Buying criteria


There’s a survey in the Globe and Mail about buying habits and I was wondering – do you buy based on:

1.  It being your country’s product, e.g. Buy British, Buy American;
2.  Price;
3.  Quality;
4.  Some other criterion [a]?

This is not a survey as such – just to get an idea.

Laura Dekker is off and running

NETHERLANDS_YOUNG_S_502180kCan’t say her website is too impressive and there is a certain strangeness to her campaign but best of luck anyway.  It seems she left on Saturday on the solo part of her voyage.  Dutch Daily News says:

The sail girl Laura Dekker has left from Portugal to the Canary Islands Saturday morning, according to her manager Peter Klarenbeek. The departure marks the official beginning of her solo sailing trip around the world. She made her final preparations In Portugal the last two weeks. On the Canary Islands she might wait until the end of the hurricane season before crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

She left from a different port to that which the media were told so maybe she’s not in it for the publicity but simply for the journey.

Train talk


I have just sent the following letter off.  In this post, I change all names to [rail] Company A, [rail] Company B, the Junction Station and the Terminus:

Dear Sir or Madam

The reason the same letter is being sent to both companies, Company A and Company B, is that the two matters are related.

This morning, Monday, August 23rd, was not a good day for many train travellers between the Junction Station and the Terminus and there was much frustration. At this point, I’ll separate the two issues: