2-all at half time

Flag3sRedCrossThe subject line says it all.  Pretty unprofessional of FIFA when they don’t have linesmen in place, cameras on the line and extra officials at each end to prevent this sort of thing.  It’s not just this game either, is it?  Travesty with Kaka, possibly with Harry Kewell and one or two others as well.

Is there no mechanism for reversing wrong decisions which are on film, from different angles – decisions which affect the result?  Even the Germans in Munich conceded the goal but are laughing.

No Joe Cole?  Gerrard not in the central action?  Back to the old Capello?

2nd half coming up.

16:23 That’s fair enough. Even as 5 Live described the free kick, saying that only Ashley Cole was back, it was obvious even to me that a counter attack would find England out. Sigh.


That scene raises the issue of mob mentality, which is one issue but it also brings in gender violence.

As Cherie said, there are bad and good women, just as there are bad and good men. So we can’t make blanket statements like “women=bad and men=good” because they’re generalizations.  There are many men in control of themselves and many not – they’re the ones we hear about.


Pat Condell, with his radical atheism, is as irrational as anyone going, being stupid enough to do precisely what he accuses the multiculturalists of doing – equating all cultures as one – in his case, he equates all faiths, no matter what their scriptures actually say.

No point tempering prejudice with facts, is there, Pat?