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Who rules the world – a summary

Having just spent four hours reading:

To anyone exploring the question of who rules us, I would suggest that this blog is as good a place as any to start – when taken in conjunction with the comments threads on the various linked posts, plus all those links, that is sufficient to initiate further exploration.

I’d start here:

… taking particular note of the links in comments for later reference. From here, I’d click on:

… and before going further, I’d suggest that contained within there and the other posts within that series, written leading up to the 2010 GE over here, is all we really need to know for now in order to answer the question.

These also:

What so many of those linked articles [internal and external] lead back to, stretching back to antiquity, is that it is all about:

1. Scam and agreed definitions
2.… More here ...

Two Twitter tales right on the money

1. Our Julia wrily commented:

2. A Labour lady, Parveen, has attached herself to my Twitter a/c to give diametrically opposite views to the ones most of us express. For example, that that killer at Westminster was a single nutter individual, nothing whatever to do with Islam. I found this and sent it to her:

More here ...

When you over-finesse

You might be a night owl but I’m not – I need my sleep and can’t sleep during the day. Something in the biological clock says that 09:00 to 17:00 is work time and 23:59 to 06:00 is sleep time, call me selfish for keeping those hours.

Or for pointing out to those next door, at 2 a.m., that those are also the house rules. Woken at 1.37 a.m. to hear, through wafer thin plaster walls [British workmanship], metal pipes dropped on the floor next door, followed by boxes of bottles being shifted, oh and dropped on the floor, is a delight as you can imagine.

Your humble blogger did not have to punch a clock earlier this morning, but there is a lady directly downstairs, in the flat below us, who did have to punch a clock at 08.30.  She’d be in great condition right now, being of a nervous disposition.… More here ...


Jihadis swanning back to Britain, as free as the breeze, having gone out for a murder holiday. the government does NOTHING about them.

Obama has been keen to spread the fiction that Trump has ‘sown division’, when in fact it has been the powers who vehemently began and have been maintaining the worst invasion possibly seen by Europe in its long history.… More here ...