Slavering chops


Understatement of the week:

There is widespread scepticism in London about the new financial rules, which some British critics see as a Franco-German attempt to undermine Europe’s financial capital.

The new laws will give more say to European institutions. A risk board, for example, which would be staffed by the European Central Bank and based in Frankfurt, is likely to have wide-ranging powers.

It’s hardly Gordo’s concern for his fellow Brits but fear of the City and loss of the gravy train for the government.  Interesting though that Labour stood up to the EU monster on this one.

As for David Cameron, there is this uncertainty whether he is actually Blair in Dave’s clothing and will sell us out completely once the Tories are elected or whether, as many Tories feel, he is actually a closet euro-sceptic of the first water but can’t afford to put Brussels offside at this point or more importantly – Them, the ones who actually run Europe.

It may be that he’ll do just enough to sneak into government and then let loose as a new sort of Thatcher, earning the undying adoration of millions and setting the Tories up for a long spell in power, virtually disintegrating Labour.

Pernickety quiz


What is:

1. the dot over an “i”

2. the white of an egg

3. the curved shape of the water surface in a glass

4. the physics of the apparent bending of a stick in water

5. the only food which never spoils

… called?


tittle, albumin, meniscus, refraction, honey

Have you heard of Kotor?


Nor had I until this article.

I have a friend now living in Serbia and one or two shots she put on my computer a couple of years back show the type of place Eastern Europe can be.  Personally speaking, Switzerland is fabulous, Spain can be fun but the Eastern nations are both exotic and still relatively unknown to the bulk of western populations.

I’d imagine holidays or extended stays in these places could be wonderful experiences.


Ronald says: “Paedo? Moi?”


There is absolutely no truth to the rumour that the young lady above was unimpressed by Ronald’s whispered offer and as for the pic below, he was quoted as saying, “I’m just an attractive kind of guy, kids love me and I love kids.  It’s all platonic.”

Why not invite Ronald for your kids’ party today?