Goldman Sachs – the tip of the iceberg

Goldman Sachs charged over ‘mortgage scam’

Investment bank accused of helping client profit from collapsing housing market at expense of investors.

What do you do if you’ve been beating your head against a brick wall for over two years, if you’ve been blogging on the thing or giving the inside info, as Xxxl or Karl Denninger have, as this blog has cottoned onto and also been doing, only to be told we’re conspiracy theorists and left field?

What do you do if the MSM suddenly comes out and admits what’s been going on?!!!

What do you do when people finally, sleepily wake up and say, “Oh, I never knew that was happening.”  Thank goodness for small mercies that at least it IS coming out finally.

Don’t vote Lib Dem if you value freedom

Lib Dems

On the strength of a great showing by Nick Clegg last evening, the disgruntled people of Britain now apparently feel that the protest vote is best handed to the Lib Dems.  Such a kindly looking man who looked at the audience while he was speaking.

What a pity that kindly looking men in a controlled debate, with only party stooges in the audience, do not equate to saving our country.  The Lib Dems, far from saving anything, are in bed with Labour, which is why Gordo was so keen to acknowledge this and why Clegg was so keen to disown him.

Place your bets please

Let’s not do this as a poll but just as comments.  Do you feel that the result will be:

1.  Dave gets in with a working majority?
2.  Gordo gets in with a working majority?
3.  Cleggover gets to hold the balance in a hung parliament?
4.  Dave by a half head plus N3 above?
5.  Gordo by a half head plus N3 above?
6.  UKIP take a seat or two?
7.  BNP take a seat or two?
8.  Some other party [please specify] takes a seat or two?
9.  UKIP get some reasonable numbers in there?
10.  Old Holborn will finally blow up the Houses of Parliament?
11.  A lynch mob string up the three “leaders” on Tyburn Hill?
12.  Other [please specify]?