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It can still be reversed if there is the will

I’d assume that that footage was taken on a Muslim march or public prayer day, maybe an execution in the town square but the point, I think, is still made about how the hell we, the voting public, have allowed those bstds above, from the UN to the EU to Blair to Brown, to Cameron to May or Bush and Obama over there, to do this to the west.… More here ...

Peterson by night

# Be Attractive to Many Women But Only Choose One

This is the central theme of Masquerade, after the question of good and evil. That if you find yourself with choice, due to circumstances – thrown together etc., do you put it about or do you choose one and thereby grow as a person and thereby become more “selectable” as a result?… More here ...

Is this sick or is this sick?

Merkel will have to be tried and executed soon for the massive damage she’s done to her country. That this is necessary against the Muslim scumbags doing the rapes who should be shot or deported is a sad indictment.… More here ...

Critical Theory meets critical thinking

There are two vital posts in order to fully “get” this Peterson/Newman contretemps:

And this is the actual interview here.

And one comment at Breitbart:

# It was critical theory vs. critical thinking [Celeste Elizabeth, pictured].

Into this, let’s now throw Yuri Bezmenov’s quote from the 80s:… More here ...

The obnoxious believer

And speaking of humour, as the very late Dave Allen was wont to say – I hope God has a sense of humour, otherwise I’m in real trouble.

I can imagine it now after my exemplary life – I approach the pearly gates after that long and tortuous climb, only for the angels to lean over the ramparts, chanting:

Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. Now go away or we will taunt you a second time you empty-headed animal food trough wiper!

This was brought on by Mike’s post at OoL about some blasphemous company booking their one way ticket to the hot place.… More here ...

Hypatia of Alexandria

This lady is a classic case of the process of:

1. Hijacking an idea, a personage or a movement;
2. Perverting it and
3. Carrying out abuses in its name.

She herself has been misused by everyone from the Church to feminazis today who latch on to one or two aspects to the exclusion of the whole.

Even worse is the way scholars have used her to hijack, pervert and abuse what Christianity is about.


The pillars upon which it rests are:

1. John 3:16;
2. Matthew 5-7, inc. Beatitudes and Lord’s Prayer;
3. John 14 and to this can be added
4. The Ten Commandments

Obviously there is much more to it but that is the core belief contained in there. Apart from the reference to “it is better to pluck thine eye out than …”, which is a rhetorical device, please show one verse in those lines showing violence, especially systematic violence, against other groups of people or individuals.… More here ...