Patrick Harris is one of those commenters who, despite interesting aspects to his internet connection, which doesn’t seem to like youtube, drops in and leaves the sorts of comments which I consider define this blog.

There’s not a huge number of regular commenters here and non-blogging ones are even rarer but those that there are are intelligent and most certainly add to the discussion.

Something of an enigma, we know he had a rough time as a child, that he seems to have made good later and that he flies the Cross of St. George flag in his front garden, atop a 20ft flagpole. He generally nourishes obscurity though and that’s no bad thing in my book.

Thanks for your 200 comments, Patrick.

Bike safety

Obviously we want more and more women on bicycles because it’s a nice thing to see but there has just been a case of a woman in Melbourne whom an abductor tried to drag into a car but she fought him off, with the aid of her bike. In London, yet another female cyclist has been hit by a lorry and killed.

Fencing by arithmetic

When I first read this, I was scratching my bald pate but then it sunk in what JD was on about. See what you think:

Romeo and Juliet | Act III, Scene I

Mercutio and Tybalt engage in a sword fight which results in the death of the former. As is the way in drama, he has to make a little spech before he dies and he addresses Romeo thus: