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Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday

1. Oh no!

2.  This Russia biz just keeps on giving:

It is so bleedin’ obvious that May was milking it for all it was worth so she didn’t have to face Telford et al.

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The tyranny of the telephone

Haiku quoted this:

These concerns are precisely why I don’t use my smartphone to anything like its full potential, because even though we’re no longer children or teenagers, I’ve seen too many of my adult friends become slaves to their smartphones.

I use no social media apps on mine at all, not even Blogger; I don’t use the phone as a Web browsing device except for urgent need; and I frequently don’t carry it at all, preferring to leave it at home where I’m not constantly tethered to it.

If someone needs me, they can send a text or leave a voicemail message, and I’ll respond as and when I get it. I don’t have to be at others’ beck and call all day, every day. I’d regard that as extremely unhealthy . . . but then, I’m something of a dinosaur, I suppose. I still value my privacy.

He allows voicemail on his phone and responds to it?… More here ...

Artificial earthquakes

In the light of Aum Shinrikyo in Western Australia and subsequently in Japan, this headline obviously attracted attention.

Read the Aum Shinriko post linked above. I used the idea in Das Buch where an island was wiped out where the exiled government of the UK was stationed. it was done with an explosive device in a fissure on the ocean floor.… More here ...

80s tech heaven

The boys’ talk was about what we bought way back when … and in their case, what they constructed. My amp, mentioned further down:

My own level of expertise was lower although I knew the insides of an amplifier. My adopted area was more “capable user”, making films with decks, reel to reels, mixers, usual stuff and I did the light and sound myself for plays and performances. Mounting par cans was all in a giddy ladder height’s work.

It started with Chuckles mentioning Long John Baldry and Old Alzheimers here said we used to play him all the time through the Celestion Ditton towers:… More here ...