There’ve been how many thousand words blogged on the matter and still it has most people’s heads shaking – how could the one on the left get it so wrong and the one on the right sell his soul for power?  There seem, to me, certain possibilities:

1.  Dave is just incompetent, hadn’t costed the cuts and is making policy on the run.  The big thing was to get into power, that was all;

2.  Dave sent Clarke over to Europe in the lead up and then went himself to receive instructions on how to hand more powers to Brussels whilst pretending to his right wing that he was anti-EU.  The EU needs a demoralized UK to be able to set up their superstate.

To readers of this blog 2

Having been away downloading a few gigs of files today, the net fallout from that episode is a clean install and update [good], loss of my book in Word form and loss of Word altogether [can be done for now on rtf] and much small configuration still to do, e.g. keyboard and sound settings etc, even how the touchpad works.

I just have to go through it one by one and see what can be done.  Fortunately, many log-ins and registrations were online.  I think I’ll get another harddrive to back up to.

Shall be back blogging when I can – this evening at least is configuration evening, with a glass of wine at the side.

To readers of this blog

This morning, about 7 a.m., I was hit by two things – firstly, something took over my computer and in particular, my network settings and changed them.  It then refused permission for me to go back in and reset them.

The only option was a clean install and this has now taken a bit over three hours.

The second was that the reinstall asked me for my network password and of course, it’s on a bit of paper somewhere.  Could I find it?  Now, those who know my blog would appreciate that there are more than a few boxes of papers to go through to find the errant paper which should have been in with my provider’s papers but was, this once, not.

This necessitated phone calls and part of those involved BT.  Those in the UK know what that involves.

Conference – Tory blogger roundup

This time last year, I was a Tory and went to the Manchester Conference.  This year I have no party because I do not wish to be part of a hijacking which has seen the rate of powers conceded to Brussels greater than under Labour and which has seen so many broken promises.

However, Isuppose I’d better stir myself and do the rounds of my fellow bloggers of the Tory ilk.  First stop is the MSM.  This is really rich:

Did you hear the one about …

Berlusconi might be a snake but he tells a fair joke:

#  A Jew hides a fellow Jew in his basement at the time of the concentration camps and charges him 3,000 euro  a day. The Jew paid up because he had the money but do you think he should tell him that Hitler has died and the war is over?