Truth and Lies Series – Part 2

Three more lies to distract us from the truth.

Lie 1: The BDI Is Falling Because Of An Expanding Shipping Fleet

A new disinfo tactic  in the past two weeks is the suggestion that the Baltic Dry Index is not falling because of decreasing demand for raw goods, but a growing fleet of idle freight vessels in an already tight market. That is to say, some analysts are suggesting that it is not demand that is falling, but the supply of ships that is growing.

While it is true that world freight fleets are to add 200 new ships, this is not to occur for another year and a half:

Balls is finally placed

Johnson out, Balls in.

Sorry to appear to be uncharitable but seriously – and what?

Since when did economic competence feature in the appointment of a chancellor?  And the notion that you resign a shadow cabinet post because your wife’s having it away with the driver is a bit far-fetched.

For a start, if she’s that type in the first place, then something is seriously wrong with the woman.  Yes, the driver too but she’s the one who let him in, after all.

No, this seems far more a case of Ed Balls finally being “placed”.  All recent chancellors have been Bilderbergers [in the States, they’re CFR], Osborne is one [also friend of a Rothschild], Balls is one.

What is a Bilderberger?  He’s a man of limited talent, unknowledgeable about economics, an ambitious yes man who is happy to be a placeman for the global money.

Gordo wreaked havoc, Osborne is in there now, wreaking havoc and I heard a young man on a bicycle yesterday telling his girlfriend, ‘Don’t worry, there’ll be an election soon and everyone will vote Labour.’

If that’s so, then it’s a team of Red Ed and Bilderberger Balls.  Fills one with confidence, doesn’t it?

Sir John Betjeman


Not quite but he made a few records in the seventies on which he read some of his poetry. With a musical backing. A very English and genteel version of poetry and jazz.

“Late Flowering Lust”