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The Secret World of the Internet

She calls herself The Messiah of The Illuminati or
littlehoneyissosweet. She styles herself as a “good person” and the Higham as “evil”. She wrote to me in the deep of the night.

That’s not unlike the gnostic who styles himself gentle and accepting of all, on the path to illumination and the Christian as the follower of the demi-urge, destroyer of worlds. It went public in The Da Vinci code.…

Which way will “moderate” Muslims jump?

Groups can make maps of the world all they like – the humanists did it in the 50s, it was done in 1984, ISIS are now doing it.

So far, satan’s spawn are still rampaging across Greater Arabia, murdering their own but once they hit Spain and Italy, what then?

We have in this country, as everyone knows, three main groups who are acting against the nation:…

“Kill the infidel” … same old conundrum …

OK, we’ve been through it all before. No, I’m not racist, not BNP, had non-English gfs, lived with Muslims, blah blah blah. But we are in an unprecedented crisis within our lifetimes, in our country.

Calling on Muslims to become ‘lone wolf’ killers Mohamed Mahmoud, who was jailed for four years for terrorism offences in Germany but escaped to the Islamic world says: “My brothers and sisters, either you come here and join the Mujahideen, or you lead the jihad in Germany and Austria. You do not need much, just take a large knife and kill every unbeliever. They are like dogs!”.

Poor Sarah Connor


This is a distillation of the main theme at this blog since its inception. Nine years in one post is difficult.  It follows on from last evening’s post on Deep South.  If that was an inward look at myself, then this is an outward look at what is happening out there and what issues look like ensuring it will continue to happen until there’s some sort of epiphany or circumstantial change.

The post

Sarah Connor could tell you – there is a war for civilization going on, the fact that a very small percentage even realize the extent being neither here nor there.

Do you remember that moment in Terminator II, how she was by the wire fence in her dream, looking through at her child, she saw what was coming, she could not break through that fence to save the child.…

The evil roots of Planned Parenthood

Were you to list all that is wrong, from the Greek fiasco to Agenda 21 to the EU and so much more, not to mention the debasement and demoralization of society, ethics-free, rampant-greed, etc. etc., one issue might just slip by unnoticed – the evil of Theosophy.

It takes virtually no research to discover the roots of Planned Parenthood, I’ve detailed them on this site before.  The material’s there, just explore it.

These are very nasty people with very nasty roots.  Sanger was a disciple of Theosophy, Theosophy is satanic in origin. They don’t even bother hiding it.…

Have you noticed?

Some time back, I was pootling into town on the cycle and ahead, on the left, half on the footpath, half on the road, were three young men – one clearly the leader, the others tagging along.  The middle one was a big lad.

They were joshing one another, having a laugh, didn’t seem drunk, might have been on drugs, who was to know?  Suddenly, the middle one took a swing at the one on the road and laid him out, then proceeded to give him a beating.

We’re not talking here about a fight which gets too willing, with all punches going in hard, we’re talking about boot stomping, headkicking, the lot.  The third one said come on, let’s go and that was the only thing I think which saved the one on the road.

And yes, I just rode past and ignored them.

Second scenario was the so-called “all girl gang” who kicked a young man half to death a couple of days back – it was in the news.…

Burning man?

From This is True, I vaguely recall that this is a giant w***fest, with greenie/lefties admiring giant sculptures of a metal woman’s leg or whatever it was.

bm temple

So it’s some sort of vaguely pagan, new agey, quasi religious, all take the clothes off, fornicate and spread STDs, get back to the Red Indians sort of worship the earth and leave no trace thing, where no one really knows, is too dumbed down to understand but they can all cook in the desert for the week.…

America’s day of shame

“No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were.”

injustice anthonyIf he believed that, particularly the part about family, then what was he doing destroying the institution of marriage?  This man, Injustice Anthony M. Kennedy is headed directly for the fiery place once he dies.

I posted at OoL as well but with differences.  Over there, it was about the unconstitutionality and killing off of religious freedom. Here I’m concerned with the iniquity of it on so many levels, the rank dishonesty, indecency, hypocrisy and evil intent.…

Within our lifetime?


[There is a] United States military training exercise, scheduled to take place in multiple US states from July 15 to September 15, 2015. Their announcements raised concern referred to by The New York Times as “travers[ing] the outer edges of political paranoia.”

People’s reactions to events are the critical factor, of course, in how the PTB act next time. Those reactions are watched, not unlike by Dr. Mengele,  by those arranging things and who has which reaction is critical – all this is a known known.…