To be out of step with the zeitgeist

If zeitgeist be the spirit of the age, then in male terms, I and many other males – but by no means a majority – are out of step.

The zeitgeist I’d say today is female driven – they control all thought in feminist form, which means neurotic, angst driven and illogical, where surging estrogen rules, where limp-wristed males with wispy beards, winning toothy grins and soft natures the girls cannot feel threatened by are the only acceptable form of male in this day and age – the eternal callow youth.

Not really a quiz

James Thompson has the 2 minute IQ test – how is yours? These are typical of the questions:

One of the verbal items was: “Stop means the same as: Pause/Close/Cease/Break/Rest/Do not know/Prefer not to answer”.

One of the numerical items was: “If sixty is more than half of seventy-five, multiply twenty-three by three. If not subtract 15 from eighty-five. Is the answer: 68/69/70/71/72/Do not know/Prefer not to answer”.

[H/T Chuckles]

Going to save DR’s hotel one because there are others to add to it but today is pretty busy so can’t do it justice – shall try for next Thursday on that one, Monday being mathematical.