Right, people, what appeared to happen was this:

The site went down with an “Error – establishing database connection”, sometime from mid to late afternoon until about 19:00.  A few people had trouble getting in, with the same message.  My assumption was that I’d been either hacked and shut down or else my provider had done it.

The provider tells me that he hasn’t received any demands, he’s puzzled by why it happened and a bit worried.  Anyway, it’s back for now and though I’ve lost a few hours, at least the site is still alive.  Thank you to those who wrote – you’re good people.



It is relatively easy to challenge Islam via the internet but a very courageous thing to do in public! [outback cafe]

Yes it is and I, admittedly, am doing the former … and yet it is a relatively simple matter for professionals to track me down, so it is not without its danger.

Until now, this blog has looked at the Koran and its exhortation to violence, which makes it a far from perfect book and not “beautiful” in the least.

Mindsapping Monday

There are some very weird things going on:

Firstly, I had my provider back up my WordPress in order to update it but the new version gives no “View Site” facility in the top bar, as the old one did.  Plus the new Menu facility does not work [dialogue box to tell me this].

Secondly, an hour ago, I lost the capacity to delete Desktop files or in fact any files – Finder no longer allows them in Trash because of an Error 36.  This is different to not deleting those already in there. However, I downloaded an application which will do this artificially and so all files will have to go through this manual process from now on, if I want to delete them.

Thirdly, I lost all my desktop and screensaver pictures – the big ones which looked good – plus about half my pictures throughout the computer.

Fourthly, Desktop has just now completely cleared itself of all files, including the Hard Drive but there is an HD alias still there in the Apps folder.

This is not good, esp. as I have no time now – working tomorrow and I have to get ready.  I trust your day was better.