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It’s all about how you feel

San Francisco can really get in touch with its feelings:

Clifford called it an “invitation.” Forest bathing walks are a series of invitations to do something, like “embody awareness” or “notice what you’re noticing” or “talk to a tree.”

“I want everybody to find a tree that’s your twin,” said Clifford. “Talk to your tree. Ask your twin about yourself. Find out all you can from your tree. Put your hand on your tree. Take your time to get to know your tree.”

“My tree asked me why I was so afraid,” said one forest bather.

“My tree said it thought that we could grow together,” said another forest bather.

Chuckles and I are without further words. Some viewing on this topic: here ...

The dog in the overhead locker

As so many said, there’s something which smells off in this story. IMHO, it could have been at any point in the narrative, from the passenger herself to the flight crew to the other passengers around her.

A flight attendant [presumably from another airline] said:

It’s against regulations to put an animal in an overhead bin. I’m flight crew so I know. Every LIFE must have breathable oxygen. And any animals in a cabin must be entitled to an oxygen mask at a bar if seats. I’m appalled and saddened. Thank goodness it wasn’t a baby. The flight attendant should be fired over this. Causing a death by failing to comply with federal regulations as they are trained to enforce.

Another American wrote:

I find it highly unlikely that the entire flight crew and all the passengers seated nearby allowed this to happen and didn’t check on the dog once.

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1. Which animal are the Canary Islands named after?
2. Canary Wharf is on which isle?
3. What do Spanish Timbrado and German Roller refer to?
4. Which animal does London’s Isle of Dogs refer to?
5. Is it the male or female canary which sings?
6. In which recent year did the use of Canaries in mines cease?
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A surfeit of wimmin

I was glancing at the site yesterday, saw three Uber comments in a row at the top and thought my cup indeed runneth over.

What is this life without wimmin to give you a hard time er to make your life a bed of thorns er of roses.… More here ...