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There were no further posts planned for today because the boat is back on the agenda but Amfortas’s tongue in cheek question deserves a response … let’s do this. Assuming it’s a serious question:



Savaging the Church from within


Chuckles sent a post by Bruce Charlton on the Church of England of late and I wrote one yesterday.

However, the article in the Church of England Newspaper, 6 Feb 2015, by Rev Dr Peter Mullen puts it better than anything I’ve yet seen. I don’t wish to steal Bruce Charlton’s thunder so the best way is to print a paragraph below and the rest can be read over there [or indeed all of it can be read over there].

Before beginning, a little tale from me.…

Church of England Evil

In a delightfully Uppercase Free comment, this man at least gets the thought right:

the c of e seems intent on ignoring every part of religious doctrine in the bible…perhaps if they took a few steps back, they’d realise that they’ve just become greenpeace in frocks….

since i can remember the post of archbish of canterbury has always been held by a woolly public school liberal with little understanding of daily life in the uk for the majority of people and seemingly little will to stand up for the religion which hundreds of thousands died to establish…

too much ‘kumbayah’, not enough ‘onward christian soldiers’… even il papa seems to have gone liberal.


Old chestnuts and taqiyya

obama crusades

Whenever atheists or other anti-Christians attack Christianity, they always bring up the Crusades, which were done by soldiers of European states wearing big red crosses on a white tunics, calling themselves Christian because their leaders told them this is what they were being. Another one is the Inquisition, product of the Spanish Them. When speaking of the bloodthirstiness of Christians, Christians being those who were burned or thrown to the lions, the “ankle-deep in blood” bit about Jerusalem is trotted out.…

Malfeasance [4]

You know I watch What’s My Line for its gentility, manners, for the nature of the time which, were you to believe the programme, abounded everywhere.

One episode had a young lady as mystery guest – a Miss Tuesday Weld [at 19:08]:

I must have watched this in my pre-knowledge days about half a dozen times and thought her precocious but pretty. It struck me at the time that she was another Hollywood brat who had not been brought up properly and was quite arrogant to boot but otherwise all right.…

Malfeasance [3]

Tuesday 11

A blogger called Gorightly tracked down the original purveyor of the Weld Druid High Priestess thing, one Jeffrey Turner:

Mr. Turner is an interesting character. A google search of his name yields about three hits: one, at, the web site devoted to Tiffany Renee Darwish, the once-popular singer; two, on google video, a preview of the documentary film I Think We’re Alone Now; and three, at Adam Gorightly’s Untamed Dimensions.

Malfeasance [2]

tuesday too

After refusing the part of Rosemary in Rosemary’s Baby and of Lolita, much later Tuesday Weld was interviewed and asked why she had not taken Lolita, a part which would have been a perfect fit for her projected child coquette image which gained her parts in Hollywood.

She answered: “I didn’t have to play it. I was Lolita.”…

Malfeasance [1]

amanda bynesOne of the victims

This site since its inception has been about exposing humbug but it’s also been about exposing Them, the PTB, identifying and pointing out things which many involved in the day-to-day hurly-burly might not have given much thought to.

In the early days, the things written in these pages have seemed the product, at times, of an overactive imagination or of extreme gullibility and to an extent, that was right – there’s a hell of a lot of deliberate misinformation, disinformation, red herrings, sites set up ostensibly to inform but are actually there to mislead.…

Suppressing the moral compass [1]

hopper hotel 1952

[Edward Hopper; Hotel by the Railroad, 1952]


Many of the best films, especially thrillers, start with some small anomaly in the middle of the dross of a typical day and go from there. Sherlock Holmes stories used that formula.

It’s often the small behaviour or act which goes relatively unnoticed by the wider public which hides the deep cancer that’s eaten out the body politic and the analogy holds up of the small mole on the skin which goes unnoticed and is actually a sign of the cancer.…

IVF and sanctity

crime against humanityThe rise of the BABY VIKINGS: Why single British women desperate for children are turning to sperm donors in Denmark – who’ll play no part in their offspring’s lives

We’ve done a bit on the gay adoption of children being a crime against nature and a gross offence to humanity but haven’t done much about the selfish IVF criminals.

There are obviously cases where the issue was physiological in a woman still within the best reproductive range [up to mid-30s] with the natural father.

That’s not what I’m referring to – I’m referring to surrogacy and sperm donation, which are not just offences against nature but they’re crimes against the child who is given no chance, from birth, of being with both his natural parents.

One can go the economic argument, which is not the clincher in my book. Still, here it is:

In 2010, there were 57,652 cycles of IVF treatment in the UK.

Islam in 2014/15

There are three issues on which I’m personally attacked the most. N1 is feminism, N2 is gays and a new one, N3, is on Islam. Each requires a page in itself.

There is a series of posts starting here plus a rebuttal here, which are worth reading to put this issue into context.

With the gay issue, I essentially said that until you’ve actually been raped in adolescence by one, your opinion is always going to be intellectual and philosophical. For those who’ve faced it in reality though, it’s very real indeed.

With Islam, it’s the same thing – unless you’ve lived with Muslims, I don’t ascribe a lot of weight to your opinion.

I was twelve years in a Muslim republic, half my friends were Muslim, I had three Muslim gfs. I’ve seen the gentle, peaceful side therefore. You don’t need to tell me there are peaceful Muslims – in Muslim republics there are.…