Last resort [3]

The case of the perpetuated, inane anachronism

The battle in this tale is between lovers of heritage and tradition, those who see it as necessary for the continuation of and the holding together of society … and people who point to the inanity of so many old traditions. This is one such.


London Is Still Paying Rent to the Queen on a Property Leased in 1211

Earlier this October, at a ceremony at the Royal Courts of Justice, London paid its rent to the Queen. The ceremony proceeded much as it had for the past eight centuries. The city handed over a knife, an axe, six oversized horseshoes, and 61 nails to Barbara Janet Fontaine, the Queen’s Remembrancer, the oldest judicial position in England. The job was created in the 12th century to keep track of all that was owed to the crown.

Last resort [2]

The case of the repeated mistakes


Chuckles wrote that we repeat the same old mistakes over and over, the exact same way. Certainly in love anyway.

European Schiaparelli Mars probe’s parachute ‘jettisoned too early’

Europe’s Schiaparelli lander did not behave as expected as it headed down to the surface of Mars on Wednesday. Telemetry recovered from the probe during its descent indicates that its parachute was jettisoned too early.

The rockets it was supposed to use to bring itself to a standstill just above the ground also appeared to fire for too short a time.

There have been about 15 attempts to get down to the surface of Mars, and they are split fairly evenly between success and failure.

Last resort [1]


In the past few weeks, I’ve been hinting that things may go awry quite soon but I didn’t expect it so swiftly. I’ve been writing such things now for eight years, so eyes turned to the ceiling might be the appropriate response from long time readers. It does look as if this might be the big one, in the sense ‘he ain’t coming back from this’ but maddeningly, as ever, it might not happen.

My last big upheaval was in 2008, after which it settled down for some reason. The non-religious might attribute that to fate being a fickle lady, those of faith might say it’s God’s grand design, which I tend to, those of an eastern bent might call it karma. The first story below is amusing in a sense, in that it parallels where I find myself, though I would never do as that man did.


There has certainly been criticism of this ensemble and their output is mixed but their best is still very good. The style of music, the historicity so to speak, is appealing to many. The Beloved Leader of the ensemble, Christina Pluhar – I don’t know, she seems to play favourite members but maybe I’m oversensitive to it because of the gorgeous Sarah Louise Ridy [also here] also here:


She pretty well owned this piece below, IMHO, smiled at everyone but no one smiled back. Then again, she’s English, playing in Europe:

Personal notes [6]


Coming back to that post on Carly and Martina, I was thinking about when we can be said to be mature enough to really look after ourselves.

All sorts of thoughts go through the mind. For example, when I was 16, I took a 12 year old son of a sailor I knew on my boat, which was a bit of a handful, that boat. He … er … fell overboard and minus that crew, I could not get the boat turned around.

My weight at the time was around 8 stone, now it’s 14.5 stone.