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9. Dealing with the naughty [2]

This is sent by Rossa’s mother and mentions Ben Garrison but the post is by someone called Tina. There’s a cartoon with Harry as a lapdog, in this case being led on a leash by Me-again.

Here’s the text abridged:

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been in the news cycle for a couple days. There’s nothing that the Fake News media loves more (besides impeachment) than a good Royal Family Feud with or without Richard Dawson.

The Queen was displeased with the antics and watching her grandson become more and more emasculated by the day at the hands of MM. Her majesty kept a stiff upper lip and wished them well …

… The Queen knows what’s going on. She is a survivor and will carry on through this princess’s tantrum. Harry however has made a fool of himself and his manhood.  Good Boy! Now roll over.

– Tina

Hiding to nothing [continued]

The major blemish on the principle “Whatever Them are angling for you to do, do the opposite … or at least don’t do that which they’re angling for” … the major blemish is that Them then factor that in.

“Them” love the game, whereas for the poor sods on the victim side, it’s hope or despair, sufficient to live on or debt and penury a d we can ill afford to be playing games. An illustration of this was the Missing Children post at OoL where what came out in court was the way certain of the nobility were using kids for sport, in an Open Season way.

“Sick” does not even begin to explain it. I’m not an Icke lizard explanation devotee, nor an ‘aliens among us’ to any great extent but there’s certainly a case that mainly sickos are rewarded now with money and position and this is getting back to the baronial castle system, where peasants’ livelihoods were dependent on the sickness or not of the local baron. It’s not far from that scenario.

With one added twist – the sickos include women now, the Ghislaine Maxwells and others, and there is zero pity in this type of woman, worse than the men.


6.  I know a lady

… who could spend hours in these places:

5. We are legion

VIDEO: Amish Lift and Move Entire Barn with BARE HANDS

4.  Don’t hold back …

Tell us what you really think:

3. Loggers past

Letter from Van Diemen’s Land

To be precise, this video is a short trip down the (my) Derwent River, west side, the ‘city’ side.

Aerial views from 1500ft of the western shore of the River Derwent at Hobart,Tasmania from Boyer in the north to Tinderbox in the south. Filmed on a sunny summer morning. Some of the video is sped up to reduce the overall duration.

You might like to pause around … say … 6.05 for example …