is debate about whether the ancients had an appreciation for human history. Oswald Spengler argued that the ancients were ahistorical, as they lacked a historical consciousness. Perhaps that is true, but for our purposes, the point is that a classical education in the West has always included a thorough understanding of history. [The Z Man, H/T Chuckles]

flying kites

Chibo at Unz – interesting take, some good points, think he misses some:… More here ...

The extended family was a bulwark

Might be a curiosity to us now but there’s a deeper aspect to this pic from Messy Nessy:

lyford house

How 53% of parents now eat apart from their kids as busy lives and fussy eating habits get in the way

The stats are just something they grabbed for an article but the sentiments are quite valid. When visiting DforDoom, I wondered what he was on about at first but his point was soon spelt out starkly:… More here ...

Overtones of lawlessness and fanaticism

the lawless one

Just returning to the post on Peegate and summing up in a few words the main idea – assuming the idea of those prostitutes peeing on Obama’s bed was invented – then the idea was in some person’s mind who dreamed it up.

That makes that person a diseased mind to be dreaming such things up. And this person is in British intelligence? Or did that come from Obama himself or from those behind him? Doesn’t matter who – that this became an authorized action does say something about the people in charge of us.

Abu Ghraib was also either an authorized or facilitated action.

What I’m getting at here is – if a more or less normal-minded crim [yes I know, but stay with this] were to dream up a stitch-up for an opponent, he might arrange, say, for Trump to be caught in a room with 19 year olds, cameras in the walls.… More here ...



Today is Epiphany and tonight Pождество.

Some people seem to have a silver spoon, others seem to have neverending bad luck. While there might be an element of that, I wonder how much is luck and how much something else.

The vast majority of ‘bad luck’ comes down to poor or forced choices which, going back in time, comes down to poor choices. Sometimes it’s that a person’s too young and can’t think as clearly as when older.… More here ...