The Hercules


With a squat stance, bulbous nose, four big turboprop engines, and massive fuselage, the C-130 cruises at a relatively modest 290 to 320 knots. Lockheed dubbed it “Hercules” after the mythological hero known for his strength and courage. The name fits the company’s tradition of naming aircraft after celestial constellations, along with the P-2V Neptune and P-3 Orion.

Compared to high-profile jet fighters like the F-22 Raptor or F-35 Lightning II, the Hercules looks like a bloated throwback. But what it lacks in sleekness it more than makes up for in heart. Like the A-10 Warthog, it’s the Hercules’ awesome capability that makes it a total badass.

Simply put, the C-130 is a do-anything aircraft and its service record shows it. Lockheed says the C-130 has flown at least 100 different missions in its 63-year-old life, including its most recent return to the military limelight.

Speed limit

85th percentile:

This nationally recognized method of setting the speed limit as the 85th percentile speed is essentially traffic engineering 101. It’s also a bit perplexing to those unfamiliar with the concept. Shouldn’t everyone drive at or below the speed limit? And if a driver’s speed is dictated by the speed limit, how can you decide whether or not to change that limit based on the speed of traffic?

The answer lies in realizing that the speed limit really is just a number on a sign, and it has very little influence on how fast people drive. “Over the years, I’ve done many follow up studies after we raise or lower a speed limit,” Megge tells us. “Almost every time, the 85th percentile speed doesn’t change, or if it does, it’s by about 2 or 3 mph.” 

Not that I drive any more but remembering those days, I was perhaps a bit naughty and a few things affected it:

It’s perspective, not hatred

With Madeleine Westerhout [not her below], her role is quite clear, as she said herself: “I’m the greeter girl.”

It would be wrong to see Hope Hicks [that’s her above] in that role.  She is “the gatekeeper” for Trump and what’s more, has been from Day 1, well before his political campaign – others come and go but she decides who sees him … and who doesn’t.

Snowflake takes umbrage, calls in authorities

David Moyes: Sunderland manager charged over ‘slap’ comment

Well if she doesn’t need a good slapping, the FA certainly does.  As pundit David Vance wrote:

“The UK, where a football manager faces a police prosecution for banter and #FGM butchers get off scot free.”

Firstly, it teaches snowflakes like this one that she need only whine about something, anything at all and the police will come and charge whoever it was had annoyed her.

And this leads inexorably to the second point – that it does zero to advance relations between men and women.  Remember, this bint young lady called those authorities in, it wasn’t some do-gooder who’d overheard it.