Bored with politics

Yeah, OK.  Brown out, Millipede and Cruddas in, Lab Dem coalition, Tories turn on Command and Control Cameron who promised to deliver and didn’t, real conservatives return, Lab Dem implode, new election, proper Tories in.  That last bit might be a bit wrong but up to then seems right.  Of course, the whole thing might go pear-shaped, the EU steps in and restores order – federalism [regions under Brussels and heaps of sweetener money].

Or else it all just goes pear-shaped and we see rivers of blood.

Research and an open mind

aa understanding

People are very sensitive on this matter but I assure you – it’s no more than a question of how far you’re prepared to research and which texts you’re willing to delve into, often down sidepaths off the beaten track, without being repulsed.  With any topic, one starts at the top [of this graph, for example].  Most people involved in their own RL issues won’t go any deeper than understanding that pollies are corrupt and the hung parliament is bad.

The bleedin’ obvious


Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it?  Let the Scots have what they want – their own parliament, their own power to fund their own dole, give the Welsh the same.  England funds England, Scotland funds Scotland, Wales funds Wales and so on.

All sorted – West-Lothian and Barnett Formula solved, everyone happy.

Tea Party victory


It’s very nice to see this:

The national “tea party” movement toppled its first incumbent Saturday as long-serving Sen. Robert F. Bennett was defeated at the Utah Republican Party‘s nominating convention, the most powerful demonstration yet of the anti-Washington tide that is altering the nation’s political landscape.

… because it says that people are tired of being pushed around, of the taxpayer being seen as some sort of cash cow to squeeze the last dollar [pound] out of and so on.  Even sweeter is that they are beginning to overcome all the false press thrown at them – right wing extremist, eccentric etc. and are starting to be seen by the ordinary citizen as people of principle who want to take politics back for themselves.