Which five would you provoke?

gwyneth_paltrow_lead_narrowweb__300x451,0Russell Crowe, the prima donna, walked out of a radio interview over questions about his accent.

Hell, I would have asked him:

“Do you think being a convict with an Irish accent hampers your ability to play English national heroes or do you think it fits you for the role?”

If you could choose 5 people to interview, who would they be and what would you ask them?  🙂

My other four would be:

1.  Mandelson: “Do you pray nightly for G-d to forgive you for David Kelly?”
2.  Hilton:  “Have you come to terms yet with being the Nottie?”
3.  Obama: “So, all jokes aside, your highness, do we get to see the birth certificate?”
4.  Jonathan Ross: “Did you or did you not have a wank thinking of Gwynneth Paltrow?”

Of cougars and cradle-snatchers

normal_cougar~0-750822Perhaps we should take these types of studies and statistics with a grain of salt or at the least, note them and move on.  While the conclusions might confirm my theory, still – how much faith can be put in them?

The reason Cougars have that low life expectancy, if they do, seems to me to be related to something in their psyches which is dissatisfied, always was and always would be.  There really are women who are never satisfied with anything in their lives and for them, Chas and Dave had a song.


horror queen

Well, despite the blog title “Ubermouth”, she’s taken some time to get to 200 but hey – she’s there now.  I’ve already done a biography on her so no need to do that again but here’s the deal:

I’m a secret Ubermouth fan.  Yeah, I know she takes some dealing with when her blood’s up but at rest, she’s a real baa-lamb.  I prefer wimmin who are interesting anyway.  So, what can I give her that she’d appreciate?  A 200 badge?

The price of Number 10


You know, this is beginning to look rather good.  The True Conservatives are a bit peeved by the anti-democratic direction of Cameron, it seems.  How many effing times did we bloggers and the Albion Alliance and UKIP etc. etc. tell you so and you told us we were being disloyal?  How many times did you have the chance to take Cameron to task over it and you buckled under the stern gaze of the whips, even Dan Hannan and he’s not even in there?

However, better late than never.  It should be interesting to observe.