Friday still

1. Thx Matt Singh – full list of non-Tory seats with no BxP candidates:

That should tell you a few things.

2. Amazon’s war on Christmas:

This is America where they’ve done this, not the godless UK, there’s quite a sizeable population either identifying as Christian or not unsympathetic over there and this is going to backfire, particularly in the light of Kaepernick and similar clowns.

I’m probably cancelling my Prime anyway and boycotting Amazon soon. Still thinking through some issues right now connected to it.

More indications concerning 2020

It’s all very well those who fully understand finance reading and fully understanding this at Zero Hedge:

At this point it is worth considering a critical, if tangential question: Why is the Fed so concerned about not signaling QE, and why are so many Fed fanboys desperate to parrot whatever Powell is saying day after day?

Simply said, there are several reasons why the Fed is making a great effort to let the world know that its security purchases are not QE and are not reflective of any change in monetary policy stance. The first is the obvious issue of signaling concern around the economic outlook which would run counter to its cautiously optimistic and often upbeat assessment. After all, why do QE if the economy has “never been stronger”, and the Fed was hiking rates as recently as a December. Included here are the concerns about running out of ammunition at the zero lower bound of rate policy. With negative rates increasingly off the table – until push comes to shove of course and the Fed is forced to cut below zero – QE is meant to be reserved as dry powder for a rainy day when conventional tools are exhausted (even if QE is in fact taking place this very instant).

Cold war between the sexes

Let’s turn the Wail comments section into a quiz of sorts – identify the sex of the writer:

# How many jumpers should we wear? I wore t-shirt, two hoodies and a coat at work! I was still freezing and my fingers were too cold to type! [Them] with their vest, shirt, tie and waist coat and windows open! I’m the complainer! Why don’t they take off their tie, vest and waistcoat and if they’re still too hot go outside!

# It’s a matter of logic. If there is no additional medical or other problem then for the average person it makes sense to run at the lower temperature, not because this saves money (although it does) but because if you are a little cold you can always put on more clothing. However, if you are too hot there is little you can do about it.

# The heating is a battle in our home. I like it nice and warm and [my partner] likes it like an ice box. 24.5 degrees apparently is way too hot! I think not! I don’t tell [my partner] to wear less clothes! Lol.

# Another jumper won’t keep my nose warm.