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As you can imagine, there’s a backlog which has built up while these country posts have been going on and I’ll get back to them some days down the track.  In the meantime, some nifty little numbers from Dearieme – prize to anyone who sits through them:

Kills me softly, this one:

Albion Alliance update

Albion Alliance 225-225There is a danger when one gets immersed in a project of losing sight of the supporters of that project.  We’ve been so into getting the infrastructure up and running in the last days that we really need to get back to you and report on developments.

At the end of next week we’ll have the last buttons in place in the sidebar at the site and the following will be available:

The top one is for Potential Parliamentary Candidates [PPCs] to click on and pledge.  The second is for you, the fellow blogger, reader or other constituent to click on and it will lead you to five ways in which you can help:

You could:

1 – Contact at least one PPC in your constituency with a view to getting him or her to sign up to the Albion Alliance Pledge.

2 – Help to keep the Albion Alliance Candidate Database up to date where you can by updating the administrators of any changes to candidates’ details.

3 – Promote the Albion Alliance message by writing to local and national papers and spreading the word about our aims.

4 – Contact at least one PPC in a constituency other than your own with a view to get them to sign up to the Albion Alliance Pledge.

5 – Go to at least one election meeting in your constituency to publicize our campaign and to put the message quite clearly that we want a referendum and an end to the democratic deficit.

In the meantime, the Candidate database is up and running and you can click that link or go into our site, click on the Db and have a look at what your local MP and other candidates are up to.  You can see if he/she has pledged and what his/her response was to our email.

The Media Database is not up yet but will be by the end of next week.  This will give you the email and phone number of your local media to contact about how you’re faring with your PPCs.


Our part is to set up this infrastructure so that you can more easily make contact in your area with the relevant people, as well as showing you their responses and that will help you formulate in your own mind how to word your approach to them.  We can help out that way too with form letters we’ve written which you can take and modify.

The bottom line though is that as long as this remains a lovely idea but we couldn’t really be bothered doing anything personally, then it will sink as sure as night follows day.  If enough of you do respond though and use the tools at Albion Alliance, then PPCs will have no choice but to acknowledge the voice of the constituents.

It adds to the other projects around the UK, e.g. Dan Hannan’s and the TPA’s.

This is what it’s all about, guys.  More when we get the last parts set up and then we’ll launch.

UPDATE:  We’ve just receive a really arrogant reply from South Norfolk [anyone’s constituency?] and it takes a lot for Witterings to be this angry.

Dysfunctional society inimical to thought


Julia M has a piece today about the young woman who killed herself and her child.   Julia writes:

Let’s take an in-depth look, shall we?

Christelle fitted no stereotype. She was a 32-year-old Frenchwoman living in Hackney who had lived in Britain since she and her sister moved here in 1997. In May 2008 she graduated from London’s Metropolitan University with a degree in philosophy.

I’d argue that she did, indeed, fit a stereotype.  She fitted the stereotype of someone who’d decided that responsibility and consequences were nothing she needed to trouble herself with. Also the stereotype of someone who has swallowed the concept of ‘life long learning’ to the point where it seemed only reasonable to study for philosophy; after all, what the world needs is more philosophers, right?

Those last few words moved this blogger to reply.

The United States of America


This evening – the United States of America.

At once the vanguard of freedom and the vanguard of assaults on that freedom from Washington, the U.S.A. is a compete enigma. With a Declaration of Independence signed by five from the very oligarchy which was against the self-determination of the people, with a three pronged system of government which is both the envy of the world and ignored in the armchair ride given to the oilgarchy which runs Wall Street, it is a puzzling country.

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