1. Now, though they’re satanist [to the populace, it’s called pagan for disguise purposes], they are still part of the nation’s culture and have every right in my book:

Morris Dancers face being banned from performing in blackface after shocked rambler, 28, complained when she stumbled on the centuries-old display while walking through Yorkshire Dales town 

In short, that bint needs a good swift kick off Beachy Head down south.

2. Naydler on the impending 5G:

Roadside America

“Photographed over a span of forty years (1969-2008) by architectural critic and curator John Margolies (1940-2016), the collection consists of 11,710 color slides (35mm film transparencies). Frequent subjects include restaurants, gas stations, movie theaters, motels, signage, miniature golf courses, and beach and mountain vacation resorts.”


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When satire is sin-binned

During the nomadic years, as I call them, I was here and in Australia, with stints in France and Sicily, a long sojourn in Russia and various other places.

While in Oz during the coup d’etat of ’75, we went to all the protests but the over-earnestness of Marxist students was just too much at times and so, when there was one particular protest in the centre square of town, we went along in costume. I looked a bit like Rik Mayall in full urban guerrilla garb, with a wire stay from my boat coiled from my belt and a placard which might have read, can’t recall, ‘Free policemen from their handcuffs’.

They quickly took that and it was stainless steel too, silly me. Anyway, they weren’t quite sure, Plod, what we were about but as we stood right against the police lines, they had to deal with it. One asked and I said, ‘For protection.’ From what? From them – and at that point, over came some real Trot or Stalinist and started getting aggressive about us undermining a very serious cause.

We need fake charities to take over everything

This one’s from Microdave:

Completely baffled by it

“It’s the new C&RT rules,” said he “All volunteers are to have red and green flags so boaters know whether to enter a lock or not. “So,” said Ian “Red must mean stop then”. “Of course” came back the reply. “So,” said Ian again “Where is the red flag?” “Ah,” said he, “We haven’t been issued with them yet”!!!!!

C&RT are, as I’m sure you know, the “Charity” set up to take over from the old British Waterways, and were recently in the news after the near catastrophe in Whaley Bridge.