Dunkirk 70

EU-Britain-Dunkirk-90faf1cb-8eaf-4ced-bc7a-36befe536358It’s nice to see an American site reporting on the 70th anniversary of the evacuation from Dunkirk:

Dozens of World War II-era ships crossed the English Channel on Thursday to mark the 70th anniversary of the Dunkirk evacuation — an event that holds a special place of pride in the British memory.  Included in the flotilla Thursday were 50 of the original “little ships” — yachts, fishing boats and barges — involved in the evacuation.

These are the sorts of things that people of a different persuasion say we should “move on from”, that the events were too far in the past to be relevant to anyone anymore.  These are the people who would have us lose our connection with our heritage and walk blindly into a soulless, Brave New World of ignorance and mediocrity, with no national characteristics whatsoever.

We are labelled cultural dinosaurs for attempting to remember a flight from oppression and to keep such things in our memory banks as a hedge against current day oppression.

In memories though lie our cultural identity and our collective protection of our freedoms.

Gold and freedom

gold-173x148When the real problem is something only a minority in the community understand, then there’s trouble.  When this is coupled with a long, slow, inexorable process of weaning people off their protective mechanisms, then that trouble is compounded.  When there is the possibility that the situation is not accidental and is designed to obscure understanding and that the whole purpose of our input is to feather the nest of certain sectors of society, then there is anger among those who wake up.

Very few of us truly understand the markets and what is driving them up and down, including most economic pundits.  For a free marketeer to implicitly believe in them is to misunderstand that we do not have a free market – we have a controlled system of fiat currency, utilizing fractional reserve banking and it is predicated on a number of factors: