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Some are from Mars, some from Venus

Yeah, right:

Not a Drill: SETI Is Investigating a Possible Extraterrestrial Signal From Deep Space


Explains everything:  The detection of the mysterious signal and the ensuing investigations will be discussed at the IAA SETI Permanent Committee during the 67th International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico, on September 27—the same day and location where Elon Musk will reveal his plans to colonize Mars.

Elon has paid the ETs …


Not so silent partners?…

Today’s debate – that flying bum crash

Usual participants. First, the article on it. And the pic:

flying bum

Chuckles: Hmm Bulgarian airbags? Don’t think the pilot/designers  have studied inertia and pendulum period determination enough.

Haiku: The article that I read attributed the problem to a cable (hanging from the airship) becoming snarled with some-or-other terrestrial object and thus dragging the nose down.

This fact – mentioned in comment #2 – is missing from the Reg article.…

Big Saturday at this end

This is an ‘insertion’ post, unscheduled, written hurriedly. Big day coming up here. It began on waking, with our team downunder ever unpredictable:

Match report: Cats lock in top-two finish after Demon demolition

Apparently it was the Old Firm who did it. Regulars here will know of all the posts on the Cats during the golden era [2007-11] and that it’s quietened down in the past few years.  There were mass retirements, rebuilding, woeful play, some sparks here and there.

End of last season, team missed the finals playoffs first time since 2006 and didn’t like it. So, a mass buy in, along with some judicious buying over a few years, very little in failure that way and it looked good for this season BUT that’s not taking into account Geelong’s major character traits – complete unpredictability, as with this blog and me, seems they decide on the day whether to play or not.…

The indestructable London tube train


Amfortas emailed:

James, I know you have views on James Bond films. I actually watched one the other evening. Skyfall.

It is a while since I watched a Bond film. Indeed it has been a while since I lived in the UK. But the most striking thing about Skyfall – amid all the grandstanding and poseury – was the revelation that a revolution has taken place in underground rail technology. I was astonished at how robust London tube trains have become.

Mystery engine [quiz]

mystery engine 1

  1.  In which decade can you place this?
  2.  Who was the inventor?
  3.  What was the key feature?
  4.  Did any major firm take it up?
  5.  What eventually occurred with it as an idea?