Day of the week


When the day before yesterday was referred to as the day after tomorrow, the day that was then called yesterday was as far away from the day we now call tomorrow as yesterday is from the day which we shall now be able to speak of last Monday as a week ago yesterday. Which day is it?

[It’s Thursday and the reasoning is here.]

Late evening listening – controversial musicians

JethroTullJethro Tull

Ian Anderon said after an unpopular Grammy Award, on account of how ancient they were: “Nostalgia tends to be a dangerous emotion in music because it never tells the truth. You try to relive the past and it is far better in the memory than it is in reality. So you cling to what is warm and fuzzy in your mind without looking for anything new.

That’s why it’s interesting, particularly in America, when you’re playing to an audience where many of the people are only in their teens or in their early 20s. They grew up with Jethro Tull the way they grew up with the Muppets. That’s a different sort of emotion. It’s not nostalgia, it’s a kind of basic, primitive response to things that as a child were precious to you. That’s what we hope to build”:

Fairport Convention

As less traditional forms of folk music gain popularity, tension between so-called traditionalists and the innovators developed. For example, traditionalists were outraged when Bob Dylan began to use an electric guitar. His electrified performance at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival was to prove to be an early focal point for this controversy. Other exponents of amplified music (such as Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span) saw the electrification of traditional musical forms as a means to reach a far wider audience.

At one of their concerts which I attended, Simon Nicol paused, paused some more and then informed the audience, “This next song is the only one we do … with two commas in its name.”  They then launched into Run. Johnny, Run. They lost a lot when Sandy Denny departed:

Jean-Michel Jarre

In early October 1998, the Egyptian Minister of Culture, Farouk Hosni, announced that he had commissioned French composer Jean-Michel Jarre to organize an all-night opera for the millennium. Details were then released in due course by the official Egyptian Tourist Authorities. They announced that Jarre would compose a 12-hours opera titled “The Twelve Dream of the Sun” for the sum of 10 million US dollars and that,

“At midnight a helicopter will fly into the site and, hovering in a starburst of lasers and spotlights, will place a gigantic gilded capstone atop the Great Pyramid –all to the accompaniment of what is expected to be an unprecedented Jarre crescendo of electronic music.

The gold cap, approximately 28 feet high (about the size of a two-story house) is being especially constructed to protect the pyramid structure. In place, it will catch the first light of the new millennium as the sun rises over Egypt. Capping pyramids with gold and timing important events to the setting and rising sun are very much part of the ancient Egyptian pharoanic tradition, making this piece of Jarre theatre particularly meaningful.”

It appears that the idea originated with Dr. Zahi Hawass, Under-secretary of State for the Giza Monuments:

Barbell madness – first day back

Object - Weight Barbell

Commenters warned me – find another gym which caters for the serious trainer.

I know, I know but there’s a pool metres from the weight room and it’s clean and new and light and the view over the water is lovely and everyone’s so lovely and incompetent and I do know how to do the programme for myself.

Of all the things which can and can’t be compensated for, the most annoying is leg curls.  There’s a machine for extensions [who needs it when the bike is being ridden?], there’s another machine for extensions but none for curls.  All right, you say, just use the bench.  Next time, I’m strapping dumbbells to my ankles.

Anyway, the first day was pretty inauspicious and cautious but one incident got my goat.  I came to the biceps about five exercises in and went over to the bar.  30kg was a bit much when reps was the goal so I went to take off a couple of weights.

No chance – needed an Allen key to undo.  Called the man in and he apologized but he couldn’t allow that.  “Look, ” I explained, “I need less weight to start with, if I want 20 reps.”

He nodded to the Smith machine.  I wanted to say, “Are you mad?  Who ever did biceps on the Smith?”  Then I paused, took a breath and asked a question I already knew the answer to:  “Who actually told you that it was OK to do bis on the Smith machine?”

“Elfan Safetee,” came the quick reply.

“Ah, I wonder how many of them train?  Look, it’s like this – when a person trains, he increases the amount he can lift by about 3-5kg each new time.  He therefore needs to be able to change the weights on the bar.  This is what gyms do.  This is what they’re about.”

“Sorry, you’ll have to use that machine [Smith].  You can change the weights on that.  Elfan Safetee, y’know.”

“Let me put a scenario to you.  Imagine I’m a newbie or an idiot.  You’ve told me I can’t lift any other weight except 30kg. So, when you leave the room, I lift the bolted in bar and do my back in because I’m an old codger and it was too much weight for me.  So, the club is liable and where is Elfan Safetee then? I only need say that Elfan Safetee wouldn’t allow me to lift the correct weight and they’re absolutely  f—– … er … not in a very good position.”

“Sorry, sir.  I truly am.  But the man came through and told us what we could and couldn’t do.”

“Fine, fine, of course, thanks for your help.”

I did the bis with dumbbells alternating.

To cut a long story to a medium length, it was a nice morning overall, the swim afterwards was lovely, the weather outside was lovely  and we’re back in harness.

Feel better already.

Angus Burns Dei rolls over

robert-burns3This blog does not celebrate birthdays and all the rest of it, least of all mine.  However, if something significant comes up, it gets a mention. 

Angus Burns Dei’s first birthday is today and rather than bake a cake, he has written a poem, an excerpt which appears below:

A year of blogging I have done
A whole twelve months, where has it gone
I started out with such passion
But has my passion now been rationed
Am I me or am I Angus
Are my posts more like a rebus

Did I take the easy path
And just try to make you laugh
Did I dodge the proper news
And my responsibility abuse
Do I know enough to say
My views on life from day to day

The New Rabbie, methinks.

Trivializing and then mocking

CrusadesState-sanctioned bloodletting with a cross-emblazoned uniform thrown over the reality

This is a perfect example of how five separate issues are trivialized and then mocked.  Propaganda is a powerful tool in the hands of the obsessed.  The issues are:

1.  Abortion;

2.  The existence of G-d;

3.  The Australian [and other ] bushfires;

4.  Sexism and feminism;

5.  The state of the media.

Here is how it was done:

Now in its 17th year, the Ernie Awards are bestowed on those whose public utterings are regarded as the most sexist.  The winner is determined by how loud the crowd boos and hisses.

About 250 women who attended the gala event at NSW Parliament House decided that comments by Pastor Danny Nalliah, head of the Catch the Fire Ministries, were worthy of the top prize, the Gold Ernie.

Shortly after the deadly February bushfires, the pastor said: “God’s conditional protection has been removed from the nation of Australia, in particular Victoria, for approving the slaughter of innocent children in the womb”.

He’s a prat for coming out with that stuff.  I do think there are times when the much vilified “G-d’s pre-emptive vengeance” is a factor but to make this connection and so publicly leads one to think just how Christian this man is.

As part of the bash-a-Christian campaign going on across the world at the behest of Them who need to breakdown both this and nationalism to impose the global governance, there are sock-puppets all over the place, caricatures of what Christianity is in most people’s minds and out to reinforce that with inane statements like the above.

Now, those particular women are also prats for being so far gone into hating men that they have to have a festival, for crying out loud and present awards for sexism?  WTF?  How sad are those women?

Next – abortion.  It is not an issue to be trivialized.  Having been the other person in the issue a few times, it is definitely not nice and shouldn’t be diminished by linking it with, say, Obama’s trip to the Bahamas or whatever, especially if a Tsunami comes and gets him.

The media – my betters have blogged on this more extensively than I – the media [and one need look only to the Beeb] are so into trivialization, so under the yoke of ideological dogma, that people have turned away from them for any commentary and have turned to the blogosphere instead.

Quote from the Melbourne Age