What to wear to that job interview

According to the French:

Agnes_B_m_RS10_1751Some maintain you should dress demurely, in muted greys or dark blues.  Not a bit of it.  Leave the new boss in no doubt of your zest and energy with this red-slippered number.

Agnes_B_m_RS10_1759If you’re from Thomas Hardy country, advertise it – you might like to bung on a Wessex accent if you know it or go the seafaring route – depends on the job of course.


Suits have one great failing – they’re usually too full and make you look like Herman Munster.  This number hugs the body and thumbs its nose at that outmoded well-pressed statement.


Eternal summer.  Even in deepest winter, you can recall the heady days of school breaking for the summer in this slick outfit from Japan but be careful – do you have the legs for it?  You may need to depilate.

Old Riddles at Nine

03 Manor House adj

1. I run over fields and woods all day.
Under the bed at night I sit not alone.
My tongue hangs out, up and to the rear,
Awaiting to be filled in the morning.

2. The beginning of eternity
The end of time and space
The beginning of every end,
And the end of every place.

3. I am a wonderful help to women,
The hope of something to come. I harm
No citizen except my slayer.
Rooted I stand on a high bed.
I am shaggy below. Sometimes the beautiful
Peasant’s daughter, an eager-armed,
Proud woman grabs my body,
Rushes my red skin, holds me hard,
Claims my head. The curly-haired
Woman who catches me fast will feel
Our meeting. Her eye will be wet.

4. Two feathered flappers came together,
Panting and pushing in the open air.
The bright-haired girl, flushed and proud,
Grew big in the belly if the work was good.
Now scholars may need these letters to know
What I’m talking about: O and C,
N and E, K and H, and another C.
The tumblers twist to the letters’ key
As the treasure-door swings open
So that solvers can see in the heart
Of the riddle, craft and play. Carousing men
May know the names of the low-down lovers!

5. A strange creature ran on a rippling road,
Its cut was wild, its body bowed,
Four feet under belly, eight on its back,
Two wings, twelve eyes, six heads, one track.
It cruised the waves decked out like a bird,
But was more–the shape of a horse, man,
Dog, bird, and the face of a woman–
Weird riddle-craft riding the drift of words–
Now sing the solution to what you’ve heard.

Lords and ladies – go to it rightly!

Finally, a call for the Fed to be investigated


Karl Denninger reports that Representative Cummings, along with a half-dozen other Representatives, have had enough of The Fed’s games. They are now calling for a full congressional review of the entire Federal Reserve system, including a full public audit.


Here are the Fed’s origins.

Here are its owners.

Try The Ascent of Money [hat tip Wolfie]

Sonus on the Fed:

Try this vid for an explanation of how it came about and operates.

Here is a website that looks at the prices of housing from 1890, to present, and adjusts them for inflation. It shows vividly the vast over valuation of housing currently, so let’s say the land valuation could drop to £75,000, that is still a vast devaluation of the £ from the £2,500 purchase price.

The mistake that MOST thinkers make is to consider the currency as fixed and commodity prices as increasing. Such thinking is particularly useful to Fiat governments. It disguises their theft of the savings of the populace, and their reneging on their future liabilities, eg, for pensions.

A Fiat system cannot be deflationary without ultimately imploding. It struggles to exist profitably in near zero inflation (equilibrium). It can best exist in a “growth” situation, that is, where increasing levels of credit/debt are being created, – the classical western “growth model” of western economies.

Here is an excellent summary of the above issues.

Towards the end of a Fiat currency life-span, when debt levels are becoming difficult to repay, the tendency on the part of the authorities to cheat, to hide the facts from the voters, increases.

As the cheating persists, the studied avoidance of tough decisions is evaded by repeated bubble blowing that creates the illusion of economic well-being, but is merely an increase in private, and public Debt levels There has been no REAL increase in GDP for the previous decade, despite political spin.

Today inflation statistics are grossly manipulated, as are unemployment statistics, as are GDP statistics, together with most global commodities.

The Working Group on Financial Markets (also known as the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, the Working Group, and colloquially the Plunge Protection Team) was created by Executive Order 12631, signed on March 18th, 1988, by United States President Ronald Reagan.

Parts of the Executive were now free, and instructed to, manipulate “free” markets, in order to help create the illusion of financial stability. The Fiat system, and the excessive use of debt, was beginning to show signs of stress.

Safe Haven explains that the working group has recently become far more pro-active in the markets, using money from the Fed, and linking it to the cessation in the publishing by the Fed, of M3, as increases in M3 were predictive of future market manipulations.

In other words, Fed created money was being used for market manipulation. Was there a legal mandate for that?

Then came Markopolos ad the UK dodgy business.  The revolving door of UK regulation was exposed by English bloggers.


And Here.

On Feb 14th 2008, Elliot Spitzer, US Attorney General penned an article for the Washington Post, “Predatory Lenders Partner in Crime”, explaining Federal corruption in the support for predatory bank lending practices, and explaining that EVERY US state had joined him in seeking curtailment of these practices, but had been prevented from doing so by legal actions of the Federal Gov’t. The Federal Government was complicit in the sub-prime lending that is part of today’s market problems, and was active in defending the practices.

Here is a link explaining it.

Spitzer was crucified.

Ted Butler, an excellent writer, and campaigner for honesty, on the precious metal Silver, a monetary metal, has been pushing the CFTC for over a decade for an investigation of the clear and visible manipulation of the Silver Price, contained in figures published by the CFTC! At times the ounces short have approached the global annual output of Silver, yet in a decade of complaints, no action has been taken. The membership of the head of the CFTC on the Presidential Working Group on Financial Markets, explains the lack of action.

Eddie George and Gold:

“We looked into the abyss if the gold price rose further. A further rise would have taken down one or several trading houses, which might have taken down all the rest in their wake. Therefore, at any price, at any cost, the central banks had to quell the gold price, manage it. It was very difficult to get the gold price under control but we have now succeeded. The U.S. Fed was very active in getting the gold price down. So was the U.K.” 
Eddie George, Bank of England, September 1999.

Denninger called for:

  • The CDS casino must be closed today.  The AIG revelations are an outrage – we are sending tens of billions of dollars into AIG to prop up US and foreign banks as a consequence of these swaps?  This can be stopped with the stroke of a pen and must happen now.  Let the ISDA and bankers scream – suspend all CDS contracts until they are on an exchange with a central counterparty and margin has been established and proved.  Those for which margin can’t be established or proved are void as fraudulent upon issue; the money never existed to pay them off.  This charade called CDS must end.
  • You must pledge to send the FBI after everyone involved in the embezzlement during the previous ten and more years, whether they be borrowers, lenders, bankers or otherwise.  Liars on mortgage applications, liars in marketing these securities, liars all around – all must be prosecuted.
  • We must separate investment and commercial banking services.  Banking is a utility function and it must be safe.  We had it right with Glass-Steagall.  Make it a priority to reinstate that law and force the breakup of the monsters that have led us to this cliff.  If an investment bank wants to play “hedge fund” or “proprietary trading”, fine – but if they blow up they must not be allowed to sink our economy and banking system.
  • The Fed must be directed to open their kimono and disclose everything they are doing, daily, including what they’re taking in, from whom, how it is being valued and how it is being “haircut” or margined.  Equity investments made by The Fed are clearly unlawful under The Federal Reserve Act and must be immediately disgorged.  If The Fed doesn’t like living within the law, then Treasury must go around them and issue Treasury Notes itself; their franchise exists at our pleasure, not the other way around.
  • The ongoing charade in our housing market must end.  The FHA’s rate of “first payment defaults” has tripled in the last year.  Safe mortgages require a significant down payment – at least 10% and more commonly 20% – which means no seller-funded down payment assistance and the end of the 3% FHA down payment.  Keep the VA program for our service people but the rest must be scrapped.  FHA insured mortgages are a good thing but we must drive the fraudsters out of the mortgage system and prosecute them – we’re not doing it, and it is dramatically exacerbating this crisis.
  • Insist that every firm that is traded on a public exchange in The United States produce a consolidated balance sheet and financials without exception – no off-balance sheet games and no BS or tricks.  ALL “assets” must be disclosed along with their pricing models.  Any firm that refuses is delisted immediately.

“… we conclude that the [Federal] Reserve Banks are not federal … but are independent privately owned and locally controlled corporations… without day to day direction from the federal government.”

Quote by: 9th Circuit Court : Source: Lewis vs United States, June 24, 1982

Prior to 9/11, J P Morgan had sold $2.2 Trillion Treasury Bonds in excess of authorisation by the US Treasury. Those records were in building No 3 of the World Trade Centre.

And here was the face-off.

People, it goes on and on and on and on.  And now, only now, has the call come to investigate, not just the smaller banks and other fallguys but the arch criminal of them all – the privately owned Morgan Fed which has held the U.S. to ransom since 1913.

Finally, so many years after Louis McFadden mysteriously died, doe someone stand up and call for this.  Keep your eye on the health of Cummings and colleagues two years down the track, with special reference to any aircraft they happen to be travelling on.

The Possible New Map


Just look at Orwell’s map and it’s uncanny.  EU/Russian rapprochement, China playing everyone off, EU Sceptics winning out and America looking for new allies and stepping down from its high horse, the Arab/Muslim world its own entity, having failed in its bid to take over Europe.

South America is a moot point here.  The Americans are down there, influencing policy but that one’s up for grabs.  More realistic is the UK/U.S.A./Canada/Australasia scenario.  South Africa is a lost cause now and is more yellow on the map.

I’d see South America and the non-Muslim part of Africa as a fifth bloc, an exploitable people for labour.  I don’t mean I’d want this – it just seems likely.

So we’d have:

1.  Eurasia as a slightly richer entity but fraught with internal divisions;

2.  The Anglo-Saxon world, bound by a common language, common traditions, much more homogenous and almost as dangerous as China;

3.  China/India and their satellites;

4.  The Muslim world, with all its inherent divisions and poor standards;

5.  The Exploitable Fifth World.

Looking at N2, it just seems so logical.  It’s line ball who dominates whom – the English finance dominating America or America swamping a decrepit Britain.  Whichever way, it does seem to me that that is the way we’ll be moving once we’ve seen off the EU threat.

Multinationals and misdirection


It’s great that people in respectable positions are now coming out with things which were seen as left field not so long ago and frankly, sound bizarre.  This is why Glenn Beck is apoplectic and lost for words – he’s finally seen what we’ve been trying to get out to the public for some years and it’s paralysing in its enormity. The real state of affairs is mindboggling.

The situation hasn’t changed – just people’s readiness now to accept something true as the truth.

For some years now, this blog [in its previous incarnation] has been posting things e.g. here, here and here, about the interlocked network which runs society at the elite level.  Keywords, buzzwords, weaselwords abound and instantly label the pundit.

That’s why I try to avoid words like illum… and sat… and so on.  Perhaps the greatest confusion is over the words Multinational Corporation.  They mean different things to a socialist and a conservative.  Even the word socialist is fiercely resented by socialists who are more left liberal, that famous oxymoron.

There is a sector of politics, a large part, which can be characterized by a desire for everything to be good in society without thinking through too much how that’s going to be achieved.  So these good people will pick up on Iranian atrocities, the plight of the Palestinians, the poor people at home, the bird with the broken wing, the evils of Trafigura and so on.

They’re into tolerance of anything oppressed [except for unpopular sectors of society such as ageing white males and Israel] and intolerance is seen as bad, even if it is evil which is being tolerated.  Words tripping off the tongues of these good people are “racist”, “sexist”, “ageist”, anything which seems intolerant.  It’s fair to say that these people are politically simplistic [though complex individuals in themselves] because their focus is “anything good”, without always understanding necessary mechanisms, precursors, for this to happen.

The government should do this, the government should do that is a common call.

So, when Brown and Co point to the bankers and MNCs as the villains, this sort of Good sector of the population quite happily subscribes to that point of view without truly appreciating the consequences of enlarged bureaucracy, public borrowing and debt.  That’s another world.

This sector of society is fiercely individual, so they think.  Whereas I am part of a much broader small c conservative mindset and where people see me as an individual freethinker, I’m actually not – I’m just one of a whole load of people, from American Thinker to Adam Smith who think in a certain way, with individual differences.

Similarly, the Good People of the leftish area hate labels because they think they’ve come to their position through their own experience and thought processes, that they can’t be labelled and categorized, that they are apolitical but have different thoughts on different issues.  They do have, that’s true but it just so happens that so many others have similar thoughts and think along similar lines – recognizably so.

Therefore we’re not allowed to “label” them, even though they are a recognizable group but we’ll never agree on this and frankly, it’s unimportant. They’re patriotic and love their country as much as any conservative claims to.  They share many conservative values but the bottom line is an acceptance of a large role for a public sector bureaucracy because it provides jobs.

This is not socialism in itself, something Brown subscribes to, behind a veil of being a closet Tory who’s stolen the Tory agenda.  To think that Blair was a closet Tory betrays that the thinker is truly of the left.  Because no free enterprise conservative sees Blair that way.

The Brown view is that there is a wealth pie which somehow just is and it needs to be shared around fairly.  People agreeing with this don’t really consider how that wealth was achieved except that it must have been done on the backs of the poor workers and be essentially negative in nature.  Therefore it can be taken away from them via devastating taxes and redistributed to single mothers on the dole and all other deserving people.

The public sector is not seen as bureaucracy but as a sector giving employment and helping people in society.  Is it any wonder these Good people can’t see eye to eye with the other point of view?

The other point of view sees MNCs as equally evil and the more perspicacious understand that these corporations are not capitalist in the least, in the sense of free enterprise but monopolistic and in collusion with government to make ever greater profits on the backs of anyone who happens to be there at the time.

So the problem in perception here is that the small c conservative’s political view asserts that there is a huge difference between these global socialist corporations [barely distinguishable from the CBs and governments they control] and the small and medium businessman who wants to run a thriving concern for the benefit of his family and to provide employment in the process.

Humans being humans, even these small business people will want the minimum taxes, minimal interference and less employee legislation but they can’t have that.  While this businessman is consumed with his business thriving, he’ll work long hours to achieve that but he can’t expect his employees who help create that wealth to be equally self-sacrificing.

So a certain amount of give and take has to occur.

Step in the unions, guilds and trade associations which have a place in improving conditions for workers.  And there’s the rub.  When both sides understand the need for the other side, there’s not a lot of trouble but when they get entrenched on their side of the fence, then it closes down Liverpool and the Welsh mines and produces winters of discontent.  It produces Wapping.

Work practices have been the sticking point for as long as anyone can remember and the broader goal is lost.  What complicates it is that the international socialists are right in there in the union movement too, the tares in the wheat and though it looks like it is worker benefit they’re after, it’s actually the bigger picture and they’re pursuing the same goals as the MNCs – oligarchical control of the means of production and distribution.

The U.S.A. is not all that different from the USSR in that a group of wealthy men arrange society around themselves with them at the top and the serfs below in varying echelons, down to the untouchables.  The wealth of the nation is in their hands.  And behind both is the real power, the interlocked power which Wilson referred to.  Behind all the IG Farbens and the other cold and heartless big corporations is the power driving them on and making monopoly possible.

This is Them and it’s a much bigger and more insane thing than anyone can imagine.  To get a glimpse of it, you need only follow the trail of Gore and Maurice Strong – it’s not a case of a few eccentrics but it is the external trappings of the real system underneath.  Those bloggers referring to it as the Climate Change religion might be saying it tongue in cheek but they’re right on the money.  I’ve read through the dogma and the liturgy and yep, it’s a religion all right.

In 2000, Svali commented that:

They believe that basically, they are GOOD and doing a good work, even if the means are tough to endure at the time. They are weeding out the weak and unfit, and developing a supreme human being. I know it sounds like hog wash, but they truly, honestly believe this at a core level.

There are SIX branches of learning, and the spiritual  is only ONE part of what they do. The Celtic branch of spiritual believes that power is passed at the moment between life and death …

And so on.  Now, the first reaction is that these are the ravings of a loony but I’d point you back to the people linking Gore and Strong.  Research them and look at the things these people truly believe in – the Shamballa, Bohemian Grove where world leaders go every July and so on.  Do some research.  Compare, for example, the Bohemian Grove guest list for 2007 with the Davos guest list for that year.

Mandelson, Milliband, Balls, Kaletsky, Clarke – at varying levels, these are all part of this global group.  Clarke’s interesting because he’s about to come to power and look at his portfolio – what a joke.  Clarke in charge of corporate Britain?  A staunch Europhile who’s going to do all he can to facilitate the transition to the new European Order?  And where do you always see him standing?  Right at Cameron’s shoulder.

This is why the heart of Westminster and Washington is rotten.  This is why nothing ever turns out for the best.  It was never intended to, for without Nietszchean conflict and instability, no change to the world order is possible.  No greater Europe is possible in our case.

We all thought, hoped, that an EEC would lead to greater prosperity of this sovereign nation but already, Amsterdam had other ideas, along with the Bretton Woods groups and the BIS.

You don’t even need all this detail.  If you want to see the linkage between all these people, look at their manner of doing business – it’s the same whether they are Cheney’s and Kissinger’s cronies or Davignon’s – they are all the same, with the same aspirations and the same messianic vision of the new order.

This is where we are and in Europe, the vision is almost complete.  If you’d like a profile of Them – look at Mandelson’s Queen’s speech and the utter arrogance and lost grip on reality behind it.  Who the hell is Mandelson anyway?  Who elected him into running the British government in its last days before it is turned over officially to the EU?

Look at Mandelson and how he just comes over and assumes power over a weak and distracted Brown who’s on his last legs.  Who told Brown he had to have Mandelson in government to give advice and beef Labour up?

Just look at the Dark Lord’s eyes, his character, his arrogance, his born-to-rule mentality, his disdain for the Brit whom he gives not a toss about because his eyes are on the Higher Purpose, the great call, the Great Work of Ages, leadership beyond authority, the motto of the Common Purpose.

Read his CV.

He relishes the Dark Lord criticisms because he was a nobody and now he is somebody important – the system picked up his ambition and ineptitude and he was their boy.  Ineptitude is a necessary precondition for joining this mob, ineptitude masquerading as knowledge, initiative and ability.  I’ve listened to one of these talking, a woman as it happens and her complete conviction in her rightness is only matched by her actual wrongness in reality. The voice is full of assumed truths which are anything but assumed by normal people and there is real anger when those constructs are not accepted as gospel.

This type loves to bend the rules because after all, they are the chosen ones who have your benefit at heart – you yourself are incapable of determining your own life – they must do it for you.  Have you ever stopped for a minute and examined that motto:

cp lbaHave you ever actually thought out what that means – leading beyond authority – and why government funds, meaning your funds, are spent on an organization in Europe and America as well as here which is dedicated to producing unelected leaders who will take over the functions of state?  Over you, that is.  You didn’t decide who they’d be, your new leaders – that was decided by Mandelson’s cronies.


And Britain remains silent and most know nothing whatever about it.  Key bloggers remain silent on it – libertarian bloggers who should be shouting it from the top of their blogs.  Have you ever thought this through?  Why they say nothing – the code of silence?

It might seem that I’ve jumped from topic to topic but I haven’t – the same theme runs through all the manifestations commented on above.  It’s all part of the same thing.

Unwittingly, the conservative who knows that incentive and free enterprise is the only way forward to a prosperous nation where there are real jobs, not artificially created jobs through government borrowing and ill thought out schemes and unwittingly, the leftist who sees a compassionate society, a nanny state as the way to go – both of them are being duped by the real agenda which manifests itself in NAFTA, the SPPNA, DARPA, ACORN, the EU, DEFRA, the Committee of 300, Planned Parenthood, the Lucis Trust, the UN sustainability push, the Climate Change religion, Monsanto,the psychological community, Codex Alimentarius –  the list goes on and on.

To return to the original premise in the title – multinationals and misdirection – to see these as symptomatic of capitalism as a whole is naive in the extreme.  They and the bankers, esp. the CBs, are symptomatic of a real evil, of which free enterprise is most certainly NOT a part because this is monopolistic global socialism we’re talking about here – they are symptomatic of Them, a term I employ because I can’t think of a better one.