A matter of minutes

In the episode of the Twilight Zone called “A Matter of Minutes”, a suburban couple wake up to building  noises and while their clock radio says past 11 a.m., the husband’s watch says just past  7 a.m.

The noises continue, he goes downstairs and comes upon a work team of blue men who are taking things out of their house, bringing things in and shifting other things.

Late evening listening – tinkling the ivories

Beethoven - Overture Prometheus Sheet Music Piano - Preview

The first Steinway Hall was opened in 1866. It seated more than 2,000 and quickly became an important part of New York’s cultural life, housing the New York Philharmonic for the next 25 years, until Carnegie Hall opened in 1891.

Concertgoers had to pass first through the piano showrooms, which had a remarkable effect on sales, increasing demand for new pianos by four hundred in 1867 alone.

Schooner versus ketch in a split rig


One feature of sailplans that has to be considered beyond the sailing characteristics is accommodation.  Design is always such a compromise.

If you dislike bermudan rigs and sloops in particular, then your only real cruising choice is a split gaff rig like the above.  Then you come down, really, to schooner versus ketch.  There are advantages to both.