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New tech a double-edged sword


Nothing new in this but perhaps a timeless reminder:

Digital cameras are almost everywhere, and they’re getting smaller and smarter. Whole new categories of cameras are being developed that don’t need lenses or don’t need large sensors. Instead, algorithms are being used to manipulate digitized light rays to create impressive images without traditional camera components. Here are just a few examples.

The trickle shower using bucket technology

Did you see this solar-powered shower?


Not much use under 21 degrees.  I’m taking a different approach for the boat.

There’s a bucket with a finely perforated group of concentric circles in the middle of the base.   Another unperforated bucket slides over that and is clipped to the first at the rim.   This double bucket is half filled with cold water and topped up with boiling water from the kettle.

The double bucket is then hung from a strong hook up in the skylight roof support beam.

There’s a large tub of two and a bit foot wide by the same deep in which the person stands.  The outer bucket above is unclipped and the trickle shower starts.

After the shower, the tub is emptied by the handpump into the non-perforated bucket [2 minutes - I've practised] and the water then taken up* and tipped over the side of the boat.…

Of blogs and build reports

Before we start, Restoring Britain has created The Pike Award.   I’ll not give the game away.

Macheath’s also at it again, I see:

There’s more proof this week that science can be fun; a group of researchers decided to investigate the effect of alcohol on relationships by hosting a drunken party for prairie voles.

In an experiment that follows in the noble tradition of levitating mice, stoned spiders and cinema-going ferrets, the usually monogamous voles were plied with drink in an attempt to establish the effects of alcohol on social relationships.

Which takes us nicely into the weekend, methinks.

bow comes on

The advantage of separate cabins is privacy, whilst the advantage of all in together in one salon is communalism and spaciousness.   I’ve gone the separate cabins route for privacy.

Even so, the cabins are remarkably roomy – the forward cabin does not go just to the back of the deck – that’s halfway – it goes back to the second doorway you can just see inside, then comes the salon of about 9 feet length, then the loo/shower area of only 2 and a half feet, then my cabin of 6′ 3″, then the covered cockpit of 4 feet, then the rear deck of around 6 and a half feet – enough space for three and certainly for me most of the time.…