Barry is your friend – truly

obama_smokingWe were sent here to serve our citizens

Oh pur-lease!  You were selected because you’d been groomed by Them in whatever configuration you’d like to name them – the CFR, TLC, NAAC, whatever – they’re the global socialists, the Rumsfeld Gorites and that is no party mix because there are no parties in these people’s heads – only money, misery and paedophilia, not that you personally indulged in the latter.

You were a good patsy with the rhetoric to carry it off.

You are a non-President who ignored more than one SCOTUS directive, you’ve been shown to lie to the American people and you got some come-uppance some days back.

Your grandiose debt creation is at a time of great financial misery for the people of the United States and you dovetail quite nicely with the crooks and liars mentioned here and here who are back to happily trading in non-money and fraud.

And I still want to see your birth certificate in the long form.

New iTampon – what’s your opinion?


This post is more in the nature of a request for information.  While it would seem silly to ask PC users rather than Mac users for their opinions, technology is so varied these days that most PC users have other devices such as iPod and iPhone.

Your humble blogger can write html to produce a webpage but he doesn’t even know what 3G or iphones are or do.  He’s been left out of the technology loop and wouldn’t even know what a modern mobile phone gets up to.  He doesn’t even know what an aggregator does.  He does understand the concept of RSS.

He needs a great word programme with graphics facility, good browser and a quick graphics editor plus the Microsoft suite or something which approximates it. He prefers touchpad to mouse and a separate keyboard is unnecessary.

The reason he’s asking this today is that sadly, his Macbook Pro is nearing the end of its life and the money is not available for a new one.

Your help would be appreciated in sizing up the new iPad.

Move one match

Matchtrick 1

By moving one matchstick only and not using it to go diagonally across the equals sign, make this equation correct.

One solution:  XV + V = XX

If you know it – sssssssh!