Remember this day five years from now

Mark this moment, this Monday, May 17th, mark it in your diaries.  This was the day when it came out that:

Liam Byrne, the former Chief Secretary to the Treasury, last week wrote a letter for his successor – the Liberal Democrat David Laws – stating: “I’m afraid to tell you there’s no money left.”

Five years from now, should the UK have got itself out of the EU mess and started manufacturing and trading again, let’s bring up that quote and ask anyone over the age of 18 who is eligible to vote the following question:

“Can you give one valid reason why you would ever again vote for a party who did what it did with the UK’s money and then also had the gall to leave such a note?”

We’re assuming, of course, that many of the same names pop up in five years time.

Cap’n Ranty versus the Government

One of the very best bloggers is Captain Ranty-Freeman and you owe it to yourself, if you haven’t already done so,  to check out his blockbusting post where he takes on HMRC.  Tour de force.  Some snippets:

[Y]ou might be interested to know that HMRC recently threatened to take me to court. I wrote back and said, “Ready when you are. But be warned: you are going to lose, and here’s why”.  I quoted a few of the methods I intended to use. I explained that I had Lawful Excuse. They backed off.

Malthus, population and sustainability

peakoil 5

Dr Albert A. Bartlett [H/T Xxxl] gave a lecture, now captured on youtube [if you look at nothing else, at least look at Part Two from 5:35]:

Parts OneTwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEight

… in which he makes a strong case that key influencers of opinion, e.g. governments, their advisers or scientists are simply not doing the maths necessary to create a true scenario from which people can judge more accurately.  He says:

“The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.”