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Bad news on the doorstep

Well, not on the doorstep but shoved through my letterbox yesterday afternoon.


I heard it being pushed through and looked out of the window and there they were…. five of them, smartly dressed, standing by the front gate having a conversation. I knew they weren’t Morons Mormons because three of the five were female and I know that Morons Mormons are frightened of women so I thought oh, must be the other lot.

Sure enough, on the back of the leaflet it had “Find the Bible’s answer to these questions at”

What is wrong with these people? The Bible says nothing about A World Government.

Another madcap ‘preudoreligion’ invented in 1870 and all their ‘predictions’ to date have been wrong!

They didn’t ring the doorbell or knock on the door so maybe the ‘silent treatment’ we all give them is beginning to have an effect. Pity. My father used to answer the door to them and argue in a way that left them bamboozled and befuddled or even ‘dazed and confused’ and then he would come back into the house, laughing.…

A red heifer is born

There might be a cause and effect about to happen. It might seem to the non-religious and non-Jewish that this has no meaning to them but in fact it does have great meaning, tangentially, to all of us.

1. The theology goes that the Jews are awaiting their Messiah. Leave aside that he’s already been 2000 years ago and was crucified. The Jews believe that there’s a sequence of events which starts with the appearance of an “unblemished” red heifer who can’t even have two hairs of a different colour.

There’s apparently a very weighty committee which determines all this and they decide if the animal is kosher or not. Takes some time. There’ve been some close calls over the last couple of decades but always there was some blemish which disqualified the calf.

Now there’s a fair bit of talk that this might be the one. Still remains to be seen but it’s worth keeping an eye on.…

How would you organize this meeting?

You see this sort of thing all the time:



Seems to me that the groundrules are pretty important here, so let’s lay a few groundrules.

1.  The meet-up will take place during lunchtime tomorrow – it will be squared with your employer or whomever you had planned to see – the angel will take care of that part.

2.  The bench sits three, of which you must constantly occupy one place over that hour [so go to the loo early and make sure you've eaten].  If you attempt to get up from the bench, the process stops and the deal’s off.

3.  You can arrange the people and time allocation according to your own plan but you must submit that plan in advance now, in order for the angel to go and gather them all for the appearance.  They have the right to refuse to appear, in which case you can either put in another name or give more time to the others.…

Blaming the wrong root cause, this time in Sweden

Only the BBC could do a report on rape in Sweden and the huge rise in numbers reported without mentioning the underlying cause.

Or else it puts anything but the underlying cause.

“No, the high numbers of kidnapping cases in these two countries are explained by the fact that parental disputes over child custody are included in the figures.”

Denver International Airport


As I put together this post, starting at around 7.30 and getting pretty long with all the quotes and links by 8.30, the browser shut down and it was lost.  And yes I usually save to draft along the way but it didn’t save this time.  Gone. No matter, we’ll start over.

The main sources in this range from a really “out there” conspiracy site to “Rational” Wiki at the other end of the spectrum.  It’s a good exercise, not in studying conspiracy loons but in studying supposedly rational people confronted with something outside the norm which seems to have corroboration.

Let’s start with the debunking “Rational” Wiki:

Denver already had a fine airport, Stapleton International. But despite widespread protests, Denver International was built and opened in 1995, with fewer runways, thus reducing Denver’s capacity.

“Rational” Wiki goes on to explain that the old airport had reached its capacity and they just needed a new one.…