1. Ladies should not swear:

2. Useless nothings, total waste of space and our money usually, or someone else’s:

I had an ulterior motive. I wanted to calculate just how much Kathleen Kennedy (and her commensurate politics) cost Disney and its shareholders in terms of profits/market value. I wanted to see what percent of the Star Wars franchise’s value was destroyed by politics. Because as I’ve stated before, I’m getting mighty sick and tired of politics being mixed in with my fun. Thus my hope is to attach a price tag to “being woke” and ruining everybody’s movie-going fun with SJW politics so that the morons in Hollywood might get a clue before they go out of business.


The process starts today, site by site, criteria are many and varied – mainly non-hostile bloggers/readers who are still active and there is some connection with this site or OoL.

The Haynes manual

‘Re-assembly is the reverse of removal….’

If you’re male and do not know what the Haynes manual is, shame on you! John Haynes, it seems, has loosened his last nut [this is a joint post from haiku, Chuckles and me:

John Haynes, creator of the Haynes Manual and at least partly responsible for the skinned knuckles of enthusiastic amateur car repairers around the world, has tightened his last bolt and headed off to the great workshop in the sky aged 80.

Haynes passed away on 8 February after a short illness.

Who was?

1. Thane Cesar
2. Jeanne Villepreux-Power
3. Martin Peters [at 20 minutes]
4. Louise Ciccone
5. Chester Carlson
6. Archibald Leach
7. Farrokh Bulsara

Internet – from open to closed

To be expected:

EU Moves Forward With Agreement To Fundamentally Change The Internet From Open To Closed

Despite the fact that even the staunchest supporters of Article 13 were asking for it to be dropped from the final version of the EU Copyright Directive, that didn’t happen. In the final trilogue negotiations between the EU Council, the EU Commission and the EU Parliament, it appears that the agreed upon “compromise” is basically as bad as we feared.

It will fundamentally change the entire nature of the internet. And not in a good way. As we recently discussed, the only way this makes sense is if the goal is to have the law be so bad that big internet companies feel forced to pay their way out of it.

And it appears that’s what we’ve got.