La Belle France


This evening:

La belle France

Comment se fait-il que le début fassent justice en belle France ?  An English person either detests France, sees it as a source of cheap alcohol or has a love affair with it.  I am of the latter group.

Let’s get the patriotic stuff out of the way first:

Who’s carrying our banner?

albion173Soon after setting up the forum, we went very quiet because we were setting up the infrastructure – the database of how to contact MPs and candidates, letters, contacting people around the UK and so on.

My job this week is to list the initial bloggers who ran our banner and to do that, I can start by going round my own blogrolls but that isn’t nearly enough – there might be many more who are running it.

Request to fellow bloggers – if you know of someone who is running it, please tell me and I’ll add it to the list.  I imagine there might be 12-20 who are doing so currently and this is those whom I have so far:

Mark Wadsworth


Witterings from Witney

Ian Parker Joseph

Nourishing Obscurity

The Quiet Man

Fausty’s Blog

Barking Spider

Daniel 1979

The Final Redoubt

North Northwester [not the banner but a link]

Muffled Vociferation

Calling England

Ambush Predator


Norton Folgate

Cassandra Troy

Trooper Thompson

Calling England

Adur Brewery

Wednesday housekeeping

Comments, trackbacks and pings are off on this post, nor will I discuss it on another post.  There are a few things:

1.  I’m in great danger of joining the ranks of the employed again and combined with the Mac being on its last legs, this impinges on blogging but not only that – also on work and correspondence.  Therefore I have to come up with a mechanism of getting posts out and visiting, along with the AA stuff which is just hotting up now.  We can only do what we can do.

2.  There are people trying to suck me back into the vortex of an ancient issue and I just shan’t.  I was emailed by a person I thought was a friend but was told today by another friend that my reply has been plastered over the internet.  So let me make my position clear one more time.  This is childishness and these people need to get a life.  My position on the issue has not altered one iota but by the same token, I’d like to find some mechanism to go forward and drop all this angst – we’ll obviously never agree.

3.  At the same time, a lady who gave me a lot of support when I was down is under the hammer and as I made clear in my email the other day, he and she are two completely different issues.  As for her, she has my undying support, I still believe what she said because I saw verbatim evidence, not hearsay, nothing has come out since to show otherwise and I’m not interested in what other issues people have with her.  She’s a friend, I support her and there’s an end on’t, as far as I’m concerned.

Now, how many more times am I going to have to post this?

4.  On more pleasant matters, the snow today was fabulous and I’ve just walked back through a snow covered park.  I greatly fear it won’t snow again but it would be lovely if it did.

The illusion of choice


An anti-capitalist, anti-religious site used the following as an argument for State control and against free enterprise:

Every time we go into a shop these days we are presented with an increasing choice. Even if we are buying mundane items, we still have to choose. Try going for a coffee.

Chances are you’ll be asked about the type of coffee (choice of maybe 5 – 10), the size (thimble to bucket), the sweetness, milkiness, and up to half a dozen characteristics you didn’t want to know about. If it’s a trendy coffee shop, you’ll be asked to choose from a list you don’t understand.