Why the Higham has crossed a medical line

Reason for this post

As with most men I know, I’m not comfortable banging on about medical conditions/ailments for the simple reason that if I don’t dwell, methinks it will all just go away.

Not so but it’s what I tell myself.

However, two things have happened – firstly, I’ve crossed some sort of line of late, medically, and secondly, there are actually some ladies who keep an eye on me through this blog and this page is for them and for the one or two males remotely interested.

Rather than having to constantly trot out the report below, a monumental waste of energy and boring for all concerned, I thought I’d put it all on one page and then link to it any time medical things got in the way of blogging and I needed to explain.

General report for potential girlfriends

I’ve always had stomach cramps, nosebleeds and sinus issues – they’ve been low level all my life. They were never debilitating for longer than half a day and usually were no great issue, maybe a few times a year.

In Russia, the sinus issue became critical and tabs called Semprex and Claritin were used, the issue was worst around my gf [her perfume?], cats, smoke, chemicals and it took the form of sinus attacks which took fifteen minutes to get over. They were real attacks, running through the body, muscles, eyes, ears. A mate who was into the occult said someone was putting hexes on me. Maybe, maybe not.

Aside from those and the start of bronchitis, which means I can’t handle pub smoke any more, I was fine – physically quite fit, as the heart surgeon wrote in his report, up and down four flights of stairs each day, joints good, puff good, strong in the muscles, no issues between the legs [which has actually caused problems for certain ladies over the journey].

The boat and epoxy brought on skin issues which flare up, then go away. Last winter, tinnitus began and has become worse, it’s being checked out.  These heart drugs do seem to be very slowly dimming the memory, which was never much good anyway to start with.

The heart has obviously complicated the matter but when running Ok, things are as they were, which was not 100% but liveable.

Eyes are not much of an issue, no major things, hearing’s fine, maybe too sharp at times.

Cascade effect

By far the most common culprits are heat and cold.  If I sleep and the already slightly lower body core than most people [it’s been an issue in the past] drops even further, then sinus is triggered, which then triggers stomach, which now triggers heart, which in turn triggers muscles, which then …

… and so if I now see this starting, often through soreness at the back of the throat, as in this Saturday, it’s time to withdraw and take measures.

And I’ve good measures at hand, the front line being the simple hoody and controlled but working ventilation of the flat, plus a good diet.  Even in Russia, I kept the temperature regulated, often through use of the door to the balcony.  Too hot and stuffy is as bad as too cold.

On Friday, I went to the supermarket in not sufficient clothing, the temp was down outside and worse inside the cold foods section, there were also many people with residual and new viruses, the rest is history. Back home, I could feel the old familiar back of the throat starting.  Muscles are aching etc., very tired. It’s better away from people.

Dust can be a factor and I’m moderately good/poor at keeping this down – it’s always better after cleaning the place thoroughly and I’m in a very dusty geographical area. I’m pretty clean anyway on the personal level, you might say fastidious. Spiders and flies in the flat are not too much of an issue.


The most obvious implication is that all this sounds very convenient for a man who doesn’t want to do certain things. e.g. socialise, go out, face responsibilities etc. Against that, the former headmaster in me says the show must go on as far as humanly possible and I like my routines, dislike interruptions to them, it also gets boring not being capable for any time. Don’t like it. It’s also an admission of age/declining health.

If I do say I can’t come out and play though [unlike this Ford woman in the Kavanaugh case], odds are it’s true.  But it passes.

Unfortunately, it does make my tone less tolerant and the term “short shrift” is apt in this case.  Not great for warm cordial relations with detractors but there it is, what can one do? It passes, in the way digestion works.

And yes, I do go out of my way for certain close people, key allies etc.

The blog

I like to keep a day ahead, with maybe four or five scheduled posts, a couple for the following week. If this cascade effect hits, the first casualty is being able to sit still and focus on a screen.  Sorry, no can do for longer than ten minutes, for some reason I become sensitive to radiation through the mouse and the skin flares up. That’s the case right now. Need sleep.

This page has been written as a one-off, so it doesn’t have to be written again and so anyone can know, after a short read, what goes on inside the Higham.  Doesn’t excuse me, it just explains it and it’s better that things are crystal clear, think you not?