Blue Moon at New Year’s Eve


A blue moon is on its way according to the scientists:

Astronomer David Reneke from Australasian Science magazine said it was rare for the event to happen on New Year’s Eve – another blue moon will not fall on the last day of the year until 2028.  The event has an added significance – it comes just months after the world celebrated the 40th anniversary of man landing on the moon in July.

Signs and wonders, people, signs and wonders.  What does that augur for 2010?  It seems the Americans will get it too.

Carla Bruni is an out and out socialist


Neither Le Figaro nor Le Monde are running this today but it’s Bruni in hot water again:

France’s glamorous First Lady Carla Bruni, often accused of meddling in the state’s affairs, has now landed into a “nepotism” controversy, after her son’s godfather was recently given a top government job.

Francois Baudot, a 60-year-old former interior designer friend of Bruni’s for 15 years, has been appointed as France’s new Inspector General of Cultural Affairs despite the government appointment’s commission initially deciding that he was not suitable for the job, the ‘Le Point’ reported.

More immediately worrying than the impression she has on the French people is the impression she has on Sarkozy’s own supporters within the UMP, with her being compared to Marie-Antoinette amongst other things. For her to give an interview where, in all her loveliness, she plays the politically incompetent dutiful wife, is disingenuous at the very least – all of France knows her character to be forceful and her views strong.

Is Gordo welcome in the City?


Where does one start on  the refusal of the government to give Ian Luder a knighthood ?  The first reaction is yes, well done Gordo – you nailed the greedy swine – but the more considered reaction is that it was Gordo who did it and Gordo is the arch-hypocrite.  Naturally, he denies he had anything to do with the honours list:

The Cabinet Office would not comment on whether Mr Luder will be knighted in the New Year Honours list but stressed that “neither the Prime Minister nor his office has interfered with the list recommended by the independent nominations committee”. The City of London declined to comment.

The lying *@&%$£*.  Yep, just as Nixon denied any knowledge of Watergate.  Lies in bed with the bankers and then deserts the City as he scampers to exonerate himself.  Hope the UK is watching this.