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A surfeit of wimmin

I was glancing at the site yesterday, saw three Uber comments in a row at the top and thought my cup indeed runneth over.

What is this life without wimmin to give you a hard time er to make your life a bed of thorns er of roses.… More here ...

Of roadkill and car hire companies

The intrepid Bill Sticker and wife are in Australia although why, for the life of me, they chose the Australian summer is beyond me, with its 42 degree temperatures.

As far as I can gather, Bill is an English expat in Canada or a Canadian, would not like him to be insulted and I should have thought he’d know about summer temperatures. He mentions “roadkill” and car hire companies ripping him off.

I’ll leave aside the car hire companies for now and concentrate on the topography and heat.… More here ...

Shameless pets

From Bored Panda:

30+ Shameless Pets That Stole Owner’s Partner And Didn’t Even Feel Sorry

I’ve an anecdote about this. Decades ago, in the bad old days [and heady] of WN2, she wanted a Seal Point or Blue Point or whatever it was and that bloody cat even had the temerity to climb into bed with us and get this – place itself between us.

She was so besotted by it that one day when our littlest got out of the front door and went off exploring [man after my own heart], it was ‘suggested’ I go off to retrieve him, that was the tone of voice, but I was already out of the door and racing off down the street.… More here ...

Nuclear Pacific

This is the second post today around a similar theme – that reality or the truth of a matter often comes down to scale, to percentages.  But it also comes down to narrative, journos and the money behind those.

Why don’t I immediately embrace this?

Everything is wrong with it in the eyes of a Deplorable blogger.… More here ...

Winter bliss for Britain

Oh how I wish we could have this again:

Yesterday, getting off that bus with the sleet slashing down but the new winter jacket standing up to it, the doubledecker driver having just grumbled about a draft in the cabin, saying, ‘Mustn’t grumble,’ and making my way back home with two food bags to turn the central heating on and cook up a few days worth of food, I was reflecting that all was well with the world.

This is my time now.… More here ...