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As Sackers points out in general – they laughed at Noah too.

Anyone who listened to shortwave radio or was a ham radio operator from the mid 1970s to the late 1980s will be familiar with a sharp, repetitive “rat tat tat tat” noise that permeated the airwaves disrupting communications and television signals the world over.

Nicknamed the “Woodpecker”, the signal came from a massive array of antennas hidden deep in the woods—two located near Chernobyl in Ukraine, and a third one on the Russian Pacific coast, near the island of Sakhalnsk.

These antennas formed part of an early warning radar system called Duga, that the Soviets developed to detect incoming ballistic missiles from America.

Which is interesting because it has also been associated with HAARP.… More here ...

The inky waters of hi-tech

A point of view:

This is an example of something Steve Sailer has pointed out about Silicon Valley. This industry has thrived as much by thwarting the laws that apply to other industries as they have by pushing the barriers of technology. Whether it is patent laws or labor laws, these big tech firms have played by a different set of rules. In fact, they have often been given the right to make the rules.. Volkswagen is facing a criminal probe over gaming the emissions system, while Apple faces none for tampering with your phone.

The other thing that the printer scams, and now the phone scams, are signalling is the end of the technological revolution. Companies like Google and Apple stopped being technology companies a long time ago. Instead, they are oligopolists. In the case of Apple, they were never a technology company. They were a design and marketing firm that repackaged existing technology into cool consumer products appealing to cosmopolitan hipsters.

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That Australian seaplane again

Rossa’s mother sends [for interest’s sake] a highly slanted account of the seaplane crash, using terms such as:

When the Sydney Morning Herald turned up the fact that the floatplane, registered VH-NOO, had been written off as ‘destroyed’ 21 years ago when in its previous incarnation as a crop-duster landplane, VH-IDI, it was the signal for the ignorant to pontificate about the dangers of ‘old’ aeroplanes. ‘Destroyed’ in the ATSB summary merely meant that the plane had suffered substantial damage when it flipped onto its back and was no longer airworthy. It was certified recoverable by an aeronautical engineer, and was neither too difficult nor expensive to re-construct to certifiable condition.

What is more than likely is that aircraft in the Sydney Seaplanes fleet of Beavers and Cessna Caravans were maintained to standard and as good as new for the light duty sight-seeing tasks they are called upon to perform.More here ...

Small tourist aircraft are dangerous

As a former low-level player of Rugby and not Football, I’m well aware of the rare chances of serious injury in Rugby, whereas in Football, it’s constantly shin issues.

If you decide to sail in an area like the Hawkesbury River in Australia, at the start of the long, hot kids’ holiday January, when everyone and his dog is out, when all the tourist firms are gearing up for a killing, when the temperature variations are wild and cause all sorts of thermals, when the topography only compounds that, then you can be reasonably sure you’re going to be knocked down on a sailboat at some stage of the day, every day.… More here ...