Getting it completely wrong again


Oh my goodness – is this the best we can do?

Ugly as sin outside, ugly inside, yet another banal, 3rd rate feminist journo, now this Barber woman is bragging about being a slapper at Oxford, somehow feeling it “empowers her” or something.  Assuming she’s not telling porkies, of course.  Does she think that it makes her a great lover or what?

Doing the rounds


Great post by Prodicus about how the PCists have a stranglehold on anything we view and hear.  And to think we let them do it when we weren’t watching.  Example:

Institutions don’t come much more institutional than the Library of Congress. I visited its website looking for a gift for a friend.

Sunday space in time


Rambling and the light of day

Do you ever wake up with a hundred thoughts rushing through the brain and by the time you get up, you’ve lost them? This Sunday, I thought I’d jot them down as and when they whooooshed through, all the better to inflict them on you.