AFC Wimbledon and Democracy

Democracy in action:

Witterings from Witney writes of the death of democracy and he’s right. He might not like football but this surely transcends football and comes within his area of interest.

In a nutshell, for the Americans and others who might not know the ins and outs of the UK scene, there are few countries in the world where local tribalism is stronger than here – a community is all the things you find there, its lifestyle, its socio-economic level, its pubs and bridges … and its football club.

Let me introduce myself

a050596.0You might have seen, amongst the Gorean and Strong rhetoric, references to Shamballa, the New Age and so on.  There is a spiritual aspect to the whole thing which is gripping the world now and leading us to destruction so it’s as well to know who they’re all working for, mostly without realizing it.

This chapter gives you a fair idea what it is they’re aiming for and whatever manifestation you’d like it in – Theosophy, Externalization of the Hierarchy, the Masonic belief in the Great Architect, the Illuminati revelation in the next few years, The Thirteen – whichever way you cut it and dice it, whichever label or manifestation you choose, it comes down to the same personage.

Mick Jagger had it right when he sang:

“Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste.”

Where’s the pride?

BLACKWELL_D_19981213_NF_RJams made the point that he’d lost all interest this year, Wolfie echoed many people’s thoughts that he was disenchanted, my comments about not being interested in the football echoed that – the overpaid, overhyped nobodies, with those appalling WAGs, Cherie thought I meant that I detested all football.

Sorry, Cherie, not a bit of it.  The sad thing is that my upbringing in two countries meant I was kicking an oval ball in my formative years but enough of those years were over here to follow Bradford Park [Avenue], QPR for a time and then Wimbledon, from the Fashanu/Vinnie era until they took my club away and now it’s in some girlish colours somewhere in a built-for-purpose town.