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Hordes de sauvages

My French friend François Brun @fra_brun is not enamoured of what has just happened:

Une horde d’Africains à laquelle se sont mêlés des fumiers d’extrême gauche ont profané la basilique de Saint-Denis qui est également la nécropole des rois de France.

Animals.  He writes:

“Shameful desecration at St Denis cathedral, where kings are buried.”

Rossa’s mother sends this: here ...


The whole Speakers’ Corner biz was right to do, the outcry over Telford is also right and well done but this other issue below is kept low priority and it should be something much higher.

Perhaps that won’t be apparent in the first item from France:

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Some footage of the afternoon’s events

Dawned on me that many of you are not on Twitter and the Youtubes were scarce, so many did not see the footage of Speakers’ Corner and the MSM have shown NUFFINK.

So here are some tweets:

Firstly, does this not rate as a major event in London, even semi-major? So where are the press?

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Wild time in the old town

Whenever I go to town, literally, I generally go to town, figuratively as well.

The dentist

This starts last evening. The required dental work turned out to be far worse than I expected and the £3000 course of treatment starts next week. I’d not have mentioned the dental thing except for one incident.

I’d come out of the surgery and was having “the plan” devised, to be fair, at a reasonable cost in their terms, when another chap came out of another room and he obviously wanted to pay and be gone, so I let him through.

Had to do something, so looked at the noticeboard through the alcove and there were big individual mugshots of the whole practice staff. Lower right was a new one I didn’t know, Jay, a nurse, and then I saw a fair-haired lady through the small window in the door of the X Ray room.… More here ...