State of play

Poll shows Cameron needs just 14 more seats

Clegg could still spoil Cameron’s party

Seems to me that those two headlines combined are the closest prediction yet although as my mate said yesterday – there are still a hell of a lot of floating voters out there.  One thing the poll did NOT cover was marginal Tory seats which might go to UKIP or Independents.

Now that is a factor to take into consideration.  Also, it’s interesting to see it from an American’s point of view.

What’s in a name?

There were a few things to come out of that little stoush yesterday and one of them was the old dilemma – nomenclature.

Confession time – I introduced the Holy Cow into the post because the blind reverence given him is misplaced and gets in the way of understanding the issue.   However, as sure as night follows day, I knew full well I was in for a real pasting for daring to utter his name in vain – you can’t take on a hero to show his flawed thinking and get away with it.   Just not done.

No matter – interesting exercise.

Applying the maxim “there’s no smoke without fire”, I ask the question,


He also asked Schoenberg for composition lessons. Schoenberg refused, saying “I would only make you a bad Schoenberg, and you’re such a good Gershwin already.” This quote is similar to one credited to Maurice Ravel during Gershwin’s 1928 visit to France — “Why be a second-rate Ravel, when you are a first-rate Gershwin?”

Know your election quiz


1. Who is married to Miriam González Durántez?
2. Which Brillo was apologized to recently in an interview?
3. Who looks like he may now not be Foreign Secretary after all?
4. Who was sacked for the coffin dodger jibe and other truisms?
5. Who was attacked over the Auschwitz “gimmick” remarks?

Answers: Clegg, Andrew Neil, Mandelson, Stuart MacLennan, Cameron