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Flying fish hit plane


From This is True:

A plane taking off from MacDill Air Force Base, Fla., hit something and aborted the flight.

Assuming it was a bird strike, wildlife manager Lindsey Garven was called to locate it. She couldn’t find any dead birds, but she did find a dead fish. DNA evidence later confirmed that it was the fish that hit the plane.

“This was the first fish strike we have had on base,” Garven said. The pilot, NOAA Lt. Cmdr. Nicholas Toth, was skeptical. “At first, we didn’t believe the test results,” he said. “I mean, how does something like that even happen?”

Garven theorized a bird of prey was eating by the runway and took off, dropping the fish on the plane.

MacDill personnel now refer to the incident as the “fishnado”. (MS/Tampa Bay Tribune)


Keeping it in perspective


Quite interesting how things happen at the same time.

I haven’t been able to blog since early yesterday because my skin decided to erupt, especially around the wrist and hands, though it’s now also spread to legs and neck.   As the two things I’m doing right now are blogging and building, it’s quite uncanny.

There were two points yesterday when epoxy spilt onto first my wrist and then my leg.   So I expected skin issues later and immediately washed and scrubbed the glue off upstairs.   It did get rid of it and didn’t even cause inflammation but what it did do was set off a condition which has been a worry since last year – the skin erupts up and down arms, legs and neck but seemingly nowhere else.   It’s like needles everywhere and prevents sleep, needless to say.

So that was the issue in the past 14 hours or so and I think I’d best get to the doc to sort out – I’ll call them today.…

And pigs may safely graze

5832ff9c97Every now and then something comes up that reminds one of those strange and sometimes unsavory moments you come across in life.

Yesterday the plumber arrived for the first stage of the bathroom update. Before he went, we had a cup of tea and discussed the usual things and what the time scale for the job would be etc.

I asked him how was business and this story emerged.

Before Christmas he had a call out to a property with a burst pipe. On arrival, he was shown into a downstairs “bathroom” where the burst pipe was, somehow the main delivery pipe that ran along one wall had been ‘stood’ on and fractured.

He asked how long it had been like that as there was a lot of water on the floor and they said a couple of months !

At first they said to get water they turned the mains back on and filled what they could and then turned it of again, but that meant the floor getting very wet so they had just used bottled water for everything for most of the two months, it was obvious that they had failed to get anyone to mend the pipe if they had bothered at all.…


This is right about Iceland chicken:

Had some chicken legs from Iceland just this week. They were huge, the biggest I have ever seen, and were nearly as big as turkey legs. Sampled it, but I couldn’t eat them. They did not look natural and put me right off. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, it might in size, but not in taste when pumped up !! Clever packaging means you can’t see what you are getting with some food products. Either these chickens are going to the gym 3 times a week, though I have yet to see any in mine, or steroids might have something to do with it.

The fresh fillets don’t seem pumped up and gelled – the dry texture of the meat is still there but the cooked fillets are awful – they have a glazed feel and taste rubbery, not at all like real chicken breast which tends to shred.   I simply couldn’t eat the precooked and as for frozen, I never would.…

Of cyclists and do-gooding friends of your partner

Where I live just outside of a town between two cities, we don’t get much drama.   There was once a fight outside Morrisons and the whole shop came out to watch – that gives you an idea of what we do for excitement here.

Therefore we also don’t get the type of cyclist that Tom and the Spectator have been going on about, at least not very much … except lately.   There’ve been one or two incidents and they were enough.

I’m not sure what to say about these people – certainly they’re not drivers and don’t understand motorists or the stresses on the road, they’re also a bit strange, dressed in the regulation gear with pointy helmets and three-quarter breeches – I suppose they’re a bit like ramblers with their chunky boots … only on wheels.

I’ve not seen the out-and-out arrogance which is driving Londoners and other southerners apoplectic and no one would dare wear lycra up this way but I can imagine why Tom and others are hot under the collar.   The thing which struck me about one of them I was unfortunate enough to meet was how utterly self-absorbed and intransigent he was, as if he was defending himself.   He seemed – dare I say it – a bit unsocialized.…