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Flag Scotland

Caraidean, please spend 3 minutes 27 seconds to view the youtube of one of the most beautiful lands on earth –  the mist, the mountains, the heather – this is Alba.

Should we buy some boats for them?


What these Islamic militants are proposing is par for the course – they plan to march through a town known for its patriotic vigils as servicemen who died o.a.d. are returned and they plan to do dirt on that, in the name of Islam4UK.

There could not be an event, short of another bombing, more calculated to outrage middle-Britain and they know they have us over a barrel.  Just what can we do?  I don’t mean about prosecutions – I mean morally?  If half of England were to be there to prevent them, what could we do?

Kill the bastards?  Beat them up?  Take every last one of them to the port and throw them on a boat back to their own country?  Slit their throats as they plan to do to us?  What?

If we are dead against the government and police having any say whatsoever in what we protest about, then how could we go along with a police decision not to let the militants march and yet I think that’s what we are half-hoping the police will do.

It’s a thorny one.

How did Holt disappear – the story which won’t go away


The disappearance of Australian PM Harold Holt in 1967 has never quite died away as a story and with good reason – there are anomalies, lies and the times themselves were a hotbed of agitation and world trouble – these times included the Kennedy assassination.

A search of my old blog reveals that this subject hasn’t been touched on before so maybe it should now.  Former Governor General Paul Hasluck who himself had been “kicked upstairs” for political reasons had been an intelligent maverick for the Liberal [read Conservative] Party and too hot to handle.

He has come out and said that Holt had been depressed and possibly on drugs to keep him going at the time and when he went for a swim at Cheviot Beach that fateful morning, he was in no condition to swim:

Do not fall for this new blasphemy ruse in Ireland


This blog supports the atheists. Yes.  Particularly the Irish atheists.  And to do that, it supports a quote misattributed to one of its bêtes noire, Voltaire [peace be upon him]:

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

The Beeb:

An atheist group in the Irish Republic has defied a new blasphemy law by publishing a series of anti-religious quotations on its website. Atheist Ireland says it will fight any action taken against it in court.


Starting this evening: a series of tributes to various nations. First up:


f-English People

When England awakes from slumber, it might well say to Napoleon’s heirs and supporters: “Oh, son, speak not so venturesome, for England is the heart of oak of England, Scotland, and Ireland – the unity can ne’er be broke … if it so wishes.