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While it was nice some days back to be able to offer encouragement to Hope Hicks as the new comms director for the White House – she being a savvy and talented gal – sadly we must return to the worst type of women again today:

According to the New York Post, NBC is reportedly “sparing no expense” on Kelly even though she arguably dragged down much of the network during her first two months there as her Sunday newsmagazine show was usually NBC’s weakest link.

Due to terrible ratings, Kelly’s Sunday show was pulled at least two episodes sooner than planned, and there are questions about whether the Sunday news magazine show that exposed her vapidness will even return after the football season.

Viewers promptly returned to NBC to watch a rerun of Dateline as soon as Kelly went off the air.

For those not up to speed on this woman who’s always resembled a reptile to me, she was a high flier at Fox, anchoring their key news and interview show and the sky was the limit.… More here ...

A crisis of Faith

It had to happen – watching her charging around in Charlottesville, I thought – oh dear, this is not going to end well.

There are four aspects:

1. Faith Goldy in Charlottesville
2. Faith and the Daily Stormer
3. Ezra’s own blackmail issue
4. The cancellation of the free speech debate.

To bring the uninitiated up to speed, Faith was one of the few pundits who was actually there on the ground at Charlottesville, she’d been warned not to go by her her own people at Rebel media, people who knew what would be done to her.… More here ...


Does she remind you of one of the Middletons?

Various reports say Harry put the question in Botswana, hence the sudden media interest again.

Let’s assume he has, therefore the couple are of interest to us to a point.

I saw three comments:

# She’s Roman Catholic, divorced, from a dysfunctional, bankrupt family, mixed-race, American and an actress.

# If Meghan Markle is a Roman Catholic, Prince Harry will be obliged to give up his place in the succession to the throne, as did Prince Michael of Kent when he married an Austrian RC. In this day of equality it seems unfair, but this is how it has been since the Stuart monarchs.

# They won’t be able to marry at Westminster Abbey because Markle is divorced. St Paul’s Cathedral would not be available either.

Think this puts paid to that:… More here ...

How many more examples do you need?

Study shows 75 percent of women fail to meet Marine combat standards

A new study has revealed that only a quarter of female Marine recruits are passing the gender-neutral physical tests required for ground combat jobs.

The Marine Corps Times reported Friday that, according to recently released data from Training and Education Command, less than 1 percent of Marine recruits joining to train in combat arms career fields this year were women. Of the women who did join the training, 75 percent failed to meet the physical standards necessary and were forced to take non-combat jobs.

We have been going on about this here for years:

And the Q.E.D.:

More here ...

Emotional blackmail

Please bear this in mind throughout this post:

Please also bear in mind that she is one of hundreds of kindred spirits following each other on Twitter – male and female.  We retweet each other, we get along well, even when hard things are said.

It puzzled me for so long – how was it that my life partner was always right, how did she always come out on top, how was I always the guilty one, sometimes not even aware that any crime had been committed in the first place?

It was this way for a long time, accepting I’d done something wrong to upset her and it happened with the three partners in my life over the decades:

More here ...


I’d like to claim there were distinct differences between this man’s multi-dating and my own version one day in the early 2000s.

A 28-year-old man from Washington D.C. is coming forward after he was caught red-handed coordinating dates with six different women in the same night, back-to-back. Justin, a project manager, spoke with Inside Edition and explained his strategy.

“I’m looking for love,” he said.

This all started last week when Lisette Pylant, girl number one, went on a date with Justin at Truxton Inn. “Towards what I guess what would have been the end of our date, his second date shows up and he introduces me to her as his friend,” Lisette told Inside Edition.

Perhaps he was in the same position – breaking up with his lovely lady he’d become part of – and needed to fill the void. Easy to say that’s wrong but if she’s no longer there, then all those nuances, that presence, is now a powerful and painful vacuum – a bit of company with women you’ve known as friends eases it a bit, chewing the fat etc.… More here ...


Is this right?

Katehi, 63, resigned as chancellor last August after months of controversy, culminating with a $1 million, four-month investigation launched by University of California President Janet Napolitano. She was granted a year of paid leave and is scheduled to return as a professor in September.

Katehi’s new nine-month salary as a distinguished professor, when annualized, is equivalent to the $424,000 annual amount she received as chancellor, The Sacramento Bee reported Friday. The salary was determined by the engineering department, according to university officials.

Katehi can earn additional money from work on extramural grants or through summer teaching, Hexter wrote in his letter.

Last year, she initially drew criticism for accepting a board seat from for-profit DeVry Education Group while it was under federal investigation for allegedly misleading students. She later came under fire when The Bee reported she spent heavily on image-enhancing firms to boost her reputation after the 2011 pepper-spraying of student protesters by campus police.… More here ...