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It’s all in two main issues

Stating the bleeding obvious but it’s in:

1. One’s positions and if those are also yours, you can forgive much.
2. How one conducts oneself, how arrogant one is.

From WUWT, via Chuckles:

I gained a dramatic insight into the practice and dangers of anthropomorphism when I was asked to give a talk prior to a presentation by Jane Goodall, of chimpanzee research fame. I realized why I was invited after I spoke about the importance of trees in the urban environment using Winnipeg, the location of the event, as an example.

My role was to extend the event to cover the failure to meet even the minimum expectations of the audience, but there were more severe problems. Ms. Goodall was an unmitigated disaster blatantly using the event to get money to the point where any goodwill was effectively erased. Everybody understood her campaign needs money; it is just the way it was done.More here ...

Indoor plants

I was looking to bringing some houseplants into the flat, ones which I could not kill off and which would not turn into triffids:

… which would strangle me in the night.  Any green thumbs out there who know anything about these things?… More here ...

Food bollox

Haiku asks the question and Chuckles replies:

It’s always amusing to see the kindergarten level logic of chattering class holy writ e.g. ‘If we have decreed that food X is good for you, then eating it raw is Y times better, because ANYTHING raw is better than it is cooked…(typically where food X is a vegetable of some sort, because eating meat is automatically bad)’

We see this in the obsession that salad is better for you for lunch than ANY cooked meal and similar absurdities.

They have absolutely no understanding or even a glimmer of comprehension that there are many, many vegetables out there that are EXTREMELY toxic in their raw form, starting with potatos, dried beans, cassava, wheat, rye, soybeans, etc etc …

More here ...