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Standing lug [2]

It’s only once you start using something or building it in that you more fully see the advantages/disadvantages.

The disadvantages of the lug are known – the luff [sail’s leading edge] hard to keep taut, the flapping in gale force – but there are ways around that.

For a start, the sail would be reefed in a storm. The trick is to have small areas anyway, as in five sails the same area.

Something I noticed this boat above had was the mast raked back [angled back], not vertical.  How brilliant and here’s why.… More here ...

Standing lug [1]

Longtime readers will know I’ve been going on for a long time about different rigs and I’d say I’ve looked at em all.

One of the peculiarities of my boat – 6’10” beam for the canal – is that the mast stays are too close for a boom to swing out without hitting them.

As I’m currently building in these things – the mast steps, bracing for the sheets etc. – I have had to make the final decision.  It has been hovering around the lug sail or square for a while, as both circumvent the design issues.… More here ...

What could possibly go wrong?

There is such a thing as too much Luddite resistance to any change or tech advance on the grounds that it is a change or tech advance, especially for real Luddite concerns such as loss of jobs.

On the other hand, there are things which are technically feasible, the mechanics have been shown to work in ideal situations and that’s good … but … human stupidity is not sufficiently factored in and these days, people seem vastly more stupid and headstrong than previously.  The driverless car situation is one of those.

Then there is the obvious deathtrap under the heading ‘what could possibly go wrong in the mechanics themselves’.  When a system needs multiple components all working well together to operate, then any one of those components failing is not good.… More here ...

Das Boot

First and foremost, it is proceeding but until the deck is finished, it will be at the mercy of the weather. To finish the deck – well, that’s been at the mercy of the weather in itself. All canopies, structures so far, enclosing the boat, have been hit by mini-gales and one of those gales pulled down the brick wall on the other side to this one.

This pic was taken by the iPad from the deck around midday today, the covered timber extends about 40 feet along that wall. The eagle-eyed will note rain on the railing – had to cover the wood below again after the shot.  Also front left of the pile are cut frames ready to go into the stern:

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