Cassette makes a comeback

The Elbow (see article below)

It’s the discovery of websites like that justifies all those hours you spend wandering around the internet. It gathers the work of Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Ukrainian designers and architects to display some wonderfully inventive, ingenious and beautiful stuff, including a seriously clever idea for playing cassette tapes. You’d say it’s enough to make cassettes cool again, except that from the moment they were launched in the mid-1960s cassettes have never been cool.


When does eccentricity cross into madness? Rossa’s mother reports:

Our friend went down to see this contraption and man yesterday. Just found this report on the Express, he has an FB page as well.

Meet the man who has 25 years to pull his PIANO on a BOAT from Liverpool to London
A FORMER university lecturer has been pulling his own boat along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal for the past five years as part of an epic journey to reach London by the year 2037.

His girlfriend is up visiting from London and he’s [near here] at present, so may go down to have a look see!!


A word about the use of screenshots, as against text.

A blogger – that’s what I primarily am and readers come for some detail, which Twitter does not give.  However, Twitter does allow graphics which sometimes sum it up better than any number of words – there are enough words on this site to sink a ship.

Films not to avoid

If we keep showing films to avoid, it’s only fair that we show films not to avoid. This below, with the tragic Richard Beckinsale, was not British TV’s highest rated but it’s a good indicator of good filmmaking, with all players strong:

That’s how it used to be done when people knew what they were doing – did you hear one peep about PCism or feminism? Even the brief violence was muted.

What happened to British drama?