Schooner versus ketch in a split rig


One feature of sailplans that has to be considered beyond the sailing characteristics is accommodation.  Design is always such a compromise.

If you dislike bermudan rigs and sloops in particular, then your only real cruising choice is a split gaff rig like the above.  Then you come down, really, to schooner versus ketch.  There are advantages to both.

Mankind is naturally monogamous

Christianity, and the sexual repression it has encouraged, caused sexual behavior to be viewed as sinful, when in pagan times it was never viewed in such a moralist way.Otherwise the institution of marriage would not have been the central societal institution throughout history.  Religious strictures were hardly a recipe for people’s desire to marry partners in so many cultures.

The question of sexuality and religion was addressed by Charlotte Brontë in Jane Eyre:

Jane endeavours to attain an equilibrium between moral duty and earthly happiness.  She despises …

Charlotte Bronte – to love or be loved


Charlotte Bronte had as rough a time as any Victorian girl could expect and yet there was, in all the coldness, a way of thinking, a way of writing, which frowned on frivolity and promoted serious feelings and commitments, something increasingly unknown today:

During the summer, in fact, an old friend of the family came to pay a visit at the rectory, and with him he brought a young clergyman, fresh from Dublin University, a lively, clever, witty young Irishman.

Tale of a tooth or three


Thought I might blog on this before the anaesthetic wears off.  That’s not me, by the way, just a file photo but there were three ladies in there doing their worst and as they’d predicted, it was a bit messy.

You didn’t need to know this but hey, what’s a blog for?

Apparently something was wrapped around something else and they had to saw through the bone to get to it after it broke off a couple of times.  Only eight stitches and all is well.

So it was a great opportunity to compare Russian and British treatment. 

Meredith Kercher has been avenged

Meredith+Kercher+Murder+Trial+LKTgKywr-rQlThis link takes you to all posts on this blog mentioning Meredith Kercher.  To save you the trouble, the best analysis, leaving my posts aside, is that of the latter commenters on Why I Think Amanda Knox is Guilty, where everyone leaves aside the infighting and starts to look again at the evidence itself.

So to this post:

The second post on this site on the matter, which looked at it in more detail, asked, “Will Meredith Kercher be avenged?”

She has and she hasn’t.  The focus of many people, as it should have been, has been on the victim, always the victim – a horrendous crime which could not possibly have been the work of one man, as the jury has found after a long, exhaustive process since early this year and spanning two years of evidence.

This in some ways is justice and vindication but whether it is final closure is another matter.  There are appeals lodged.