The gay issue

It goes without saying that this is an exceedingly difficult post to write.

Let’s start here. There’s a distinct difference between the way that the radical left speaks of all the isms they construct – racism, sexism etc … and the way rational people see it.

For the radical left, these are just words to throw at someone who disagrees with them, in an attempt to vilify and marginalize any who would disagree, even to having that person punished. That’s a topic in itself.  Worse, they set themselves up as judge and jury.

And the way the words are applied are just plain wrong. I’ve often thought why.  Maybe it’s ignorance, maybe it’s deliberate, in order to cast another person in a bad light.

For me, [and I would think for rational people in general], racism means you simply don’t like or are nauseated by persons of another race, no matter how nice that person you meet is.  All I can say is that I’ve lived among blacks, Muslims, Russians, the French and so on, even had girlfriends from among them and have had no issue in this sense.  I was part of a gay social circle for some time.

What I do have an issue with is behaviour, self-entitlement, PCism, the Narrative, victimhood poker. This is where a radical uses a minority status [or even majority in the case of feminists] and plays it for all it’s worth, for the purposes of dishonest gain, using special pleading but at the same time, displaying astounding prejudice against the very people they don’t like.

It’s all about personal gain, about their own climb up the greasy pole. And in a zero sum game, where someone loses his or her job in order to placate this noisy victim, that’s simply not on.  What’s also not on is going into schools and trying to indoctrinate naive children, having already indoctrinated the teachers.

In this, the organized left radicals are a mafia.  One of the worst, as they have UN, EU and taxpayer funds behind them, is the gay mafia.

In the same way as with all other issues of this kind, there has been plenty of legislation, more than enough, there are basic human rights which cover everyone and frankly, to keep on about it even after having been given everything they could reasonably ask for, is dishonest and gets the back up of normal people.

I had no issue with gays, as long as they kept it private and found a room. As long as they didn’t try to involve children, it was fine.  They lived their lives, I lived mine.

Apart from the obvious reason why children should not be in the sphere of gays – namely that children need both the natural mother and father as far as humanly possible and be left unmolested by groups pushing their radical agendas, there is also a very personal reason.

I was molested as a child by gays.  Being male and those men being male, ipso facto, this was gay molestation and rape.  I don’t give a damn what proportion of heteros are involved nationwide – vis a vis me, a male child, being molested by a male adult – sorry, that is statutory gay rape.  and in two of those, they were leading lights in the gay community. So please don’t even start on the bollox about it was not. I was the one molested, I know who and what they were.

And I have been greatly underwhelmed ever since.

However, that notwithstanding, when I started to move in a gay [more camp rather] circle in my 20s, there was no issue for me, as long as 1. I didn’t have to watch it, 2. they were discreet.  I apply the same rules to heteros snogging in front of me.

I simply don’t wish to see it and believe I have the basic human right not to have to.  I also believe that most gays I know find that acceptable, in the light of my history and there it is.

That’s not where it ended though, was it?  Governments and the UN, the EU latched onto it as a great wheeze to push their population control.  Already tightening the screws on western society, letting in rampant immigration, especially in England, all the rest of it, they knew that the one issue which would kill all the birds with one stone was the gay issue.  it gained them:

1.  The criminalization, incarceration and eradication of Christians who refuse to accept this ridiculous gay “marriage” concept;

2.  The killing off of marriage, the bedrock of society and the source of the natural family, which is one of the key precepts of Them’s manifesto;

3.  Population control;

4.  Rancour and division in the community such that no other issue has been able to, although immigration comes halfway up to it.

Reader Ivan Turner wrote this, referring to America’s day of shame:

All of this shows just how bad a republic is as a political system for running a country. It also shows they are slavishly following the Agenda 21 outline to reduce world population in the developed countries.

This idea of homosexuals being used to regulate world population is not new especially when coupled with eugenics, in fact there were several stories with that as a theme in the 50s and 60s and in those stories it started in the US.

I assume this is Obummer trying to find a ‘legacy’ to make him look better in the history books – there can’t be a worse presidency, can there?

And ne’er a truer words was spoken than from Behind the Veil:

The fool who let this ride is a fool indeed. in time he too will become an enemy of the progressives. serving them will be no protection. Once he has outlived his usefulness he will find himself looking for help as it eats him alive too. He has simply cleared the path for the next wave, whatever that cause will be.

Likewise, those in the next wave will be fodder for the wave after. When we get to where we seem to be going we will be in a nightmare we cannot fathom -one we might not be waking up from.

Reminds me of the Niemoeller situation – they’ll come for your group next.  The poor fools now enabling the UN, EU and our nominal governments to do this, to oppress an unpopular minority which was once the majority, on pain of penalty, including incarceration – these people believe THEY are the enlightened ones, doing good.

In fact, they are enabling very great evil and the UN, EU and the governments say thank you very much, we put that one over you, you suckers. Now watch our next move.

But by then it will be too late.

This bollox about “equal” marriage is the most disgraceful misapplication of language.  In fact it is a crime against humanity.  “Equal is one concept, applying to two of the same kind. Marriage is a specific definition, sanctified, and means only man and woman.

As for the utter tosh by those drinking the Kool Aid on this, the Bible does NOT condone gay marriage in the least and to say that shows zero understanding of the notion of “sanctified” marriage.  This is the UN’s whole aim – to desanctify it through all sorts of means, e.g. porn, feminism and the gay thing is simply another of these.

The most outrageous bit, apart from it being a misnomer, is that gays don’t need it in the least, this judgment.

Gays have had no issue in these decades in living their lives together, it didn’t need anyone coming in and oppressing a different group in order to make the gay mafia happy.

The immediate future

Clearly, Christians will be the first to feel the heat, e.g. the bakers who would not make a gay cake – that was a total wind-up, no one needed a gay cake at all – it was purely political.  And a real Christian obviously flatly rejects the whole notion.

Therefore, the ball is back in the government’s court.  Will they fine and incarcerate a pastor for refusing?  Remember, that pastor is not refusing the person to come to his Maker, he’s refusing to endorse the desanctification of marriage … as he must.

The whole thing will be swamped, though, by other considerations:

1.  The SCOTUS decision was unconstitutional and will be challenged;

2.  Society has been severed, it has split right down the middle now.  Even the leftwing NYT conceded that 5-4 was a split vote.

It is the splitting of society over something so, so unnecessary for anyone which is the most debilitating thing.

4 comments for “The gay issue

  1. Ed P
    July 24, 2014 at 17:27

    Very interesting James. I too suffered some unwelcome homosexual advances (from a schoolteacher when I was 13, in 1965), but thankfully my resistance made him give up on me and move to an easier victim. (The school did nothing about it of course – I found out much later that the head knew about this teacher’s habits and turned a blind eye to them. And he was not the only pervert there.)
    I am all for equality and implacably opposed to “positive” discrimination – I abhor all special interest groups, such as women-only shortlists and gay pressure groups. I too have some gay friends and also have no boundary issues with them. My only plea is let’s keep gay as an adjective, not a noun – referring just to gays I find makes me uneasy. Saying gay men or gay women is fine, but please not just “gay”.

  2. July 25, 2014 at 00:52

    Thank you James for your honest account. I knew you had been molested in your childhood but I had not realised how much those experiences still affected you.

    In my opinion those people are perverts and abusers of power.

    Like you, I have friends who are gay (of both sexes) and they would never even dream touching people in a sexual and inappropriate way! They are gay and have come to terms with it and live their lives quietly but are openly honest about who they are.

  3. January 19, 2015 at 14:02

    Hey James,
    Having been a regular at Orphans for some months I have only just discovered your own blogg, which I am delighted to have discovered as I agree with so much of what you say on all the topics you discuss at Orphans.
    I am the mother of a gay son, I adore my son and love him unconditionally but I agree with 100% of what you say and it is parallel to my own views.
    My son is a fantastic young man with so much to offer, and all I want is for him to be happy but his choice of sexuality does make me sad and that’s my issue not his.
    I have no experiences of homosexual acts but the thought that my son would engage in such acts appals me and scares me by equal measures, I have to separate this part of him from the rest and almost ignore it in order to deal with the feelings I have, again I add this is MY issue and not my sons I have never shared these thoughts with him because I would be ashamed for him to know how I feel it stems from being mainly raised by Victorian grandparents.
    He is not overtly homosexual in fact 99% of people meeting him would never know and assume he is straight, he is very select about who he shares his sexuality with.
    He is appalled and disgusted by much of what the gay lobby gets up to in the name or progress and acceptance and at the aggression of their behaviour,
    In his view this make them as bad as those who discriminate against gay people.
    I just wanted to add my comment.

  4. January 19, 2015 at 18:29

    Thanks, people. I am going to tighten the post up now [19.01.15] as it rambles a bit and I need to do one on feminism and one on Islam as well. So it will read a little differently but all the elements are still there.

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