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James Higham, Blog MasterJames Higham is the founding author at Nourishing Obscurity. All his posts at this current site can be accessed here.

English, Northumbrian, Irish, Australian, half Russian, connections with France, Sicily, the States, Canada and South Africa, he returned to the UK in 2008.

Background mainly in education but also former storeman, DJ, builder, screenprinter, gardener, shop assistant, thespian, stage manager, military and various other ventures.

Loves sailing, rugby, cricket, music, wimmin, walks in the forest, snow and rain, dark chocolate, good company, single malts, Drambuie, nice reds, real ales, cycling, decent steak, vodka with dried fish and gherkins.

Prefers cooler climes and places with four proper seasons in the year.

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Other sites he was/is involved with

Orphans of Liberty, a libertarian UK political site
Old Albion Alliance, a 2010 election campaign site
New Albion Alliance, an EU aggregator
Broad Oak Magazine, run by Sackerson


Increasingly difficult to pinpoint, especially in the last couple of years with the rise of Deplorables, as defined by Clinton, H.

This is the Political Compass profile for starters:


It doesn’t really nail it though as it places him as a moderate, whereas he defines it as moderate positions held to extremes, e.g. free speech, ethics, decency.

One way is to look who would be on his Good list and who on his Bad.

Good list

The Donald, Orban from Hungary, Polish PM, Enoch Powell, Churchill [to a point], Maggie [to a point], MAGA and EUsceptic pundits, especially the ladies, many fellow bloggers and tweeters, our military and fishermen, the disadvantaged natives of the land, populists.

Bad list

Thousands – Labour, LibDem, Democrats, Blair, CINOs, RINOs, fanatics, the left, Pelosi, Obama, Pocahontas, Clegg, Cable, Comey, Mueller, Schumers, Hollywood, the BBC and fake news MSM, the hidden power, the globalists, greens, Planned Parenthood, jihadis, world culture, leftwing teachers, feminists.

Main targets

#  The vaguely termed Them [oligarchs, banksters, the global elite], the left establishment, feminism, the gay mafia, Common Purpose.

#  Humbug from any side.

Spiritual side

Privately Christian, detesting fundamentalist bigotry, it’s not a major theme at the blog but any bollox written about it by those with an agenda will be attacked.

I like the traditional: