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The Last Jedi bash

Confession time – having seen the stills of the film, there was just something offputting about the characters, their look, plus the natural position on modern films that they’re rubbish until proven otherwise.

This was reinforced by the gushing Mail spread on the royal gala opening or whatever it was and this Daisy person’s bin bag dress, plus this hands on hips business.

However, that hardly slams the film, does it?

Ridley has a tattoo of three stars on her left foot that she got when she was 15, a tattoo of the alchemical symbol of air on her right hip, and a peace symbol tattoo behind her right ear.

Yuk. Ugggh! On a girl?

Went looking for reviews and they were divided between the official critics who all, to a man and woman, gushed like the Mail but the peripheral critics all pointed out the bland and “terrible” trailer. Again, that hardly slams the film itself.

The Grauniad said:

Fishermen unshackled now

Fat chance with Traitor May:

Bertie Armstrong, Scottish Fishermen’s Federation chief executive, said no more than nine months was required to protect fishing interests.

He called for the nation’s fishermen to be unshackled from the “utterly inequitable and hopelessly inadequate” Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

“The prime minister was clear in her Florence speech that for certain sectors of the economy matters could be settled more quickly than two years and the case for a nine-month ‘bridge’ for the fishing industry is absolutely compelling.”