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Tomorrow’s post-mortem … now

04:45: Beeb calls it for LEAVE. knackered, need to sleep.

04:15: Still up, this is amazing, still not over the line yet.

02:13: Haven’t gone to bed, following every nuance. Leave doing great but London still to come. Migrants might pull it out of the fire yet for Remain.

00:17: I’m doing this through Twitter, you have the tele, no need for my updates. Nigh nigh.…

How far should posterity heed the concerns of yesteryear?

[quote]’Don’t forget to post my Leave vote!’: Last words of dying WWII veteran who ‘fought for his country until the end’ and passed away with Brexit on his lips.[/quote]

How far should posterity heed the concerns of yesteryear? We’ve looked at the immigration poised to be dropped on us, inc. Turkey’s accession, we’ve looked at Gove’s economic argument, which is sound. We’ve looked at the appallingly unprincipled tactics of Remain and have seen how they then, risibly, have tried to accuse Leave of those same tactics, thereby creating a did, didn’t, did, didn’t, did, did, did scenario, like the children they are.

Unfortunately, there aren’t all that many vets left to put the case this old soldier did above. They were relying on the new elderly, us, to keep putting the point.…


Lena HorneLast evening, as is one’s wont, I was watching youtubes and up came What’s My Line, with Lena Horne, the famous singer from yesteryear.

I couldn’t help thinking she was a bit dotty and tried too hard. However, that’s that and the game went on, the questions were asked, she was eventually identified. And that was that.

The one thing [warning – virtue signalling ahead] that never crossed my mind was that she was black [/end of virtue signalling]. Actually, so I later found out, she wasn’t, she was mulatto, from various races, like my Anglo-Saxon blood and dose of the Oirish.

What really did shock me though was she came across as so nice, even well loved and yet she was a card-carrying communist [she later rejected it], was married twice and the second time was to a white to further her career [her words, not mine]. She was a bit off the planet.…


Your humble blogger has a real issue with fanaticism. And even this I’d put under that heading:

is this a bit creepy

The shot’s been used many times, captioned many times but I still find it a bit … creepy, don’t know about you.

Not to be hypocritical, we’re pretty fanatical about Leave at the moment, so who are we to speak of fanaticism? I know there is a ready answer on your lips right now.

I suppose the fanaticism we need to worry about is that which alters the world. From the global establishment PC insanity of the moment to the Inquisitions, even to the Crusades, it’s a very worrying thing. Life of Brian put it well.…

Ecclesiastical hour

In the light of Dearieme’s earlier comment about the Church and the ensuing discussion, my contribution this evening:

Two Jews are taking an afternoon stroll. As they pass St. Joseph’s Cathedral they notice a sign posted on the front door.…


All I ask is that you at least give this a reading.

Some years back, a reader at my place, Wolfie, made the point that I give these people – the global elite – far too much credit for brains. In as many words, he was saying they’re all wannabees, especially the public sector fatcats, e.g. Cressida Dick. He’d been in rooms with these people over cocktails – I have too by the way – and they are the most overweeningly arrogant and yet incompetent people on the planet.

Looking at that pic of Schultz and Juncker poncing along reviewing “their troops” of the EU Army, they were trying to be a cross between Hollande and the USSR politburo. This is their real vision – to be General Secretary or whatever of a politburo which rules the undemocratic masses with iron fists. All the other things, e.g. signing off accounts for 20 years, don’t matter – they’re details.…

Gotthard opening ceremony

This was sent to me with the comment: “Thought you might be interested,” meaning it’s the type of thing I’m likely to blog on.

With anything even a bit leftfield for the average bear, it’s necessary for the blogger to check out the source – even more so with this sort of thing as there is such a high disbelief index that it requires game, set and match absolute proof before anyone will even look.

Looking down his sidebar, he seems a gun blogger in the States, part of that mass of bloggers who might support Trump or Ron Paul.

The Gotthard base tunnel was opened in Switzerland recently, I remember some news about it and thought well done those engineers, another triumph of Swiss engineering. That’s lightyears from what this is all about. The PTB devised an opening ceremony and weird is the understatement.

It begins with pod people in hi viz clumping along like zombies and then going into some dance routine.…