The rise of tonality

We were discussing last week, my mate and I, his penchant for heavy metal, saying he wanted something with a beat, ignoring of course the atonal, discordant shrieking punks who sound as if they’ve just had vasectomies.

I like loud too, even [some] distorted guitar [see Dreampop/Shoegazing] but it must still have a basic riff and tonality, which sets me at odds with the C20th. Schiller Institute:

At the same time, new cultural forms must be found to increase the alienation of the population, in order for it to understand how truly alienated it is to live without socialism. “Do not build on the good old days, but on the bad new ones,” said Benjamin.

In music, “it is not suggested that one can compose better today” than Mozart or Beethoven, said Adorno, but one must compose atonally, for atonalism is sick, and “the sickness, dialectically, is at the same time the cure….The extraordinarily violent reaction protest which such music confronts in the present society … appears nonetheless to suggest that the dialectical function of this music can already be felt … negatively, as ‘destruction.’ ”

The Campaign for any beerish type thing at all

End of civilisation as we know it:

For nearly 50 years, the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) has promoted real ale over other drinks – such as lager.

But if new proposals are approved, Camra could start engaging with all beer drinkers, “irrespective of what they choose to drink”.

Wot, Lucozade, Irn Bru?

The result of the vote will be announced on Saturday at their AGM. To pass, 75% need to be in favour.

Camra’s leadership recommended changes to the organisation’s aims following a “root-and-branch review”.

Wonder what happened? Saturday was yesterday by my reckoning.

[A short break now until this evening]


Need to make some adjustments – the boat is soaking up much time now and I’m not sure I can blog as much, shall probably reduce by one post a day.

Also, Dearieme is having a jazz rest and rather than me going back over old ground again, think we’ll give it a rest on Sunday and run something different in that time slot. 

At this stage, thinking out loud, methinks there’ll be two music spots – one of a more serious nature on Sunday [previously on Tuesday] and then something popular of a Friday. 

At least for this season.

The physical danger PCists are putting humans into

There is a difference between pointing out differences in order to prevent tragedy … and exacerbating differences due to some malice.

I was horrified to see a youtube put out by the Rugby Union, about girls tackling in rugby, and it was teaching them exactly the same techniques as men, which is both dangerous and irresponsible, as you’ll see live further down.

Without any further ado, let’s settle on a demographic to compare within – so, not primary aged children, nor elite athletes at the top level with their bulking up and conditioning but a more or less sporting oriented young man and woman who might be playing a game of rugby “at community level”, the type you might see in the gym.

Remember, this elite AFL player [ex] is referring to “at community level”, not at elite level: