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War with ISIS – a view

Chuckles mentions:

War with Isis: As the Militant Threat Grows, So Does the West’s Self-deception

Grim experience had not prevented Western and regional leaders from being influenced by gusts of false optimism. Before the fall of Mosul, nobody seemed to pay much attention to the fact that Isis had captured Fallujah and was operating freely from the Iranian border to Aleppo. After Isis seized much of northern and western Iraq last June, one might have expected it to be taken seriously, and so it was, briefly. But then Middle East conspiracy theorists intervened, claiming that Isis was just the old Baath party disguised in Islamic garb, while in Baghdad it became conventional wisdom that Isis had done a deal with the Kurds who had stabbed the Iraqi army in the back.

This widely believed theory of an Isis-Kurdish plot was knocked on the head when Isis attacked and defeated the Iraqi Kurds in August.

Not so much decline as mopping up the remnant

Women priests want to rewrite Church of England religious services so God is called SHE.

Want both male and female language to be used in religious services.

Ah yes, the old separate male and female languages of yore. Used to be called English.

Having just read ten Google pages of articles on the decline of the church, it’s to be expected it would be dominated by the American churches and in particular the PCUSA [Presbyterians].

Certainly it was going down anyway in terms of church attendances but when viewed from the point of view of Gen Y [or Millennials as some call them], a process which accelerated with the Boomers and thence through the generations, it is in fact merely continuing or reaching its logical endplace.

The child born today is not exposed to a Christian message at home and when brought into school, is bombarded by left-liberal head plus teachers plus texts in subtle ways.…

Gerald Warner And the Left-Liberal Establishment [1]

Any Eurosceptic who imagines this is a British domestic issue, or even a European debate, is sadly deluded. Globalisation is a term usually employed to describe the worldwide economy, the shrinking of the globe by technology and the corrosive cultural convergence these developments have generated.

Some of you might have read Gerald Warner’s piece at Breitbart on the Left-Liberal Establishment. We pundits can bang on about something for years and then along comes a really quite crystallized piece on it and this is one of those.  Herewith an excerpt:…


Not sure I even want to see this one but let’s grit the teeth and do it – Rossa mentions the Saudi Woman’s blog – and the reason I’m not sure is I suspect it’s going to be pretty explicit and grotesque what they do to women.

But then maybe they (the US) are taking a leaf out of Saudi’s book!

Rossa moves onto yet another humanist trying to dissociate Christianity from reason:…

Islam must depart from these shores now

The previous post went into what happens, traumatically, when people in a society simply cannot accept the reality of personal limitations.

The same applies in ideology itself. We pride ourselves on our tolerance, on our libertarianism, on our ability to offer the big tent, saying all are welcome.

Sorry, they’re not and one particular nation where that has come home to roost is Denmark. In the face of terrorism, Queen Margrethe herself was forced to confront the ugly reality for her nation.

“We are challenged in these years by Islam, both globally and locally, and it is a challenge we have to take seriously. … There is something impressive about people for whom religion permeates life from morning to night, from cradle to grave. There are also Christians who feel that way. …

But it [Islam] is a challenge we have to take seriously. We simply let it flutter in too long because we are tolerant, and it’s not so nice.


It’s not just in Doctor Who that darkness has now become a theme – it’s been going on for a long time. In fact, if you look at the seeming innocence of the 50s, the free love and drugs of the 60s and the descending darkness of the 70s [with its dire fashions], you get to the bland, big hair, all for me 80s and then the schlock 90s by which time the exploitation of children was well underway and teachers’ ranks were filling with the left.

And it has parallels or is portrayed in film.  From the opening of Lord of the Rings to the really dark last part with that spider and other nasties, many commented on the descent to the dark.  Golding’s Lor of the Flies went the same way.

The thesis was that if you leave a people unfettered, rather than rise to nobility, they will descend to bestiality.…

The new Unsustainability Agenda coming to you in September

There’s a most ungentlemanly and unChristian reaction to to these people – they are utter p****s.


Unless you view this through Christian-filtered glasses, it hardly makes sense, certainly not for the average watcher.  Just why do these people wish to visit misery and penury on the world’s population?  Why do they wish to wreck the economies of Africa, such as they are and ensure the mass exodus of blacks to Europe, under the guise of humanitarian aid?…

I marionette [2]

end times

This is a rewriting of last evening’s post, hopefully to make it more succinct.

While we’re distracted by the Baltimore riots, Nepal and the Indonesian executions, not to mention the elections coming up, whilst we’re ignoring the rampant sexualization and drugging of children on a worldwide scale, not to mention open access to pornography and all that is bad, let alone the Rotherham grooming plus Dolphin Square – whilst everything distracts us, James Delingpole mentions, thank goodness:…

Nepal and Tibet – centre of the ascended master

This is not actually about gays but it opens with it. wonder if any of you can spot the error here:

Babies born to surrogate mothers in Nepal for gay Israeli couples are flown out of the country in military planes following quake

Yep, you got it – two men lack a a womb between them, so there’s no such thing as a gay couple “having a child”. What in fact they’re doing is sex tourism and child trafficking. Should be in prison, all of them involved in the abomination. They’ll certainly go to hell.

However, that’s not what the post is about, though it is to do with hell.

It’s about Nepal and the region around and not from a geological point of view.  What has not been mentioned in the news and never will be is that the area is the centre for the one who hijacked the name djwhal khul  – by the way, when I typed that now, my tea which had just boiled promptly spilled over the side of the cup onto my leg.…