SS Normandie

The SS Normandie, owned by Compagnie Générale Transatlantique and built by Penhoët, of Saint Nazaire, France, was a radical ship for the time in both design and decor but she proved less popular with passengers.

The text is essentially taken from Wiki and interesting the tale is too:

Scale of justice

Pardon me for acting the outraged Mail reader but this business of the barrister dragged from court in handcuffs, taken to the cells and having his insulin removed for good measure, then finally, after six months, getting compensation and an apology – one commenter said that there was something here which didn’t meet the eye.

That commenter meant that the barrister must have done his block and deserved the arrest. On the other hand, I noticed something else in the story:

Appetites – Tomatoes

Here’s Rossa‘s adventure with her tomatoes – businesswomen have to relax somehow and I’d like to also hear how Jailhouse Lawyer‘s jam making did this year.

I made some Tomato Jam on Friday. Not a chutney, but a spiced jam. It apparently tastes like strawberry jam and in some ways it does though I’ve never seen a strawberry jam with green bits in it. Well not unless it has been in the fridge for too long and grown a fur coat.

Tomatoes are something I grow at home. Moving here 4 years ago gave me access to my first real garden and this year I tried 3 varieties. The red ones are a French variety called Marmande a ribbed beef tomato type. My Dad used to grow them in the 70s so I was keen to see if I could grow them too, being such a Daddy’s girl. I’ve had the best results with these ones this year. Largest one weighed about a pound.


At my old blog, I attempted to debate the topic of women who cry rape but it was hopeless – the positions were too entrenched on both sides .  One former female reader refused to accept, point blank, that a woman out on the town independently and drunk, had any responsibility for what happened to her in a room full of drunken men.

They should have all been gentlemen, she hotly maintained.  It’s not the woman’s place to look after herself or take any measures herself.  You can imagine what the men thought of that.