Rio Tinto symptomatic of a larger problem


On the surface, the Rio Tinto spy case is just another industrial espionage story, except for two aspects – the ongoing tricky relationship between Rio Tinto Australia and China and the very fact that it is actually Communist China involved.

Australians are well aware that south-east Asian countries don’t muck about when it comes to summary justice and the business sector in both Australia and Canada are well aware of the pitfalls of dealing with China.  From that article from May 14th, 2009 [at the end of the link]:

Sci-fi quiz


1.The acronym H.A.L from the book 2001 and 2010 by Arthur C. Clark stands for what?

# Heuristically programmed Algorithmic computer
# Histimine Allergetic Linkage
# Highly Intelligent Artificial Lifeform
# Highly Accurate Laser

2. What is the name of the Philip K. Dick book that the movie “Blade Runner” was based on?

3. How many symbols are on the Stargate?

4. Trance Gemini changed from which colour to which?

5. Who said, “Klaatu barada nikto” … ?


Heuristically programmed Algorithmic computer; Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?; thirty-nine: 38 remote constellations, and one for the point of origin; purple to golden; Gort

No need to harp on about it

One is called the Attl technique after Kajetan Attl, in which apparently only the uppermost parts of the fingers move and the hand is largely still. There is a St. Petersburg school (more than one) in Russia in which the thumbs are moved in a circular fashion rather than in and out toward the hand.

Franck Cammas

franckmainLovely earlier interview with Franck Cammas of Groupama 3 which broke the record yesterday on their third attempt, both previous attempts ending in disaster.

“When I make up my crew, I search for competence, team spirit, an open mind, motivation, passion, enthusiasm, the ability to work hard and the ability to take the knocks!

That’s a lot of characteristics to bring together but I am lucky to have some top notch sailors around me. “

US Healthcare Bill – just checking the facts


The Washington Post comments section didn’t help an outsider much on the Health Care Bill but this page put it more succinctly [still long though] and it was largely as surmised – a monster of a Bill costing trillions and delivering only a percentage of what is officially intended to be given back to the public it purports to cater for.

Not only does it give to 30 million new people what the other 138.5 million  [and progressively reducing] will pay for but a whole raft of intrusive legislation is swept in with the Bill.  I thought I’d best read it up a bit before commenting here but it looks a bit like the NHS: