What does one do when confronted with a sinking revelation that the very people you live and work with, sup with and join in recreation with, number amongst them those who are anything but what you imagined them to be? I grew up and received my education as a WASP, not only that but my stomping grounds were the haunts of the upper middle-class and elements in positions in the community.

Comments seem to have gone haywire

Just a quick post apologizing on behalf of my anti-spam, which used to drive Xxxl crazy.  The thing is, for every legit comment it mistakenly spams, it gets 100 right and I’m grateful it catches all of those.

Yesterday, by turning comments to moderation, a most needed step in retrospect, if you could see the spam list I just deleted, it also did something weird and commenters who were quite legit and regular found themselves spammed.  Now I’m not sure on what grounds my anti-spam did that because there were no links and these people have not been spammed before.

I’ve gone through the 200 spam now and fished out as many as I could find, then posted them but it doesn’t seem to like comment moderation.  Possibly the anti-spam sees moderation as its rival – who knows?

Anyway, hopefully it’s back to normal and sorry again.

All Hallows cycle

This year, I’m largely using last year’s post, plus one or two items from previous Hallowe’ens:


Good people, my only advice today is not to venture out this evening, when all the spirits of evil are abroad and whatever you do today or in the next two days, don’t go round the church widdershins and make sure you don’t dance nine times widdershins around a fairy ring of toadstools.

So, All Hallows is upon us again and this evening – All Hallow’s Even – is the evening before this important holiday.  In keeping with the way things are twisted round, the evening is now kept and the holiday itself virtually forgotten.

Train talk

OK, open for business again and it was a very mixed day.  When I got to the station, the train before and the two after my train were running fine.  My train was cancelled.  A girl on the platform was mightily p***ed as well and I asked her if she was going to be late for work.

She said she was going to be late seeing her boyfriend in prison and that she might have to take a taxi from the station now for about twenty quid.  We were not happy with the railways.  I asked her why girls liked bad boys all the time and she said they just did.  I said how come they’re in prison and the girls are still free?  She said that girls don’t do anything wrong.  I said or else they just don’t get caught.  She smiled at that.

Anyway, we didn’t just have a bumper day but we broke all records for the shop and though I claim no credit for it, I was the only one on the shop floor today.  I’m knackered.  But it’s a happy knackered.


Calum Carr wrote, not so long ago:

I have noticed that blogging, in general, is in a dip – at least those blogs I read.  There are far fewer posts.  It’s as though blogging has had its day as a mass medium and we are in a phase where numbers drop and only those hardy souls and those who have massive readership keep going.

I’m not sure about the massive readerships – many bloggers have just “good” readerships but keep going mainly because something always seems to come up.  One thing I have noticed though is that there is a flatness to the atmosphere in this country.  It may have escaped the notice of Cityunslicker, who asked where the September/October crash went but it came in on time and many lost their jobs.  It’s in the economy, not in the City.

There’s not only that flatness, that jadedness in people worn out by the constant corruption, privation, worry about jobs and mortgages and so on but those in work are being kept with their noses to the grindstone and firms want their pound of flesh and more.  In short, the atmosphere is not good.

Playford and Dance

In 1651 publisher John Playford produced The English Dancing Master, a work that included 105 tunes and the dance step notation to perform them. It proved so popular that new editions continued to be produced by his son Henry after his death with over 1,000 tunes total.

The music is pleasing to listen to and adapts well for different instrumentation. In a small venue a solo harpsichord, flute, or violin will have plenty of volume for dancing, a larger ensemble is nice but not required.