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Quick quiz


1.  What width are the commercially bagged chips at your local chippy:  1/4 inch, 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch?

2.  According to a 2008 Glamour magazine survey, is the average woman’s bust size these days 34B, 36C or other size?

3.  The paperclips you’re likely to use vary in wire width between 1/32 to 1/16 inch, 1/64 to 3/64 inch or 3/128 to 7/128 inch?

4.  The average human hair is 0.04 inch, 0.004 inch or 0.0004 inch thick?

5.  At its furthest point, how many metres are we from the moon:  198,602,000; 295,360,000 or 405,696,000 metres?


3/8 inch, 36C, 1/32 to 1/16 inch, 0.004, 405,696,000 metres

Possessed for a few seconds, a lifetime to reflect

jessicadavies3420-420x0There are two Jessicas in the public eye at the moment – the one who has just rounded Cape Horn and the other one, she of the dagger.

Certain words she used, certain things said of her by her ex-lover, certain aspects of her story are quite indicative of a malaise which was not only hers. Knox followed the same pattern, the Japanese girl some time back who just killed her friend, the world culture follows the same pattern.

This sort of thing was not happening in more developed societies while the culture of the land still permeated all aspects of life. From the Buddhist east to the Christianized west, while parents still held sway over children and alienation was more a case of rebelling against strictures instead of actual alienation, being beyond control, while that was the pattern, these things we have today were under some sort of control.