Niku revisited


An object beyond the orbit of Neptune is acting oddly, violating the traditional rules of orbit, and scientists can’t quite explain it yet. The trans-Neptunian object, or TNO, has been nicknamed Niku, a Chinese word for “rebellious.” When you consider the fact that Niku orbits the sun in the opposite direction of almost everything else in the solar system, it’s not hard to see where the name came from.

Today’s debate – ‘sea level’

One of the joys of the Chuckles/haiku input is when they debate beyween themselves, often better than that at the end of the links – for example, on ‘sea-level’:

noor images sea level

Haiku: “Look out at the churning ocean and ask yourself exactly which whitecap is “sea level.” It’s a pointless exercise at best. At worst, it’s a misleading one.” –Dataclysm by Christian Rudder

Chuckles: Yup, Christian gets it mostly right, but misses the final leap to enlightenment. There is no such thing as sea level, other than ‘the current local sea level here is ‘that’, just look out the window. As he noted, it changes from second to second, and year to year, all the time.