EU Ombudsman – oxymoron of classic proportions

Firstly, the Albion Alliance has now become an aggregator for all things EU, free of commentary. If it’s printed about the EU, it appears at AA. As such, even though the AA gets scant attention from the general web public these days, it is used as a first source by many inside the game.

If I wish to know, instantly, what’s happening within the EU, I check down the list. One thing I thought was highly amusing was the role of the EU Ombudsman. What, to hear complaints that the EU has failed to sign off its accounts yet again in 2010?

How many own goals is that in a row?

I mean, seriously – have you read this claptrap?

Faith hope and charity

Now be honest – which would you prefer to read about in Reuters – the one on the left or the one on the right?

This is a deeply cynical blog, relying on one simple process – research – the filtering out of extraneous material and coming up with patterns – patterns of behaviour, patterns of historicity, patterns which have been commented on and recorded somewhere in history, of what people did, of how far you can trust them, of what is the most likely scenario.