Budget Day

medvedevRussia has this almost childlike capacity to understand the fundamentals of a new game and then to enthusiastically talk about it, only for the instigating elements driving the agenda, those who are getting Russia to tag along, to listen with alarm as someone like Medvedev comes out and spills the beans:

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president, said Moscow was bidding to help lead efforts to build a new world economic order after the old system collapsed in the global financial crisis.

The best hope for us, of course, is that each of the oligarchs sees himself as the boss of the show.  Germany sees it as an ancient right, told in the arcane mysteries, the French see themselves as the natural leaders of the world, as do the Russians – the British know that they are.  America’s about to be put back in its place, courtesy of Obama and his white ants, China and others.

Never, ever apologize

fabio-capelloGood thing blogposts don’t have red arrows, as in The Mail because I know what this post would get.

The press fuel what are grumblings and play on the public’s feelings but that’s what they’re paid to do, the vampires.

What gets to me more is the way the English public [Mail readers anyway] swing one way or the other in their opinions.  Someone in the press suggests A and most angrily say A, giving the opposite opinion red arrows.  Then the press swings round and says, “In revelations today – B,” and everyone is now angrily saying B and giving red arrows to anyone who says the opposite and so on.

Summer solstice

alana02_dlIn Iceland, the pagans are out in force, so the lass on the left says, the Wimbledon game finished at 10.59 p.m. with one minute to go before the curfew would have ended it for the evening, due to local bylaws, the French meet South Africa tomorrow – are they “imbeciles”?  John Terry has been slapped down for speaking the truth but doing it before the meeting, rather than after, showing that in this country, one must never speak the truth publicly because the public will turn on you, the budget is not to even be thought about and Labour gets off scot free, my big adventure starts on the morrow and the summer solstice has 52 minutes to go.

Managing the difficult


Man-management skills

In education, some teachers fear the rowdy elements in the group and they do one of two things – shout a lot or else they’re a walkover for the students.   Then you get the martinets who trade on their hard-man status but their rigidity makes them pushovers for winding up – I should know, we used to do it all the time.

Personally, this latter type are quiet when left alone but then, faced with something they can’t handle – and it gets more frequent as they get older – they burst out and rant and rave.  There came a point with me where I had a superb group who were willing to learn but the slightest fooling around began to annoy me, whereas years earlier, it had been nothing.

Il Duce

capelloWhy is it so difficult for Il Duce to understand that he only needs three more moves [the first being to allow the WAGs to fly out, which has now happened] and there will be a chance on Wednesday:

1.  Play Cole;
2.  Play a better formation, which lets Gerrard and Rooney combine;
3.  Announce the team in good time, not this ridiculous two hours before.

Simple.  Added to that could be to let the players have their head a bit more in the final third and allow fun to creep back into the mix.

How much of that has Il Duce done?  He might be considering Cole and he’s trying to be nice to the difficult players.  No, no, no you idiot – buttering up the players is not what is wanted.  What’s wanted is above.