Sibi placens et stultum

Latin for ‘smug and foolish’.  This topic was touched on near the end of the ‘Obstacles’ post earlier in the day.

If you look at those four in what is now called the jihad squad, who is the most annoying and why?

For me it’s this Omar, grinning at the American people, laughing at how they can’t touch her.  There’s a certain face brickability brewing with that one.

I’m concerned in this post about why two people may be taking a position other than ours but one, in her insolence, needs ‘alf a brick in the moosh.

Is it age which confers respect?  Well not in the case of Corbyn, Pelosi, Waters, May – no, there has to be something else, although age is a starter in many cases.

Midweek matinée noire

If you broaden the definition of film noir to any highly stylised, melodramatic film, usually black and white, with a hardboiled element, many might squeeze in under that umbrella – from Casablanca to real noir, as in The Third Man. Tarzan would not.

Rathbone’s Holmes might fit into the genre or at least add its badge, 50s SF/creature movies, often better as B movies, with hammier acting.

I like noire as a matinée more than as an evening show, so here’s one which might fit this non-genre:

Obstacles to the moon landing

1. Radar range

The maximum range of astronomy by radar is very limited, and is confined to the Solar System. This is because the signal strength drops off very steeply with distance to the target, the small fraction of incident flux that is reflected by the target, and the limited strength of transmitters.

The distance to which the radar can detect an object is proportional to the square root of the object’s size, due to the one-over-distance-to-the-fourth dependence of echo strength.

July 16th, 1969

One small step for (a) man.

The Wail tried the old “sham” quote on today before admitting the context – that it wasn’t nearly as clockwork as they made out.

I also saw the footage of Aldrin punching someone about whether they’d actually gone to the moon.