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Easter reflection

1. Ezra points something out on Twitter from yesterday:

Rationalists on the right [our main readership here until Easter probably killed that off] might just reflect that this is the same treatment meted out to Trump on his way up, to Brexit, to populism in general, to the white male – it is the same unfairness, with one exception – one of the sources of this anti-libertarian stance is not the SJW, the feminazi or the snowflake, not the corrupt establishment elite nor the globalist this time – it’s our very own people on the right/libertarian side.

And just as fanatical about it as the above groups generally are [see fos’s comment from yesterday, from an otherwise completely rational and correct guy on every other issue, exactly the sort N.O. needs].… More here ...

Happy Pascha!

The Russians have an expression many say to one another on this day: “Христос воскрес!” to which one replies: “Воистину воскрес!” Roughly: “He is risen!””Truly risen!”

It all turns on that one thing, does it not – did He rise or not? This was on Twitter:

That message may be right but it might be more correct to call is Pascha than the pagan Easter.… More here ...

In praise of superstition – all power to its drinking arm

One site has it like this:

Scripture tells us very little about Jesus’ state between his death and resurrection. The most commonly cited biblical passages are Acts 2:31 ; Ephesians 4:8-10 ; 1 Peter 4:6; and, most importantly, 1 Peter 3:18-20. Ephesians 4 is likely a reference to the Incarnation, and 1 Peter 4:6 could apply to any preaching of the gospel. But numerous interpretations of 1 Peter 3:18-20 exist. Some say the 1 Peter 3 passage should not be taken literally—that it is symbolic, conveying in graphic form the idea that redemption is universal in its extent. This, however, involves a more spiritualized hermeneutic than usually practised by evangelicals.

Speaking personally, it doesn’t worry me one way or  the other.  If there is a Deity, then He’s got that one sorted to His own satisfaction, so what’s that to me?  More important is the Reincarnation and Redemption thing.… More here ...


In ancient Egypt they mummified cats, and in Britain we give them jobs. Tewkesbury town council has put itself ahead of the curve on inter-species cooperation by employing a cat, Missy, as a “morale officer” to cheer up its staff. Now Missy may have to work from home because the mayor, Karen Brennan, fears they are wasting too much time playing with the cat instead of working.

We all know cats are freeloaders. As one of the few domestic species to allegedly have domesticated themselves, there is a reasonable case to be made that we are their pets – or perhaps their equivalent of a basic income scheme. They have organised their affairs so that we provide food and shelter in return for little tangible value. No wonder the sci-fi author Charlie Stross refers to cats as parasites and humans as their “hosts”.

But the true situation is much graver.

More here ...