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Caught up in le Grand Théâtre

We are all, in the west, currently caught up in the Grand Theatre we can none of us escape from, therefore we must look to ourselves and our families to see if there is actually any route out.

To illustrate the state of play, three of the major pieces of theatre.

The Honduran caravan

Charlie Kirk in the US, one of the major conservative pundits, runs a clip of money being given to the Honduran caravan participants [the full clip can be seen on Twitter]:

To which he comments:

It’s a much bigger question than Honduran caravan payments, the question is who is paying for all of it in all countries in the west?  Soros is the labelled one but who is he?  There are billions in this slush fund.  Why is Soros not “disappeared” as blogger Khashoggi has been?  Simplest thing in the world for some NGO to bump him off.… More here ...

Gainsaying trolls can get on their bike

[The Uniparty] is a big club and we’re not in it, as the late George Carlin used to say.

The 6 a.m. post included and alluded to why the shower of tossers at Westminster are acting as they are – why the Remoaners are so obnoxious and why the Brexiteers are so spineless.

While I agree that May and her party, Red Jezza and his party, are the second and third worst forms of government, the EU politburo being the worst, I come back to the old Russian joke that the country may well be a fetid cesspit but it is our fetid cesspit.

Any rule by humans of any kind which is not based on our underpinning values is always going to be wrong, wrong wrong.  It matters not who is in power because they are going to do it wrongly.… More here ...

The last thing anyone needs is a theocracy

The last thing anyone needs is a theocracy and I say that as a believer in the Trinity. And for a very good reason.

At least Remoaners are doing things openly wrong and can be thrown out. Won’t be thrown out but “can” be. Operative word is “can”.

Politburos can only be thrown out as the Romans did with the Druids.

The most dangerous thing of all is to confuse the notion of following “the Word of the Lord” in general dealings with each other with doing the dictates of a politburo in the form of a priestly caste, pretending it’s ordained by God Himself.

Because that priestly cast is corrupt, by definition if you believe there is an evil entity or that human nature tends to corruption when it gets power – just look at the shower of tossers called pollies, just look at women in power.… More here ...

Single mothers

“A single mother, by definition, is failing her child.” I think that’s one of the best lines I’ve read in a blog for a long time. So simple, too. [Bucko]

How come so many of the soldiers who fought WW1 and then rebuilt the world were the sons of WW1 widows or do you despise them too? It is values and culture which have changed. [Ljh]

“It is values and culture which have changed.” Precisely and only the hostile would read it as anything but that. Of course widows are an entirely different matter – that’s just common sense. [Me]

Clearly those who have had singlehood thrust upon them do not come into this argument.  However, a young woman behaving so badly she drives him away does come into it.  And abortion as a lifestyle choice.  It’s the feckless female who thinks she’s all a baby needs – she is the issue.… More here ...

Sunday morning rant

The entire day’s posts scheduled from the comfort and sanctity of one’s own bed – ain’t modern tech marvellous?

So, we see movement in Italy, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Holland, now the States, which must seem horrific to the demented, global-left SJWdom – it must seem apocalypse now to them.

They’d only just succeeded in wrecking New Zealand, plus Ireland’s been under the corrupt yoke of the Church of Communism for some time, France is almost out for the count, Germany is overrun, producing a new Joan of Arc, Teutonic style.

Meanwhile, the feckless, know-nothing, illogical, violent left, represented by their new gal, the Occasional Cortez, continues to get it wrong in the States and people are pushing back against all the disgustingness.

Where will it all end?… More here ...

Every unborn child shall exult

As they prepared to vote:

Not just for America.

The confirmation fight to the death transcended nations and was watched by a huge number of people by all indications – everyone had an opinion. The vital importance of that appointment, a signal to the US and to the world, might just be the tide turning – I always wondered how the tide would turn, what the mechanics would be.

Strangely, this begins with the egregious harridan Phillips in the UK parliament:… More here ...