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Who is behind these movements? [2]

This follows on from the look at the common elements with the major world movements over the past century and a half.

The question is simple:

The US Treasury has recently opened an inquiry about the so-called “Islamic State’s” (ISIS/ISIL) use of large numbers of brand-new Toyota trucks. The issue has arisen in the wake of Russia’s air operations over Syria and growing global suspicion that the US itself has played a key role in arming, funding, and intentionally perpetuating the terrorist army across Syria and Iraq.

What would you have said? The Saudis, no?…

Who is behind these movements? [1]

Sourcing just the Wells-Crowley connection certainly turned over a few rocks and there were some interesting creatures under there.

See Harman disciple Marilyn Feruguson’s 1980 Aquarian Conspiracy for a popular exposition of Harman’s views and program for subversion of the United States.


Into the occult

As All Hallows Day and All Souls Day approach, which most ignore and concentrate, erroneously, just on All Hallows Eve:

So this sort of thing will naturally occur:

‘Witchcraft’ abuse cases on the rise

It’s all about – cloaks in the shadows, the hidden daggers of the twilight people:


Wicca, witchcraft and satanism

Without redoing it all in this post again, a checklist:…

Islam – discuss at your leisure


When we studied together at a madrassa, Rashid Moosagie had a very low opinion of my politics. I was disenchanted by the academic, abstract nature of our curriculum at the Deoband seminary, some 160km from New Delhi, where I was enrolled in 1978; I desperately wanted the wisdom of my faith to help shape the world, and I had begun to lose myself in the writings of political Islam.

Rashid had just arrived to apprentice under some scholars after completing his religious education elsewhere, and he thought my notion of “applied Islam” was nonsense. The ideas I loved offered heady rhetoric but little substance, he argued. And eventually I came to agree with him that the madrassa approach, focused on tradition and piety, along with an infusion of new knowledge, was the best way to revitalise Islam. By that time, Rashid had become a successful imam in his native South Africa.…

Inspector Japp of the Yard?

Scipi skynews.img.1200.745

NSW Police Commissioner Scipione has an entire Force made in his image. Apart from his female officers of course. Some of those are quite tasty. But I will show you one of those later.

I am sure that to some who are ‘close’ to him, he is a lovable and avuncular chap, just like Poirot’s Inspector Japp. But he is even more adept at looking in the wrong direction, overlooking evidence and missing vital clues. He surrounds himself with people similarly afflicted.…

Women do invite rape … but for a different reason this time

Europe’s rape epidemic: western women sacrificed at the altar of mass migration.

So wrote Anne-Marie Walters.

I’ve written many times now that women and children should not be out alone at night and as for men – they need to choose their safe places with care.  But you can’t tell women and children that – they’re full of this “I can do anything”, just as Nemo said and look where that got him.

Going further, the woman who does observe basic safety because she knows she’s a sitting target for the type who hang around populated areas at night, let alone unpopulated – and a single woman, alone, is the most prime target of all – this sane woman will not be raped or otherwise attacked.  She takes precautions if she’s going out to have alcohol.…


Google use a definition for sophistry which is quite good.  Say what you like about Google – and it’s probably right – but they also do make things convenient and when you go back and double check precise meanings of words, it often turns out the way they had put up in the first place.

Not always – political definitions show their American and political bias but on things largely neutral, they’re not bad.  Anyway, their take on sophistry is:


They point out that it did not originally have the negative connotations but that these developed over time.…

It’s not just the Pope.

Didn’t intend doing any more on religion but Karl Denninger has and it should be read. You might agree, disagree but it should still be put up for discussion:

Most of the people who are homeless in this country are addicted to something or mentally unstable in some form.

The Pope likes to lecture on how “society” has a duty to help these people.  Fine and well, but then he hides behind his security and causes people who are in this state to be swept away so nobody has to see the soft underbelly while he’s there, nor does he have to take the tiny but real risk that one of them is dangerous.

For the rest of us, however, we are exhorted to take that risk, to spend our funds, to divest ourselves of our safety, our money, our time, and our patience.

For him, however, those rules do not apply.

Never mind that they most-certainly did for Christ himself, who as The Bible teaches us was constantly surrounded with such people because he sought them out.

The smoke of satan?

By their fruits ye shall know them

1. Any piece of information can be 90% guff but can contain 10% of truth and it’s that snippet of truth you’re after;

2. Homosexuality is not attacked below as a practice but as a political tool used by those who wish to break down the sanctity of marriage and the Church itself.

This is an exercise in clearing the mind of preconceptions and going with first instincts. To explain this, a concrete example – this is the official page of The Church of St. Mary’s, Adderbury:

… in which you see nothing untoward, naturally. However, non-official sites have posted this:

St. Mary's Church, Adderbury. Pentagram

The market always has been manipulated

We are merely the stars’ tennis balls, struck and bandied which way please them. – John Webster

Have you noticed how the markets have not featured so much in the MSM of late?

At Zero Hedge, this:

Ours is a non-linear world and we should remember that. Think back to August 9th 2007. That was the day when BNP Paribas suddenly closed three large sub-Prime mortgage finds. The world at large had not even heard of sub-prime.

To little fanfare the ECB pumped €95 billion in to the markets to steady nerves. It was not enough. The next day, August 10th The ECB pumped in another €156 billion, the FED injected $43 Billion and the BoJ a trillion Yen.

Five days later Countrywide Financial haemorrhaged 13% of it value. 16 days later Ameriquest the largest specialist sub-prime lender in the US collapsed and on September 14th there was a bank run on Norther Rock.


telling them something

Think the Good Lord is telling those satanists something.  Interestingly, for no reason at all – and I don’t normally do it – I was looking at the book of Daniel and that writing on the wall bit.

Could almost be Mecca.  That bunch of cutthroats will eventually get theirs.…

The Secret World of the Internet

She calls herself The Messiah of The Illuminati or
littlehoneyissosweet. She styles herself as a “good person” and the Higham as “evil”. She wrote to me in the deep of the night.

That’s not unlike the gnostic who styles himself gentle and accepting of all, on the path to illumination and the Christian as the follower of the demi-urge, destroyer of worlds. It went public in The Da Vinci code.…