A very English beat

Youtube is intensely annoying the way they can have the best vid with the 2nd worst sound, the best sound quality but a boring vid and the one I have to reluctantly use because it is the best they played, despite the awful, hissing recording and the way it abruptly cuts off at the end.  However, this one encapsulates the [English] Beat:

Such a pity it ended like that – some people who put up youtubes should be shot.

America cranked up 3000rpm

The Ramones appealed to me, not in their headbanging numbers but in their quintessentially American numbers, a blend of harsh guitar – almost a wall of sound – and harmonies overlaying a driving rhythm which seemed to ignore the end of sung lines and continue on by itself.  It’s this blend of loud, brash and sweetly melodic I really love – clear vocals help too – and nowhere was this more apparent than in my favourite Ramones track.  People, this demands headphones:

Ssssh- don’t tell the ladies I wrote this

The MSM, being in the business of selling papers or gaining ratings, is always going to ride the conflict-between-the-sexes bandwagon and I can’t say that the offerings from the men’s side so far are all that much to write home about .

Still, if men don’t write articles praising themselves, they can’t expect that women will – can you imagine an article by a woman entitled:  “In Praise of the Older Man?”  I know, I know – don’t laugh.  Google provides a handful of such articles.