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This is wrong …

so, so wrong:

Not good enough, the BBC report. How did they get there? Why? Why were they not at school or why had the teachers not reported them missing or where was the mother?

Yesterday, as we were driving away from a shopping centre, there was a girl of about that age walking entirely by herself towards McDonald’s along the path – she was preoccupied with music and had not the faintest idea she could be in trouble.

What insanity lets girls out on their own, especially today? At a minimum they should have their mates with them as a group. And no, it’s not the same for boys. And at least if she’d been on a bike there’d have been some chance of escape.

Though with Muslim gangs – probably not.… More here ...

Obscene pay rises for useless women

The worst aspect is that, it being the BBC, we have absolutely no say on this matter, though you pay through the TV Licence fee.

The second worst aspect perhaps is that it is doing nothing in the long run for women on the whole, just creating massive resentment against them – and it is the very worst women who are getting these salaries, those whose opinions are not worth a tinker’s cuss.… More here ...

The Last Post

This is one of those tricky ones where a private email to me has a great deal of general interest to it, such that I have to disguise the sender and still present the content:

James, [we] were discussing a new TV series earlier, set in Aden during the little unpleasantness there, which the missus has decided is worth watching, having watched the pilot.

This despite an earlier prediction by me that it was the sort of prog that the BBC were almost certain to go full on revisionist history, PC SJW, all barrels firing.

[My mate] queried whether it had been the obligatory ‘getcher knickers off darlin’ scenes which had been the decider, since it was definitely of the ‘hot summer nights, rams go mad’ extended directors cut variety.

Whilst looking for reviews of the show, I happened on this, which is an interview with the thesp who plays the “bicycle, officers for the use of” starring in the aforementioned scene.

More here ...

Professor loses plot over Vegas

You’ll get to the nub of this better by looking at the vid just into the article:

This is the professor who lost it:

According to Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Mike Lopez, a female faculty member had a “breakdown” in Fertitta Hall and started yelling about an active shooter, which “caused everybody to panic.”

Chief John Thomas of USC’s Department of Public Safety said it was reported that during class, a faculty member “falsely told her students there was an active shooter in the building.”

All right, my question is this – it’s a business school, so what are they doing making crazy young girls professors? And what money are those students paying for the privilege?

Sigh – yet another example, innit?… More here ...

Another one bites the dust

Any major institution or corporation in Australia is heavily into Narrative, I’d say more so there than here as the Australians have always been naive and embrace things wholeheartedly, no matter how BS those things are.

There’s a quite sickening recent clip by the Geelong FC CEO who had two lady footballers beside him – apparently the club has been accepted into the Big Comp in 2018. I say well done to the girls and hope they enjoy it.

However, he couldn’t stop there, this CEO, could he? He had to go on with this BS about how they were going to integrate the men’s and women’s teams and fight for diversity and equality and so on.

Even the girls looked at him strangely – how on earth are you going to integrate women into men’s teams? The girls would be concussed in minutes. We’re talking 6’4″ men of 17 stone crashing into 5’6″ girls of 9 stone and taking them out.… More here ...