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Astrological portents?


Most people are pretty circumspect about astrology.   Some, including me, think there is a certain something to it but then again, Christians in the middle ages were exhorted to have no truck with the devil’s work, astrology and necromancers being seen in the same light as magik.

Seems to me that every group has its own esoteric language and a certain amount of BS to the rhetoric but there are also kernels of truth.    If there weren’t kernels of truth, then they wouldn’t have such devotees over such a long period.    Don’t want to expand that as it would set off a series of posts.

It’s said that horoscopes are BS as they’re so vague, they could be anything.   On the other hand, I read a run-down on my star sign and that of my gf of the time and it was amazingly accurate.    There really do seem to be common characteristics.…

If they preach harm to you and to others, should that be allowed in our libertarian land?

Though female scribes who get a foothold in the media almost invariably moan about this faux oppression of women, like a worn vinyl record, turning off all and sundry, this particular woman at least has a case.

She writes about the Muslim treatment of women:

ONE of the perils of being a member of an ethnic minority, particularly one of a Middle Eastern background, is that your representatives in the media have a habit of completely misrepresenting you. It’s not just that these self-appointed spokesmen, invariably men, have certain agendas and attitudes that are often not compatible with modern Australian life but they are so utterly, predictably of a single political persuasion.

The worst tend to be the religious representatives, the media-hungry imams, whose repugnant attitudes and skewered world view tend to alienate and sometimes horrify “the locals”.

At least she has a case about these particular men and so do we, the indigenous – the Imams and other politically active, alien Muslim males are a real problem for the libertarian.…

The Upwinders and the Downwinders

Here’s another one, this time from the States, via Chuckles.

“Teaching is a political act, and you can’t choose to be neutral. You are either a pawn used to perpetuate a system of oppression or you are fighting against it,” Radersma said during the session. “And if you think you are neutral, you are a pawn.”

OK, let’s take a deep breath, step back and analyse this. I need to make a model here which might serve. Not a very good one, admittedly, but it might do.

There are two groups of people on a plain, a steppe, one group upwind of the other. The group upwind rely, for their protection, on armed forces who can come down the hills at that end of the plain and strike at any moment. In redoubts on the tops of these hills are the PTB.

These people are largely lazy, relying on others to do things for them and some time back, the PTB offered “protection” if the upwind group, let’s call them the Upwinders, would do as the PTB wanted.…

Weather manipulation

At the outer perimeter, near the field on the left, is a political space which has been handled so badly by the shrill and the careless on fact checking, the lurid colour brigade.

Pity because often there really is fire where there is smoke and sometime later, things emerge. One example was HAARP, another was Woodpecker, the Russian version. Another was Aum Shinrikyo and their Western Australian earthquake creating [not to mention sarin attacks].

Now another is about a strange day the BBC told the truth, in 2001.   IPJ says:

An interesting BBC Radio 4 documentary about weather manipulation and cloud seeding in UK.
The RAF called it “Operation Witch Doctor”, revealed after dreadful floods in Lynmouth.

‘The Day We Made It Rain’

The UK faces fines of up to £300m a year and embarrassing court appearances after the European commission launched legal proceedings against it for failing to reduce “excessive” levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) air pollution from traffic?

The taking of Kindi hospital in Aleppo

Here’s the sanitized version by the Beeb:

Rebels in the Syrian city of Aleppo have set off a massive suicide lorry bomb to seize back a strategic ruined hospital occupied by Assad loyalists.

A huge fireball engulfed the al-Kindi Hospital, the blast bringing down the central section of the disused building, in Friday’s daylight attack.

Militants driving up in an armoured personnel carrier later piled into one of its wings.

According to an unconfirmed report, 35 rebels died in the attack.

The hospital stands close to a besieged government prison.

Analysts say the capture of the ruined hospital does not alter significantly the balance of forces in Aleppo, Syria’s battle-scarred second city, but it is a boost for the rebels and their Islamist allies after recent reverses.

Here’s the version the Beeb would not show you:

Giustiziati, anche se è un termine completamente inadatto per quello che è un vero e proprio omicidio di massa.

The art of medicine


And anyhow the body seemed perfectly well able to look after itself. In reality, of course, it always does look after itself. All that the conscious ego can do is to formulate wishes, which are then carried out by forces which it controls very little and understands not at all. When it does anything more – when it tries too hard, for example, when it worries, when it becomes apprehensive about the future – it lowers the effectiveness of those forces and may even cause the devitalized body to fall ill.
Aldous Huxley

doctor doctor!

The hypocrisy and legerdemain of the “rights” game

U.N. 1 th

Amfortas is doing a spot of protesting downunder. For NO readers not up to speed, he is protesting against abortion and apparently there is another chap with him, called Graham and Graham has been charged with failing to move on, for protesting within a certain distance of an abortion clinic for girls.

Decades ago there was a to-do on the mainland about that and opinion was divided. Then it was called a “backyard” abortion clinic.

As you can see in the UN charter above, happily expressed in the childish way beloved of the authorities, the right to all sorts of things is assured. Isn’t it interesting how the authorities, if they wish to push the agenda, resort to childish drawings, as if that will put adults off their guard.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand:

Human beings have rights. The US Constitution, for example, considers that they are ‘Inalienable’ Rights, conferred by Almighty God, but the United Nations begs to differ.