David Cameron – why won’t you do the right thing?

I wanted to leave off UK politics today but browsing around the sphere just now [yes, I’ll be inflicting myself on you soon but I’m still on the As and Bs, soon to go to the Cs], it became quite apparent that people are disgruntled.  Let’s just take two blogs who ask: “Why cannot Dave seal the deal?” and “The David Cameron Factor” and the tone is:

Cameroons will deny it, but this is the result of Cameron’s ‘centre ground’ triangulation.  This is the result of abandoning conservative principles and policies that are appropriate remedies for the problems Labour has inflicted on this country.

Now I want to say something here. 

Edinburgh – a personal quest


For someone on one of the main routes or in London, travel is a daily occurrence and I recall that it was dead easy to take the train from King’s Cross to Manchester almost in the blink of an eye – there were many trains to choose from and all was hunky-dory.

I don’t know that the situation has changed in Britain or whether it’s just me [I had two cars at my disposal before I left for o/s] but it is a damned sight more difficult now.  Take an email I received, which meant that this Russian lady and I are meant to meet up this week.  In typical Russian fashion, she made contact two days after she arrived for a one week stay with a group tour.  There are particular reasons I need to make this meeting because it involves favours I need to return.

However, with no car and no credit card, it ain’t all that easy.  For a start, I don’t live near civilization.



Is it possible to take a central path between the two extremes of blind faith in the existence of conspiracy … and blind denial, with its stock dismissive phrases?

If you were to say that Hinckley was a Manchurian Candidate, that’s an assertion. If you were to say that Sirhan-Sirhan, after a trip to Pasadena, returned with a strong interest in the occult, Pasadena being the home of the JPL, the baby of occultist and rocket pioneer Jack Parsons and the Crowleyist Agape Lodge, then that seems a bit different.. Likewise, David Ferrie was involved in the occult via his association with the Wandering Bishops.

If you were to say that one of things that ties Hinkley to Chapman is that they both had a readymade scenario, drawn from entertainment or literature, to explain what they did: Hinkley with “Taxi Driver” and Chapman with The Catcher in the Rye and that the strength of both scenarios is that investigators would most probably buy these stories rather than looking further, then that can’t be dismissed.

When the President dies …


There are a few reasons to be concerned about the order of succession to the United States Presidency and I’m not speaking of appallingness of Obama and his crew.  The concerns are rather in the nature of the jobs themselves.  Just to recap:

In 1947, the Presidential Succession Act of 1947 was signed into law by Harry Truman. This act set the order of presidential succession that is still followed today. This order is followed if the president dies or is incapacitated. The order of cabinet officers included in the list is determined by the dates on which each of their positions was created.

  • Vice President [Jo Biden]
  • Speaker of the House [Nancy Pelosi]
  • President pro tempore of the Senate [Robert Byrd]
  • Secretary of State [Hillary Clinton]
  • Secretary of Treasury [Timothy Geithner]
  • Secretary of Defense [Robert Gates]

A second look at Labour – Gordo asked us to

gordon_brown_fat1Gordo asks us all to take a second look at Labour.  OK, his word is my command – here’s a quick look:

#  The real national debt is £1,340 billion [Centre for Policy Studies],  103.5 per cent of GDP, including public sector pension liabilities and Private Finance Initiative contracts;

#  Turned a percentage of Muslims in the country into a Muslim problem;

#  Threw open the doors to indiscriminate mass migration – deliberate social engineering as, they’ve admitted;

#  Reduced Britain’s international competitiveness  from 9th in the world (1997) to 22nd in 2004 and who knows what now;

#  Has put the AAA credit rating in jeopardy and made the UK a high risk investment;