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Goodness me – no sooner do I complete the previous post on certain untrustworthy demographics when up comes the news breaking in the US – this woman Omarosa worked with Kelly in the situation room in the White House, she took a recording device in and recorded secret conversations.

She was fired for violations while she worked there and that was what she recorded, her dismissal, she’s now written a book on it and has released those voice recordings to promote her book.

I could have told the WH that you don’t employ a Muslim or black woman for diversity reasons, you just don’t do it and no expect trouble.  This is this pathological altruism again but we need to find a better description here – possibly “the unreliable ideologically susceptible”.

I mean, look at the strikes against her – black, feminist – both major issues in the States.  That’s why I’d be wary of this Candace Owen but would not be wary of a KellyAnne Conway, Sarah Sanders or Hope Hicks.  I’m sorry but there are certain demographics which are not going to be your friend, even if they say they are.

I’d also be wary of Nikki Haley at the UN – she was a rabid anti-Trumper. Even Judge Janine is quite iffy on her conservatism in places.  You can’t fully trust an ambitious woman of a certain type and it’s stupid to, just for ideological reasons.

So, watching the Fox News clip, I was most interested in what the woman said, rather than what the chaps said.  The men were predictable – violation, breach of trust etc. and quite rightly so but it was also nice to hear the woman at least agreeing.

She made a good point at the end that this Omarosa had been on Meet the Press the day before and it came out that on The Apprentice, she was kicked off, known for being a backstabber and traitor.  So why did the WH not wake up?

Ideology.  Fear of acting against a black woman.

Three more on that Omarosa criminal:

Who’s the most arrogant?

Interesting list [and it’s not even Nikki Swift, it’s a man]:

Who are the five most arrogant people you know? You can include me as I was once nominated for “overweening arrogance”, very proud of that. I also got a “salacious” from DR. No one’s as good as me you know.

And here’s the song which accompanies my application for inclusion:

And here’s a song about Lou Reed himself:

More core group stupidity

More of the same, courtesy of Chuckles. We saw that little fool in yesterday’s post with her pathological “love all the wrong people” altruism.

At least she just delayed a plane, she didn’t actually cause deaths.  The fact that the airline staff would physically grab a man and haul him off a United flight but would not touch this silly little bint is a whole topic in itself which we and many others have noted for years.

These did cause deaths though – their own:

The world is NOT a big, happy, adventurous playground and with surprising frequency, people who assume it is die for their mistake. The latest victims were a cycling foursome in Tajikistan.

[Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan] dropped everything in pursuit of a worldwide adventure in July 2017 — but it would eventually lead to them being horrifically killed for being “unbelievers”.

What followed was more kumbaya and candle lighting. BRM summed this pair up:

They may have been beautiful, they may have been kind . . . BUT THEY WERE ALSO UNBELIEVABLY, CRASSLY, UNCONSCIONABLY STUPID!!!

No, they were NOT beautiful, they were quite unpleasant.  One reader who read through the posts and all the links offered came to the conclusion that these people were not beautiful inside at all, they were selfish brats. We had that yesterday with that Angie dear who seems so carefree, so loving, such a delight but she is spouting deadly nonsense and as she is publicly campaigning on that nonsense, she needs opposing by all the pundits around.

That’s what social media is all about – the establishment knows that each pundit has little power, not even Guido nor Instapundit but there are thousands who read them and then add us – there are many votes embedded in this practice.  Hence the firestorm over Twitter because our side realizes how major pollies and commentators can influence opinion online as a whole, in a macro sense.

And that is the same theme with the post on Martina Hingis in which someone acts in a destructive way. While it is private in one way and she only directly harms two to maybe five people, her behaviour is just part of the tidal wave of such behaviour.  Similarly, I have but one vote at election time but if I come in with a certain opinion influenced by others – well, you know how it works.

The Angies and Hingises, the Elins and Schumers – they influence the young wrongly and even the not so young – there is an element here of can’t see the forest for the trees, becoming so accustomed to something you think only harms a few … but in fact, cumulatively, it harms everyone.

It has seemed to me for a long time that certain groups get a free ride and they are doing damage in the longterm, costing money and causing angst in the final analysis.  Many of these are picked up by other pundits – e.g. the whole trans/gay BS, thus I don’t need to tackle that as much.  There’s Corbyn/May/Democrats and yes, this site does cover that but other sites are obsessed with it.

There is obviously Rotherham/Telford/Dolphin Square, the rotten Electoral Commission – even those get saturation coverage.  But a certain type of woman is getting a free pass from everyone and it’s not unlike the Muslim thing – too many people frightened to speak out, to be categorical – even Boris’s sister said he had not gone far enough.

No one dare call out women, especially the particular type, the demographic I call out because this protective abuse they fling – and silly men also do on their behalf under some delusion of faux gallantry – is near impenetrable.  Thus we have the USS Fitzgeralds, Hultgreen Curies, major firms languishing, not actually going down, poor decisions abounding even more when added to the woeful male management in the workplace – the parachutees virtually everywhere are poor quality and pushy, plus they are being pushed upwards and the PTB brook no criticism.

We saw that here yesterday with someone attempting to stop my criticisms by calling them unhealthy.  Yeah, really unhealthy calling out rape gangs, calling out women who simply cannot do things, e.g. the Florida Bridge but why stop there?  How about the Missouri Basin and Jodi Farhat?

Most will not remember her bad decisions which were fairly and squarely female decisions because she didn’t want to be told by line managers of experience [male].

Result?  Missouri Basin homes and farms flooded.

There are simply not enough pundits doing this work – calling out these women, for fear of the type of thing I got in the neck yesterday.

In fact there were, some years ago, some female pundits I shan’t name – on our side too – who could dish it out but when they copped it, they were all hurt and closed their blogs until their supporters demanded they come back.

I’m not saying that male bloggers aren’t oversensitive either – some years back, Neil Clark even brought a lawsuit and that is stupid in blogging unless he/she has the numbers of readers Neil Clark does.  But where NC was lambasted by all and sundry, as was Oliver Kamm, the girls get a free pass, Teflon girls and I’m not going to say “ladies” because they were not – they were potty-mouthed Millennial girl-would-be-journos trying to be as tough as the men.

Notice I haven’t even started on the Penny Reds and other reds because they’re too ludicrous for words.  No, I’m attacking some of the golden girls on our side – the Katie Pavliches, Tomi Lahrens, who should do their homework better and not poison their general conservative classical liberalism with some quite anathema leftist positions.

One of these would be journos, a female in London, started one post with: “There I was looking up at this fuck-off white cloud …”  I asked her if this seemed quality journalism to her and she never replied. All the boys supporting her did though – idiots.  She went down shortly later through no actions of mine.

Another was a London darling who wrote for Breitbart and the Times or Telegraph, can’t remember and the bubble adored her as they do Isabel Oakeschott.  I shan’t name her because she had self-admitted mental issues and I’m not cruel, I do feel compassion for the lass but my point is that she simply wasn’t up to it.

Now there are women who are up to it – Julia, Kassandra on Twitter, many American conservative women like Anna Bacon – these ladies are sheer class and tough beneath their femininity.  Am I obsessed by them?  Of course I am because they’re a vital part of the pushback we’re all part of and they’re going to make deeper inroads into the demographic we’ve been calling fools and idiots than a man could.  Sister on sister is a most effective strategy, where men would be dismissed.

And what’s the cumulative effect?  The very thing the PTB do not want under any circumstances – men and women actually working together on a non-PC project, getting along and what’s more, men and women from different countries – look at Brittany Pettibone and Martin Selner.  This is all good.  Am I obsessed by men and women working together?  I certainly am in this day and age we’re in, particularly if they’re putting an anti-narrative view.  All good stuff in my book.

So that’s what we’re about online, that’s what we’re going to keep doing until the PTB shut us down.


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