Report Day 2 – comments are the issue

internetAddictionSite working – check. Links holding up – check. People visiting – check. Comments working … ah … er … not completely.

The nature of the comments so far has put me under the hammer, as to what’s approved and what’s not. There was a woman came in with a “nice pics’ comment. I checked her site and she’s a seller. Thought about it and rejected it.

Another woman came in with a hostile barb about an old issue. As I know who it was and what the innuendo was about, I rejected it. Then she came in with an innocuous comment which can’t be rejected on its own but taken with the previous one, is better not let through.

At the moment it’s still pending and if I let it through, I can always “unapprove” but it has to be done on a case by case basis until I get the bit of code which blacklists people. As if we have the time for all this rubbish.

Now a comment has come through which is testing out my policy page statement: “What you say about people in the public sphere is another thing.” A man has to be ultra-careful what he has as his policy. This comment is by an Anonymous and it’s basically just swearing at Cameron.

Now, as I’m not necessarily against swearing in context, that’s a curly one.

Which brings me to Anonymous comments. It worked well on the previous site and Anons were able to have their say without too much trouble, provided they stuck to the issue. Having Anons this time round I’ll have to think about, so that comment’s pending too.

Ho hum.

October 2nd – trooble at’ Czech mill

trooble at mill

Will Ireland stymie the European Superstate or will it come down to the last ditch attempt by 27 Czech Senators:

The senator who lodged the new complaint, Jiri Oberfalzer, told the BBC it centred on persisting concerns that Lisbon infringed upon Czech sovereignty. He and his colleagues want the court to decide whether the treaty forms the legal foundations for the creation of a European superstate. If it does, they say, then it clearly violates the Czech constitution.

Good stuff and may they spin it out as long as poss but in the end, sadly, they will sucucmb, given that the Czech parliament has already ratified.  However, as long ago as 2005, the CIA, predictably, warned that the EU will implode of its own volition:

“The current EU welfare state is unsustainable and the lack of any economic revitalisation could lead to the splintering or, at worst, disintegration of the EU, undermining its ambitions to play a heavyweight international role.”

One pundit asked:

Will the current global financial crisis lead to the collapse of the European Union? If it does, does that mean the return of Europe’s “dark days of the 1930s?”

It’s a sign of the global nature of finance today that what began with the most local of transactions _ home loans _ now has the Euro currency teetering, and European experts fretting about return of the intense nationalism that led to Fascism, and eventually, Nazi Germany.

The malevolent forces which gave rise to the world wars and the holocausts are still there in the main centres of Europe plus Bavaria.  The Bruderbund still controls Europe through its legitimate organizations.  Merkel arose from them and she’s still there.  She won’t be the last.

The recantation

One thing Merkel did do was apologize to Israel for the holocaust and as The Trumpet says:

It was courageous for Angela Merkel to even make such a statement—even more so when it disagrees with most of her own people! The apology could greatly damage her political career.

The author quotes a German journalist, Manfred Gerstenfeld, in the Jerusalem Post:

Gerstenfeld continued in his Jerusalem Post column, “In contemporary Germany there are significant expressions of anti-Semitism and racism. … At the same time, there are efforts in Germany to rewrite the past. Books by historian Jörg Friedrich, who compares the Allied actions to his nation’s atrocities during the war, are bestsellers.”

That message—that the Allies were just as guilty as Germany was—is popular among Germans! Gerstenfeld continued, “They promote Holocaust equivalence by using Nazi semantics to describe the Allied bombings of Germany during World War II.”

The bottom line is that there are forces in Germany which have shaped opinion and the people largely have that opinion.  The troubles have not gone away, they’ve just gone underground for now.

There is little doubt that Merkel is one of the globalists and while it is in their interests for Europe to disintegrate into warring states again, the last thing they want is for the rise of nationalism, especially Teutonic nationalism, especially as The Great Work of Ages is so close to achievement now.  Thus she apologized, thus she tried to keep the minds focussed, not on nationalist stances but on the Greater Europe and thence the world.

However, the stirrers in the 20s had done their work well and that national mindset has reasserted itself in so many ways across Europe, not least over the immigration issue, the rise of the BNP and so on.

October 2nd is the first look at the New Europe, the Czech protest is second and then hang on to your seats, folks – the ride will be bumpy.

Gangsters’ molls and the gender gap

bonnie and clyde small

Women are not a special sacrosanct group in society, for goodness sake – they are one half of society and among them are the intelligent, stupid, long, short, fat and thin, strong and weak, just as with men.

There are differences in temperament which are gender based – men tend to have a certain mindset or reaction to situations and women another and so be it.  What’s the problem?  There doesn’t need to be a Feminazi movement just to tell us that.

One thing many women and girls are susceptible to, to a greater extent than with men, is the blind loyalty to the partner or the gang.  It is different.  The besotted man will pen love poems and stand outside her window for hours, in the hope of catching a glimpse but he’s sure as hell not going to store weapons for her to use with her gang.

Claudia Webb from the Trident Independent Advisory Group says vulnerable young women are sometimes pressured into storing or transporting weapons by the men they know. “We are deeply concerned however, that this involvement seems to be increasing and those who are involved seem to be younger and younger,” she added.

The number of women charged with firearms offences in London has increased six-fold in the past year – 12 women have been charged since January.

At the school where I was one of the heads, we had a woman join the clothes washing and cleaning staff.  She did our rooms as well and all was well until one day when she disappeared, along with my quadraphonic sound system, giga-tele and the school’s computers.

Quite right – it turned out she was the gang’s moll and her hero was the leader of the pack, like something out of Westside Story.  Outside of video clips and film, where have you ever seen a woman walking about with a dozen men in tow?  Men are too lone wolf for that.

Even in the blogosphere, there are people who have a few “vulnerable young women” around them they persuade to do things – the original smooth-talking bad-boys, in full caricature.  It’s a phenomenon but that’s not what this post is about.

I wonder if this problem of the accolyte women is any better or worse today than before, whether the problem is any more aggravated by the loss of respect in the past three decades and especially in the last twelve years.

One unfortunate character trait that inflicts itself on me is expecting that everyone, women included, be responsible for what they say and for how they act and that there are consequences, good and bad, which flow from illogical constructs.  The tendency of law enforcement and courts to go easier on the woman has also been observed, for example, with Meredith kercher’s alleged killer who made eyes with the judge.

Personally, the foibles of men and the foibles of women are something to come to terms with, not any great problem but when they try to make out they’re not what they are – then that would be risible, were it not attended by dire consequences.

Late evening listening – Dearieme presents David Russell


ACguitardotcom says, of David Russell:

In the realm of classical guitar, there is a small handful of luminaries whose concerts and recordings have earned them international stature. Scottish-born guitarist David Russell is one of these rare performing artists who has garnered favor with audiences, guitar aficionados, music critics, and concert presenters around the world.

Born into a family of artists and encouraged to pick up the guitar at an early age, Russell has always made the guitar the central focus of his life—from listening to and imitating the recordings of Andrés Segovia through conservatory studies at London’s Royal Academy to tutelage under the legendary José Tomás.

He recommends using a metronome. When asked about practice he has said:

Metronome is good for making sure you are doing it right, for controlling tempo, etc but then you have to be able to have good rhythm without metronome.

Dearieme’s contribution:

My contribution:

Black-armoured troops beat on dissidents in America


Alex Goodall heads his post on this “Speechless“.  I am too.  First we had the incident in Pittsburgh, reported by Harry Hook as “rare video footage“and now it’s turned out to be far from an aberration.  Rare, Harry?

Why the dressing in black and formed into ranks, like something from an apocalyptic movie?  Why the beating on drums as they approach ordinary people to beat them up?  Don’t get me wrong – I was never a student demonstrator or a rabble rouser but this is not only eye-opening, it is horrifying.

It’s as if the new order has stepped up a gear and gone to the next stage in suppressing dissenting voices.

Quite frankly, this is so alarming, the blogosphere should be up in arms about it!