Descartes was murdered!


Stop press!

On February 2, 1650, René Descartes died, not of pneumonia but by poison from a treacherous priest. C’est du moins la théorie exposée par l’universitaire allemand Theodor Ebert dans son ouvrage, Der rätselhafte Tod des René Descartes.

En 1648, il informe ses supérieurs au Vatican que la reine Christine de Suède, protestante, est susceptible de se convertir au catholicisme. Descartes’ view of transubstantiation and other aspects was an obstacle to the Queen’s conversion, therefore he had to be removed.

Descartes symptoms and the treatment he received, emetics, were not suggestive of pneumonia but of poisoning.

Good, glad we cleared that one up at last.

The old three card trick


While the EU tightens its grip, for example with the loss of Greek sovereignty [dedicated post coming up], the regionalization of the former England proceeds apace [scroll down to the south-west section on this page and look at the exchange of views on this] and if you’re still doggedly trying to maintain that this is Labour policy, not the EU’s, then look at this page.  It’s live and it is happening now.  And now it’s tobacco under their control.  You might like to peruse this:

Oh yes, what happened to that “free movement of people, goods and services”? No doubt Article 6 of the TFEU overrides that. “The Union shall have competence to carry out actions to support, coordinate or supplement the actions of the Member States. The areas of such action shall, at European level, be : (a) protection and improvement of human health……”

Their method of operation is to have think tanks in Europe report to the commissioners, it’s rubber stamped in parliament, goes to the national government as “Commission recommendation”, is adopted by the national government or else they suffer a Greek type reaction and hey presto – “this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe” whom Churchill mentioned in 1920, has determined national policy in your country.

You have to hand it to them – they’re clever b—ers, aren’t they? Meanwhile, we cover our eyes and say, “it’s not happening, it’s not happening.”  Such are the people of this once great nation.

Another example is  the new EU/French laws:


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