The SJW phenomenon in one

The Jordan Peterson/Joe Rogan podcast/vid via Lord Somber was posted yesterday and it’s long but the points made really need to be put in written form as well. This was it, commentary continues below it:

Because they cover a lot of ground, best to take it a topic at a time. Around the 45 minute mark, they get onto why, oh why, professors are aiding and abetting something quite simply invalid and Jordan Peterson, as I once was, is well placed to comment, being inside of universities as a professor but a very rare phenomenon today – a thinking professor, rather than an ideologically driven one.


It’s a good thing a person doesn’t plan around signs and portents like Caesar’s wife [I told him – Julie, don’t go, Julie don’t go] but of late there have been a few things crossing the radar at the same time.

fair-haired-girlFirst up, I was re-reading part of my book at the place the hubby and wife team find themselves running a security section, with various parties seeing it as being in their interests to break the two of them up.

Emma was in the garden and he joined her for a drink.

‘Do you know a Julia Hayes?’ she asked.

‘You mean the lady who wanted to sell us double trigger mechanisms?’

‘That’s the one.’

‘Let me answer the question before you ask. Yes, I did go to Moran’s with her. She was charming, interesting.’

‘How interesting?’

‘Not enough. I was feeling cooped up, you’d gone back home and Moran’s is still within limits.’

‘So you didn’t take her to the Grange Hotel in Lightfoot Street?’