As an Albion Alliance member, I feel I can only say certain things, out of respect.  As a voter in the next General Election, I feel I can say whatever I damn well like.  The big issue in my own conscience is my conservatism versus my Conservatism.

Like Andrew Allison, I have had to think long and hard.  He decided to stay inside but another of my friends, now blogging as Autonomous Mind, actually decided it was better off out whilst David Cameron hijacks the Conservative Party ship and runs it aground, ruining the best chance we’ve had in years.


Sisters are doin’ it for themselves

050411_dworkin_hmed_6p.hmediumIt was men who made me what I was

Now you know how I’m a real feminist and burnt my bra long ago. It seems to me though that there’s a lot of good feminist music out there which has never been shown on this misogynist blog so let’s rectify that this evening. After a good solid man-hating start, the second is OK but the girl in number three then goes and ruins it a bit [just can’t trust the younger sisters these days].

Anyway, enough talk – enjoy:

The current struggle against uncommon sense


The purpose of knowledge, in my book, is that it be shared and the primary school teacher in my soul is always wanting to reduce difficult concepts to simplistic terms which denies those such as me a place at the intellectual’s table.

Therefore, Deogolwulf’s rejoinder, in answer to the question of one of my commenters: “How do you find the time to research all this?” was, “Evidently by not bothering to read Aristotle,” which brought a smile to the face and a tear to the eye.

He was partly right, whilst his own views, to me, seem to have more of the Platonic than the Aristotelian. Allow me to explain.

All must have prizes


It’s not even a new phenomenon and can’t be sheeted home specifically to Obama and Brown.  In 2003, the headline in America was  States Cut Test Standards to Avoid Sanctions.

The same thing happened over our way last year:

The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance – Britain’s biggest exam board – said it lowered grade boundaries in science tests to make papers less demanding than previous years.

According to the Times Educational Supplement, they failed to come to an agreement over the mark needed to get a C – officially a good pass – in science. One of AQA’s rival exam boards awarded C grades in one paper to pupils getting just 20 per cent of questions correct.

On August 7 – just two weeks before results were published – Ofqual wrote to the AQA ordering them to reduce its own grade boundaries to “bring it into line” with other boards.

And now, in the States again, the same story is occurring with the new “exit tests” adopted by 24 states.  Here are some excerpts from the article: