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Pizzagate [1]

Tess threw herself on the mercy of Angel by confessing her baby, but he rejected her, you’ll recall. ‘Am I not the same person as before?’

‘You were one person, now you are another,’ was his spurning rejoinder.

How far is the person you know one thing in your eyes but when his or her past comes out, is an entirely different person?

This applies particularly to our esteemed ‘leaders’, the ‘upper crust’ in so many fields. Or to put it another way – ‘the fish rots from the head’. My rule of thumb, which admittedly only covers one set of contingencies is – the finer the shoes and suit, the more circumspect one should be about the goings-on in that person’s past.

Reason for such an outrageous rash generalization follows.

I’ve a folder of files on the MacMillan Pre-School case, the Franklin case, the risible False Memory Syndrome establishment fightback against that, about Garry Webb who fought this underworld and lost – he ‘did a David Kelly‘ – and so much more the accused perps did.… More here ...

Masonic Tercentenary

Ken Craggs:

On 31 October 2017 (Halloween) their will be a major international gathering of Freemasons at the United Grand Lodge of England to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Grand Lodge of England.

In 1802, Nathan Mayer Rothschild and his brother James became members of Lodge of Emulation, No. 12, (now No. 21) which at that time met at Antwerp Tavern,, Threadneedle Street, London.

Lodge Ferdinand de Rothschild, No. 2420, was consecrated at the Five Arrows Hotel, High Street, Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire, in 1892. The Five Arrows Hotel is just inside the gates of Waddesdon Manor which was built for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild.

The Rothschild Lodge Concordia, No. 2492, was consecrated in 1893 at the Red Lion Hotel, Lee Common, Wendover, Buckinghamshire. Both lodges are still active.… More here ...

Sweden’s doing just fine

On this blog, there have been posts on Washington and London protests, along with a post tomorrow on Pizzagate, going into what has been uncovered and what has not. At this moment, readers are looking at the veracity of the Anne Frank diaries.

It’s got to the stage now where it’s not easy to determine what is happening and what is Narrative.

Except on certain topics and on those, people have eyes, they can see. Topics like the Muslim invasion, the rapes, the murders, the no-go areas in the host nation.

And if you type Sweden into Google or Youtube, the following vid does come up. It does come up, by a process of logic, because here it is. We all know about it, we know some of details, but this young man – possibly a US black – does put it sequentially and follows a chain of logic:

More here ...

Tell it to the Huguenots

St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre

The other side:

Piers Paul Read’s narrative begins with a broad picture of the persecution of Catholics in 19th century France. What? Catholics were persecuted? We all know that Catholics persecuted Jews; some savants know that the Catholics were hunted in Elizabethan England, but few are aware of the persecution of Catholics in modern times because it has been hidden from the general public’s view by the twin peaks of the Inquisition and the Holocaust. Or at least it had been until the appearance of Read’s book.

Read tells of terrible persecution during the French revolution, when priests were drowned in droves (it was called “patriotic baptism”), and believers stripped naked, tied together and flung off the boats in what they called “republican marriages.” Monks and nuns were executed en masse. Many priests were interred in “floating Bastilles,” these predecessors of the US prison-ships, or transported to West Africa, “the Guantanamo of its time,” where they quickly died of diseases.

More here ...

The Lord’s Prayer in Florida

Having just scheduled two posts at 09:00 and at 12:00 tomorrow on Queen Bess and religious intolerance respectively, more of the same old in other words, I dropped into Twitter to see what was happening and there was Melania saying the Lord’s Prayer.

melania and Lord's prayer

And not just the Lord’s Prayer but the old version, with all the words in it in the old manner.  I know the Donald likes to co-opt the best talent but to co-opt the Man hisself?

What the …? At a political rally? At the same time, think who that pulls in across the country – the whole bible belt for a start, then the waverers within the GOP but also Democrats of the old type. Whoever dreamed that one up – it was a masterstroke.

It was a major signal that the Donald or whoever is part of the machine is radically hauling the entire country back to the 50s in a good sense, without the sexism of those times.… More here ...

Draining the paedo swamp

The Good Lord Above, be there such an entity, makes use of the strangest tools – witness Saul of Tarsus. Now He’s apparently using the Orange Emperor. Nice take here on Vox’s site, via Chuckles:

The tales of CIA activity in this area – see Omaha airforce base for blonde, blue-eyed children going for a good rate – are many. Whether any of them are true or the CIA is merely a squeaky clean defender of America is for you to decide.

Just how The Orange Emperor is going to avoid assassination is beyond me – these establishment legions are going down and when they do, they’ll take America with them if they can.… More here ...

Church of England in error, sin and apostasy

Church of England Rejects Report Saying Marriage Only Between Man and Woman

one man one woman

The Church of England’s main legislative body has rejected a report saying marriage can only be between a man and a woman, plunging the church into a new crisis.

England’s state church is deeply divided over the issue, with liberals calling on it to change Christian doctrine on the issue while conservatives insist such a change is impossible.

Within the Church, a “liberal” means a non-Christian, an apostate. The whole idea of marriage in a Church is sanctity. By backing an abomination, the CofE has lost any further reason to exist as an organization.

A YouGov poll conducted in August-September 2014 found that 17% of Anglican clergy in England do not believe in a personal God. Only 24% describe themselves as conservative in theology. Only 28% say that Christianity is the only path to God.

When asked “what you most rely on for guidance,” only 12% said the Bible, while 33% said conscience or reason.

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