The inexorable move

Note the predominant colour of the banners – no matter.

Looking at all the things happening around the world, from the French protests to the change in police from friendly neighbourhood watchdogs to stormtroopers and given the inexorable move to 1984, a Christian would watch this with interest because he has a scenario before him which takes all this into account.

Police universally loved

Well, well, well, what’s all this then?

Police officers are living in “ghettos” because there is a growing divide between officers and the public, the chairman of a London police authority has said.

Kit Malthouse, who is London’s deputy mayor with responsibility for policing and crime, said officers from Britain’s largest force are living in villages in Surrey and Hertfordshire, partly because of concerns over living in London.

He said there is a “growing divide between the police and the public, which is not yet at dangerous levels but may well become so”.

Really?  Gosh, who’dathunkit?

Appetites – Quick Supper

The simple supper – Rossa gives her version:

There are times when even the most dedicated cook decides that something quick and easy is all they want to do. That was me on the weekend. We’d had the Coq au Vin Blanc on Saturday night but on a lazy Sunday evening all I wanted was something simple I could put in the oven and leave to get on with it.

A simple fish supper.


On this Columbus Day let us celebrate some of the things that are quintessentially American. Things that are unique to the USA and exported around the world. And the rest of the world loves it.

Start with three beards plus one of the neatest cars you will ever see and a gratuitous display of legs.

Three beards? Well the clean shaven one is Beard by name, all part of the fun that is Z Z Top (or Zed Zed Top as we say in English )

This is an expensive education?

Right on cue, Lord Sombers point about the MSM:

Mainstream journalists brag about layers of fact checkers and editors (and don’t forget “credentials”), and yet one finds increasing examples of errors of fact, typo/grammatical errors, poor usage (“fusillade” is not the same as “fuselage”) and just flat-out poor writing.

Meaning: It’s not just the writers, but also the editors.