Academic dishonesty from the days of the so-called Enlightenment


Tiberius Gracchus, worthy historian and all round good guy, wrote, on the post about The Admissibility of Evidence:

James legal evidence is not the same as historical evidence.

After my expostulation “rubbish”, I then presented an article explaining why this was so.  In a nutshell, this is precisely the three card trick that the dark Enlightenment philosophers pulled on an unsuspecting world in the C18th and which has poisoned academic thought from those days onwards.

I’m dreaming of a new ice age


Well, all right, we do have snow outside for the second time but it’s nothing like the deep, rich, lush stuff that you all have around Britain and as for the U.S. Eastern Seaboard, that sounds particularly good.  Yesterday, at our shop, a woman came out and said to some boys who were preparing to throw snowballs at her: “I hope they’re not hard ones.”  As they dropped their hands, it seems they were hard.

The unmitigated gall of the State Mafia

Med_Laura Dekker with tiller- photo by Hollandse Hoogte eyevine

Sorry to go on about it but I feel strongly on this matter. First of all, something pleasant – here’s a BBC Vid of Mike Perham’s return to his family, just as it will be for the others.

Now to the appalling situation of Laura Dekker arrested on St Maarten and sent back into custody in the Netherlands, with social services “considering” removing her from her parent and putting her into care or returning her to her mother in New Zealand.

The shortest days


Let’s settle this argument for once and for all, with Liverpool’s figures. As was pointed out by Mark Wadsworth:

It may be the shortest day, but interestingly enough, not the earliest sunset (that was a few days ago). The latest sunrise is yet to come (in a few days’ time). It’s called ‘precession’ or something. All very tricky.

If you look at the diagram above, the sunrise is still getting later and later and you can’t see it but this continues on 08:28 until January 3rd, after which it gets earlier again but the sunset, which stayed at 15:53 from December 8th to 18th, then started getting later after that date.

The ghosts of future past and present


Jessica wrote:

We didn’t exactly get anywhere today with very little wind. This morning was misty and overcast again, but this afternoon has been pretty special with a really thick fog closing in. It feels like there’s a great big grey moist blanket draped over the world and just before it got dark the fog got so thick that I could hardly see 50 metres ahead. It’s really a pretty amazing sight, but along with the almost complete silence, it’s not far off feeling downright eerie.

Not quite carols

Some credit Charles Wesley with the words, some don’t. The music is by Fe­lice de Gi­ar­di­ni, in The Col­lect­ion of Psalm and Hymn Tunes Sung at the Cha­pel of the Lock Hos­pi­tal, 1769. De Gi­ar­di­ni wrote the music spe­ci­fic­al­ly for this Italian hymn.

The strength is in the tune and in the powerful words: