Tiny perfect staircases

Since the Middle Ages, France’s “compagnons” have lived idiosyncratic existences, steeped in mystery, ritual, and a devotion to their trades. Even today, these master craftsmen have certain quirks: As young people, they live in boarding houses together in towns across France, where they spend their days learning and training to become the country’s greatest tradespeople. After six months in one place, each tradesman will pack up and move on to another French town, and a new hostel, to learn more skills under a new master.

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Something I saw yesterday had me thinking of a lesson I taught in Russia one afternoon.

And this today:

As a professor in that faculty, it did not mean just lectures and symposia, it also meant tutoring and that was my favourite work – about 12 girls and sometimes a boy or two from 18 years of age to about 22.  If you’re not fascinated by human interaction, I’d suggest you shouldn’t be in the game and these were interesting young men and women.


1. Anyway, the net’s closing in on the Clintons:

2. Bureaucrats at work:


The Trains Are Slower Because They Slowed the Trains Down’ Internal MTA documents show everything we thought we knew about subway delays was wrong

3. Now they’re getting heavy – we just won’t accept their BS:


Guardian: Bolshevik “Petrograd Revolution” Required to Overthrow Climate Complacency

4. Don’t think it’s even necessary to quote from this one, the url says it all:


5. Suffer the little children – everything except the right answer, eh?


6. Lastly, this one is in the url too but worth a read:


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Some footage of the afternoon’s events

Dawned on me that many of you are not on Twitter and the Youtubes were scarce, so many did not see the footage of Speakers’ Corner and the MSM have shown NUFFINK.

So here are some tweets:

Firstly, does this not rate as a major event in London, even semi-major? So where are the press?