911 and the flight attendant


I read comments and explored her writing and speaking … and got a mixed impression. Obviously the usual 911 trolls were out to kill off any facts which come to light and they are, by definition, plausible, otherwise they’re not effective trolls.

But there were also some questions about her which I didn’t find answers to. One thing almost everyone was in agreement with was that the official line stank, it was just as much a work of fiction as the Warren Report.

The planes? I’ve not gone into them the way I have WTC7 and she, in turn, had not gone into WTC7, so it was interesting looking at the planes for the first time. After it, hmmmm – were they the planes as stated in the Narrative, were they specialized, e.g. drones, were there no planes at all?

Further reading suggests to me that there were at least guided planes but a few people reported some sort of underpinning, something bolted on underneath. I don’t think anyone reputable suggested the planes collapsed the towers, more that they started the fires.

And yet there was this Sandy Hook factor there – no substantiated victims. methinks the flight attendant or the presenter hit on it during the youtube in mentioning the man who had the blueprints to the buildings. It does seem to me part of some giant megascam for reason or reasons unknown, other than ‘follow the money’.


Of Fat Boy and Boston brakes

The Boeing YAL-1 may have been designated as such in 2004 but its tech was dated from the early 1980s.  That has relevance for 911 [see last evening’s post].

The YAL-1 also has relevance in shooting down Fat Boy’s missiles:

Once again four North Korean missiles have “failed” in a row as the U.S. and South Korea conduct joint exercises this week. The first volley of missiles to “fail” included 3 intermediate range missiles with one blowing up just miles above the launch pad. The others blowing up consecutively minutes apart in the boost phase of the launch window. This once again fits the profile of an airborne laser system attack.

I’d say that also has relevance to the Boston brakes of Diana’s car.


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Queen Bess online

Consider this:

“Pronouncing with authority on things he knows nothing about”: he should take up blogging. [Dearieme]

And then this:

She obviously doesn’t want to be remembered as a great saviour and leader of our country. And she doesn’t understand what power she will unleash if she appeases the EU rather than fight for us, the English. Mrs May is likely to be remembered as a traitor. [John in Cheshire]

Perhaps it was comparing Mrs. May to Queen Bess or maybe it was a dream I had about my ex-gf and her favourites tellin gme they hated me and wanted me to go – who knows but I started exploring the history, once more, of Queen Bess and these were some places visited:

On Essex:


1. Think he just about has this one nailed:

2. You’ve seen the sort of thing before:

I came to recognise various signs of a bad paper: the kind of paper that purports to show that people who eat more than one kilo of broccoli a week were 1.17 times more likely than those who eat less to suffer late in life from pernicious anaemia. There is a great deal of this kind of nonsense in the medical journals which, when taken up by broadcasters and the lay press, generates both health scares and short-lived dietary enthusiasms.

3. Similar theme: