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16. What’s the word? Not iconoclast

Art is mostly fraud perpetrated by narcissistic academic quacks on a public easily gulled. They should be prosecuted. This is as true of literature as of painting and sculpture. If modern sculpture were placed in a junkyard, art critics couldn’t find it. Most of what we are told are great works are great works only because we are told that they are.

15.  We want one for N.O. office use


6.  How then does one measure success?

US scientists have succeeded in genetically editing the immune systems of three cancer patients using CRISPR, without creating any side effects, a first for the tool which is revolutionizing biomedical research.

The highly anticipated results from the first phase of a clinical trial were published in the journal Science on Thursday.

They represent a stepping stone that doesn’t yet prove CRISPR can be used to fight cancer. Indeed, one of the patients has since died and the disease has worsened in the other two – but the trial does show that the technique is non-toxic.

Haiku, the goodhearted engineer asks: ‘Faltering first steps?’

Breakfast Chez N.O. Limits

Chef haiku attempts to seduce you with the garlic starter:

He saw this YouTube video of a popular restaurant in Seoul, South Korea where they make their sandwiches with garlic butter toast! Nothing will ever be the same again.

Chuckles weighs in for what he describes as ‘for a rainswept day, a light brunch’:

And finally to finish off the customer:


The reason for this post is that certain things were written among the millions of words by people who might know what they’re talking about.

One I saw at the Wail read:

I wish people would stop underplaying this virus by comparing it to the common cold or to flu. The truth is that there is an awful lot we don’t know about this virus, how it can mutate or resist modern medicine, all the ways it can be transferred from one person to another. The speed at which this has spread and the sheer numbers it has infected (the real figure is much higher than the already high figure China has declared) means that we should absolutely be worried. That our government has refused to follow the leads of other countries by banning flights from China shows how little they really care about this.

OK, let’s add to that a comment by long time commenter Wolfie who wrote: