Are Women Insane? Part 1

[I’d ask if you would view all three parts of this article before commenting, as there are quite a few opposed views and some we might not have thought of before.]

1c9669e3596260e95e256bee9a13c555The main reason this blog hasn’t tackled the subject before is that it can’t be impartial. I’m a man, so how can I have anything to say on the issue which a woman would heed? Similarly, why would I heed the countless articles by women claiming they’re not insane but merely misunderstood?

Then I read an article in The Onion: Slightly Upset Woman Declared Insane and thought, following that, that if I’d been that woman, I’d have gone beserk, I’d have killed.

For the first time I really saw it from the woman’s point of view.

Now, for a start, she didn’t get slightly upset, she got very, very upset.

Are Women Insane? Part 2

1c9669e3596260e95e256bee9a13c555Part 1


It doesn’t surprise me that almost all the literature written by men see women as insane. On the other hand, while half the literature on the women’s side was “we are strong, we are superior, we can do anything yada, yada”, the other half said something different.

One entirely pointless forum had a young man pose the question about how to find a woman who wasn’t insane. One girl answered:

“You are screwed, all women are insane; it is in our genetics!!! lol.”

Are Women Insane? Part 3

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Women are socialized differently and they can often “get away with murder”. The way they’re brought up, the expectations, the dress code, association of colours with gender and so on all serves to form a woman’s mind.

An article by Suzy Vanhoose, in Associated Content, Business and Finance, put the negative side of this:

Another problem that is becoming rampant is that women can say just about anything they want and an innocent man will have to spend nightmarish months going through a complicated court system just to prove his innocence.

Money explained, for seventh graders

This below is far worse than Russian Roulette – it’s an odds on certainty.  Hold onto your seats.

Fiat money

A nation’s currency used to be backed with something, e.g. gold or silver. That is, you could redeem your paper dollar for one dollar in the national commodity. Now you have a bit of paper backed by Obama’s or Gordo’s word that it is good.

That’s fiat money.

Full reserve banking

French in Iceland on weekend

Now isn’t that interesting? The French defeated Iceland on the weekend in handball – that’s the Icelandic headline today.

Er … how did the French get there? I’ve written to Eygló Arnarsdóttir about it and await a reply. Apparently the volcano finished erupting some days ago. There’s also a new Icelandic joke doing the rounds:

Britain: Iceland are you crazy?!? Why did you send us volcanic ash ? Our airspace has shut down.

Iceland: What ? That’s what you asked for isn’t it ?

Britain: NO! We said cash! Cash you dyslexic idiot. CASH!

Iceland: Woooops…

Eyglo explains that there is no “C” in the Icelandic language.

STOP PRESS 20.04.10

Eygló replies: “Dear James, the French arrived by plane before the eruption began, actually. Bestu kveðjur / Best wishes.”