Quislings are dotted through our society


The Times in its leader of 15 April 1940, entitled “Quislings everywhere.” The editorial asserted:

To writers, the word Quisling is a gift from the gods. If they had been ordered to invent a new word for traitor… they could hardly have hit upon a more brilliant combination of letters. Actually it contrives to suggest something at once slippery and tortuous.

Looking far more broadly than the rag-tag alliances in our country today [it’s a badge of honour now, not unlike the resistance in Norway], you can apply any number of metaphors  and draw all the analogies you like but the difference between then and now was that then there was a clear enemy and everyone back home understood who it was and could focus on that.

Slobby mums at school gates or mums with no time?

AAAAArEaEE0AAAAAAQEyBAThis one would get me into real trouble with the mums of Britain if they read this website, which I think perhaps they don’t.

The issue is Mums in PJs dropping their kids off at school and this was discussed in the TES.  I presume what they were going on about is that a mother could at least dress to go out in the street.

Now, my own view is that I’m not averse to mums in PJs as a general principle – it’s rather easy on the eyes, as a matter of fact.

My issue instead is with two things:

Vale of Clwyd Labour AM Ann Jones calls referendum seekers “ragtag”

You’ve possibly seen this already, as I’m a bit late to the party [bad pun]. A Liverpool paper has reported:

A TORY candidate yesterday sought to disassociate himself from the views of an anti-EU campaign. Matt Wright, who will stand in the Vale of Clwyd in the general election, said the Albion Alliance had been ‘disingenuous’ over his pledge of support.

The accusation was first carried in the North Wales Daily Post as a result of one of their journalists contacting us for comment. Ian Parker-Joseph took the journalist through what had actually been sent to Matt Wright, his response and further action and in that letter, it quite clearly states what he was pledging to.  Witterings from Witney is our main man dealing with candidate correspondence and he has some interesting tales to tell about what’s been happening.

How news is reported in the UK


Meanwhile, Gordo is planning to change the mechanism of Westminster politics:

Gordon Brown has been addressing the IPPR and has stated he wishes to draw up a new constitution, to be ready for the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta in 2015. He also believes that only the three party system should be allowed to prosper – witness his statement :

…….to those who are tempted by the fringes and the extremes, it is clear that the way we do politics in the future needs to be different from the past.