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Salt of the earth

Instapundit quotes this:

Participants in a recent study with the highest intake of sodium and potassium actually had significantly lower blood pressure, according to an analysis presented earlier this year at the American Society for Nutrition’s Scientific Sessions meeting in Chicago. The group with the lowest blood pressure averaged a daily sodium intake of 3.7 grams a day, far higher than the guidelines suggest.

The findings echo those of a 2016 study published in The Lancet. The largest of its kind, the review looked at sodium intake and blood pressure data in over 130,000 individuals from 49 countries with varying degrees of salt consumption. Low sodium intake was defined as up to 3 grams a day, just shy of the 3.4 grams a day that Americans average. Four and 5 grams a day was considered “moderate” intake, and 7 or more grams a day as “high” consumption.

The authors found that populations with very low sodium intake seemed to have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and death than those with moderate intake.More here ...

Bounteous harvest [part three]

You may have noticed:

Bounteous harvest part one

Bounteous harvest part two

… in which we showed this year’s results from Chuckles gardens. Well there’s more, as you’ve probably gathered.

Pic 1 [below] note: Looking over the experimental ‘3 sisters’ companion planting bed. 6 rows of 3 mounds, each with a 5L pot buried in the middle of it. The mound plantings alternate squash, corn and beans, squash, or corn and beans, squash, corn and beans. The squash plantings are 9 different varieties of winter squash, 2-4 plants of 1 variety per mound.
Beyond them are 2 bed of 3 mounds each with 4 varieties of pumpkin, and on the left the right hand edge of 2 beds of 4 mounds each, with summer squash and corn.

All beds are covered with black plastic fabric to control weeds and for soil warmth:

More here ...


When I finally depart, I would not object to it being in the late autumn, having enjoyed the early autumn, the only regret being that I’d then miss the beautiful winter quietness of glistening January snow.  Perhaps I could hold out until then.… More here ...