Saturday too

10.  Housekeeping

Certain medical things went pear-shaped last night and so I have to say that blogging, though it appears to be as robust as ever, is actually up in the air this weekend.  Copious amounts of sleeping in a warm bed are involved in all this – I’m sure you have your issues too and I pray you resolve them. Short hiatus now until evensong.

9.  Well well well, ho ho ho

Colleges Create AI to Identify ‘Hate Speech’ – Turns Out Minorities Are the Worst Offenders

8.  The many sides of burgers

Here we go

As always, please do check sources for their sources because this is critical as to whether to believe or dismiss.

For a start, while others scan the loony-press for that take on things, there are also dilemmas within the centre-right-liberty sphere.  The first here is alt-right by designation, but maybe closer to straight reportage this time:

In a nutshell, there’s a case that the Donald has effectively nationalised the Fed and Corbyn must be red with envy – Pelosi and the Hildabeast though will be in deep fear.

Before my own very left-field take further down, our special correspondent sends:

… with the suggestion that Gab is also not a bad place to be.


This was scheduled early yesterday.

First of all, for those who have not seen these, they’re not recommended for anyone about to take a flight. Nor am I having a go at Airbus, that was not the issue here.

Before getting down to it, one most annoying thing these uploaders do, apart from ads dropped in, even in mid-conversation, is clickbaiting. It proclaimed it was the world’s most dangerous airport. During the video though, it said it was second most dangerous and here it says something else:

Just one question

The course of the Cv has been tracked as well as anyone could but my memory of the loo roll crisis itself [possibly known across the pond as the bathroom tissue crisis, possibly not, in Italian as la crisi del rotolo di carta igienica and in Swahili as shida ya kusonga choo] – my memory of the Genesis of the Loo Roll Shortage is hazy.

In short, who started the panic buying and where?  Was it in the UK?  In the US?  Point is, what was the original trigger getting people into their cars on seven continents and scouring shelves like human locusts?  And was it every country, or every western country or was it just Europe or the EU zone or Britain alone or Britain and the US?

It’s a serious question because whoever triggered it – obviously through the media, is the culprit of the whole business.