Sunday evening puzzle

Solution to last evening’s:

Prodigy, pharaoh, iceberg, pharynx, stealth, flummox, anchovy, refresh, overawe, receipt.

This evening’s:

Using all of the letters A to Z, each once only, complete these words:


Solution tomorrow evening, same time.

Tory Conference

This blog will be down to a skeleton format for a few days as I’m elsewhere.  At some stage I’ll try to blog from the phone on the goings on but don’t hold your breath.

The blog won’t be abandoned during that time – a couple of kindly guardian angels will be attending to the trolls and there are some posts up to go.

See you soon enough, all being well.



Only one thing to say – to adopt the words of someone else who wasn’t listened to by the PTB:

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

This post is scheduled from Saturday morning and so only early returns are in but it’s looking pretty bad for Europe, democracy and freedom.  Sigh – it was always going to be, I suppose.

Parcus deorum cultor


My prayers were scant, my offerings few,
While witless wisdom fool’d my mind;
But now I trim my sails anew,
And trace the course I left behind.
For lo! the Sire of heaven on high,
By whose fierce bolts the clouds are riven,
To-day through an unclouded sky
His thundering steeds and car has driven.
E’en now dull earth and wandering floods,
And Atlas’ limitary range,
And Styx, and Taenarus’ dark abodes
Are reeling. He can lowliest change
And loftiest; bring the mighty down
And lift the weak; with whirring flight
Comes Fortune, plucks the monarch’s crown,
And decks therewith some meaner wight.