Skinny jeans and rape

skinny-jeansThere’ve been a number of recent rape cases revolving around one recurring question:

Can a woman wearing skinny jeans be raped?  Or are they so tight they can be taken off only with her consent?

A jury of six men and six women heard that Nicholas Eugenio Gonzalez, 23, had allegedly pushed a 24 year old woman on to his bed, ripping off her size six skinny jeans and underpants before the attack. During the trial the jury sent a note to the judge asking for more information about ”how exactly Nick took off her jeans.  I doubt those kind of jeans can be removed without any sort of collaboration,” the note read.

Courts in Italy and Korea have also grappled with the skinny jeans issue.

Where does the money come from?


Start from scratch and look at these figures for Greece:

EU finance ministers have agreed on emergency measures worth 500bn euros (£430bn) to prevent the Greek debt crisis from speading. Will these measures stop the crisis from affecting other countries?

The 16 members of the single currency bloc will have access to 440bn euros of loan guarantees and 60bn euros of emergency European Commission funding. The International Monetary Fund will also contribute up to 250bn euros.

So – that will stop the problem, yes? Look at this from Karl Denninger:

Hang fire for now


Faustie wrote:

Like so many, I’m awed by the ambitious nature of the LibDem / Tory coalition arrangement and struck dumb by the shift in the political landscape.  On the face of it, this coalition looks like it could work. I hope it does – the country needs healing.  One thing seems sure: our civil liberties will be restored.

Calum Carr suggests we look more carefully at the fine print, e.g. the 55% requirement for a dissolution.  He’s understandably apoplectic about it.

Sci Fi quiz

borg cube

1. What was the name of Lister’s cat?
2. Who allegedly engineered The Battle of Witchhead?
3   In the original Stargate, who is the uber-baddy?
4. What was Ripley’s original ship?
5.  200 bottles of what in The Host caused the creature to mutate?

Answers: Frankenstein, Trance Gemini, Ra, Nostromo, formaldehyde