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Don’t know about you but I’ve never been very good at writing about sex.  Sexual politics – yes, romance – yes but the fleshy nitty-gritty – that’s better left to others.  Better to do the thing than write about it, methinks and even my books make reference without getting into anatomical detail [mainly].

Rules are made to be broken so let’s begin.

There’s an article Braveheart refers to and immediately the red flags went up in my mind, which is more than the males in the article seem to do.  Red flags appear whenever women discuss problems about a male because you can bet your bottom dollar they never make reference to those problems stemming from them in the first place.

Is the MSM finally waking up?

PD*35651886Kate Middleton is in an unprecedented position to influence the nation on behalf of her generation.  And what does she do?  Go on holidays and hang around with the sleazy Sisterhood.

Great to see at least one newspaper come out and [half] take a stand!

While the almighty assault on our society is in full swing, courtesy Brown’s moral bankruptcy, the dark EU and things like Kate Middleton’s sisterhood’s elite sex party raunch culture which prostitutes women, whilst readers by the dozens turn their faces away from this blog and others which continue on and on and on and on about these things and dare to question them – whilst all this is going on, the cracks are starting to appear in the MSM:

Charlatan Cameron goes all Eurosceptic for debate

Some time back, there was a campaign “Anyone but Ken” for the London Mayoral Election.  Now, we are on the cusp of another campaign.

If David Cameron gets up in the next debate [which is virtually the EU Referendum debate] and tries to argue that he is Euro-sceptic and Lab/Lib-Dem are not, pointing to his vote in the house on Lisbon, then there may well start an “Anyone but Dave” campaign.

Angus says:

PictureDave C on the other hand is going to focus on the EU. David Cameron is expected to go on the attack over Europe next week, accusing his rivals of ceding control over British life to Brussels.

The Conservative leader’s focus on Europe will please Right-wing Conservatives, but may lead to accusations that he is moving towards a “core-vote” strategy. It may also turn attention to his decision to abandon a promise to hold a referendum on the EU’s Lisbon Treaty.

If Cameron does that, if he has the utter bloody gall to quote his own Eurosceptic qualifications, then may he join Gordo in hell and long may they both rot there.