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Me buy an Apple watch ???

I’m serious 🙂

A few months back a friend – a spry 87 year old who lives alone – took a tumble in his kitchen one Sunday morning, breaking his hip bone and leaving him unable to move. Fortunately one of his sons was coming to visit, so he spent an hour lying on the floor, waiting for his son to arrive, whereafter he was rushed to hospital etc.

Which, since I live alone and have already had a few tumbles of my own, got me thinking. I won’t bore you with my ponderings, but suffice to say Apple seems to offer a viable solution. To wit, see review:

-ECG: Through the Watch app on the iPhone, and the electrical heart sensor on the new edition of the watch, you will be able to generate an ECG (electrocardiogram) by placing your finger against the watch’s Digital Crown. This is a “coming soon” feature that won’t be available on the 21st when the new Watch edition goes on sale, but in an update later this year.

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Air France flight 4590

1. We call it just Concord, what was the company name?
2. Which cruise ship were the passengers eventually headed for?
3. What nationality were the vast majority of passengers?
4. How many crew and passengers were onboard [to the nearest five]?
5. What caused the crash?
6. Who noticed the flames first?
7. There’d been many other incidents with Concorde – main reason? here ...

Of stents, butter and settled science

Steve from Rockwood:

They lost me with bacon (bad for you). They got me back with wine (good for you). They lost me forever with meat (bad for you). I salute them with a bacon-wrapped steak and glass of wine. I’m never going back (i.e. listening to medical experts). If I want someone’s finger up my bum I’ll join the Catholic Church.

When it comes to medical research, it’s almost ALL bullshit. Except maybe for childhood cancer research, which I hope is still done with integrity. And maybe stem-cell research, because it could lead to new breakthroughs. But anything to do with food, digestion, health, longevity, anti-aging – it is all made up nonsense.

The NHS would have a fit.

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Of Hurricanes, Raquel Welch and cancelled Czechs

Josef Frantisek: The Battle of Britain’s Czech hero:

Appeared last week in the newsgroups:

As an aside: one wonders if “The Three Musketeers” qualifies as the most-filmed book of all time ? Surely one of the top ten ?

The 1973 version quoted was one the best, with Raquel Welch proving to be – totally unexpectedly – an exceptional comedienne. here ...