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This last pope is about to corrupt sanctified marriage

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Hadn’t intended posting again today and certainly not reiterating what was written at OoL on the matter but the news at The Mail is a huge matter, far more so than the Anglican Church is.

If it is so that the Pope is to cease condemning gay “marriage”, then that is an entirely different thing to stopping condemning gays per se. I hope you see the distinction.

The question of gays themselves is a venal matter, in Catholic terminology, arguments can be made.

The question of gay “marriage” though strikes at the very heart of the church worldwide and it the job of church leaders to condemn the rampant familyphobia going on and the false construct of gay unions being anything like a marriage. If anyone should understand that, it should be the Pope and Welby.

A billion Catholics are expecting the latter to condemn not just homosexuality but the whole attempt by Them to corrupt the notion of sanctified marriage.…

Monster Raving Loony Party – official and otherwise

For Mark.

Current manifesto [I particularly support Provision 14 - at 2m 41s - and would be willing to pay tax to that effect - see vid]:

2010 general election manifesto:

1. Health & Safety: We propose to ban Self Responsibilty on the grounds that it may be dangerous to your health.

2. M.P’s Expenses: We propose that instead of a second home allowance M.Ps will have a caravan which will be parked outside the Houses of Parliament. This will make it easier as flipping a caravan is easier than flipping homes

3. Eurofit: The European Constitution which will be sorted out by going for a Long Walk, “as everyone knows that walking is good for the constitution”

4. The speaker in the House of Commons will be replaced by the latest audio equipment

5. To help the Israel/Palestinian Problem, we will get rid of the old road map, and replace it with a new sat nav instead


The Flammarian Engraving

Un missionaire du moyen âge raconte qui’l avait trouvé le point où le ciel et la Terre se touchent…
(“A missionary of the Middle Ages tells that he had found the point where the sky and the Earth touch…”)

“Nous sommes tous des citoyens du Ciel”. Camille Flammarion.


“The Flammarion engraving is a wood engraving by an unknown artist, so named because its first documented appearance is in Camille Flammarion’s 1888 book L’atmosphère: météorologie populaire (“The Atmosphere: Popular Meteorology”).
The engraving has often, but erroneously, been referred to as a woodcut. It has been used to represent a supposedly medieval cosmology, including a flat earth bounded by a solid and opaque sky, or firmament.”

“‘Twas worth the furious gazing and the pains to see Heaven’s beauty, beauty that seemed like God – God who was yet unknown, and the rich majesty of Night, who weaves her web with rapid light, though it be less than Sun’s, and of the other mysteries in turn that move in Heaven, with ordered motions and with periods of times, with certain hidden influences bestowing order on the things below and co-increasing them.”

There are three main players, not two, in the Ukraine

Gathering, gathering on this curious issue of the Ukraine and to a lesser extent, Crimea.    Latest is ZeroHedge stepping in and the article is reprinted verbatim, my comment after it.   I thought it quite sloppily written, actually:

“Behind The Kiev Snipers It Was Somebody From The New Coalition” – A Stunning New Leak Released

The last time a leaked phone call out of Ukraine was released about a month ago ostensibly by the Russian NSA equivalent, one between US assistant sec state Victoria Nuland and the US envoy to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, it was revealed that the real puppet masters behind the Maidan movement, and the true instigators of the Ukraine “revolution” were none other than the “developed” world superpowers, lead by the US. Also revealed were tensions between the US and EU strategies on how to overthrow the current government, culminating with the infamous “Fuck the EU.” Needless to say the US, which implicitly confirmed the recording, was angry at Russia and accused it of using dirty tricks.

Twelve principles of discord and disintegration – a handbook

Loyalists to our great global cause, sometimes referred to as The Great Work of Ages and our military arm, Moriah Conquering Wind – greetings. This volume is the handbook on the most effective techniques to achieve our common purpose.


1. It is meet and proper to remember our formalized principles and in all dissimulation perpetrated on the world, to stay true to the spirit of these principles, no matter what appearances indicate to the population, through our chosen media, at any given time.

For want of any other list committed to paper, these could be summarized as [thanks to our late colleague Weishaupt]:

1) Abolition of all ordered governments
2) Abolition of private property
3) Abolition of inheritance
4) Abolition of patriotism
5) Abolition of the family
6) Abolition of religion
7) Creation of a world government

So many loyal agents have promoted such throughout the ages and have lost their lives in the cause.…

And this is how wars start

war 2

war 1

That’s how the bastards did WW1 and here it goes again. They’ve been spoiling for war for a decade – tried Iraq but it petered out, tried Iran, thought something might eventuate with Mexico and so Fast and Furious jollied that along, they’ve done the global austerity thing – always worked before, with whispers of threats to our livelihoods, the [true] argument that England has been mistreated by the EU is not unlike the argument Hitler [rightly] used that Germany got the short end of the stick with the Versailles provisions and the PTB [House et al] knew very well that the provisions would create further conditions for war.

And do they go into the battlefield themselves? Of course not. It’s always the great unwashed, led by the indoctrinated and expendable sons of the PTB, overseeing the carnage.

Russia is protecting its Russian-speaking citizenry who appreciate this. Obama’s rhetoric – he of the Fast and Furious – is cynical and dishonest.…