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Feminist apparel

Oh dear:

It all came to a grinding halt in June of 2018 when Feminist Apparel staff discovered that the brand’s founder and CEO Alan Martofel had an admitted history of sexually abusing women. In fact, he claims it’s the reason why he started the company in the first place. After asking for his resignation, all nine employees were fired without notice or severance. (Only Martofel and an outside consultant remained.)

“This is the patriarchy and toxic masculinity at its fucking finest,” says Rebecca Green, the company’s now-former art director. “I feel righteous and angry. I feel supported by my coworkers and friends. I also feel tired. I feel incredibly sorry knowing that there are survivors in this office who were led to believe that their contributions to this company were directly going to creating a safe space and platform for survivors, feminists, and marginalised identities.

As an artist myself creating work based on my own experiences with the patriarchy, toxic masculinity, and harassment for this company — and by extension this man — I feel used and wilfully misled.”

OK, there is that topic in itself, that man, those feminists.… More here ...

Hot docs

This lady doc is not the one in the story – this one is a criminal who drove a vehicle into people because she was upset.

In reply to this at the Wail:

Patients should stop ogling us and boasting ‘how hot is their doc’ online say furious snowflake, pretend-GPs

… I replied at that August organ:

She’s no sight for sore eyes herself, is she?

and then:

My doc was hot, at least until they changed the system and now you don’t get to see the doc but only the hired help, the nurses.  But they’re hot – whoa, eh, whoa!  Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Now, a non-snowflake or non-feminazi would recognise immediately that that was just a wind-up.  I can only say such things online if the women of my friendship and acquaintance really do know I’d never treat them like that.  Only they can say how I treat them.… More here ...

New York etiquette, 1899

Can you say what’s wrong with this picture? There is something very wrong with what it is conveying, not the artwork.

Moving on, etiquette cut both ways. While there was a plethora of rules, all designed to preserve that ladylike status for women and therefore protection, the “lady” still had to play her part and remain virtuous. Remember this yesterday?

Which brings up the thorny question – what to do if the celeb is a slapper, an unworthy, loose woman, which they’re training girls to be in schools now across the west?

Whither etiquette?

[H/T Chuckles for the article]… More here ...

The rank dishonesty of Mad Cow Maddow

… and most Democrats, Labour, RINOs, CINOs, Remoaners.

I was unfortunate enough to see a Bill Whittle episode on Mad Cow and thought she couldn’t be as bad as he made out.

She was. She was worse.  It was about the Reno air show and there was a crash of an ageing plane, some people were hurt.  Mad Cow went on MSNBC and called for all air shows to be banned – that’s the sort of thing the left does.

MSNBC’s ratings dipped drastically in recent months but there are still poor sods watching that creature. You’ve never known me have a real go at lesbians before but I shall in her case – she has dyke written all over her, with the hysterical emotion-riddled excuse for journalism she goes on about.… More here ...

If we’re treading on thin ice, we may as well dance …

Not a reference to ice but to Royal Ascot.  I’m going to pull no punches about these damsels below.  The pics are by various sources at the Wail – by the time I composed this post and went to the Wail for the url, it had gone and become something about Sparkle.

Now, the theme of this post is what is nice and why, what is awful and why.

Nice and why

1. Age truly doesn’t come into it for me – if she holds and conducts herself as a lady, that will do me, thanks:

2. Possibly the nicest there:… More here ...