ArizonaSunsetThere are different things going on in Arizona:

Arizona’s controversial Senate Bill 1070 immigration law – U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton blocked the most controversial sections of the new immigration law on Wednesday, handing a victory to the Obama administration as it tries to take control over the issue.

1.  There’s a battle royal between the Federal government and a state’s right to make its own laws – this, in American terms, is an ancient battle and comes down to the federal constitution.  Precedent counts heavily in law and every precedent like this hands further power to Washington.

2.  The whole issue depends on one’s mindset.  If you see waves of Mexicans streaming across the border as a problem, then Arizona has done right and Obama has interfered in a state’s administration of its state.

Gold – what’s in it for you?

My job here [or so it seems to me] is to take what the mainstreamers are writing and saying and try to present it in a far simpler way which will interest the non-economist, summer-thinking reader to at least read the piece.

Part of that is to post snippets, rather than diatribes.  I’ll still read the diatribes and then link to them – the PDF for this one is here [click to zoom]:

gold situation

Brolly biking

For some reason, people were staring and smiling as I rode along with my shopping and 1.3 metre diameter black and grey umbrella today.  The man in the pic below is not too bad but I do think my hemispherical beast of a brolly might pip him for the prize:


Trust me, says Pink Dave


Cameron woos party sceptics

Prime Minister David Cameron sets out to reassure sceptics on the right wing of his party they are getting a good deal out of coalition government.

“Despite all I’ve done, despite the way I’ve reneged on my promises and made policy on the run, depending on the audience at any given time, despite all that kerfuffle over the 1922, you can trust me – that’s my word you have.”