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Because it’s nice and life is too short

While the 2017 addition of the sailplan is not critical to the building in many ways, e.g. it won’t stop me working on the pontoons, it becomes critical with the vast increase in sail area from 500 sq ft to 720 sq ft., something which was not possible with a mono configuration and fore and aft sails.

The full pontoons have also altered the game now in that they will accommodate the extra area but against that, they stress the hull up forward. Click and click pic again to embiggen:

mj sailplan and decks blog

The inevitable result

Article by Rachael:

Metrolinx has packed up its 31-metre-tall wind turbine at the Lisgar GO Station after it produced 91 per cent less electricity than projected.

The provincial transportation agency has officially dumped a pilot project aimed at creating renewable energy using a $620,000 wind turbine.  Unveiled in 2009, the turbine was slated to produce enough energy to power 80 per cent of the Lisgar GO station’s electricity per year – 98,550 kilowatt hours (kWh). It fell far short of its targets, producing less than ten per cent of that.

“These things are sometimes difficult to predict. It was based on educated estimates and, as it turns out, they were lower than anticipated,” said Metrolinx media relations manager Anne Marie Aikins.

Media relations manager Anne Marie Aikins.  Yes.

[H/T Chuckles who asked: “Do you see a pattern here?”]…

What if a whale hits you?

As you can imagine, it’s constant measuring, checking, rechecking on the boat.  Though it’s too late for any major changes now,it’s reassuring to double-check.

And any disaster out there on the water is pored over here, such as the upended ferry.  Chuckles noted:

Positively screaming political correctness cover-up at the moment.

Yes.  It is. They are simply not telling us the story but it’s not hard to surmise, to look at the possible variants.

leviathan II

The adventure of the reversible dressing gown

reversible dressing gownIn a yet further descent into oldmannery, your humble blogger decided to go the PJ and dressing gown route, or “robe” as is my wont, hopefully in at least a bit of style.

It’s reversible, very warm and looks quite snazzy and vaguely Scottish. My summer weight one from Royal Cliff Hotel in Pattaya has now seen better days.  George would not have been the first choice of boutique in better days but needs must in these days of austerity, plus there’s one of these Georges in town.

Also bought two pairs of jeans and a thick hoody for the winter nights in bed, minus woman, the usual hot water bottle now sadly missed. The body is always fine but the head pokes out from the bedding and tends to get a bit chilly, leading to flu etc.…

What if the GPS fails?

Haiku sends a Slashdot article with an interesting comment in the thread:

I’m an officer for the Royal Canadian Navy. I’ve spent time on the bridge of some of our American friends’ warships and it’s sometimes a white-knuckle experience.

Sailing into northern waters away from large constellations of GPS satellites can easily bring your dilution of precision to the point where you could be almost anywhere, and yet many of my American friends didn’t even know what the reading meant on their display. HDOP would be flashing red on the bridge and they would be all fat and happy sailing at full speed.

ECPINS put a dot on the electronic chart as to where they were, so that meant that’s where they are. It was with puzzlement that I first learned that Americans didn’t teach celestial navigation to its officers.

It’s not that celestial navigation by itself is really all that necessary, because yes, even without it, there are other methods.

Turn your brunch into Cinders

In case you’re cooking up brunch, Chuckles rushes you this one:


Yes folks – turn your meals into cinders too.  As they say:

I’m predicting right now that, for the next decade, all of the new advances in home cooking are going to be geared toward precision. There was a time not too long ago when home cooks and restaurant chefs alike were perfectly content to play all loosey-goosey when it came to temperature control and heat output.