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New developments in the Kavanaugh sex circus

This would ordinarily be a musical post but I haven’t got any to hand whilst I do have these Kavanaugh developments, it’s taken a bizarre turn in the last few minutes.

Let’s go back to the beginning. Just before Kavanaugh was due to be confirmed as SCOTUS justice, a major blow to the Democrats and all in the establishment, a woman, Christine Blasey Ford appears and accuses Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct 35 years ago in high school.

She cannot remember where, she cannot remember all their names yet she knows Kavanaugh is one of them.

Things start to come out.  She is a Stanford professor of psychology who heads a CIA interns program at Stanford. Her father, Ralph G Blasey Jr, was a CIA Black ops paymaster (sic), part of the training being how to pass polygraphs.

Stanford now hides her profile:… More here ...

The problem with Mari Stull’s blind loyalty

Mari Stull is one of those conservative women, a Deplorable, whom I hobnob with on Twitter – I love such gals, all good.

And you should see their apoplexy over the Kavanaugh shenanigans.  I suggested to one such lady that she run for the President and she said she wasn’t cut out for it, she was happy doing as she was doing.

I can understand the Donald insisting on a loyalist like a Sarah Huckabee Sanders or a KellyAnne Conway and planting her deep inside the State Department but it brings with it some issues as well.… More here ...

The idiocy of modern women

Just how stupid are these women? First Gina Miller in high heels on the edge of the cliff at Dover – chalk cliff, mind, on grass – what a total moron, just like her treachery.

As that post which featured her lunacy is now closed off, I’ll put one of the comments from elsewhere, from a chap called Scrobs, and he goes much further than I:

The silly bitch has no idea what chaos the picture will bring.

Pretty well everyone in the UK will ask why she stands there like some sad ageing sleb, trying to make an issue of something she is profoundly unsure about.

Silly old bag – grow up and do a decent job for the UK.

Or better still, get on the next flight to Guiana, do not pass Go. Now, yer Onner, I submit that the fact that Nadine and Julia called her out first is prima facie evidence that there ARE sane wimmin about, let’s call them ladies.… More here ...

They’re an absolute menace

You see the focus in both this and the one below? It’s all about the “heartbroken tears” from the perp, nothing whatever about the poor sods of victims of these Millennial girls who, frankly, are just a menace now.

I’m in the middle of medical things myself right at this moment, in the hands of such female nurses, at their mercy.

My mother was trained as a nurse, I’ve great respect for the profession as it was – Florence Nightingale, Nurse Cavell, the days of the dragon queen chief sisters – but now it is different.

When I had my heart attack, it was all right in A&E – the nurses did well under pressure.  It was when we got up to the ‘cushy’ wards where the bad lot were to be found, different attitude altogether.

I ended up in the terminal ward for some reason, last resting place before the slab, and I still recall the neglect, the four or five nurses inside their little office, shrieking raucously through the night as they told their jokes.… More here ...

How about being what you were built to be – a lady?

No, no, no, no, exactly as you’d expect – silly little leftwing SJW Millennial snowflake, as usual, getting it diametrically wrong.

No one’s interested in you being a “badass”, it cuts no ice in a female, it helps no one, you can’t do it anywhere near the level of a man and men don’t need you as a poor imitation of a man, they need a lady. You’re no use to women either – women look to men for this.

Plus there is this:

More here ...

The replacement of love by sex

There was certainly a lot of nooky going on with Valentino, and Don Juan was a slave to it but in the films of yesteryear, whatever was happening off-set, the setting for sex on-set was love.

Sure the waves crashed on the shore but that followed a lot of foreplay and certain words of commitment.  James Bond was one of the first films to extol sex for the sake of sex.  There’ve always been Bohemians in London but we’re not talking great numbers – the average citizen was still conventional.

These days, it all comes down to numbers.  If a certain number of Africans once came to Europe, it added colour but now the unfettered hordes pouring in is population replacement. Similarly, what boy did not get a sneak peek at his father’s Playboys or in some other way?

There were limits – limits of supply, limits on how it could be procured. … More here ...