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It’s all bull

My attitude to things past and passed is not unlike yours – we see histories, we don’t know as we weren’t there, we either take on trust or we don’t.

There are glimpses.  And there are persistent legends which are only legends because of the passing of time and only myths because we choose to apply atheistic principles to everything we don’t understand, mistaking this prejudice for “scientific scepticism”.

I call it three wise monkeys.  Some tales though come down persistently, through many cultures and pop up in their literature and scripture all the time.  The Arthurian romance is one of those.

One is “the bulls of Bashan”.   I looked this up and was amazed how different pundits, with their own prejudices, wanted to fit these tales to their thesis.  So, Psalm 22 becomes an allegory for Jesus.  Now it may or may not presage Jesus – difficult to argue otherwise with verse 18: They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture.…

A society of tolerance and learning

great library of alexandria

William Norman Ewer was a British journalist who, in the 20s, probably spied for the Soviet Union. What he’ll forever be remembered for is his:

How odd of God to choose the Jews.

Probably either Cecil Brown or Ogden Nash replied:

But not so odd as those who choose a Jewish god but spurn the Jews.

You can always tell a non-Jew or non-Christian when they use the word “religion” to encompass and conflate ALL religions, all philosophies, all narratives and equate them in their effects on society.

A good rejoinder but one which might alienate such people, the bulk of the readers of this site, by the way [ :) ] can be seized on from the gospels:

Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.


Even more effective is the anonymous:

How strange of man to change the plan

Then again, there is Jim Sleeper’s riposte:

“Moses, Jesus, Marx, Einstein, and Freud; No wonder the goyim are annoyed.”

It goes on.…

Artificial Intelligence

Reading this by Bryan Appleyard-

- and I started to do a short post about AI but it got too long and complicated so it will have to wait.

This is one of the reasons why AI is impossible-

Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

Like I said elsewhere, the poets through the ages have always been several steps ahead of the masses :)

Catalyst [1]


There’s been a lot written about Bob Dylan and the more hostile pieces are the more interesting. There was the article about Laurel Canyon near LA and it pointed out how so many of those living there had fathers with specialized military connections.

The back story of Woodstock is just as intriguing.

What comes through over and over – and it’s one conclusion from the interview below – is that groups of people come together for some reason – maybe fame, maybe because it’s where the action seems to be – and meet facilitators along the way who then make something happen.

The individuals themselves feel they have a destiny but something else or someone else makes it happen though, takes care of the details, of the distribution.

The quote opening Part 2 touches on this in a mundane way:

“This is going to break your heart, but much of the music you heard in the ’60s and early ’70s wasn’t recorded by the people you saw on the album covers.

The common motif, the usual suspects


Virtually all the histories you can access on Darfur leave something out or express it from a particular angle.  This and this express it in reasonably clear terms but certain things do stand out.

One is the end of British rule. Another is the discovery of oil. Another is the displacement of people and desertification of the land, plus replacement of traditional conflict resolution with “internationally” recognized methods.

Next highlight divisions between the Arab sector wanting a pan-Arab league [cf ISIS], the arming of the Arabs by China and Russia, the presence of the UN and a local warlord as dictator and there is the recipe for a pogrom.

Not just slaughter but vicious slaughter – eyes gouged out, that type of thing.

In other words, savagery not seen in the traditional battles over time but a new “devils on horseback” whirlwind sub-human savagery which the west puts down to a primitive people but those peoples had coexisted for a long timevbefore demographic interference by outside forces.…

The ISIS map – back to the future


Let’s assume first that the map is a hoax.  Who then put it out?

ISIS.  Who is ISIS?

It’s the extension of the unholy CIA alliance with fanatical Muslim elements [see Operation Cyclone], in the same way that Al Qaeda is a CIA extension of Them.   Follows the same pattern as Them with German nutters in the early 30s.  If the model works, why change it?

Let’s now assume it’s genuine.  Leaving aside the already Muslim world, it would require:

1.  Spain
2.  India
3.  The Balkans
4.  Part of Asian Russia

It doesn’t include Italy, home of the Papacy , where you see the cross displayed even in supermarkets.  Spain, as with the UK, is far more susceptible because of the termiting of society into the godless decadency it is – using the term in political rather than religious terms.

In other words, it would not have the spine to oppose a Muslim push with knives between teeth and gleaming eyes.…

Families fight back [the conclusion]


In Uber’s replies in the comments thread at the first post on this:

… precisely the same politically correct mantra being attacked in the post is repeated, somehow in the hope that repeating a falsehood she’s been drawn into will somehow make it right.

Not a deliberate falsehood on her part, nor on all the other millions sucked in by the PC Narrative – in fact they believe that they interfere with the sword of right by their side and can’t see, for the life of them, that they are actually unwittingly aiding and abetting crimes against society.

Uber writes:

If a child is in a competent, loving home how is he somehow being abused if his parents are gay?

… and:

What you call a homosexual agenda to recruit children to their side, I see as a society working towards accepting and embracing the differences of others

You get the general idea and the rest follows on from that PC mindset.…