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Elisa Lam

If you look at the map below, the greenery top left is Mulholland Drive/Laurel Canyon among other things – it’s the Hollywood hills.  Lower right is Hollywood itself and then further into LA is the Cecil Hotel.


In February 2013, a 21-year-old student from Vancouver, Canada, was found dead inside the Cecil Hotel’s rooftop water tank in Los Angeles. The L.A. County Department of Coroner ruled the death “accidental due to drowning” and said no traces of drugs or alcohol were found during the autopsy.

How significant is today’s address?

On the surface and in the fallout in the media – probably not a lot. Twitter will go crazy. Further down the track – possibly the first step, the end of the beginning.

There’s going to come a time and maybe soon, when apocalyptists, as I call them, are going to have to accept that it’s not yet. Equally, it’s going to be apparent, finally, to self-styled rationalists, that perhaps there’s something to history and that one set of documents is saying we’re coming towards the denouement for this planet.

Of the three main monotheistic religions, Christianity has the most developed eschatology, the most specific, shall we say.

I’d like to address human arrogance. In the Nero Wolfe post, it was said lightheartedly – but in reality, it’s anything but lighthearted and there is an arrogance in humans choosing to ignore history.…

The destruction of heritage by the yahoos

The brief at OoL was that posts, in some way, were connected to the concept of freedom and a natural corollary of that – its limits.

Should burquas be banned? Should smoking in public places? Should there be any bans at all, e.g. people decapitating others in the name of a cause?

And the stance of the blog, namely that there is no real stance beyond live and let live, really comes under severe pressure when it’s clear that some are operating under the rules of comment is free, not to put an alternative point of view but to proselytize and coerce, as one person falsely claimed OoL was trying to do, when in fact they were the ones doing it by curtailing discussion.

There is so much faux claim and counterclaim on this issue and one section of society which has severely pressurized the libertarian is Islam. Below are excerpts from a PJM article on the destruction of thousands of years history by ISIS.…

The power of the conjunction “and”

You can go the Communist Party way of explaining the world if you like, or my mate’s way when he rails against people discussing whether it’s incompetence or evil intent:

“Why the “or”?” he asks, “surely it’s “and”?”

Or perhaps you prefer the Sa’udi way [H/T haiku].  It seems people are always misreading how the world works.  Or are they?  Is it perhaps some giant theatre, quite easy to understand and yet chilling all the same.  I’ll go into that further down.

Meanwhile, from Chuckles, this little gem from Jordan:…

It war Bobby!

bobby didditSo anyway, Ian Beale got photos of Cheryl Fernando Verjazzle’s bum on his bedroom wall, it war Jane that Emma phoned, and met. That’s why Emma said ‘it’s still murder’ after Jane explained Bobby did it but At least there was a bit of comedy with that child birth.

So Emma (the detective) phoned Bobby and said “I know you killed Lucy !” !!!  BUT he blew his nose and the drastically thin Lucy fell over and hit her head. When Denise was looking over the toilet dos anyone else notice how massive her fingers and nails looked… That was scary!!!!!

Bobby’s face and behaviour after killing his own sister was like he’d just pinched her monopoly money, and not just caved her head in. And I love the way he managed to phone Jane, whilst still holding the murder weapon.  Am just waiting to see how Jane managed to move the body……maybe it was Ian.…

Blueprints for Them

The federalist, bureaucratic model

Within the US, according to Svali, this is how the Illuminati supposedly have it set up:

Level One: Local level: (anytown, USA) sister groups

Level Two: Metropolitan leadership council

Baalim (head) (1), assistants to the head (2) administrators over finances and day to day happenings (4), head trainers (oversee and teach other trainers) (6). The total: 13 members. The Baalim and his two assistants report to:

Level Three: Regional Leadership Council

Head of council (1), Military (2 seats), Spiritual (2 seats), Scholarship (2 seats), Finances (2 seats), Training (2 seats), Sciences (2 seats). Total: 13 members

The seven regional councils each have a leader as noted above, who reports to the:

Labour Party at prayer?


Don’t think there’s too much more to be added here:

There is a long list of other social and political evils that transcend party politics which also escapes the notice of these waffling bishops. Although there is a fleeting reference to ‘the blessings of family life’, the disintegration of families, and the horrendous consequences for children, are nowhere mentioned.

Turn the other cheek?

When should Christians take up arms, in order to stop a maniac about to slaughter him or his family?

I’d like to think I get round this one [don’t disillusion me] by looking at the matter politically rather than religiously.  Richard Fernandez has his views on it:

Max Fisher tweeted, “people who think Christian sectarian militias are the solution to Iraq’s problems could stand to read a history of the Lebanese civil war.”  I did, and the history of the Lebanese civil war reports that the Christian communities survived. That’s probably not what Fisher meant with the phrase “solution to Iraq’s problems” but survival is no mean feat.  Militias aren’t usually formed to do good or noble things.  They largely exist to maximize the chances that their members will wake to see tomorrow.

Moving the focus off Christians for a moment, this was one of the main themes in Monkey.…


There were no further posts planned for today because the boat is back on the agenda but Amfortas’s tongue in cheek question deserves a response … let’s do this. Assuming it’s a serious question:



Savaging the Church from within


Chuckles sent a post by Bruce Charlton on the Church of England of late and I wrote one yesterday.

However, the article in the Church of England Newspaper, 6 Feb 2015, by Rev Dr Peter Mullen puts it better than anything I’ve yet seen. I don’t wish to steal Bruce Charlton’s thunder so the best way is to print a paragraph below and the rest can be read over there [or indeed all of it can be read over there].

Before beginning, a little tale from me.…

Church of England Evil

In a delightfully Uppercase Free comment, this man at least gets the thought right:

the c of e seems intent on ignoring every part of religious doctrine in the bible…perhaps if they took a few steps back, they’d realise that they’ve just become greenpeace in frocks….

since i can remember the post of archbish of canterbury has always been held by a woolly public school liberal with little understanding of daily life in the uk for the majority of people and seemingly little will to stand up for the religion which hundreds of thousands died to establish…

too much ‘kumbayah’, not enough ‘onward christian soldiers’… even il papa seems to have gone liberal.


Old chestnuts and taqiyya

obama crusades

Whenever atheists or other anti-Christians attack Christianity, they always bring up the Crusades, which were done by soldiers of European states wearing big red crosses on a white tunics, calling themselves Christian because their leaders told them this is what they were being. Another one is the Inquisition, product of the Spanish Them. When speaking of the bloodthirstiness of Christians, Christians being those who were burned or thrown to the lions, the “ankle-deep in blood” bit about Jerusalem is trotted out.…