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Margarita Carmen Cansino

Whatever one thinks about Rita Hayworth’s private dealings, the gal could dance:

When Astaire was asked who his favorite dance partner was, he tried not answering the question, but later admitted it was Hayworth: “All right, I’ll give you a name,” he said. “But if you ever let it out, I’ll swear I lied. It was Rita Hayworth.”

And:… More here ...

Purely conjecture, total speculation you understand

Apologies to Buddy Holly:

Please don’t tell, no, no, no
Don’t say that I told you so
I just heard a rumour from a certain site

I don’t say that it’s true
I’ll just leave that up to you
If you don’t believe, well that’s your right

You’ll recall a girl that’s news – well, almost every day
This is what I’ve heard, of course the tale could be astray

She’s the one, I’ve been told
Wearing her THIRD bright band of gold

Rachel Megs got married long long ago-o-oh-a-ho-ho.

And the gossip? That this is Megs’s third marriage, not her second.

It was a Northwestern University alumni and now criminal lawyer named Joseph Goldman-Guiliano. The relationship lasted for 2 years but ended up in an annulment.

In the United States, annulment is almost identical to a divorce but it’s a legal declaration that the marriage never occurred. Hence, it’s hard to find any paper trails about this marriage.More here ...

Wimmin on bikes – moral issues

The point of view this blog takes is that if we’re not sailing close to the wind on issues, then we’re not doing our job, we’re not fulfilling our stated objective of challenging preconceptions.

In the case of wimmin on bikes, this is complicated, in my case, by a simple eyesight issue, illustrated by this first pic. I have two sets of specs – long and medium and use the medium when outside, so that at a distance, I often have to guess and when it comes to females, that can present danger.

There’s no danger once they start moving, as the gait gives away what they are but when propped, as in this pic, with a certain blurred form in view ahead, one needs to stop and be cautious. Up close, she seems eligible to approach and say hello – she’s small but seems well within the safe age.… More here ...