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The essential problem with leftism is moral equivalence, plus relativism

I wrote a reply to a fellow blogger. I had spoken of diplomacy:

Diplomacy? With killers and rapists?

… and he replied:

I have to respectfully disagree this time. The point of diplomacy is that you have to deal with people you may not approve of.

This was my reply:

A priori and circular. You are assuming one must be diplomatic. Whyever would you assume that? It’s by no means a given, especially with a known corrosive threat.

Islam is not “an alternative religion of peace and harmony”, it is an oppressive death cult. Tell the Rotherham 1400 about loving Islam. Tell the millions of other victims.


Halfway from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m., let me report that I’ve had a bit of a flu relapse [heart is fine] and thus blogging is severely curtailed today. I needed to close comments on the 6 a.m. post because it leads directly to the 11 a.m. post [comments on] and then there’ll be a mini-hiatus until 6 p.m.[comments on]. Best I rest up a bit. So, see you at 11 and 6 then.

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen at CPAC

Nice to see Marion invited over to CPAC:

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen esquisse son retour lors d’une conférence à Washington

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen esquisse son retour lors d'une conférence à Washington

En 2015, Marion Maréchal Le Pen avait reçu le soutien enflammé de Sarah Palin, l’ancienne candidate à la vice-présidence des États-Unis. «Quand Marion parle des seize siècles d’histoire judéo-chrétienne de la France et de son héritage, ce n’est pas un discours de haine ou xénophobe. Elle parle d’amour, l’amour d’un pays que l’on appelle patriotisme», avait écrit Palin sur le site conservateur Breitbart.


Ms. Le Pen endorsed the tax plan of her aunt last year during the presidential campaign. That plan sought to lower income taxes by 10 per cent in the first three tax brackets and wanted to reinstate a tax exemption for overtime work that was repealed in 2012.

The [anti-conservative RINO] group, which has vehemently supported failed presidential candidate Evan McMullin, and now Mitt Romney, also claimed there was “nothing conservative” about Ms. Le Pen, despite her support for the traditional marriage movement “Manif Pour Tous” and her stance on reducing the number of abortions in France.

All of which raises the question of what a conservative actually is. But let’s face it, the main reason she’s invited is:

Its hilarious how a bunch of American Cuckservatives are getting their panties in a twist over an attractive 28 year French blonde lady speaking at their conference!