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The large nations act like gangsters …

… and the small nations act like whores. Can’t remember who coined that one but it’s a good ‘un.

gang warfare

And so, forgetting our own woes for the moment, gazing across at Greece and Syriza:

Mr Tsipras is now playing the Russian card with an icy ruthlessness, more or less threatening to veto fresh EU measures against the Kremlin as the old set expires. “We disagree with sanctions. The new European security architecture must include Russia,” he told the TASS news agency.


The Gospel according to Politicus Correctus

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to comtemplate Positive Vibrations and Elizabeth Warren nativeness, as told to one Chucklus Maximus by a scribe of great honour, one David Thompson.

And so we turn our attention to Santa Barbara City College, where creatively-inclined students have been “exploring issues and practices of… interactive and chance-derived work.”


divine teepee

Is it a “Good” Friday?

147 at last count.

Sure there was a “leaders” debate and we’re now fully into election mode. Sure. But there were also upwards of 147 Christians murdered in Kenya:

One student, Collins Wetangula, said when gunmen entered is hostel he could hear them opening doors and asking if people inside were Muslim or Christian.

“If you were a Christian you were shot on the spot. With each blast of the gun I thought I was going to die,” he said.

The student said security forces entered through a window and took him and some other students to safety.

Another said gunmen reportedly ordered students to lie down on the floor, but some of them escaped and are at a military facility.

“It was horrible, there was shooting everywhere,” said student Augustine Alanga.

He said it was “pathetic” that the university was only guarded by two police officers in such a volatile area.

Enoch and the upcoming election

Whilst this is the case, as mentioned by Restoring Britain:

This observation stands more starkly than ever with a General Election looming large. The circus has come out in full swing with a legacy media joining in. I get a real sense that some will vote tribally, more people than ever are really uncertain as to what to do mostly because the differences between them are so sadly lacking just like their vision for Britain. What do they do? Refuse to vote?

Well, it’s an approach and I can understand it given what’s on offer. We’re in something of a Catch-22 situation. Vote for what’s in front of us and the situation continues. Refuse to vote and they survive because our apathy allows the tribal voting to remain the dominant approach which the parties rely on and stoke the fires of each election.

… the forces arrayed against a shake-up of the Establishment are doing their worst, this time the allegations about Enoch Powell.…

Where should the line be drawn on homosexuality?

The thing is, I don’t recognize the quote further down in the post as Christian in the least and never have accepted the fire and brimstone preacher, visiting God’s wrath upon others as his agent.

In fact, I do recognize in this man further down the page something quite the opposite, from the adversary’s camp. Don’t get me wrong, I’m implacably opposed, on a sociological level, to that thing in the Pink News Wiggia sent of some lesbian woman pretending she and her partner had just had a child.

That is utter BS. A child requires a father just as much. Those women are committing a crime against nature not necessarily by what they do as adults together but by bringing a child into the mix, by condemning some poor child to an eternity without his or her real father and with a skewed view of life.

That is, they are not giving that child the start he or she has a right to and that is a crime.…

A real threat to our freedom and culture [2]

Though nominally Protestant, this writer is no Catholic basher, as Catholic readers well know and much of the original church teaching is still Catholic teaching renamed.

There are things combining to drive a crowbar into the Church, the better to wreck it and it’s happening to every Church, not just the Catholic.

The American Presbyterians are a disgrace with their gay “marriage” which any Christian knows is anti-scriptural, the Southern Baptists leave themselves wide open to corruption charges, the US megachurch high priests have their Lear jets, Welby and Co. are corrupt over here. So if I dwell on the Catholics today, it is in addition to, not isolated and alone.…

Friday March 20th auspicious?


Interesting that this was filed under Science at the Indy.

Can’t see that on wider reading, any “Christian” minister would say it’s the end of things because it’s clearly stated that we can’t know.  But just as Christians can’t know, nor can the idiots commenting at the Independent who were in full river of Egypt mode, not a shred of counter-evidence offered – we’re just supposed, on their say-so, as against centuries of scribes, saints and philosophers saying otherwise, to accept their witterings holus bolus.…

Before reading, one should understand the bias of the writer

European/Middle-Eastern history is so fragmented, such a mish-mash of royal lines, power blocs and peddlers of influence that it’s very difficult to get a line on any common factors.

If you were to put Newton and Leibniz at the centre and throw in three different references, then it becomes easier to discern the warring parties – Catholics, Protestants, the new Rationalists and Venice. Each has its own history, its own angle.

The reason I’m so down on gainsaying – the “no it’s not” approach with no back-up – is that it takes so damned long to come to the truth in the first place. One has to sift through thousands of pages and every one of those pages needs to be seen in the context of the bias of the author. And the truth is not always a “balance” between these. Quite often, there is disinformation by one or more parties which eventually needs discounting.…

The Jews [1]


Karl Denninger was referring to preppers and that’s a topic in itself but one of the examples he used and the one I’d like to follow up, was:

Hitler’s soldiers frequently came into a town with a few dozen men armed with machine guns and rounded up thousands of people, marching them into waiting boxcars.

The decision point to either riot or get into the boxcar happened right then and there, and was irrevocable.

Elisa Lam

If you look at the map below, the greenery top left is Mulholland Drive/Laurel Canyon among other things – it’s the Hollywood hills.  Lower right is Hollywood itself and then further into LA is the Cecil Hotel.


In February 2013, a 21-year-old student from Vancouver, Canada, was found dead inside the Cecil Hotel’s rooftop water tank in Los Angeles. The L.A. County Department of Coroner ruled the death “accidental due to drowning” and said no traces of drugs or alcohol were found during the autopsy.

How significant is today’s address?

On the surface and in the fallout in the media – probably not a lot. Twitter will go crazy. Further down the track – possibly the first step, the end of the beginning.

There’s going to come a time and maybe soon, when apocalyptists, as I call them, are going to have to accept that it’s not yet. Equally, it’s going to be apparent, finally, to self-styled rationalists, that perhaps there’s something to history and that one set of documents is saying we’re coming towards the denouement for this planet.

Of the three main monotheistic religions, Christianity has the most developed eschatology, the most specific, shall we say.

I’d like to address human arrogance. In the Nero Wolfe post, it was said lightheartedly – but in reality, it’s anything but lighthearted and there is an arrogance in humans choosing to ignore history.…