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Go east, young man

The west fears the Russians, the Russians fear the Chinese, the Chinese fear the Japanese: … but imagine if the Russians had taken over, this might be your life as a Russian:

Lizards don’t die

My first thought when seeing this was that moment in Terminator when it emerges from the flames: My second thought was another guy’s hashtag: #lizards. I did think about that for a minute, stroking the chin, looked at the pic…

Don’t bring these indoors

Here are a few: Don’t pick blackberries after the end of September as it is considered that the Devil has peed on them by October! We were never allowed to bring lilac or bluebells into the house as my mother…

Open road

Another fascinating set of shots at Daily Timewaster, via Chuckles: Different life they lead. I have two other similar shots which will be used in a different type of post tomorrow.