Word to the wise 1

Janet Tavakoli:

So a lot of bad guys pulled a lot shenanigans using credit derivatives which increased risk in the system and increased people’s ability to borrow in a hidden way so that there was a lot of debt in the system that was invisible and banks themselves were often running invisible hedge funds … selling things that they knew or should have known were overrated and overpriced, the moment they hit the markets …

Word to the wise 2

Keith Hazelton [continued]:

It seems to us, after thinking about this topic for some time now, that we have arrived. We have arrived at that point in our civilization in which our government deems it acceptable to obfuscate about things both small and large on the basis that … we … “can’t handle the truth.”

And most of the time it would appear they are right, that we – the rest of us – can’t be bothered with such discrepancies and inconsistencies, falsehoods and half-truths. We’re too busy trying to keep the house, make the mortgage and auto loan and credit card and student loan payments.

Have I got viciousness for you

Well, you know, it started out with yours truly checking out Boris youtubes and that led to Boris on HIGNFY and inevitably to Angus Deayton’s last show [part 1 above and you can follow the rest with the window at the end of each part].

For American [and other non-UK] readers, basically, there’s a long-running comedy programme revolving around the news of the week and the panel you see above take the p*** out of anyone remotely pompous, hypocritical or sleazy in the public eye.