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Courtesy Chuckles:

On the second, one Edward Nowack wrote, in comments:

There is just an awful lot of BS with this new “machine that builds the machine” nonsense. I am the sales manager of a company that makes a specialized industrial control product that is used in auto assembly plants all over the globe. In that capacity I visit body welding robots in auto assembly plants around the world several times a year.

Auto assembly is perhaps the highest expression of industrial automation. Modern plants produce 1000 to 2000 cars per day. Hundreds of very large welding robots do their work to an accuracy better than 1 mm. There are no secrets about how to do it. Robot makers in Europe and the U.S. will sell the same machines anywhere in the world.

No one who understands auto assembly would take seriously the claim that manufacturing engineers at GM, Ford, Honda, Nissan, or Toyota don’t know what they’re doing.

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The issue of AI for a mid-tech supporter

First, via Chuckles:

Recent studies by Google Brain have shown that any machine learning classifier can be tricked to give incorrect predictions, and with a little bit of skill, you can get them to give pretty much any result you want.

This fact steadily becomes worrisome as more and more systems are powered by artificial intelligence — and many of them are crucial for our safe and comfortable life. Banks, surveillance systems, ATMs, face recognition on your laptop — and very very soon, self-driving cars.

Lately, safety concerns about AI were revolving around ethics — today we are going to talk about more pressuring and real issues.

I’d define a low-techie as someone who can visit a blog or use the Job Centre computer. I’d define a hi-techie as the sorts of people I’m hovering about the vicinity of – they know and can programme.

I’d describe mid-techie as knowing some language, able to cobble together CSS for a website and who likes tech … up to a point.… More here ...

Yet another buzz box, albeit with a powerful engine

The Audi SQ5 Is What This Generation’s Muscle Car Looks Like

We’re in the crossover era … This thought came to me as I was driving the 2018 Audi SQ5. The “S” in the name means this is the high-performance variant of Audi’s midsize Q5 crossover. That letter brings a 354-hp single-turbo 3.0-liter V6 making 369 lb-ft of torque; adaptive, height-adjustable air suspension; a rear-biased Quattro all-wheel drive system; and an available torque-vectoring rear differential.

No post would be complete without a moan, so let’s have one. To me, all new models are bland, boring, scripted, just as with all modern films. The new Rolls and Daimler have lost all dignity, stateliness – they’re just more tin boxes on the roads.

No one does classic and graceful any more, no one seems capable, no one seems to have that eye for measured stateliness.

You know what I was unhappy with with the now superceded boat design? … More here ...

You open your mouth, you’re taken down

This has been said before and let me say it again – Twitter is where the action is, not Facebook. The ‘leaders’ worldwide have chosen Twitter to air their thoughts but much more importantly, it is where news breaks first and where individuals can expose corruption before the inevitable takedown – archiving is important.

The vast majority is pap, utter bollox and all sorts of lowlifes are there too – it’s like an information highway, so you meet all sorts along the way. But a few of those have the good oil and here are two examples:

The Sun got to this one too but it first broke on Twitter from the States:… More here ...

Be there or be square

The reason for so many of these posts is that I’m in the nitty-gritty of ordering materials, building, trying to make the right decisions which are now irreversible once made.

What became apparent is that I cannot ignore rig as an afterthought, after the hull is finished, as the mast steps and beams need reinforcing, which are integral through things called ‘partners’. What has also become clear is that with these hulls the way they are, the triple junk rig [a fine rig] is unfeasible.

Problem is this, having done much catamaran sailing and mono [but never trimaran] – cruising monos have most of the sail area up front – see ketches and yawls, but cats must have them back further, with the mast halfway, even behind halfway. It’s quite critical.… More here ...