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Of fish and other matters

# The comments in the interview below were made in a semi-spurious way to promote Cleese’s film of the time but methinks those points were well made [8:04 onwards]:

# Tastes not only differ but change with time. I’m finding this below, sent by Microdave, which would have grabbed the attention years ago, does not do a lot for me these days:…

Cyber attacks – is there something else going on … or not?

Haiku writes that he’s beginning to wonder if Bruce Schneier, among others, might just be correct after all:

Over the past year or two, someone has been probing the defenses of the companies that run critical pieces of the Internet. These probes take the form of precisely calibrated attacks designed to determine exactly how well these companies can defend themselves, and what would be required to take them down. We don’t know who is doing this, but it feels like a large nation state. China or Russia would be my first guesses.

First, a little background. If you want to take a network off the Internet, the easiest way to do it is with a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS). Like the name says, this is an attack designed to prevent legitimate users from getting to the site. There are subtleties, but basically it means blasting so much data at the site that it’s overwhelmed.

Driverless technology

This was a self-driving car:


Furthermore, it was mentioned on a tech site, which seems like progress to me.

OK, seems there are some fundamental questions not being asked here:

1. For what would you even need such technology, beyond:

a. Showing off – look what we can invent;
b. Some vague notion of economy;
c. Some vague notion of releasing humans for other duties?…



For the better part of a day, KrebsOnSecurity, arguably the world’s most intrepid source of security news, has been silenced, presumably by a handful of individuals who didn’t like a recent series of exposés reporter Brian Krebs wrote. The incident, and the record-breaking data assault that brought it on, open a troubling new chapter in the short history of the Internet.

The crippling distributed denial-of-service attacks started shortly after Krebs published stories stemming from the hack of a DDoS-for-hire service known as vDOS. The first article analyzed leaked data that identified some of the previously anonymous people closely tied to vDOS. It documented how they took in more than $600,000 in two years by knocking other sites offline. A few days later, Krebs ran a follow-up piece detailing the arrests of two men who allegedly ran the service. A third post in the series is here.

On Thursday morning, exactly two weeks after Krebs published his first post, he reported that a sustained attack was bombarding his site with as much as 620 gigabits per second of junk data.

Whipped cream report


Since the beginner’s luck of the first whipped cream Chez Higham, there have been two abject failures.

In the first, I poured the cream into a bowl and whipped and whipped and whipped and all it did was create bubbles. Nice bubbles at that but … bubbles.

Last evening, brought home some double cream again and had another attempt. Failure. Checked out advice online and they say everything must be cold and that even whipping heats up the cream. Going back to the first time it worked, it had been sitting in a metal saucepan of cold water, not having a fridge ‘n all.

Uh huh. I transferred to a glass bottle and left it overnight in the metal pan again. Now, theoretically, it should have warmed up a bit, not refrigerated but the night must have been cold enough and transferred itself to the metal pan, then glass bottle.…

Planform – afterthoughts

Your humble blogger does apologize in advance to readers – normal service will be resumed asap. Just skip this post and come back at 18:00.

However, this had to be finished, the bow the next OCD focus. The ‘sail’ will be some mix of these below and to be honest, I’m no sailmaker – the thought of sewing and edging, putting in boltropes and the like, that’s a bit beyond me now. Especially with no sewing machine.

But stretching cloth over a frame, even if only ribs at intervals, repairing with similar colour tarp tape – that’s far more my line, I understand things involving wood: