Manoeuvering for war


Asia Times:

There exists the possibility that the whole thing [the US-Israel altercation] is a masquerade designed to divert attention from an impending joint US-Israeli strike on Iran. Obama is unlikely to be comfortable with such a decision, but a number of analysts have argued that in the end, he might not have much of a choice. It is just about clear that diplomacy or sanctions won’t stop the Iranian nuclear program; moreover, it is not just Israel that feels threatened by Iran.

The remembered and the forgotten sailors


This world circumnavigation lark is bigger than thought.  There seemed to be two out there – Jessica Watson and Abby Sunderland, with Laura Dekker‘s new boat being prepared.  Actually, there are more but it was only in a comment at the Abby Blog that I saw it:

#  Jessica Watson, doing fine, non-stop.
#  Abby Sunderland, doing fine, non-stop.
#  Dilip Donde, doing fine, planned stop.
#  Bernt Lüchtenborg, doing fine, double laps, earlier on near disaster and unplanned stop.
Jeanne Socrates, long unplanned stop, engine and other trouble.
#  Minoru Saito, long unplanned stop, engine trouble.
#  Alessandro Di Benedetto, doing fine, non-stop.

Spheroids – moron extraordinaire

Your humble blogger has no more energy – these imbecile MPs have sapped it all. Take it away, Boris:

Being an even-tempered fellow, and given that we have already put up with so much nonsense from the Labour Government, I find there are very few ministerial pronouncements that make me wild with anger. We have learnt to be phlegmatic about the mistakes of a government that has banned 4,300 courses of human conduct, plunged this country into the deepest recession in memory, and so skewed the economy that 70 per cent of the Newcastle workforce is in the pay of the state.

The Trilateral Commission and the EU – Part 3

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s one for you:

tlc 19 5 mbrs

Part 1 herePart 2 here.

Just a nice convivial TLC gathering of peace and mutual understanding [above].  Let’s look at whom each of these is:

#  Zbigniew Brzezinski [mentioned in Part 1]
#  Peter Sutherland [European Commission]
#  David Rockefeller [’nuff said]
#  Paul Volcker [chairman of the Federal Reserve under Carter]
#  Sadako Ogata [look at her sanitized CV here]

Interesting grouping, yes? 

How many clues will it take you?


1.  They don’t look anything like the creatures in the photo;

2. They’ve colonised almost every landmass on Earth;

3. Estimates in different environments suggest that they contribute 15-20% (on average and nearly 25% in the tropics) of the total terrestrial animal biomass, which exceeds that of the vertebrates;

4. Males only last a few weeks;

5. They’re of the family Formicidae.

Cockney Rebel

Musically and lyrically unique, Harley’s ego let him down and eventually the public just tired of it, long after almost his whole band quit on him and the music press turned hostile. He sits uneasily in a niche he made for himself, neither here nor there but still a talent that was to be reckoned with.