Whipped cream report


Since the beginner’s luck of the first whipped cream Chez Higham, there have been two abject failures.

In the first, I poured the cream into a bowl and whipped and whipped and whipped and all it did was create bubbles. Nice bubbles at that but … bubbles.

Last evening, brought home some double cream again and had another attempt. Failure. Checked out advice online and they say everything must be cold and that even whipping heats up the cream. Going back to the first time it worked, it had been sitting in a metal saucepan of cold water, not having a fridge ‘n all.

Uh huh. I transferred to a glass bottle and left it overnight in the metal pan again. Now, theoretically, it should have warmed up a bit, not refrigerated but the night must have been cold enough and transferred itself to the metal pan, then glass bottle.

And it worked a treat in seconds. Apart from the cold, just what did it I’m not sure – maybe cream likes glass – most foods like glass. Either way, that seems the way to go.

There is one thing though – in last evening’s attempt, the cream was very bubbly at the point it went into the glass jar, so maybe the bubbles have something to do with the process. Next time, I’ll not touch the cream initially, apart from bottling it and see how it is next morning.

Must say – it’s all been very interesting. And subsequently yummy of course.

It’s all about behaviour, not about skin colour

If they want to push it, then here it is:

I caught the light so I was sitting at their intersection with a chance to observe for a few minutes. They stepped into the street and started taunting the white drivers by holding their signs up against their windows and chanting something.

When young black women get worked up, their voices reach a pitch close to a dog whistle. It’s just high pitched echolalic babbling that is intended to annoy, rather than convey information. I had my windows up so I could make out nothing. My guess is it was just some gibberish they saw on-line or on TV.

Before they got to me, the light changed and they had to retreat to the curb, which was a surprise.

In the ghetto, you run into this behavior a lot. Black females will wait for the light to change and then saunter into the cross walk, giving drivers the business, making them wait as they stroll across the street.

It is just one of the many hassles that comes with dealing with people in the ghetto. At some level, they know the rest of us would just as soon ignore the ghetto entirely, so they spend their energy making that impossible.

Shifting focus just a little, is this racist, wot, or is this racist?

Parenting magazine Baby & Family has told readers to beware of families who are “inconspicuous” and “cheerful”, as these warning signs indicate they are right wing and thus “dangerous”.

Depicted with illustrations featuring solely blonde women and children, the report says ordinary parents must take action against right-wing families and make clear that their ideology has no place in the world.

No one is more racist than the left who gave the concept of fascism its modern meaning. They’d know. Hitler’s Aryanism – differentiating on the basis of ethnicity or colour, creating heierarchies of races – that is what the left devotes so much of its time to. Do we?

It is consistently the left which brings the whole issue of race up as a skin colour issue, whereas those in that vast traditional centre, non-leftwing area which has been defined over and over on many blogs always focusses on behaviour.

Go through this blog and it’s always the behaviour which is attacked, the attitudes to others, the stupid ideas and things done. There’s not one post about skin colour per se and how anyone here hates that colour. There’ve been quotes from time to time from others.

But to reiterate, it is vastly more on our blogs about assimilating, getting a job, about traditional family, about life values, about erosion of freedoms. It goes on a lot about the newly self-entitled and her twisted ideas from the global left.

Skin colour? That is something they themselves carry on about, about misogyny. They’re the ones who’ve been brooding on it.

Which makes them the racists and then to use that as political leverage is rank dishonesty. That is what we dislike the most, that dishonesty and the way the government backs that and institutionalizes it.

As for Islamophobia, it’s all in the rapes and murders, in beating up citizens in the streets – and those are attitudes coupled with behaviour. Always the behaviour we react against. Always.

How to spot a forged polymer fiver


. Check that the image of Elizabeth Tower (often referred to as Big Ben) is gold on the front of the note, and silver on the back.

. Check that the circular green foil patch on the back of the note exists, and contains the word ‘BLENHEIM’.

. Check that the coronation crown appears to be 3-dimensional.

. Check that there is a transparent window on the note, and that it contains an image of the Queen, encircled by the phrase ‘£5 Bank of England’ twice.

. Check that the foil patch below the transparent window displays the words ‘Five’ and ‘Pounds’, when you tilt the note at different angles.

. Check the ultra-violet feature – if looked at under a ultra-violet light, the number 5 will appear on the front of the note coloured in a green and red diamond pattern.

Caption time

trudeau-georgeYour caption invited. Mine might be:


1. Would you like a sweetie?
2. What gender did you finally decide on?

And George’s might have been: ‘Wot, shake hands with a socialist?’


Malice aforethought

rubiesYou could call this over-analysing and most readers at this place are not remotely interested. True but as it has implications, as uninteresting as they are through reiteration, then it’s best placed in the middle of a dead [for blogging] Sunday afternoon.

The news is that Angelina Jolie rented the Malibu ‘cottage’ she’s currently holed up in … three weeks ago. And it was organized before that. Which puts the temper tantrum of Brad on the aeroplane in perspective, does it not.

Now, if that is so, then we could just say ‘calculating, manipulative bitch’ and move on. But it does raise the question of percentages. Is this a case of: