Emily comments at the Telegraph:

We studied Shakespeare ever year in my latter four years of school. When we started (Romeo and Juliet) and I thought Shakespeare was dumb. I just couldn’t get into it. The next year we went to see a performance of the Taming of the Shrew and I was transfixed. I realised that Shakespeare is best watched than read. Still, I was able to take the leap and enjoyed reading several more playes, even some on my own,. All school children should have the chance to see Shakespeare performed. It does make the difference.

Why isn’t the bard popular with the socialist curriculum devisors?  The dark knight says:

What is wrong with England?



Stephen Garnett, editor of This England magazine, said:

”We’re incredibly disappointed that English people are afraid of displaying the St George’s Cross on our patron saint’s day.  It was quite shocking to see some of the results, particularly the amount of people that don’t fly the flag because of fear of being judged.  It just shows what political correctness has done to the English people over the years.”

There are so many factors, not least being the concept of the Union Flag.  One of the major reasons though is that we are now suffering the coming of age of a new generation of socialist miseducated children of ASBO susceptibilities, a process which really kicked in in the 70s, along with the disgruntled Gen X and its resentment of the Boomers plus the factor mentioned by Stephen Garnett – the debilitating PC pall which hangs over the land, embraced by so many.

Katyn – why no bodies from the plane?

This is a Babel translation of the German article on the Polish President and entourage plane crash.  When the plane crashed 300 metres from the waiting officials and press, two journos, one Ukrainian – I think his name was Mendierej Andrei – and one Polish, Slawomir Wisniewski, ran to the crash.

This is the film shot by Mendierej Andrei [from his mobile phone]:

Notice anything strange?  Yep – NO BODIES ANYWHERE!   Even more interesting – you can hear shots and someone laughing.  Laughing at a plane crash?

This one is by Slawomir Wisniewski:

The debate – first impressions


21:38 Thursday

The connection has just broken but the debate concluded two minutes ago. Right – how was it?

The truth of what was said and what was left out

Naturally, a personality contest and controlled questions were never going to address any of the major issues. What those three and everyone else in this election campaign, except for some Independents, UKIP and the sane blogosphere failed to mention was:

1. Leaders can talk all they like about what they’ll do, how they’ll cap this or reduce that. The simple fact is that they will not be doing anything their Euromasters do not allow.