The issue with the black

Fred, via Chuckles:

The underlying problem that will not go away is that blacks as a race have not shown themselves able to function in a modern society. Degrees and exceptions yes, but the central fact remains. One is not supposed to say this, and would that it were not true, but it is.

In particular they have lagged far behind academically. Attribute causation as you wish. The condition remains. It has proved impervious to every conceivable social program.

For this reason affirmative action has become an entitlement rather than an entry point.

Generation Snowflake

generation snowflake

What’s the difference between Millennial/Post-Millennial Woman and Previous Woman?

The latter had at least some degree of common sense. The former is not of what is called Generation snowflake for nothing. Through terrible upbringing today, bad schooling and the flood of truly distasteful experiences in gaming, film, porn and so on, the snowflake is a fruitcake extraordinaire.

I dumped my fiancé for a Jamaican lover but he fleeced me of £10k and turned out to be a love rat

I think what we have here is like this.

Today’s debate – that flying bum crash

Usual participants. First, the article on it. And the pic:

flying bum

Chuckles: Hmm Bulgarian airbags? Don’t think the pilot/designers  have studied inertia and pendulum period determination enough.

Haiku: The article that I read attributed the problem to a cable (hanging from the airship) becoming snarled with some-or-other terrestrial object and thus dragging the nose down.

This fact – mentioned in comment #2 – is missing from the Reg article.