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Can’t turn a blind eye

There are many things to be said about this:

One is that I’m well aware that anti-Christians and anti-Catholics will automatically source anti-Christian and anti-Catholic material, which this is but by the same token, I’ve always gone to the other camp first, to see what they are saying.

Otherwise, one is simply reinforcing ideas, with no self-scrutiny.

An example is Judge Roy Moore.  Our side likes him because he shares our precepts, so does Priti Patel, no matter how much you don’t like her personally.  Penny Mordaunt is far more main stream.… More here ...

Christianity will never be wiped out

So, here we finally are, the topic I’ve avoided, except sporadically – Christians under severe attack, the final attempt to kill them off. Wolfie wrote about it some years back but I’ve never really addressed it properly.

It hardly matters if it’s a white Democrat, a Muslim, a druggie, even a rightwing atheist, a socialist, feminist, whoever – the godless alliance so to speak. They’re all scumbags if they try to wipe out a faith whose only crime is to speak out for marriage and against poohjabbing.

The italicized part is the critical point.  Many atheists, mainly on the right, just beg to disagree and it’s left at that. Many of these are my friends and are good people.  This blog is a secular blog, not a religious.  I’m an essentially secular man.… More here ...

The flatted fifth

Jerry Dammers, creator and leader of the Specials, 2Tone and the ska revival of the late 70s [see previous post] is reputed to have fallen out with a band member over his, Dammers’ insistence that they include “the Devil’s Interval” in the final song Ghost Town.

The band broke up soon after and won’t come together again. The band says it’s not a ska chord, it depresses. So, thought I’d best find out about it:

Now that’s interesting – it’s discordant and used for effect – you might also say, as a non-muso – as an atonal chord sequence which creates tension and depression.

Which is precisely what La Rouche’s Schiller Institute said atonalism was all about – it’s buried in this post on my usual themes:… More here ...

November 5th

Does this give you any ideas?

As final preparations for the British celebrations of November 5th come to a close, a 36 foot grotesque of disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been unveiled in one village — ready to be set alight and burnt to the ground.

If not Weinstein, who would be your nomination for burning in effigy?  Mind doth boggle.… More here ...