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Now to decide on the drapes

antarctic base

What I like about haiku is the way he almost always looks at the design elements first, whereas others might look at what’s behind it, socio-politically or perhaps the implications:

Can we put a cat amongst the pigeons, and say it’s what happens when women get involved? The drapes and the furnishings become more important than the mission?  🙂  It’s an absolute dead cert those bases were built by politicians and bureaucrats.

now for the drapes

My own observation was: “Love all the trees about.”… More here ...

Dr. Jack Crenshaw

Aren’t movies just the absolute best these days – gee, they’re perfect. Sigh. Chuckles keeps his eye on them though [and for that I’m grateful] and sends this one about people taking 2.5 hours to do sums:

hidden figures

There’s more:

The PTB are telling us the movie Hidden Figures is a hit—and proof of the need for more non-whites in films [Hidden Figures Should Be A Diversity Wake-Up Call For Film, by Stacy Smith, Katherine Pieper, and Marc Choueiti, Wired, January 6, 2017].

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Titanic – could they both have been on the door?

Naturally, following the previous post, one had to look at the movie, which I detested but haven’t fully worked out why over the decades – mainly because I couldn’t care less. That is gone into in some detail in the third post at 4 p.m.


This second post now is about whether the door could have supported the two of them. If you have the dimensions and weight of the door, then it’s easy but getting those is more difficult.

In terms of square feet, the rule of thumb in salt water is that 1 cubic foot displaces around 63lbs of water. My own hollow wooden door here is:

0.140625 sq ft x 6.66666 sq ft x 2.65625… More here ...

British sports cars

There was a Jeremy Clarkson vid on Youtube of classic British sports cars and you know what – I didn’t like it. He was pretentious, the set-ups were so contrived and it never told you anything.

Plus he was speaking in that silly BBC speak instead of just talking about the car. He had about twenty people with their cars sitting on chairs in the open air in winter and was asking them about the cold with the top down – not a word about their machines though.

Grrrrr. This American vid was a bit better and at least the man knew his machines:… More here ...


Apple seems to have lost its way, at least judging by the iPad Air2, which has ceased doing things it should and which is now dropping out strangely, then coming back, requiring reinstalls much of the time and there is a version change every few weeks.

Presumably, this is fuelled by concerted efforts to get in from the naughty people but how much loss of functionality can a user take, before concluding the game is not worth the candle? And at £600 plus in the case of my model.

Vox quotes Jerry Pournelle who, methinks, moans over the least bad aspects, but still:

I wish I could return all my Apple devices for refunds. Actually, that isn’t true; I like my Apple iPhone 6, and I’ll keep it; but the iPad is far more trouble than it’s worth, and the MacBook Pro, while useful, suffers from the same security mania that makes the iPad useless.

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