Not fit for purpose

This is just plain wrong:

Whichever way you slice it, it’s wrong:

#  The school can couch the hiring of Unus in as many leftist buzz-words as they want; that doesn’t change the fact that her hiring demonstrates that Shenandoah University does not care about the spiritual well-being of their students.

#  Yep, the self-evident difference between true Christianity and the world’s churchianity down thru the ages. Playing church. A lot of televangelists engaged in that behavior to their own shame and eventual destruction.

The operative expression here is ‘not fit for purpose’.  It’s a completely different question about whether something should exist anyway.

Were a mosque to appoint a Methodist, some might see that as a victory for Christianity but I don’t at all – it’s a sign of the paucity, the bankruptcy, of that mosque’s spiritual standing.  It really does cut both ways.

Whoever took that decision needs firing on the spot.

Try these

1. If water flows, then what holds sandcastles together?
2. Sunset – shorter or longer waves scattered?
3. Speed of sound in mph?
4. A practical use for capillary action?
5. What’s cavitation? Common with foils.
6. Common name for polytetrafluoroethene?
7. How much taller is the Eiffel Tower in summer?

Callooh Callay

It’s not been a good weekend, since Friday actually, nothing mega-disastrous like a heart attack but just frustration beyond.  People let you down the whole time.

Had a call just now which showed a definite upturn, [more below], plus this:

Team Boris threatens to ban Tory ministers from BBC’s Today programme as communications director considers show a ‘total waste of time’

Chortles to hisself [sic].

Director of Communications Lee Cain considers the show a ‘total waste of time’. He has told his army of Whitehall spin doctors and special advisers to ignore it. His strategy has been backed by Downing Street enforcer Dominic Cummings

Sheet music to the eyes.

Thing is, I’m currently building a lock-up [TLU] for the ship’s boat [TSB] which goes eventually onto the mother ship [TMS] and had help promised for Saturday.

Guess what happened?

The insufferable

The people we don’t like almost exclusively exhibit a range of behaviours we don’t like – Gwynneth Paltrow, so many other actors and actresses too high on the list, singers, bloggers.

Some though defy explanation, there seems little reason to intensely dislike someone but at least Ace of Spades specifies in this case.

One I don’t know was on the list:

… someone called Annette Bening. Uh huh, looked her up and these are some of her sayings:

# Acting is not about being famous, it’s about exploring the human soul.

Right, well she can eff off for a start with that insufferable pseudo-wisdom.

# I am really looking forward as I get older and older, to being less and less nice.


# I think we as celebrities have a lot more control.

Sigh. Yes, agreed – insufferable. Which got me thinking about Dr. Fell types and why, but to qualify as a Dr. Fell, it can’t be just actions or views, it needs to be hard to pinpoint.

For example, with De Niro, for me, it was his anti Trump things, with Springsteen, it’s the gender neutral toilets. But why do I dislike Richard Dreyfus, also the female TV actress with that surname, also Dustin Hoffman? Any method actors?

Turn it the other way – which would we go out of our way to watch? Leslie Nielson? Joan Hickson? Edward Hardwicke?

Maybe we have someone tabbed a certain way but when they climb out of that box, we don’t like it?  Could that be it?


1. I hold no candle for Airmiles and there’s only archived material on all the other things, e.g. the Welfs, which tells me this, no proof either way, but somehow I don’t buy that he’s a fully fledged member of that club, whereas I do think Silly Billy is.

Seems to me in Epstein’s case, you go for connections with the Airmiles of the world on the one hand and provide what they want, or you buy and blackmail those about to reach high positions or key roles and as Epstein is the go-between, then that means Them.

To me, Airmiles seems far more the loose Koo or Fergie kind, youngish and wild, off their brains – I’m thinking Berlusconi here whose pattern seemed bunga bunga and not too particular, which I do think is a bit different to many fully fledged members.

Fergie’s making her statement by sticking with him in Spain or wherever, it would be interesting to see what Koo thinks.

Harry, to me, is just a silly boy who’d dance with anyone who came at him and one captured him. When you look at the sources on Mountbatten, they’re basically IRA sympathising. Not saying they’re wrong, just thinking out loud, but it’s in their interests that he is ruined and all British royalty.