Are you sure we’re on the road to recovery?


Jesse’s Café Américain on the coming part two of the double dip:

“At this point it is without doubt that even the government understands that when things turn sour, and they will, the run on the bank will be unavoidable: their solution – prevent money from being dispensed, when that moment comes. The thing about crises, be they liquidity, solvency, or plain-vanilla, is that “price discovery” occurs all at once, and at the very same time. And all too often, investors “discover” they were lied to, as the emperor, in any fiat system, always has no clothes.

Just like in September 2008, when the banks were forced to look at each-others’ balance sheet and realize that there are no real assets on the left backing up the

Bovine quiz #27


1.  Cows drink how many gallons of water each day:  5-10, 25-50 or 75-100?

2.  How many upper teeth do cows have?

3.  In miles, how far away can a cow detect an odour: 2, 5, 15?

4.  Can cows hear higher or lower frequencies than humans or both lower and higher?

5.  In gallons, a cow releases how much gas per day: 0.3, 15, 125?

This quiz is dedicated to the boviniphile, Mr. Wadsworth.


25-50,  one – they have a thick pad on the top jaw, 5 miles, cows are able to hear both lower and higher frequencies better than human beings, about 125 gallons


This evening:




Céad mile fáilte and may the wind be always at your back. With the Irish charm, lilting silver tongues, their lyricism and the blessing of the blarney, the welcome is hard to resist.  Auden pointed out, about Yeats:  “Mad Ireland hurt you into poetry. Now Ireland has her madness and her weather still …”

Reasons to leave the EU part 2347


[The former Soviet Union is a prime target of this blog, along with the European leadership and the forces behind and below them.

So when a 2006 article came along which I saw at the time but didn’t comment on, it was pretty well what we’d thought from our reading.  Thanks, Wolfie, for bringing this Brussels Journal article on Vladimir Bukovsky to our notice again because in it is pretty well what is going on in the EU.]

Here are some key points from it:

PB: But all these countries that joined the European Union did so voluntarily.

VB: No, they did not. Look at Denmark which voted against the Maastricht treaty twice. Look at Ireland [which voted against the Nice treaty]. Look at many other countries, they are under

Do you know your music theory?


Try these:

1. What is a Semitone?  [“Half a tone” is not enough]

2. What is a Sharp?

3. What is the purpose of a Bar line?

4. What is an Accidental?

5. What does the Key tell you about a piece of music?


Smallest gap between one note and the next, a half-step; a sign that tells you to play one semitone higher in pitch; divides the music up into small pieces to make it easier to read; a musical part that supports a melody; tells you what sharps or flats to play