What’s the best age for having a child?

The clip above is on the teen end of the scale and touches on the practical side of the matter. It’s an American clip and so doesn’t take into account the dole culture over here of getting pregnant and going onto welfare .

The Telegraph is running an article on the other end of the scale – how eggs dry up for women by 30.  It still doesn’t prevent women conceiving – it just reduces the chances somewhat.  Also:

“These warnings presume an awful lot – that a woman has a fantastic career and has made a conscious choice not to have babies because of her lifestyle. But usually a woman is childless because she hasn’t met the right man, because she’s not in a financial position to have a baby, or she’s just not ready.”

The problem of downwind


Jessica gets dolphins, Abby pulls into Cabo, Laura doesn’t seem to be doing a lot.  You can read those yourself.

I’d like to write to you about keels and the problems they pose.  These people are missing the whole point of keels.  All of them being from the Bermudan rig camp, they don’t really understand that the Bermudan is not the boat for cruising, except for daytrips.

First of all, what is a Bermudan?  The pic above shows you.  It is a boat where the rig goes up and up in a high, tall way which gives the boat great efficiency upwind, where effects other than the push of the wind come into play.

Britblog woes and Bloghound sleepiness



One of the characteristics of political bloggers of a certain bent is the way they try to stifle and snuff out any dissenting voices, i.e. they only wish for their own voices to be heard.

The difference between them and good blogs is that good blogs welcome any comment from any side but give warning that if it is not something the author agrees with, then there’s going to be a fierce debate.  That blogger would then expect the same in return.

Short note about this theme


The base theme [before it was dabbled with] was Quadruple Blue.  It doesn’t appear on the WordPress.org list but it is available on the net.

Frankly, it was the symmetrical, untweakable “three-columnedness” of F2 which I was sick of plus the fuzziness of some of the lettering. F2 allowed much functionality but at a cost. Cassandra said, “I knew it! I knew it was a mistake [to go into WordPress],” and she may have been right but for now, it does the job I want.

The good or bad thing about this theme is that it has virtually no adjustable functionality – it’s just a nice, crisp theme – but it is ccs stylesheet friendly, unlike some of them and it uses the WordPress functions as standard. Hey, I’ve no problem with that and I’ve always liked manual templates in which you can write your own code.