HR fired!

What a joyful sound, yes?

Wal-Mart Stores Inc (WMT.N) plans to cut hundreds of jobs before the end of January, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the situation.

The Bentonville, Arkansas-based retailer plans to eliminate jobs at its headquarters and regional personnel that support stores, according to the report.

Many of the eliminations will affect Wal-Mart’s human resources department, a large team that some senior executives believe should be more efficient or whose duties could be handled by outside consultants, the newspaper reported.

In any belt tightening, Walmart have it right – get rid of the least productive department first and work your way up to those actually doing something to earn their money.

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Barrie Chase

Quite happy to accept that this is way too much Woman for one day but you see, this has been scheduled for a week and well – Jackie K just happened to be dropped into the lap and well …

So here’s Barry Chase. Wanted to do her today rather than tomorrow, as tomorrow will be classical.

fred and barrie tv guide

For a start, here’s a nice timeline on her.

Why should she be of any interest to us if she’s just another of Fred’s hoofers?

The answer, apart from the fact that she really can dance, is that she never achieved great heights and the reasons why are instructive, chiming in with things written of late about good looks and attitude.

Quick summary:

#  Girl tries to make good, carve a career, meets Fred Astaire. From the timeline above:

“1957: is discovered by Fred Astaire on the set of Les Girls. He’s 58; the press gives her age as 21 [actually 34 years difference]. He asks her out to dinner and Jack Cole to release her so she can appear in Silk Stockings.”

Tuesday too

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#  Is this insanity or is this insanity?

Pensioner is fined £80 for pouring her coffee down a drain in the street rather than putting the liquid in a bin 

#  This is meant to be something good?

‘I just did what I love… and then magical things started to happen’: Precocious British schoolgirl, 7, reveals how she wowed the internet with amazing Taylor Swift impression on TV in Philippines

Wowed the internet? Wowed the internet? Remember comment yesterday about not feeling part of anything anymore?


75 emails on various topics from Chuckles and haiku since the Jackie Kennedy thing started. Boys have been busy. Where to begin?

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#  Profanity

# Study Finds Link Between Profanity and Honesty

Effing hell – is that so?

# Strawmen litter the countryside:

Yes, Organic Farming Will Kill Us All

Anomalies abound

the motorcade

The reason you stick with a subject is you’re not satisfied you’ve sorted the anomalies in your head. Part of it is that new information comes in.

So, let me finish yesterday’s Jackie story. To do this, some assumptions must be put aside and one of those is that a pretty woman, by definition, is a nice woman. Males in particular, even those affecting cynicism, are still pulled in by a pretty woman’s becoming smile – nature has provided her with that for her survival.

A perfect example is Messalina. Comparing the two in one way only – that the come-hither can overpower a man, I believe a woman does not even understand the process of how it happens in a man’s inner workings – she just knows it does. It works.

There are certain scenarios for pretty Jackie.