The Green Movement and the sustainable New Age

Danielle Nierenberg, currently travelling Africa on a grant to educate native populations about the efficacy of vegetables over crop grains, very kindly took the time to come in and comment on my post on Food and Water.

Below is the whole of her comment and below that again is my little bit of research on the organizations who are interested in her work.

Danielle …

“Want to flag (feel free to re-post) an opinion-editorial I co-wrote visiting the World Vegetable Center in Arusha, Tanzania with their director Abdou Tenkouano published today in the Kansas City Star. I am currently in Madagascar, traveling across Africa for the Worldwatch Insitute and blogging everyday on a site called “Nourishing the Planet” .  I’ve pasted the article below. All the best, Danielle Nierenberg.

FT suicides have implications for us, after May

bear_kids01Public sector workers congregating for a planning meeting

These suicides at French Telecom were puzzling but the explanation has come out with the latest suicide, the 6th since January and the 34th since January, 2008.

A survey of employees said:

Les conclusions de l’enquête avaient alors fait état d’un «ressenti général très dégradé», et d’une «ambiance de travail tendue, voire violente».

For what reason would FT employees feel degraded when other utilities didn’t appear to have this problem?  The answer has ramifications in itself.  Basically, FT is not a state company any more – it is 27% owned by the state but it runs largely as a private company now.

Food and water

spr2007_first_full_harvestFreedom to farm

An article on the situation in Mexico on street vendors said:

(The DDF), has recently finished one of the most politically sensitive operations of the sexenio of Salinas de Gortari: the relocation of approximately 10,000 ambulatory vendors (street vendors) from the streets of the Historical Center into almost 40 market buildings. The process has been long and difficult.

In Miami, similar things are going on:

Seven years after a failed attempt to pass a law banning street vendors and beggars from the city’s largest roads, North Miami Beach is trying to do it again. The last time council members tried to pass the law, dozens of representatives from newspaper street-side vendor The Homeless Voice protested the move, causing the measure to fail.

Earlier this month, the council voted 4-2 to give initial approval to the newly proposed restrictions. But opponents still countered the measure, accusing the city of preventing collection of funds for charitable causes and questioning whether it violated the First Amendment.

The American story involved the crackdown on panhandlers, defined here, with advice on how to go about becoming one.

Order a Muslim girl today

muslim brideSome of these Google ads in the sidebar are just killing me.

Now, I can understand firms offering debt consolidation and credit, given the last few days of posts but Muslim brides?  What could have brought that on?   Not that I’ve anything against Muslim brides per se.

It appears that Alison has nothing against them either.  Don’t you think there’s something a bit tacky though with this “dial a wife” scheme?  And I wonder who would go for the 80 year old?  Maybe at 80 we’ll still be going strong.

And what if you’re not a Muslim?  Will she have to join your religion or will you join hers?  What if she wears the niqab?  And what’s the difference between a niqab and a burqa?

And where’s the drop-down menu for “dowry size” or “assets range” or don’t they have those in Islam?  And why is the default “male seeking female”?  Not that I’m complaining, of course.

And when am I going to stop asking questions?