Dirk Gently

Dirk Gently, for the non au fait, was one of Douglas Adams’s characters, noted for his expression “the fundamental interconnectedness of all things”.

To make sense in a blogpost in the face of huge swathes of those interconnected things coming at you and not to be overwhelmed by it in a reality matrix is either to be the Dominic Cummings type loony he called for, or else a fed troll or else someone overwhelmed, as Polly seems to have just become.

If she’s a troll, which I do not believe, then she’s a mightily convincing one … and yet why is she still on youtube? Meaning why have they not shut her down? For that matter, why have they not shut this blog down?

What one gets into after some time is a state of total suspicion of everything and anyone, for any reason, which is a nowhere state of affairs.

Augmented reality

1. Back in the day, it was called rose-coloured glasses:


2.  Autonomous cars:

Ultimately, Magna doesn’t think there’s big enough potential in autonomous vehicles in the medium term. It sees more opportunities for growth in the assisted driving market (up to Level 3 autonomy) over the next five years.

CEO Don Walker told reporters that the industry is getting “more realistic” about how long it’ll take before autonomous driving
really takes off. As such, Magna plans to invest “where we’re going to get a higher volume,” CFO Vince Galifi said.



South Africa and corruption

In South Africa, it’s not hard to ferret around and find evidence of gross corruption and incompetence:


In the fall of 2017, former antiapartheid activist and current British politician Peter Hain criticized HSBC in the British House of Lords for “possible criminal complicity” in South African money laundering after the bank allegedly ignored internal warnings about suspicious transactions. In Canada, the federal export credit agency, Export Development Canada, has also been tainted by association with the Gupta family (an influential trio of businessmen brothers who arrived in South Africa in the 1990s from India) and South African corruption, leading it, in late 2017, to cancel a $41 million loan to the family. The country has perhaps come to be seen by states around the world as a place to avoid spending money. And, domestically, it’s easy to see how corruption could have contributed to pushing millions of South Africans into poverty between 2011 and 2015.

What’s really rather amusing in that quote was Hain talking of corruption, what with his ‘forgetting’ to declare campaign donations: