It’s immensely difficult to write about Them without doing my own reputation untold damage [some would say I already have].

My aim was never to present a cut-and-dried case, replete with notes, which you could accept or reject but rather to stimulate research on your own part, which is the only way you are ever going to accept this case.  Where it was necessary to mention the words spoken, e.g. Prince Charles’s investiture, these have been done as quotes.

You will find the notation here.

A land apart

Last evening, reference was made to living in a danger area. Here Graeme Connors sings of an entirely different kind of danger – nature’s:

If you can get away from Sydney and Melbourne, then you can discover the real Australia. Perhaps you can go a little further north each year:

Prat corner

A very pratty thing to do, writing someone like Her Above this letter:

Mr Haggart, who was serving on the council’s standards committee at the time, wrote that although it seemed ‘impertinent’ to ask, he hoped she’d managed to get an ‘all over tan’ [on her holiday].

So what does she do? 


This is a three part series, this one being Capitalism and lastly, this evening, Themism.

The essential problem of capitalism is that it is never free-market.  Just as the idealistic communist state, with love, fairness, equality and tolerance for all is a myth and ends up stuck in the 4th stage, worse than if it hadn’t been tried at all, so capitalism’s inherent vices produce the same effect – a quasi-capitalist-state run economy, with the Fed regulating everything to suit the favoured cartels plus the externalization of what produces the income outside the country, through the oppression of other countries.


This is a three part series, the next two being Capitalism and lastly, Themism.

Nice article on Pajamas Media, courtesy of Lord Somber:

Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela proves that even an oil-rich exporter can destroy itself with self-imposed socialism.  India progressed only when it adopted free markets. People do not outsource 1-800 numbers to socialist paradises. No need to review the Soviet collapse or the change in China from a peasant to a wealth-building capitalist society.

Learn English by milk

Concerned about the state of education? The Icelanders have come up with the solution – teach it by milk carton. Courtesy Ásta Andrésdóttir [wonder whose daughter she is]:

Instead of simply adopting new terms, such as computer, Internet and telephone, we have fun inventing new terms based on our existing vocabulary, oftentimes even recycling archaic words. The key rule is that that they comply with the complex declension system and grammatical rules. In Icelandic, a computer is tölva, the Internet is veraldarvefur; a telephone is sími.