Late evening listening – Dearieme presents David Russell


ACguitardotcom says, of David Russell:

In the realm of classical guitar, there is a small handful of luminaries whose concerts and recordings have earned them international stature. Scottish-born guitarist David Russell is one of these rare performing artists who has garnered favor with audiences, guitar aficionados, music critics, and concert presenters around the world.

Born into a family of artists and encouraged to pick up the guitar at an early age, Russell has always made the guitar the central focus of his life—from listening to and imitating the recordings of Andrés Segovia through conservatory studies at London’s Royal Academy to tutelage under the legendary José Tomás.

He recommends using a metronome. When asked about practice he has said:

Metronome is good for making sure you are doing it right, for controlling tempo, etc but then you have to be able to have good rhythm without metronome.

Dearieme’s contribution:

My contribution:

Black-armoured troops beat on dissidents in America


Alex Goodall heads his post on this “Speechless“.  I am too.  First we had the incident in Pittsburgh, reported by Harry Hook as “rare video footage“and now it’s turned out to be far from an aberration.  Rare, Harry?

Why the dressing in black and formed into ranks, like something from an apocalyptic movie?  Why the beating on drums as they approach ordinary people to beat them up?  Don’t get me wrong – I was never a student demonstrator or a rabble rouser but this is not only eye-opening, it is horrifying.

It’s as if the new order has stepped up a gear and gone to the next stage in suppressing dissenting voices.

Quite frankly, this is so alarming, the blogosphere should be up in arms about it!

Libertarian Party Conference – where is it?

280The Lib Dems have had their conference – reported on.

Labour are having theirs – reported on.

The Tories are having theirs next week – to be reported on.

LPUK … hello?  Where are you?  Where’s your conference?

All right, fair’s fair – the MSM have been politically unjust in shutting out the “minor parties”, as they see them but we’re not in the MSM – we’re in the Blogosphere .

Where is anyone on significant blogs writing about LPUK ?

Just look at this snapshot of a google page:

lpuk conference

Where is the national executive?  Where is Ian Parker-Joseph whom I count as a friend but who might not be too rapt at the tenor of this post.

Nevertheless, this is politics and no one is going to give us anything on a plate.

Where is LPUK? 

The Devil’s Kitchen reported, in June:

For a party that is generally unknown outside of the blogosphere, a party that the press refuses to acknowledge, name or to write about, 6.9% is a more than respectable result, one which on a national basis means that we have already breached the level required to retain a deposit.

Perhaps this is the issue – chartthe money question.  If people are not paying over their hard-earned, then a national campaign is out of the question.  I feel a lot of sympathy for people putting in all the hard work and this post seems to be undercutting that but I do believe that the question still needs to be asked:

Where is LPUK?

DK suspects that while most will vote for the Tories next May, that will not be the case the election after that.

Others have said that this is their best chance yet, whilst discontent is so rife and the economic situation is so dire.  Bloggers are looking for news of the latest things LPUK have done so they can analyse them.  Even if the party goes the Council Elections route as the way in, we still have a General Election coming up and if it is to be regarded as a viable contender, the question must be addressed:

Where is LPUK?

Tanning beds – not as safe as supposed


There were already more than enough warnings:

1.  The  American Academy of Dermatology says most bulbs used at salons emit UVA and small amounts of UVB rays. It is also believed that this is contributing to a variety of cancers.

2.  According to Nicholas Lowe, author of Skin Secrets, using a tanning bed will not offer the limited amount of protection that a little sun will provide. The melanin that is produced by a limited exposure of the sun will offer a little protection… although you had to damage your skin to get it.

The UVA rays used with tanning beds does not work in the same way. Natural sun will cause the skin to thicken and that is where the protection comes into play. The UVA rays used in a salon has no effect on the thickening of the skin.

3.  Neil Izenberg MD also believes the amount of UVA rays that are emited are very dangerous and advises that teens stay away from the salons. Source:

4.  Sid Kirchheimer, a health and medical writer and editor for two decades, believes that by visiting a salon once a month could increase your chances of cancer by fifty five percent. Are you willing to take the chance? Source:

It goes on:

5.  “Indoor tanning before the age of 35 has been associated with a significant increase in the risk of melanoma. Yet on an average day, more than one million Americans tan in tanning salons,” said Arielle N.B. Kauvar, MD, FAAD, dermatologist and chair of the Academy’s Council on Communications.

“Research shows 70 percent of indoor tanners are female, primarily 16 to 29 years old — the age group that’s particularly at risk for developing skin cancer. We especially hope women who are using or considering using tanning salons will think twice about partaking in this risky behavior.”

I used them in Russia for a short time and the thing which was clear was that the receptionist or some other girl was usually given the job of running the tanning beds, having neither the time nor the knowledge of exactly how it operated and I remember thinking at the time that it was perhaps best not to continue.

When there were burns on the arms which shouldn’t have happened in so short a time, I discontinued doing it.

Labour Conference


Just the heading in Google news was enough for  me:

Hard-hitting stuff from Mr Brown – who seems genuinely to be enjoying it up there. He says the true test of a government is not the quality of its marketing but the quality of its judgment.

Well, if it’s a matter of judgment, Gordo, you’re knotted, mate, come next May.

Welcome to the new site

This wordpress version of Nnourobscurbannourishing Obscurity is, as you can see, in magazine format but apart from that, there’s little fanfare or bells and whistles.

To the left is one of the original banners for the old site; it’s a bit sad that it has to become an archive but there is a point to the timing.  Tomorrow, I also lose someone very special to me, it’s her birthday today and so it seems the appropriate occasion to move on.

Hope you like the new site; hope I like my new life.  Remember, the old site hasn’t bitten the dust, it’s just resting.


The site is configured so that you need to have your first comment approved but after that, you just comment freely, as and when you want.  Naturally, some people are blocked.  I’m not running the registration option or captcha because it’s a pain in the neck for visitors.

By far the biggest decision was choosing the theme.  Knowing I wanted a magazine style, I must have looked at quite a few hundred themes, before coming down to three:

1.  News Magazine 640, which had the advantage of postingthe latest post in each new theme – very nice but there were text problems and in IE6, apparently, one whole panel did not show;

2. One which had advertising in the top right but there was no way, except by altering php, of chanigng or loading ads;

3. Atahualpa, which gives you over 200 configurable options – mindblowing – but is still the old three column version I had at Blogger.  Nice but it needed a change.

So I ended up with this one.  WordPress, I’d suggest, is not enough in itself.  It needs to be combined with a great theme which gives many options, with the proviso that the more options, the more you have to think about and the more which can go wrong.