What is it with women leaders?


Given this blog’s past posts on women leaders such as the Hewlett Packard pair Fiorina and Dunn and on the appalling women in the Labour leadership [it needs no comment from me], it might surprise that I was hoping Tsipi Livni would be Israeli PM.

She seemed to be the one to lead Israel in a less gung ho and yet very conservative manner and yet the same sorts of criticisms came up as did with Segolene whom so many liked in her heyday.  Now her star has faded and Tzipi Livni’s appears to be doing the same.

The knives are out and the party N2 has openly come out and distanced himself and many in the party from her.

Les cailles et Châteauneuf-du-Pape garçon, s’il vous plaît


As your not-so-humble correspondent is currenty on the antibiotics and daren’t touch the vino, I’ll have to blog on it instead. My favourite drop is a good Chateau neuf du Pape. You can keep your watery vintages and delicate flavours – I need a fruity wine which hits you around the head and fills every crevice in your body.

In spirits, a Drambuie will do that but in wine, the CN du P fulfils the same function in sufficient quantities.

Just how far back can you remember?

tn-sleep_stroller_toddler-550x450-rd10In casting the mind right back to our childhood, the main error is the suggested memory – something someone – your mum, your aunt – reminded you happened and then genuine memories where no one perhaps observed you but you certainly remember it.

So, the question again: “How far back can you genuinely remember?  What are your earliest memories?”


1.  Being on the ironing board where I’d presumably been lifted.  From the front garden window, it was to the far right corner of the bedroom, near the small window and with the hall door over on the left.

2.  The only time I was ever smacked, for touching the radio knobs on the bakerlite.  Even now, I remember, it was only a quick sting but it was effective. 

I have a horror of careless breakage of utensils and apparatus, e.g. keyboards, to this very day.

Academic dishonesty from the days of the so-called Enlightenment


Tiberius Gracchus, worthy historian and all round good guy, wrote, on the post about The Admissibility of Evidence:

James legal evidence is not the same as historical evidence.

After my expostulation “rubbish”, I then presented an article explaining why this was so.  In a nutshell, this is precisely the three card trick that the dark Enlightenment philosophers pulled on an unsuspecting world in the C18th and which has poisoned academic thought from those days onwards.

I’m dreaming of a new ice age


Well, all right, we do have snow outside for the second time but it’s nothing like the deep, rich, lush stuff that you all have around Britain and as for the U.S. Eastern Seaboard, that sounds particularly good.  Yesterday, at our shop, a woman came out and said to some boys who were preparing to throw snowballs at her: “I hope they’re not hard ones.”  As they dropped their hands, it seems they were hard.