The limits of freedom

The Freedom Association is one I’ve been associated with since 2010 and not surprisingly, they are dedicated to people’s freedom within a society, in contrast, say, to that of Iraq and North Korea.

In short, they are dedicated to preserving freedom for individuals, freedom for the press, presumably freedom of worship. A known-known.

simon richardsI know Simon Richards@simplysimontfa through tweeting on politics, particularly British politics and he’s a fine, upstanding chap.

Simon describes himself as a Thatcherite, with a strong belief in individual freedom and tolerance.

With Mark Wallace and Christopher Gill, Simon set up the Better Off Out campaign in 2006.

Ring of fire eclipse day today

ring of fire eclipse sunday

[Thanks, Mail and Chuckles]

The natural phenomenon will first be visible in Chile and Argentina on the morning of 26 February before moving across the South Atlantic Ocean.

It will pass over Angola and then come to an end somewhere between Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

The moment of greatest eclipse will occur midway between the two continents at just before 10am ET (15:00 GMT) when the moon will cover over 99 per cent of the sun. 

The best sky watching will be from the lower half of South America and western and southern parts of Africa. 

Observers in this path will see a darkened sun, sometimes described as a ‘hole in the sky’, and the glow of the coroner around the edge.

Naturally, this is the end of the earth as we know it. See you on the other side.