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To catch a thief

Rather good, this one:

It’s maybe the most satisfying arrest we can imagine.

Seattle police caught an alleged car thief by enlisting the help of car maker BMW to both track and then remotely lock the luckless criminal in the very car he was trying to steal.

Jonah Spangenthal-Lee, deputy director of communications for the Seattle Police Department, posted a witty summary of the event on the SPD’s blog on Wednesday. Turns out if you’re inside a stolen car, it’s perhaps not the best time to take a nap.

“A car thief awoke from a sound slumber Sunday morning (Nov. 27) to find he had been remotely locked inside a stolen BMW, just as Seattle police officers were bearing down on him,” Spangenthal-Lee wrote.

 When the owner, who’d just gotten married a day earlier, discovered the theft, the police contacted BMW corporate, who tracked the car to Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood.

More here ...

Careful with those sources – a warning to fellow bloggers

The Ron Paul site shows a screenshot of 45 journos who allegedly faked news and in an argument against some on our own side of politics, it’s done as a screenshot of a chart like that at the foot of this page here.

Only on this page, at the time of posting, 06:00 on Monday, November 21st, all the links below work. They take you back to the wiki sources and other sources, plus a general pdf link for all wikilinks.

Obviously, it’s not good enough if links don’t work, which they don’t in a screenshot such as Ron Paul’s and he is running a huge risk, as his name is at the top of Google search on the topic.  Fortunately though, in a circuitous way, via multiple links, the Reddit table below finally appeared.

As normally happens after time passes, many old links cease working and that is annoying because that was one’s evidence at the time of posting.… More here ...

Automobile quiz


1. What’s the 350 in the Shelby GT350’s name refer to?

2. In 1998, a South African inventor in conjunction with BMW designed a novel (and pretty gruesome) method of avoiding having your car stolen. What was it?… More here ...

Those eco cars


Wot be this “for people who want experiences, not stuff” ?

If “There are a pair of fast-charging USB ports up front, 12v power outlets front and rear, and even the option of a 110v power outlet for the rear passengers” isn’t “stuff” then I don’t know what is.

I’ll have one of these below though. Just to be eco-friendly & to do my bit for the environment: no other reasons involved. here ...