The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is concerned with international public health. It was established on April 7, 1948, and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The WHO is a member of the United Nations Development Group.

But the WHO is also a very corrupt organization and amongst other crimes involved in stealing Ebola blood samples for profits and biowarfare purposes and sex abuse during the Ebola vaccine trial and error studies in the Democratic Republic Congo.

The constitution of the World Health Organization had been signed by 61 countries on July 22, 1946, with the first meeting of the World Health Assembly, nowadays working with 194 Member States and from more than 150 offices.

The WHO is the highest authority on health in the world. It should be an independent organization, but for a very large part, it is financed by one person: Bill Gates.

The ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’ has donated more than $ 2 billion to the WHO since the ’90s. Gates’ hobbyhorse is to eliminate the polio virus. He wants to achieve that by vaccinating as many children around the world against polio.

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Fairport revisited

If I replay the same old songs, it’s because they can’t be surpassed IMHO. This first song is English, not British, not UK, it’s English … at least the olde England I once knew.

Was there ever a winter so cold and so sad
The river too weary to flood
The storming wind cut through to my skin
But she cut through to my blood

The acceleration of uni-think, low-taste brutalism

Antony Gormless produced this monstrosity in the 90s:

It sits atop a hill near Gateshead in the north-east, not unlike the heinous wind turbines blotting the horizon up and down the land and cannot be unseen.

Much favoured by the left in Labour or LibDem form, the new style is held to be just the last word in chic, super-expensive for tax or rates payers, naturally.


7.  Bit unfair, innit?

I mean – talk about prejudiced little varmint.

6.  Oh yes indeedy

Boys with toys?  You’d betta believe it!

5.  To put it ultra-mildly

Ex-Chancellor Sajid Javid blasts Dominic Cummings’ reign of terror over advisers in scathing resignation speech – condemning changes the powerful aide is making as ‘not in the national interest’

… eff off, no one is remotely interested in you or your kind.

4.  Employment

The Jewish question again

Not at all comfortable doing this post because there are too many anomalies, too many don’t-knows.

Since I started blogging, particularly on the old version of the blog, there’ve been so many anti-Islamic posts and that ties in with a generally anti-Canaan/Babylon mindset which stems from the Christian side of me, yet my own father, a Yorkshireman who had nothing pro-Jewish in him, along with my mother who was Irish, were given to saying don’t give your money to the Jews, never go on the never-never.

I always found that strange as he praised what he saw in the new Israel which, chronologically, he could not have seen as Israel, as he was there during the war. It was never anything interesting enough to discuss, I never asked him about the Stern Gang, Balfour etc.

It was only when I started doing my own research post 70s that I saw so many ‘Jewish’ names amongst the baddies – from Alinsky to Trotsky to Rothschild to all the others and thought that that didn’t sit right with my father’s observations of how the land was being developed.

The Alinskies were appalling people.