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Jihadis swanning back to Britain, as free as the breeze, having gone out for a murder holiday. the government does NOTHING about them.

Obama has been keen to spread the fiction that Trump has ‘sown division’, when in fact it has been the powers who vehemently began and have been maintaining the worst invasion possibly seen by Europe in its long history.… More here ...


Opening this up to the 99.9% who may not have been interested in a theological tract at 09:30 this Sunday, which I do not insist you read, nor do I request it, I do ask all to consider the question though of tolerance.

Tolerance seems, to your humble blogger, to be the N1 question today and it is largely centred on the Muslim question but also on the LBGTgeebeetransheebees or whatever they call themselves, on the fiction of gay ‘marriage’, on abortion, on Marxism masquerading as tolerant left-liberalism, on the fascist Antifa and UAF and so it goes on.… More here ...

My take on Christian theology

The only way into this almost impossible topic which triggers such strong emotions is to find a portal and think I’ve found one – to start with all these intercession thingies.

Now, for the majority of N.O. readers, greatly valued the other 99.9% of the time as you know, this post isn’t designed for you, ladies and laddies and so I’d ask you to kindly keep all your blanket “it’s all rubbish”, “it’s all a stupid superstition” for another time.

This one post is strictly for those who already believe there is a God and He vaguely hovers around in three persons.

That’s the starting point – that there is this Cosmic Force who is largely benign but is sometimes stroppy and sometimes downright murderous and that’s about all we can know.

Let’s get into these intercessions:… More here ...

Why the west advanced faster

In sending the link, Chuckles wrote: “Answers on a postcard,” and he’s right. So were all the others who commented at Westhunt on why the west outstripped China five hundred years ago.

Not mentioned, for example, was the fallow farming system nor the Romans having been before – it was the combination of so many factors.… More here ...

Masonry again

Ken Craggs has written on a topic which regulars know there are many posts on at N.O. but it’s always good to see a  fresh perspective, how much aligns, how much doesn’t.

I was first alerted to it through correspondence with a website owner, around 2006, who had an organization called Ephesians 5:11, dedicated to getting Christians to leave Masonry, as it worked for the other side.

Anyway, take it away, Ken:

The world’s first Grand Lodge of Freemasons was formed on the 24 June 1717 in London. The main event celebrating the 300th anniversary of the first Grand Lodge, which will include  representatives from Grand Lodges worldwide, is not being celebrated on the 24 June 2017, but on Halloween 31 October 2017, which for many Masons does not send out the right kind of message.

Halloween originated from elements of the pagan festival Samhain being incorporated into the Christian festival of All Hallow’s Eve, or Hallow-Even, the night preceding All Saint’s (Hallows’) Day.More here ...

Security lapses

geert's security breakdown

The most worrying thing is that three members of his security were the enemy, leaking details to potential assassins. And this security detail was assigned by the government.

Which certainly suggests someone wants him dead. I’m glad Deep State has entered the international vocabulary now.  There is a war going on, not a difference of opinion and one side will stop at nothing.… More here ...

Ring of fire eclipse day today

ring of fire eclipse sunday

[Thanks, Mail and Chuckles]

The natural phenomenon will first be visible in Chile and Argentina on the morning of 26 February before moving across the South Atlantic Ocean.

It will pass over Angola and then come to an end somewhere between Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

The moment of greatest eclipse will occur midway between the two continents at just before 10am ET (15:00 GMT) when the moon will cover over 99 per cent of the sun. 

The best sky watching will be from the lower half of South America and western and southern parts of Africa. 

Observers in this path will see a darkened sun, sometimes described as a ‘hole in the sky’, and the glow of the coroner around the edge.

Naturally, this is the end of the earth as we know it. See you on the other side.… More here ...