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There are perceptions … but there are also extrinsic, time-honoured realities

In one of the best Morse episodes – Death of the Self – con-artist Russell Clarke [Michael Kitchen] diddles rich customers in Italy with the help of his ex-jailbird lassie Maureen [Jane Snowden] by telling them they must deconstruct and throw away their old perceptions, all the old realities, all the interrelationships – in short, one must kill off the old self and then start a new one.

Given Clarke’s record back in Blighty, where people hanged themselves and all sorts of thing happened, Morse, given his grip on reality, is going to expose this charlatan and appears to be obsessed in doing so. Actually, the real game behind it turns out to be shifting forged artworks.

In the end, it’s a fortuitous afterthought which exposes the scam and as Clarke is led away, he says: “It must be difficult living with your degree of suspicion, Morse.” He might well have said it must be difficult living with Morse’s grasp of reality.…

Rest in torment, Church of England

I’d like to write Rest in Peace but it’s not peace these people are going to find. Even Cranmer has it wrong with his “women bishops OR schism”.

No, it’s follow scripture OR schism. The CofE has decided not to follow scripture, it is therefore no longer fit for purpose, therefore there will be schism and any real Christians left inside will now also be forced out.

The Guardian is full of it, even doing a live blog, as befits yet another socialist PC “victory” [read further dystopia]. The old churches are still worth visiting and even finding some measure of peace in but as for being functioning churches, the days have now gone.

Some would say never mind, the CofE was born in iniquity with Wolsey, Cranmer and Anne Boleyn and it’s only appropriate they die in iniquity. The word Laidicea springs to mind.

What’s happened, of course, is that actual Christians have left the church in droves, just as conservatives have left the Tories in droves and that’s just what the non-Christian Anglicans and Epicopalians want – they want the voice in the wilderness silenced.…

Fire even one rocket at another nation – you have declared war

This follows:

The Israeli request is that they be allowed to live in peace. The Arab book and every Imam has them killing every last Jew, wherever they can be found and wiping Israel off the map. That’s it. That’s the beginning and end of it, the alpha and omega.

One commenter at my place replied to another about the wicked Israelis going out to murder innocent Palestinian children.

Dear oh dear.

Ordinarily, a person would stop and think when confronted with so many other commenters saying similar things. I would stop and think.

No one is condoning the slaughter of children of either side or any children anywhere. That’s a given we start with. No one would want that as their international reputation – it’s bad for business.

Also remember that we are over here and are neither Jewish nor Palestinian ourselves in the main.

Why are Palestinian children being killed?…

It’s all bull

My attitude to things past and passed is not unlike yours – we see histories, we don’t know as we weren’t there, we either take on trust or we don’t.

There are glimpses.  And there are persistent legends which are only legends because of the passing of time and only myths because we choose to apply atheistic principles to everything we don’t understand, mistaking this prejudice for “scientific scepticism”.

I call it three wise monkeys.  Some tales though come down persistently, through many cultures and pop up in their literature and scripture all the time.  The Arthurian romance is one of those.

One is “the bulls of Bashan”.   I looked this up and was amazed how different pundits, with their own prejudices, wanted to fit these tales to their thesis.  So, Psalm 22 becomes an allegory for Jesus.  Now it may or may not presage Jesus – difficult to argue otherwise with verse 18: They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture.…