Two horror stories

We all know the horror stories.  I have one right at this moment, involving Parcelforce and shall post the results of that – it’s horrendous and revolves around their own inefficiency and inability to take on board personal circumstances which directly affect delivery plus their inflexibility.


In the next two days, I’m not going to be able to get near the computer, except intermittently and this raises a [not so] interesting dilemma.  With moderation on, virtually no spam gets through but your comments do.  However, they’re all kept in the queue.  If I don’t put moderation on, the place is flooded with 1000 spam a day, some of your comments get through and some don’t, which is a bit unfair.

My fellow admin is also a bit busy of late and I’m not sure she can approve comments this time round but hope she can.  Sorry, people, unsatisfactory but can’t do much.  I’ll put the moderation on.

Historical figures and their pets

Listed below are the figures from history, followed by the pets they had, in no particular order.  Can you mix and match?

The figures

1. Josephine Bonaparte
2. Pope Leo X
3. Ivan the Terrible
4. Nero
5. Mozart

The pets

a. White elephant
b. Tigress
c. Starling
d. Bears
e. Orangutan and others


Internet magazine

There needs to be a start point and those in at the start need to be subject to a vote of confidence later.  In other words, the starters are not necessarily the runners, though they often end up being so.

On that basis, there are a few names which have already come up, e.g. Longrider and Tom Paine, who’ll be on the initial list of, say ten, whose job it will be to: