Bits and pieces

#  Ubermouth would like it to be known that she is sending a floral tribute to Mutley’s family and if you would like to add your condolences by card, contact ubermouth/at/ubermouth/dot/com [no slashes] and she can give mailing details.

Uber adds that “that the floral tribute is coming from the sphere – we are all sending it as a blogging community”, a point I didn’t make clear enough earlier.

#  I’m tied up in work related matters pretty well for the rest of this week now so expect only intermittent blogging.  There’ll possibly be a post later today but I’m not sure.  I’m in the middle of one on Patriotism just now but have to leave it and head into the city.

The Albion Alliance is putting out a questionnaire to supporters soon.  AA Mk2 is on the drawing boards to take account of the “between elections” time period and the changing political circumstances.  There are some crucial tests of Lisbon and democracy itself coming up and AA needs to be either relevant and in there campaigning or not at all.

#  I’ll leave comments off with this post as it’s only in the nature of a few updates.

Who said these?


Who do you think was most likely to have said these things below? Well actually – who said them?

1. In the words of one of my more sympathetic correspondents, it has turned out to be an annus horribilis. [For a bonus point, can you give the year?]

2. When I invite a woman to dinner I expect her to look at my face – that’s the price she has to pay. [For a bonus point, what was the year of the film?]

The Real Game


If you’re going to play a war game, you need a cleared out room, a giant table and all the pieces on it.  If the game you’re going to play is called The Real Game, you need to acknowledge players you might not have any belief in or sympathy for but they’re certainly there and need to be assigned a certain weight.

If you leave them out because of your own psychological problem in handling the concept, you skew the result.  Eligibility to play is according to criteria of length of time this player has been about, how much traction he/she ever had before and how corrosively persistent he/she is, how much backing there is and so on.