Maths fonts

I’ve always felt like constructing printed math was much more of an art form than regular typesetting. Someone typesetting mathematics is less a “typist” and more an artist attempting to render abstract data on a two-dimensional surface. Mathematical symbols are themselves a language, but they are fundamentally a visual representation of human-conceived knowledge—knowledge that would be too inefficient to convey through verbal explanations. This brings the typesetting of mathematics closer to a form of data visualization than regular printed text.

Some interesting dimensions [for me]

With things slowly proceeding [building is possible in autumn/winter], I’d like to mention some of the rules of thumb I’m going by. At one stage I needed to know about personal spaces, heights etc.

By making the pontoon narrow, I was able to make the main hull wider and more comfortable but the problem was in the building itself – a 4′ high pontoon, 18 inches wide would not allow me to reach inside to glass the joints – I can effectively reach in only 27 inches to work with a tool. So the pontoon [which I’m working on now], though needing to be narrow, also needed to let me inside a wide overhead hatch to get at the floor to glass.

Just how much width did I need? I tested it and the first question was whether this hull was for living in, for spending any sort of time in or just for getting in/out. It was the latter, it’s for storage only, with shelves at either end of each compartment, with me accessing that compartment by dropping into the middle and crouching down, requiring 4’6″ headroom [including the hatch height].


These are a few things in the MSM this morning, in no particular order:

1. The master economist Jezza:

Labour is developing a new consensus of how to run an economy for the many, that will reward the real wealth creators – that means all of us.

a) New consensus – among whom?
b) How to run an economy – wot, Labour?
c) For the many – just as 74% for Brexit is the many?
d) Real wealth creators – who would they be, Jezza?
e) Who’s us?

2. Knowing if your predilection is sodomy will help them know where to look: