The power of self-criticism

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Women have always controlled the relationship.  The reason there is so much instability now is because so many women’s expectations have changed in certain fundamental ways:

1.  The peddlers of all that is twisted, the same people who control the countries’ politics, drug trade, porn trade and corruption have brought their own hi-camp sex-party culture to the masses, through film, television, music and the print media and the most susceptible of the masses are children and frustrated housewives.

As for men, give them unfettered nookie and the majority think this is a good thing – they can’t think past their willy. The peddlers expect no opposition from that direction although that’s precisely where the opposition should come from.

Well done, Chris Grayling

Bed-and-Breakfast-LogoI’ve met Chris Grayling, I like Chris Grayling, despite his knuckling down under Cameron, as the rest of them have done – party over principle.  Yet he came out with a truism – that B&B owners can decide whomever they damn well want to have at their place … or not.  I don’t care if they’re Christian, Moslem or from the Planet Zog.

It’s no business of the State to decide who can go where.  An atheist can decide whether to let me into his B&B and if not, I’ll go to one down the road.  If it’s his place, then that’s his right. Again – it’s no business of the State.  And it’s also no business of anyone else’s.  And while we’re on it, it’s no business of anyone else’s if a publican decides to let his patrons smoke.  Or drink.

Get the hell out of our lives.