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Computer assessment of my craft


Pictures will be forthcoming once the lacquering/painting begins.  Boat’s currently covered by tarpaulin skirt.

Situation at this time is I’ve had to make the major decision about pontoons. While I’ve been preparing these, it was still unresolved whether they go as two pontoons amidships or four – one at each corner. I’m now ready to put them in.…

In defence of flying kites in design

nautical motifThe nautical motif is everywhere

Sometimes it does take a long time for things to fall into place, particularly with a prototype.

The issue with this particular craft of mine is that it tries to combine two concepts – canal boat/houseboat/ark with yacht. There are common principles but also those militating against one another.

I’ve tried to take those readers interested along with me for that ride.

The notion of designing in a few possibilities for each aspect, e.g. mast positions, rig, is interpreted by my techie mate as jerry building. Presumably he never bothers with prototypes in IT, trying things out, testing them, keeping options open and then deciding on the best variants which blend optimally with the whole.…

Boatbuild post for you to ignore

The rig determines the position of the mast step and the reinforcement. It’s now too late to alter, as it’s now been built in and whatever rig I decide on – a choice of two – it will still go on a 22 and a 21 foot mast, which for a 38 foot boat, is about right for a cruiser.

The typical cruiser for blue water work is the one below, the ketch [or yawl]:

Aglaia small

Wimmin on sailboats

Amfortas is a kindly soul and he’s contributed this to the topic of live-aboard boats:

I know that clip and she has a well set-up boat, she still needs supplies but she’s semi-self-sufficient, which is a good way to be.

He then also sends some piccies. The Laura Dekker ones I have on file and more – it’s a bulging file but a couple are included with pics I’ve not seen, all affirming the joy of sailing:




Let me just shove in some attribution here:

The Knight & Drummer Tavern

Laura Decker and that girl in the clip know just what sailing can do to a soul, as distinct from powerboating. There’s a sort of symbiosis with nature involved.

Methinks one day Laura will, in conjunction with her father, build the next Guppy. They certainly rebuilt that one and far from the perception that Laura just ‘assisted’, she had a major hand in what went onboard and where.…

Boat – the circuits

Very, very rough diagram, with Paint and GIMP the only graphics programmes onboard:


circuits roughly


1.  The philosophy is twofold:

[i] to keep AC, DC, house lights and outboard entirely separated;

[ii] to minimize power when mechanical will cover it.  No servos, inverters etc.

Generator is earthed [or watered] via metal strip.  Outboard earthing is taken care of by manufacturer.

2. Regs say Gen, Battery and OB must all be outside cabin by at least 1 metre. First two have own storage lockers, with run-off and ventilation.  Outboard is covered and secured.  Gen only used  on open to the sides part of  cockpit which has roof.  Refuelling by putting on towpath first.

3.  As you see by the diagram, I’m no electrical engineer but one can’t be all things.

4.  Houselights have their own batteries and wind-up mechanisms and I’ve been using these at home – they work.  It also applies to heating, which is battery driven pads inside sleeping bags.…