Rain Quiz at Nine


1.  The phenomenon whereby rain evaporates while falling through dry air is called what?

2.  Infrequent methane rain is thought to carve numerous surface channels on which moon?

3.  A scientific model known as the  ….  process explains how rain forms and falls.

4.  On the United States’ Eastern Seaboard, the effect can be dramatic: there is a 22% higher chance of rain on Saturday than on which other day?

5.   In ….., the Setswana word for rain, “pula,” is used as the name of the national currency, in recognition of the economic importance of rain in this desert country.


Virga, Titan, Bergeron, Monday, Botswana


Chris Mounsey[Thanks, LfaV, for the photo]

Congratulations to the Devil’s Kitchen [Chris Mounsey] on his appointment as LPUK leader – here is Ian Parker Joseph’s speechAndrew Withers remains as Treasurer and is the new Deputy Leader.

The Albion Alliance came up in business and it’s time to set the record straight here.

We are not aligned with any party whatsoever:

The Albion Alliance has been set up with two specific goals in mind:

Are we more violent today?

article-0-021BC36D00000578-104_468x433[Coronation Street’s message: “Don’t miss out, girls – you too can kick heads in.”]

Tiberius has written an interesting piece:

James Hamilton has an interesting piece about early football violence up at his blog. It concerns a game between Bolton and Glossop in 1908 where the referee was threatened, the stands turned riotous and even the players were fighting on the pitch.

Plus ca change, you might think- and indeed scenes from the 1970s and 1980s wouldn’t be unfamiliar, by James’s account, to your average Edwardian spectator.

Furthermore like today, it was not the very poor who indulged in football violence- priced out of the game then and now- but the respectable, stockbrokers and others who went mad on the terraces.

We’re pretty convinced today that society is much more violent, the ASBO generation is upon us and we could be forgiven for thinking we’re a more violent society. 

Jessicawatch – true confessions

JW fishShe finally catches that fish

It has to be admitted I was wondering if she actually writes the material out there at sea or whether her mum or someone else does.

It seems many other thousands around the world were also wondering the same thing – the prose was just too good, if you see what I mean.

Well, she has addressed that:

I’m not sure how best to put this but a lot of people have been wondering and asking so here goes; yes, it’s definitely me writing these blogs! Having someone blog under my name is a big no go for me.

Can you imagine letting your Mum or anyone else describe your feelings to the world under your name? Ouch! Well maybe it’s just a teenage thing! But I do have to confess, my updates have to be spell checked before being published. My spelling is, can we just say a little notorious!