Monday too

1. Apparently this [sitting in a chair] has upset the left:

2. Courtesy Rossa’s mother:

Furthermore, since when does Reuters, infamous for using non-accredited news stringers worldwide, get to decide who is a reporter and who is not? Tommy’s “credentials” would stand up well against those of Reuters’ boys and girls. Tommy Robinson has often been a lone voice raised against Islam’s depredations in his beloved country; who better to report on the story than one of the leading voices crying out for justice?

3. It’s in the url:

4. And again:

5. Go on, admit it, you want one:

6. Last but not least, be careful running polls:

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Clint Eastwood did Unforgiven, we do Unrelenting, never stopping the pressure on this b**ch until she either reverses that policy or goes.

I don’t care how boring it gets – she has crossed a red line, that of betraying one’s citizens for graft and globalism and in the worst possible way – the thugs of the party have acted in a despicable manner, in English eyes, in any eyes really out there in the community – they’re not going to cover this one up, the Swamp.


1. A sodding story:

I was in my yard too last year when I had the sodding heart attack.

2. URL says it all:

3. Observatory for human wrongs?

4. Those ancient tools again:

5. Similar vein – better up the haruspication:

6. Last but not least, food for thought:

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The triumph of the unloved

1. Angelique Kerber

I do not like Serena Williams, not at all, don’t like the family, don’t like anything about what she does. The sycophantic media were all over her, the two duchesses were cheering her every move, riding every shot, Megan Markle was crestfallen at the end – the wrong woman had won.

Not for me she hadn’t – I’m not interested in the women’s game with its grunting, although this game was not bad.  But my overwhelming interest in this was to see Kerber win.  I took a look at her yesterday before the game – maybe not the most beautiful woman, aged 30 and on that slow slide, had never won a major – yep, she was my gal all right.  Unsung – perfect. I duly fell in love.

And did she ever play well.