A short[ish] quiz


English Language

1. Write only the verb from this sentence: “He was trying, essentially, to be seen to be embracing all of the concepts in that philosophical tract.”

English Literature

2. From which hostelry did the pilgrims to Canterbury set out and where was that hostelry situated?

General Mathematics

3. What does this represent?

quad eqGeometry

4.  What did Pythagoras say about the hypotenuse?

Things every child should know

1074It’s not just brain food

The war against cognition is past its infancy and I’d like to go back to where it changed.

For a start, the difference between Scottish and English education used to be marked but I can’t comment on the Scottish today.  Wiki says:

Traditionally, the Scottish system has emphasised breadth across a range of subjects, while the English, Welsh and Northern Irish systems have emphasised greater depth of education over a smaller range of subjects at secondary school level.

An example of this breadth is in Music – formal music education begins at 4½ years and can progress as high as postgraduate studies.  I took Latin and Music and Chemistry, none of which I formally used after school but which produced a certain person, as it did with all the other kids, who knew at least some of what has gone on in the world.



The preservation of the means of knowledge among the lowest ranks is of more importance to the public than all the property of the rich men in the country. [John Adams]

Only by restoring the authority of knowledge can we improve teachers’ status, says Michele Ledda. Developing skills is important but it can neither precede nor replace knowledge for knowledge’s sake.  Our child-centred education system encourages an indifferent and even suspicious attitude towards the transmission of knowledge, seeing it as an activity fraught with dangers. This has been the case for so many decades that we have come to regard it as normal.

It is the legacy of the Lincoln School which sought and succeeded in dumbing down successive generations to the point of pig-ignorance.  Thus it is wonderful to see a few pundits starting to come round to the horror of what the socialists did to education and to human beings themselves.

Can we ever emerge from this malaise which should never ever have been allowed to occur?  Two of the saddest things I read was when I ran this youtube and commenters said, in as many words:

1.  Well, it hasn’t stopped her succeeding in life;

2.  It’s better to learn life skills than have knowledge.

Lingerie and sizing one another up

Le figaro discute une question la plus importante:

Seuls 15 % des hommes déclarent acheter des ensembles de lingerie féminine, selon une étude TNS Worldpanel, les plus friands de ce type d’achats étant âgés de 25 à 49 ans.  En revanche, les femmes achètent sans hésiter en boutique ou sur le Net les caleçons, boxers, shorties et autres slips des messieurs. Quelle que soit la tranche d’âge de ces derniers. En 2008, 29,4 % de la lingerie masculine était ainsi achetée par des femmes.

Par ailleurs:

Parmi les nouveautés du salon figurent des soutiens-gorge qui chauffent au contact de la peau, des petites culottes aux protéines de lait censées favoriser l’hydratation de la peau ou encore, dans un registre fort peu sexy, un soutien-gorge anti-rides à porter la nuit.

In a nutshell, the lads are a bit reticent to buy the lasses lingerie but the lasses have no hesitation the other way.