The fish rots at the head – part two


People in the driving seat will always collude, always try to twist the rules to suit themselves and to create an ongoing monopoly. It’s in the nature of the game and you might as well try to change human nature than prevent this from happening.

If it means that one firm goes to the wall after being outmanoeuvered by another, then that’s the cut-throat nature of the game they’ve chosen to enter. It’s a completely different game to include the homes and jobs of the vulnerable, ordinary people as a means of furthering one’s profit margin. At that stage, we’re getting into a whole new ball game.

The fish rots at the head – part one


Excerpts from the interview [released April 20th, 2009] with Janet Tavakoli, structured finance firm president, based in Chicago:

Money is for providing security and freedom … we are delaying fixing the problem and are covering it up … we’re at a critical phase in our democracy … democracy has been diluted by the effects of the actions that have been taken to try to get out of this financial crisis … they’ve added to the risk in the system by providing leverage and by providing opacity …

Space is deep

[I just love from 3:31 to 4:44]

1.  How many men have walked on the moon?
2.  Which planet has the most moons and how many [we know of at this moment]?
3.  What are the four main types of galaxies?
4.  Which planet is tipped on its side, possibly due to a large collision in the past?
5.  Which planet has the largest temperature extremes?


12; Jupiter [63]; Spiral, elliptical, lenticular, irregular; Uranus; Mercury

Pre-election – a few words on each party

Tories – split down the middle, Cameron an unprincipled man who has sold out on his promises, in bed with the EU – don’t trust him.  Chancellor knows nothing of economics, policies now semi-Labour.   Apart from that – fine.

Labour – 4000 new ways to criminalize you, gave away our gold and gave over our sovereignty to a corrupt mega-state, ministers above the law, worst government in the history of the UK.  Still has its knucklehead rump who vote for it.