What football match?

The world will effectively cease to exist from 19:45 until about 22:00.

I had a lot of fun today asking women, “Who do you think’s going to win then?”  After having to explain seven times out of ten, about five would say, ‘Are you talking about football?!!”

“Of course.”

“I’m going to bed, I am.”  Or, “You’re asking me about football???!!!”  I was generally asking this of the fashion conscious girls who weres right into the clothes buying.

Of the men, about eight out of ten gave an answer like, “Hope Barca do them,” or “Suppose we have to go for the British team, don’t we?”

Most pundits today had Barca 3-1 or 2-1 but one went Barca 5-0, once they wound up Rooney and one [my boss] had Man U 4-0.  Let’s see if she’s right.  One man thought hard and said they’d negate one another – mightn’t be more than a goal in it.

I’ m going to have to say something  and my thinking goes like this: They have five scorers and ManU have one and a half.  Stop Rooney and that might be that.  Stop Messi and the other four are there.  Start the rough stuff on Barca and you saw them agin Real.

Barcelona 3  Man U 1

The oldest game

The oldest game [from Small Dead Animals] can be explained this way:

The two-tiered socialist system is, actually, the most basic sociopolitical system on Earth. It’s essentially tribal, set up to ensure stability. To prevent the disruption of change it moves its authority into an essentially hereditary mode. You have the ‘Anointed’ (upper tier) . . . and the ‘Unanointed’ (the vast majority in the lower tier).