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The Angies and Elins of this world

Monday morning and the bed has broken, need a new one. Ho hum, hit by issues left, right and centre – some real life, some real and on the blog[s], never a dull moment [I really can’t conceptualize sitting around being lonely, though I can sympathise].

Right, there are three major topics at one time. One which I dearly wanted to run, on Martina Hingis and women tennis players, following on from a previous post, it will have to wait. One on South Africa I really need to do [not yet composed] and that will be second.

This one here is also a bit tennis-ey and needs to be run, particularly in the light of a clip further down the page, which has now become apt. Also has implications in a wider sense – it is the malaise we suffer today, mainly through little idiots called Millennials.

Looks just like any family portrait [article here] but these are two of the people in the above photo:… More here ...

On an epinephrine high

World’s top empathy researcher accused of bullying colleagues: 75% of her researchers have QUIT over claims she screams and intimidates 

It was not just her complete unprofessionalism but that the MSM call her a “top” researcher.

And researchers are funded – hers is from the Max Plank Institute, whose own funding is a worry:

Much of the Max Planck Society’s success can be attributed to its unusual funding arrangements, argues Ferdi Schüth, vice president of the Chemistry, Physics & Technology section of the Society. “Our NGO status is a very special German status,” he says. The MPS receives virtually all of its funding directly from the government. “But there is no direct influence of our ministries on the kind of research being done, he says. “The basic philosophy is that it’s a trust-based system.”

The MPI is known to have investigated a wide range of substances – big deal, any institute worth its funding would have done so, the BMJ has a report on it in pdf form.… More here ...

Signs and portents

While I was checking out youtube to see what was around, I saw this clip:

The immediate issue was that it was surrounded by so many other signs and portents clips, using everything from beached whales to the zodiac to prophesise and so the old familiar occurred – one throws all of it out with the bathwater.

Then I looked and despite references to “an old woman”, of course unnamed, plus the dramatic music which, mercifully, ceases some minutes in, it does seem to make sense for most of the time.… More here ...

What is wrong in these two pictures?

It may seem as if this is some joke quiz but I’m afraid it’s no joke. An easy one to start with:

Yes, they’re our new Keystone Clown Cops, Cressida Brazilian Electrician’s new joke force which arrests the near-innocent and the innocent and, along with the courts, lets the crim off scot free.… More here ...