Houses Of The Holy

This is the post I’ve been waiting for, from Mark Wadsworth and might I suggest you read it in conjunction with his other pieces on LVT, as well as the comments on his own site.  Thanks for that, Mark:

Today, let’s look at the relationship between house prices and earnings in the various regions of England & Wales. A simple scatter graph with an auto trend line shows a relationship, which might be skewed by the one in the top right hand corner (London), so let’s try that again without London (click to enlarge).

All aboard for more enviro-lunacy

Autonomous Mind sums up yet another gushing government scheme:

This is the kind of insanity that passes for visionary forward thinking in the bubble of remote and insular politicians and their ilk.  This is the kind of insanity that increases the number of less well off people driven into fuel poverty, as they fund profits for companies and the well off who can afford to cash in on such financial lunacy.  But don’t expect those in the parallel universe inhabited by the BBC to give that a moment’s thought. They just want us to bask in the faux virtue of paying more to get less in order to ‘save the planet’.

Nothing to add to that really.

The mathematical precision of the universe

The Higgs Boson

The other day, four ladies came into our shop and from the cut of the jaw to the way they looked at you, they were clearly Slavic.  From the way the brunette accepted my suggestions on her jacket and how it sat on her, without in the least thinking that strange or forward, she was clearly non-English [much as I love my country].

The All and Sundry Cupid Stunts awards 2010

Opening post here from Angus Dei and thanks for that.  Many know Angus from his own fine blog.  And so to the awards:

Welcome to the bi-annual Cupid Stunts awards; this prestigious ceremony is held every two years because it takes time to nurture a Cupid Stunt and Cupid Stunts do not always show their full potential in the first twelve months.

These awards are also designed to piss off as many “purists” as possible, especially in the political and religious arenas, and as many other people as I can.

This year’s candidates were very difficult to rate because of the number of Cupid Stunts in existence at the moment.

Anyway, in reverse order: